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Where We Love Is Home

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The next morning was the first of endless mornings that had Miranda waking up surrounded by strong arms and with Andrea's heartbeat slow and steady behind her. 

She'd be the big spoon on several occasions and there would be times when they'd be too hot to cuddle, but this morning had a very sleepy Miranda Priestly snaking her hands around her young lover's arms and snuggling closer to her.

"Mira…" The girl murmured into her neck, breathing her in and sighing happily. She'd never get used to how good Miranda's own scent was. Late in the day when only the more subtle notes of her perfume showed or first thing in the morning when it was just her own essence and sweat. Or after showering when her expensive makeup and hair and body products made her smell good enough to bite.

Miranda scooted back into her embrace and let out a very sleepy "Morning…"

"D'you sleep well?" Neck kisses first thing in the morning. "Hm?"

"Yesss…" The older woman welcomed the caresses, practically purring.

She was still wearing one of the girl's old t-shirts, from having borrowed it the previous night in the middle of an anxious crisis. 

But Andy had brought her back to bed, very successful in the art of calming her down and reassuring her little worried heart.

And now here she was, cuddling in another one of her old baggy t-shirts, since Miranda had stolen the one she had the night before.

They had their naked legs intertwined and were both so sleepy, no desire to get out of bed whatsoever. Andy was optimistic about her new job but Runway was nothing new and after Paris week things generally tended to slow down.

"You're thinking way too hard way too early in the morning, love…" Andy's arms tightened around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Last night…"

"Mmm yes?"

"Thank you." 

"It was nothing. You're my girl, I'll always have your back… just don't push me away-"

"I won't!" She whined, so impossibly sweet, like a promise and a confession at once, as she laced her arms around Andrea's, hugging her back, desperate to feel her closer.

"Good…" Andy purred in her ear and gently bit down, pulling the earlobe into her mouth, kissing behind it. "I love waking up like this." She said and smirked at the way Miranda relaxed further into her embrace, grinding back against her groin. 

Tease .

"Me too… Stay, move in with us."

Andrea gasped, loosening her hold around Miranda's waist, her mouth leaving it's sweet spot on the older woman's neck as if she'd been burnt.

Miranda closed her eyes and cursed herself and her big mouth.

Andrea shifted in bed, pulling herself up on her elbow.

Then, Miranda felt her hand coming up to gently touch her shoulder and make her turn around. She sighed and surrendered. Good. More talking. Her morning routine was ruined.

Laying on her back, she looked up at Andy and lifted her own hand to caress her beautiful sleepy face. Mesmerized, she pulled her down for her proper good morning kiss.

She didn't want to wake up without her in her bed. She didn't want to have to say goodnight, close the front door and wait for the I'm home text. She didn't want to wake up anxious in the middle of the night and be alone to deal with it, like she got used to doing over the years. 

No, it just didn't make sense. 

"Stay–" Miranda melted into the kiss, deepening it and raking her short nails on the back of the girl's neck.

"Y-yes!" Andrea smiled into their kiss, radiant as ever. "We'll figure it out, okay? How to move my stuff, what I want to keep and what I want to donate or throw away… all of those things, in time-"

"But stay. Come home to me… don't you want to wake up tomorrow like this-" Miranda kissed her again, guiding her closer, whispering in her ear in her best bedroom voice "here… with me?"

Andy nodded and lifted her head again to kissed her forehead.

Looking down at the older woman, caressing her cheek and then hair, her messy and puffy white hair.

"I don't want to go back to the way things were before, either. I've always dreamt you'd invite me to spend the night, it was the worst part having to go back to my apartment alone at the end of the day."

"Then don't. Don't go back. We'll pick up your stuff over the weekend, we'll figure it out, but stay."

"My stuff? Pinch me, I'm waking up in Miranda Priestly's bed and she's using words like stuff   and asking me to move in with her- aaah!" Her blabbering was interrupted by Miranda actually pinching her side. "Hey! That hurt-"

"You asked for it…" 

"I have to pick my clothes, I don't have-"

"Really? You're afraid I won't have clothes for you?"

"I know, I know… speaking of which, what am I wearing on my first day at the new job, oh wise Fashion Queen?"

"Come…" Miranda dragged her out of bed, so incredibly excited to finally be able to dress Andrea like her own personal living Barbie. 

She really didn't deserve this, her mind kept pestering her. She was taking it anyway, though.

Later that day, Miranda kept failing to find it in herself, the energy to despise the pair of new assistants who messed up the simplest of things.

She just didn't have it in her.

The girls were so incompetent it was almost funny. 

She dismissed them and interacted as little as possible… but also as clearly as possible. 

Without a first, more experienced assistant to guide them, Miranda soon figured out that if she didn't give them very precise instructions, she'd be met with disappointment countless times throughout the day.

Both girls were terrified of her but, because there was no Emily to tell them not to ask questions and because Miranda was bubbly as a lovebird on the inside, she ended up sighing and resigning herself to holding up a meeting with them. 

She went over the basics, the coffee, the rules on how to approach her, the sort of tasks they were screwing up and how to do it properly… she didn't give them step by step instructions, but was very specific in detailing the outcomes she expected.

She wouldn't go as far as to tell them the why or how , but the what needed to be laid down as a foundation, or else she'd be left with zero functioning assistants and that was unthinkable for a woman as busy as herself.

Oh, she wanted to call Andrea and tell her all about it.

She wanted to go home to her and-

Incoming call


She smiled like the damn fool she'd become and oh, her voice, Andrea's sweet voice laced with the excitement of a first work day that seemed to be going quite well!

"Miranda, you know something I've never thought about?"


"Time zones."

"What about them?"

"How many hours of difference are there between Paris and New York?"

Miranda couldn't help but crack up laughing at that. Oh, it was too sweet. This whole time Andrea had no idea she was in Paris setting up alarms for crazy morning hours to talk to her and her children at the end of their day back home.

Oh, it was suddenly hilarious.

"It's about six hours, darling... I can't believe you're only now thinking about this…"

"We were calling you at horrible hours, you must have been so incredibly moody the entire week!"

"Like a sleep deprived dragon lady who missed her dragon girlfriend and her baby dragons, oh yeah, you should've seen me"

"Dragon girlfriend? And we weren't even dating!"

"Oh, come on… what would you call what we were doing? Having dinner together, spending hours late at night talking about the world and the universe and our dreams… flirting, texting each other, being jealous, cuddling, watching movie marathons…"

"Well, when you put it like that…"

"How would you put it?"

"Oh I was so nervous around you."

"Fancy way to say horny, but okay-"

"It wasn't- it was that, very much that, but also nervous . I was afraid I'd cross the line, offend you, lose you… Lose our friendship."

"I can't remember the exact moment we became friends. I remember the girls saying, making me promise that if I wanted to fire you one day I'd have to befriend you to make sure you stayed in our lives. They were afraid you'd stop coming over because of me. That I'd scare you away. And then I remember thinking that because of my paranoid mind we were neither friends nor coworkers. You were this woman whom I'd offended, who most certainly hated me, but was still ringing the doorbell and showing up with a DVD to watch after dinner."

"You thought I hated you?"

"You had all the reasons to! I would've hated me!"

"Silly girl…" Stealing Miranda's lines, how dare you. "I know we had our fair share of fighting, and trust me there will be more-


"Mhm, couples fight all the time, it's okay… but, as I was saying, we bicker and we fight, but I could never stay mad at you. Hate you… No, never. It would only take one of your signature death glares, you looking me up and down…" A heavy airy sigh escaped from Andrea's lips, as a conclusion to her rambling. 

Miranda could hear her smile through the phone. "One look?"

"Just one. It's just so hot, you have no idea-"

Miranda laughed on the other side of the line and that caught Nigel's attention. It was not every day that Miranda laughed out loud, especially not in a way that's heard outside her office.

"You give me that look today and I'll show you."

"What exactly?"

"What I've always wanted to do when you used to look at me like that."

"A lot of office fantasies then?"

"You haven't heard the half of them…"

"Oh, Nigel's here. I'll talk to you later, darling."

Andrea laughed and cursed the man for getting in the way of her teasing. She loved making the older woman speechless, flustered, getting under her skin with just her words. 

"Later… love you!"

"I love you too, bye bye…"

She crooked her finger to call Nigel closer to her.

"Yes. It's that."

"Can I at least have a name? You owe me big time."

"I know. And if making up to you means both personal and professional rewards… Here it goes…"

She hesitated, but he squinted her eyes at her, curiosity taking the best out of him.



"No, no… Six is definitely not the name. It's Andrea. An-drey-uh."

"You just said I love you to… Andy?"


" Our Andy?"

"Not Andy. Andrea." She wasn't sure she wanted to say the next part, but she did owe the man something juicy to cheer him up. "And not ours …" Come on, say it. "Mine." 

"Jesus Christ!" Nigel's eyebrows almost jumped off him head. "Mine… As in, you're hers too? Jesus… Oh."

" Oh. " She mocked him.

"Yes, oh!" He looked over his shoulder to be sure no one could hear him. Then, he whispered like it was the juiciest gossip ever, so exciting. "Oh my god , Miranda you're bangin-"

"Dating!" She accidentally raised her voice to correct him, but was quick to go back to a whisper. "I'm dating her."

"How many dates?" So naughty and so impeccably dressed, our Nigel.

"Oh, dear…" She smirked, too smug even by Miranda Priestly's standards.

He slightly shook his head, amused at his own excitement over the news.

He was hurt, but still fond of her, enough to root for her happiness.

At the end of the day, the sun still barely colouring the streets Inna warm light, Miranda left the Elias-Clarke building in a hurry, phone in hand, trying to get through to her girlfriend to check that they were both on board for the girls' recital.

They had agreed to speak as soon as they got off work, for the last of them to be ready would be in charge of picking up the drycleaning on their way home. Miranda had insisted that she wanted to wear a very particular blouse that was still to be picked up that day, because all the remaining thousand blouses were just not it.  

Usually her assistants brought the dry cleaning, but that was at night when the book was ready and she needed to be at the girls' school way before that.

Andrea was texting her about how she'd won the bet and how Mirand would have to be the one to pick it up.

Miranda was quick to reply that she was indeed out of runway sooner, just hadn't sent the text yet. But Andrea was very clearly not buying it.

Phone in hand and enjoying the bickering but still determined to get her way, Miranda was reaching the town car that pulled over to pick her up every day, when she saw her.


Across the street, phone in hand, texting and smiling down at her phone.

They lost track of what she was doing and slowed down to really look at her. She looked stunning and that smile-

Andy took her eyes from her phone, looked across the street and found her staring. 

Determined not to be the one picking up the drycleaning, because truly she was the one who got out of work first, it was a cold hard fact… she gave the girl one of her signature glares, making her slow down her pace and stare back at her in awe.

Andy had to remind herself to close her mouth, Miranda was so irresistible when she gave her that look. Jesus.

Miranda remembered their conversation on the phone earlier and put some extra effort into it.

Andy waved at her. Literally waved with the cutest fucking smile.

Then, dramatic as ever, Miranda turned on her heel, hand on top of her sunglasses, and elegantly slipped into the backseat of the car.

As soon as she sat down, she looked back at her phone:

That's hot. Andrea's text simply said.

It caused this ridiculous lovestruck smile to spread across her face. 

But you already know.

A second text followed the first one.

And you're still picking up the drycleaning .

The audacity.

Miranda's eyes twinkled as she peeked through the window to watch the girl walk by, in the clothes she had helped her pick for her first day at The Mirror. 

She couldn't take her eyes off her and her cheekbones were high and pink on her face, with the teasing written words echoing in her mind.

They were meeting at Dalton's, the girls' school- Their girls' school. She'd pick the damn dry cleaning, she couldn't care less. 

Roy pulled her out of her dreamlike state, looking at her through the rearview mirror, hesitating on getting the car started.

She quickly put on her faux annoyed expression and spit out the word: " Go ."