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Lights Out, Follow The Noise

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“Roman, look at me.” Gerri’s voice was affectionate but firm. Roman opened his eyes, breathing slowly to try and calm his racing heart. It didn’t help that she had him shoved up against the wall of his hotel room, with a strong grip on his cock, and he was literally two thrusts away from losing himself completely. 


At least, he thought he was. They had been “playing” for months, the longest continuous sexual relationship he’d ever had, but now that old fear began to creep in. He couldn’t always get hard, and when he could, he couldn’t always finish. His anxiety mounted with every failed encounter, even her soft reassurances fading to the background, the chaos in his mind overriding any rational thought. He could be on that cliff’s edge for an hour, but still, his traitorous body wouldn’t relax into that sweet release.


“Where are you?” Gerri released her grip on him to gently brush a stray lock of hair out of his eyes.


Roman shook his head. “I don’t know, I don’t know, I just can’t–”


“Hmm. Well,” she paused, looking pensive, her genius brain conjuring up something clever, he was sure of it. “Just breathe, okay?” She bit her lip. God, even now, even when both his cock and his heart ached, she was still the most beautiful woman alive. He cursed his broken dick, desperately wishing he could flip her over and fuck her the way she deserved, til she was slick and sweaty and utterly undone. 


He took several slow breaths til he felt his heart slow a bit. When the tension began to ease from his body, she pulled him over to the bed.


“Take off the rest of your clothes and lay down.” Roman quickly did as he was told, and Gerri smiled softly down at him. “I’ll be right back.” He lay still, a rarity for him, trying his best to ignore his overactive anxiety as his cock deflated. 


She returned a couple minutes later, from her own room he figured, with a tan canvas bag with little birds painted on the front. It looked like a makeup bag, like the one Shiv used to have, the one he would snoop through when she wasn’t home and occasionally try on her lip gloss. “Gerri, what–”


“Hush. Just lay back and do as you’re told.” She flashed him that heated look, the stern, disappointed glare he loved so much, delicious shame and pleasure swirling around in his body. She reached into the bag and pulled out a strip of fabric, one side fine black silk, the other soft black velvet. It was a blindfold, well made, with velcro stitched into the ends. She held it out to him and he looked at her, puzzled.


“Which side do you like better?” 


Rubbing the fabric between his thumb and forefinger, he gently tapped the silk. 


“Sit up.” She wrapped it around his eyes and secured it at the back of his head, then pushed him gently back down to the bed. “Can you see anything at all?”


“No,” he whispered, sinking into this strange feeling of visual deprivation. He’d worn blindfolds before, but not since childhood, and he wondered why he’d never thought to try them in a sexy situation. The anticipation of her touch had him tingling all over again. 


“Give me your right arm.” Roman held it out and felt more silk secure his wrist to the iron bed frame. He squirmed in anticipation, a nervous but excited giggle bubbling up from his throat. She secured his other wrist, then he heard her step away, heard rustling. Was she changing her clothes? For all their playing, she had yet to strip down completely, but not for lack of his begging. She would be naked, she said, when he behaved well enough to deserve that privilege. 


Suddenly, Gerri traced her blunt nails up from his ankle, slowly working her way up to his groin, snapping his awareness back to the present. He held his breath, waiting for contact at his most sensitive spot, but instead he felt her pull away. He whined slightly at the lack of her, til he felt one finger press against his lips, felt her leaning over him, her perfume floating down to him, her breath tickling the shell of his ear.


“Not a single sound, Roman, or I’ll leave.” Roman took a sharp breath, stopping himself from responding at the last second, every nerve ending on fire. His cock felt so hard it ached, and he knew it was red and leaking, so desperate for release once again. 


Gerri’s fingertips resumed their journey over his chest. God, he loved her hands, loved her strong grip, the softness of her palms, her short fingers ever adorned with rings. His awareness followed those hands as they tenderly explored his body, coming so close to where he wanted them, but never touching. He felt her working her way back up to his chest, swallowed a moan as she sharply pinched a nipple. 


He heard her giggle softly, felt her breath next to his ear once again. “Mm, that was a test, and you passed.”


One soft fingertip ran up the length of his cock, and he spasmed, wrists pulling at the silk restraints. God, that felt so good, and it took every bit of his focus not to make a sound as she paused, then repeated the action. Her soft, throaty chuckle made him bite his lip, breathing hard through his nose. 


“Relax,” she whispered. “We’ll get there, honey.” 


Gerri rubbed soft palms down his arms and legs and over his chest, encouraging his muscles to loosen, his small body taut with anxiety and anticipation. After a few minutes, he felt himself sink deeper into the bed, putty in her hands. 


His heart fluttered as she pressed a kiss against his sternum, a tender gesture that was so alien and yet so welcome. They didn’t do that, they weren’t ever gentle with each other, they didn’t kiss like lovers do. This thing between them, it was rough, and wrong, forbidden and shameful. That was why it worked so well.


But now he was slowly coming undone under her soft caresses. His mind was quiet for once, his only thoughts following where her hands traveled. Just as he felt himself starting to drift off, he felt the bed dip next to him, felt her warmth nearby, heard the telltale snap and squirt of a bottle of lube. He was suddenly very awake, eyes blinking wide against the silky darkness.


A gentle hand released his wrists from their restraints, his arms slightly aching. It was moments like these that made him want to propose all over again, seriously this time, just because she knew how to keep him so delicately balanced on that razor’s edge of pleasure and pain. 


The mattress dipped again, and he felt her straddle his hips, the heat of her so very close. He swallowed hard, determined not to make a sound even though it was nearly killing him to stay quiet. He settled his hands on her bare thighs as she leaned down, her bare breasts grazing against his chest, goosebumps shivering all the way down his body. He was both blissed out and so frustrated he could cry; Gerri fucking Kellman was naked, straddling him, he was living every fantasy he’d had in the last eight months and he wasn’t allowed to see it happen.


“You’ve been so good, honey, didn’t make a single sound,” she said affectionately. “You think you deserve a treat, hm?” He nodded eagerly, cock twitching below her, and he wondered idly if she went to the gym, wondered how strong her thighs were to be holding herself over him without making contact in the most delicate of places. What a tease. He heard that throaty chuckle again, then she was whispering in his ear. “I’m going to fuck you now, okay?” 


Even if Roman had wanted to verbally respond, he couldn’t have, his brain utterly shorting out at the realization. All he could do was continue to nod eagerly, fingers squeezing her thighs with excited anticipation. 


Cool lube was spread along his length, then he heard the softest, sweetest moan above him as her warmth enveloped him. She didn’t move much at first, just wiggled her hips down until she pressed against him, sheathed all the way inside her. He relished in the weight of her, pinning him down, making him still and quiet.


Gerri kissed him slowly, as if they had all the time in the world, as if all that mattered was their little sphere of existence. He held back a whimper as her breasts pressed against him and her nails grazed over his scalp. This was a new kind of tenderness, not something he’d ever experienced before. He had come to learn that Gerri was an absolute freak, he had met his match in so many ways, but this was dangerously close to ( blech ) lovemaking. For all their games, this was the first time he’d ever been inside her. The ever present anxiety of failure hung over his head every time he thought they might try, until now. She had found a way to take the choice away from him, take all control away from him, but he still felt safe. He felt good. Maybe this was how sex was supposed to feel.


His mind went fully blank as she pulled back and slowly rolled her hips. He grabbed them, squeezing his fingertips into her soft flesh as she ground down on him. He bit down hard on his bottom lip, tasted that metallic tang, his heart thumping wildly against his chest. After a few moments, she leaned back and pressed a palm to his chest for leverage, picking up the pace. 


“You’ve been so very good, haven’t you?” she asked again, breathless. He nearly lost it in that moment, hearing her like this, knowing he was the one responsible for the way she was panting. She was fairly quiet herself, but he could feel her, the way she squeezed around him, grinding herself closer and closer to the precipice. 


“Okay, Rome,” she murmured, voice sultry and infused with pleasure. She eased the blindfold off his eyes and stopped moving completely, pulling him into a searing kiss. His hands skated up her body, one grabbing her ass, the other pinching the stiff peak of her nipple. She groaned into his mouth and he wasn’t sure he could last much longer, there was no way he wasn’t going to come now. 


Gerri leaned back again, her hands splayed over his chest, rolling her hips slow and hard against him, holding eye contact as she bit her lip in pleasure. “I’m so close, honey. Oh, you’ve been so good for me, so good. I wanna hear you, Rome. Please. You’re such a good boy.”


That’s all it took. The profound intimacy of holding eye contact in this moment overwhelmed him as he took in the glorious sight of her straddling him, slick with sweat, hair mussed, cheeks and chest flushed. She shuddered and keened softly. He felt her squeeze him hard as she climaxed, and that sweet release that had been so elusive finally washed over him, his mind filled only with her as he let out one long moan he had been holding back for so long.


Those lovely soft hips slowed as their breathing evened out, and the next thing he knew she was easing off him and flopping down by his side. She flung an arm over her eyes, still catching her breath.


Roman giggled, unable to stop himself. He had just fucked Gerri Kellman, successfully, all the way to completion. He could do it, his dick was working and it could make her moan. He’d never felt so on top of the world as he did right then. “So, uh… that was fun.” 


“Good god, Roman,” she moaned. “What the fuck.” He grinned widely, rolling over to curl himself around her, tucking his head under her chin. He settled into her, head on her chest, feeling the vibration of her appreciative hum. She wrapped her arms around him, one hand in his hair, dragging her nails across his scalp, soothing him as he floated in a vast sea of oxytocin and serotonin. He could count on one hand the amount of times he’d felt this good in his whole life, and most of them involved the woman he was currently trying to melt into.


“So um. You liked…this…right?” he asked, pressing a kiss to her collarbone. She shifted under him, her fingers lifting his chin. 


“Rome…” Her eyes searched his, as if to confirm he was seriously asking. “Yes, yes I liked it.” She sighed heavily, but not in the way that made him want to shrink into himself. “Sex doesn’t have to be any one way, you know. It can be whatever we want it to be.”


“Yeah, but… that was incredible for me. Listen, Ger, obviously I’ve had sex before but not ever like that. How in the world did you know what I needed?” He heard the awe in his own voice, but didn’t try to stop it. He reached up to twist a stray lock of hair around his finger, her natural curl pattern fighting for dominance. 


She nodded. “To be honest, I wasn’t sure that it would. I just… I thought maybe taking away the visual might get you to relax a little and focus on the physical.” She shrugged, as if that wasn’t the most brilliant idea Roman had ever heard.


“I want to do that again,” he growled, playfully biting her nipple as she squealed. 


“Easy, easy, I’m not thirty-five anymore,” she laughed, breathless again. She picked up the discarded blindfold, a sly, dangerous smile gracing her lips. “I think I’ll have this embroidered. What do you think? Red thread, right across the front: Good Boy.” 


He didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cry, so he simply kissed her fiercely. Gerri pulled back after a moment, amusement in her eyes as she brushed the flop of his hair out of his face. “That’s what you are, huh? My good boy,” she whispered.


Roman nodded, resting his head again in the crook of her neck, feeling the press of her lips at the top of her head. “Always,” he sighed.