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Kaname didn’t expect to have it all that difficult once he became a professional idol under Cosmic Production. Sure, his half-brother from Crazy:B seemed to get the hang of it even if he’s part of a controversial unit… but how can Kaname deal with this workload?

His head was spinning. There were offered roles in drama films, brand deals and even commercials that Kaname didn’t even know existed! At this point, Ibara was just feeding the overwhelmingness Kaname is feeling from being an idol.

Pacing around the room, Kaname wondered where to begin first. He never got this many opportunities up front - was this due to him releasing a new album? Or how he appeared on a variety show with his half-brother? Kaname doesn’t know, but either way it was a lot to get through.

He paced around the room, as if Kaname was waiting for a pin-drop to occur. Looking up from the papers and against the wall, Kaname just wanted to rip his head out at this point. It was difficult the first time, why was it even difficult once Kaname got more popular?!

Being an idol meant that there was no such thing as day-offs, and Kaname would definitely agree on that.

But if only he had a break just for this once-

“I’m home.”

Kaname froze from the spot, slowly turning his head from the familiar voice of his roommate. He was on his last straw already, strands of blue hair falling off from the apartment floor to show how frustrated he was.

Jun looked rather surprised for the first time in a while, and he looked comfortable for once. Though he had just finished practicing for an upcoming show, Kaname noticed a number of groceries Jun was carrying. When was Jun this productive? Especially at night?

(And then Kaname quickly remembered how Jun accepted his request to go to the secret hideout place that Tatsumi is in, all while holding his hand and huddling up against him. He admits, that was the first time his stomach would fill up with those butterflies people would have when they had a crush).

They both stared at each other like a deer getting caught in the headlights.

The spiky haired man looked up on the floor, and then looked back up at Kaname. He was almost going to cry, possibly due to stress.

Understandable, Jun would think to himself.


Kaname folded his arms with an embarrassed look on his face, “Hmph, as if I would care so much about these offers.”

Jun chuckled at the comment, placing down the groceries on the kitchen table. God knows why he wanted to share an apartment with Kaname in the first place.

During Kaname’s long recovery, his half-brother suggested that it would be best for him to rest up in an area that wasn’t the dormitories. And Jun stupidly wanted to see Kaname again.

Despite his whiney and arrogant behaviour in the past… there was something about Kaname that Jun couldn’t pin-point why. Why did he have to be the one to suffer from the consequences? Or why did it take so long for him to finally regain that opportunity to become an idol again?

So Jun is so stupid to put his hand up and be willing to watch over Kaname and guide him through his day-to-day life. But Jun doesn’t regret it, not when he missed having those fond memories of seeing Kaname’s genuine reaction to the latest technology or movies that fascinated him by the looks of his glittering eyes.

When Kaname isn’t that idol side of him, he is home to Jun. Like the smell of nostalgia and warm winter days. Jun wished that Kaname would realise that Jun secretly cared a lot about him when he was recovering. He doesn’t understand why he cared for him, even to this day.

Jun moved to their small kitchen, where he would take out the groceries from the plastic bags. Kaname soon realised that Jun didn’t respond back to him, this left him with bright red ears.


Jun began to chop some ingredients in the cutting board, heating up the bot with water.


Kaname sat by one of the kitchen stools, kicking his legs as he waited patiently for Jun’s response.

Jun wondered why couldn’t he just watch television instead.


Once Jun had finished cutting the ingredients, he poured it onto the pot. This was more satisfying than when he finished practice, in Jun’s opinion.


Not even using Jun’s first name and dragging it along was enough for Kaname to pull Jun’s strings. It’s frustrating, even Hiyori whining his name would irritate Jun a little bit even for once. But for Kaname? Jun was perfectly fine, happily humming while cooking a meal for him and his so-called friend out of a roommate and former comrade.

Kaname admired Jun for a moment. Even if it was midnight and practically almost everyone was asleep by then, Jun didn’t feel remotely tired or exhausted. Kaname appreciated him a little more, and his heart almost skipped a beat staring at his concentrated face. He also noticed Jun wearing an apron while he cooks, a tiny gesture to tell Kaname that he’s been trying to learn how to cook for him.

Jun had learned a lot since they first met, and Kaname was impressed, even though Kaname will admit that he’s a little better at singing and dancing than Jun.

As Kaname was about to fall asleep, he sensed the smell of food. Jun placed the dishes on the dining table, gesturing to Kaname to come over. Rolling his eyes, Kaname did what Jun had told him (a surprise twist in Jun’s own eyes).

Jun had prepared a meal for Kaname and himself, enough to keep them warm and full for the rest of the night. Kaname was at first a little annoyed, but Jun seemed a bit proud of himself for cooking all of it in one hour.

“So, are you going to eat?” Jun asked, his voice slightly cracking. He’s starting to get tense. “Um, if you don’t like it… it’s okay. We can order takeout instead.”

Kaname avoided eye contact, only staring down at the food. “I’ll eat it.”

Jun thought that sounded forced, but he doesn’t bother him with his suspicions.

“Okay, let’s eat.”

Kaname took a bite of the food, his only mere thoughts were if Jun happened to be an amazing cook or not. Or, if Jun had ever changed since the incident took place.

There was a wave of emotion that hit Kaname. If Kaname’s emotions were a brick-wall, Jun’s cooking would be the one that would break it down apart. What an everyday moment that happened to have Kaname drop his spoon on his bowl and tears drop down his face.

Put it simply, Jun’s dish was like heaven to Kaname.

Perhaps it was because Kaname was so sick of hospital food - that once he was out of the hospital, he could finally taste that feeling of living again. Or it was the comforting feeling of being back into someone’s warmth for once, even if it was just a small gesture like this.

Well for Jun, this was a small gesture.

To Kaname? This was so much more.

Kaname looked up at Jun, he couldn’t believe he was the one who cooked all of this. It was better than any of the food given to him while he was a special student, or even his favourite food for that matter (it would make sense as even Kaname couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was his favourite food).

Jun immediately caught Kaname attempting to eat while tears streamed down onto his face, causing him to panic. He rushed next to Kaname, making the blue haired a bit more flustered than he needed to be.

“Fuck, oh my god are you okay?! Did I add something poisonous by accident?” Jun obviously wouldn’t do that and Kaname couldn’t help but laugh at Jun’s statement.

Kaname giggled at him, but more on the mischievous side. “I just thought of something sad from the movie we watched yesterday.”

Jun’s heart almost dropped, just for Kaname to tease him like that. He would curse at him, but goddamit Kaname was just so adorable at times. “Dammit, you actually scared me!”

“Sooo you care about me a lot. Don’t you, Sazanami?”

“It’s only because I needed to look after you for this period of time.”

Kaname frowned, taking another bite at Jun’s cooking. “Shame. You are such a good cook and I would be upset if we were to separate into different dorm rooms.”

“Thank god we don’t share the same bed.”

(Secretly Jun would like that to happen again. He still recalled having to share a bed with Kaname after the heater broke in the Octopus Room for a while, which resulted in Kaname’s arms tangled around his waist by accident).

Kaname would pout in response, “Whatever you say, Sazanami.”

While they finish their meals, the two would just talk to each other about whatever idol business is going on. Not that it’s important though, as they both only wanted to hear each other’s voices after not seeing each other for a while.

Eventually the two became tired after washing the dishes, so eventually they would head off to their repesective bedrooms. Jun doesn’t think too much about tonight other than Kaname’s tears because of whatever movie they watched.

There was one last thing that Kaname wanted to do.


Jun responded, raising an eyebrow at the recovering idol.

“Thank you for your meal. It means a lot to me, even though we are just roommates for now.” Kaname looked away, a light flush of red appearing on his cheeks. “So please, continue to cook for me. Even if it’s the same meal and even if we eventually move out of his apartment once I become confident enough to be independent again… I want to taste the feeling of comfort all over again.”

Jun makes a mental note on what groceries to purchase next for their next meal. His heart began to warm up, and it was only then a small yet genuine smile appeared on his face.