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Esau's New Friend

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Not even two floors in and no money for their stairway to heaven to be of any use, this unusual murderous growling was heard just beyond. Esau stood just in front of the eastward doorway with his brother right behind him. Esau glanced over the room's layout and all the scary creatures roaming around. "I don't think whatever that was is in here… but maybe we should go through the door behind us first? I really don't want to meet whatever bigger monster made that sound…"

Jacob sighed and begrudgingly pulled out the compass he had at his side and showed it to Esau again . "Remember those gold rooms? That's where we're going. Whatever's making that noise is probably just another big spider anyways. Hurry up and-" The door on the other end of the monster-filled room had burst open: revealing a ghastly black figure. The figure had an enraged look before noticing the two kids in the doorway. It stared almost dumbfounded by them… Its face reverted back to a grimace — eyes and mouth flooded with flames. The brothers immediately took this chance to run — Esau merely following his younger sibling rather than going his own way. 

Jacob latched onto the aforementioned stairway-ladder and began to climb with his brother just behind him. Jacob, fearing for his life, placed a foot in front of Esau and kicked him off the ladder in hopes that the demon would take his poor brother as bait and spare him instead. "Sorry, Bro. You're on your own!"

Before Esau could even react the dark spirit was already looming over him — looking him up and down and glancing at the stairway's light above. Esau, trembling, put his hands to his face and whimpered, prompting the spirit to look back at him. 

The few seconds of the cold floor felt like hours before he felt a warm coil around one of his arms. Esau was then lifted up to his feet and his arm moved away from his face. The ghost stared back at him with a much warmer face to it — a smile even. "Ja-" Esau, still terrified, called out to his brother but was immediately cut off from the ghost putting it's tail across his mouth, practically sharing the same terrified face as him. 

Esau's arm was then grabbed again and he was coaxed into the western doorway with the ghostly stranger. "But… my brother…" Esau muttered and looked up at the stranger. It didn't say anything and Esau already knew what they were thinking, giving him a strange sense of familiarity. Esau looked up at the holy light longing to see Jacob again, until he looked back at his new friend gesturing over to the ladder as a reminder of what his brother did just then. Esau sighed. 

The new room was empty aside from some small beetles here and there. The stranger sat Esau down against the wall and curled up next to him, this time with an even bigger smile. Esau couldn't help but to smile back before looking down at himself and losing himself in his own thoughts. 

Esau's new friend took immediate note of this. Not knowing the best course of action, it slowly slithered its tail behind Esau and near his groin, gently pressing against both his rear and thigh. This was met with obvious denial by Esau pushing away the appendage and facing away. Out of respect, the stranger wrapped himself up again and slightly scooted away to give Esau a bit of space. 

Space… Something Esau is rarely ever given suddenly being provided by a stranger. 

Something as simple as that almost jerked some tears out of the poor boy — he longed for gentle affection. Esau couldn't help but almost throw himself on the stranger. A tight hug was exchanged between the two... then a kiss… the stranger then slowly tried again, moving its tail around around the boy and back to his groin. This time there was another portion to curl around.

Almost like second-nature, the stranger lightly constricted the new member and moved their tail along it. It was slow, but rhythmic. Esau hugged the stranger even tighter, his eyes tightly shut and his body already trembling. His breathing was becoming heavier with each passing moment. 

There was a sudden pause to it all. Esau, partially upset, looked at his friend confused. His friend stared back at him with another affectionate smile. They moved their tail-end from behind Esau to around his leg and under the other. This allowed Esau to see its own new appendage sticking out from what looked like a wet sheath. Hesitant, Esau grabbed his own cock while staring at his friend's, unsure of what he's supposed to do. The stranger playfully scoffed and moved its own shaft closer to Esau's, pressing them together. Esau, still unclear of what to do, grabbed both of them together and began to jerk them both off collectively. While it didn't feel too different from masturbation, it felt really nice to do it with someone who cared about him in such a way different to that of Jacob's. Esau was eager to escalate things — letting go of their penises and moving his whole body forward. The stranger's eyes lit up, dick twitching in excitement. Esau then lowered himself onto his friend's shaft, letting out almost pained moans in the process. Even before Esau could fully get on the thing, his friend already began thrusting into him.

"H-hold on," he said with a giggle. "I'm not- mhh… I'm… haahh.. okay…," Esau gave up on whatever he was initially trying to say and let himself relax a bit… he was happy. Unfortunately Esau could feel himself nearing, already beginning to arch his back. And again, the boy was met with a sudden pause to the activity. The stranger, pulling out, moved out from under Esau and lied down in front of him instead, beckoning him to come to them instead. Esau wasted no time doing just that. 

Esau got on his hands and knees, just inches above his friend. He grabbed his dick and prodded at his friend looking for a hole to place it in. Once he found one just below the stranger's own penis, he looked up at them while inserting as if looking for approval. The stranger was too busy shutting their eyes and mouth breathing to take any note of this. Esau figured it must've been alright as he pushed himself deeper into his friend and began to thrust. The stranger's rod pressed up against Esau's stomach as he leaned down to kiss them. 

Nearing his climax once again, Esau began to pull out before being shoved back and held close to his friend by their tail suddenly curling behind his back. Just being so close to someone as kind and caring as this stranger was enough to give Esau those final strokes and come inside his friend. The warm feeling inside was also a good push for the stranger to finish too… although it got on both them and Esau.

"Haahh… hahh…," Esau finally pulled out and slumped himself over next to his friend. "Thank you…," sweating and heavy breathing was shared between the two. "Oh… um, by the way, I don't… I don't think I ever- uhh, got your… …," he was already fast asleep. Dark Esau stared at him and softly smiled with a chuckle, laying his head on the boy's chest and resting along with him; both of them sleeping together.