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Solar Eclipse

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Training was an essential part of the day, but not always, they were all that focused. Nacht groaned in frustration when he finally decided that he didn’t need training any longer. The day had been less than pleasant so far. He hadn’t really accomplished what he had sought to, and that was just plain frustrating to him. Nacht usually prided himself with great discipline when it came to training, at least more discipline than, for example, Sol showed it. But in this case, his discipline had all but gone to Hell, and he had become so heavily distracted during training that he had nearly hurt himself with his blade several times over.

The exact reason for that eluded him. Nacht didn’t know how or why he had gotten distracted. He just knew that something was bugging him, at the back of his mind, nagging at his concentration and breaking it in the worst moments possible. With the blade sheathed again, Nacht went back into the castle, rubbing the back of his neck.

He had returned to Burtgang for a celebration set up by Sarah, and had ended up staying there. His long travels across the world had yielded nothing that he had deemed interesting enough, and he hadn’t found a trace of the dark knights of Falgabard. It really seemed that he was the last descendant of the Falgabard knights. Something that worried and angered him, but also left a bitter taste in his mouth. He hadn’t even gotten much of a chance to explore more. But then again, he had sort of expected it.

“You look stressed, Nacht.” Now that was a familiar voice. Nacht looked up, straight at Sol, who had emerged from the castle. He gave the other a brief nod, then looked away again. He wasn’t feeling like friendly conversation, but as so often, Sol would have a different idea about that. “Come on, you can tell me.”

“I don’t want to, Sol.” Nacht had watched out to keep his tone mostly neutral. “It’s just something I have been mulling over in my head. But that’s nothing you should concern yourself with. Really, I don’t want you to worry about it.”

“I’m not worried.” Sol stepped closer to him, though then did stop at a bit of a distance. At least something. “But… the others asked me to talk to you. I don’t know why I would be a leader figure, though, so… There’s that. But, yeah, I wanted to ask if there’s something bothering you lately. You have been defensive, withdrawn, and unfocused.”

Nacht was not about to discuss about that. He had been, indeed, completely out of the loop as of late. Even Sol, who was mostly oblivious to the finer points of social interaction, had noticed that something was not quite right. If it had come that far, then Nacht supposed that there was more to his restlessness than just the inner turmoil and the occasional grimace. He shrugged lightly, only tensing up when he felt that Sol had stepped very close behind him. He had gotten to a point where his senses were sharp enough to pick up anyone coming that close to him. He grunted under his breath, shooting Sol a glare. Why again did the other have to come up so close and personal?

“You’re still all tensed up, and that’s a bad sign with you, Nacht.” Sol sounded genuinely concerned now. “I don’t want you to be unhappy about this.”

“Really, it’s all fine, Sol.” Nacht gritted his teeth. “I don’t want to talk about this in detail. There’s no sense doing that.”

“I disagree.” Sol leaned against a pillar close to Nacht. “You’re just all caught up in something, and that’s not good for you. I don’t want you to mull over this over and over again.” He was silent for a moment. “You didn’t find anything left in Falgabard.”

Nacht nodded slowly. “There was nothing. No leads. I was all over the world, even in very remote locations, anywhere my chocobo and my means would allow me to go. But there was nothing which would have hinted at anything connected to me.” Nacht rubbed across his face. “I feel like I am lost.”

“You’re not.” Sol squeezed Nacht’s shoulder. “You have all of us. I know that it might sound a bit wrong to you, but I think that you are still a very rooted man. You will be here, you have everything you need here. It might not fully replace a family, but we can be as much of a family as you allow us to be.”