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Like a Rose

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“You know, you are quite like a rose. Thorny on the outside, but when you open up, you’re the most beautiful flower in the garden.”

“That’s a very lovely sentiment. Though you do know Rosie is a diminutive of Rosemary, not Rose?”

“Of course I do, but that didn’t fit the analogy. Would you like me to try again?”


“You are quite like rosemary. Prickly to the touch, but you taste delicious.”

“Elizabeth MacMillan, is that an innuendo?”

“Would you like it to be?”

“What do you think?”

“I think that your hands should continue exactly what they’re doing, and that if you mention this to anyone-”

“Yes, yes, you’ll be forced to deny this conversation ever happened.”

“I have a reputation to uphold, after all.”

“Heaven forbid anyone learn how soft and affectionate the good doctor is outside of work.”

“You know how reputations are: a lifetime to build, seconds to destroy.”

“I know. Perhaps if I just told Phryne…”

“Don’t you dare! I’d never hear the end of it! Stop laughing, Rosemary.”

“All right, all right, my lips are sealed.”

“Thank you. Though I may have to unseal them for a kiss.”

“Another innuendo?”

“Just kiss me.”