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Take a Chill Pill (Series 1)

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Jeremy had awoken from his slumber. He really didn't wanna get up, but if he was gonna apologize to the entire school, he had to get up early. He stretched.
"Good Morning, Time to start the day," Getting up from bed, he turned on his computer, clicking on one of his files.
A shock hit Jeremy's arm, only this time it felt ticklish, not like his SQUIP's.
"Jeremy." Jeremy turned his head to see it. The SQUIP. Why on earth was he here?! He just got rid of him yesterday! "I sincerely hope you're not gonna open that file."
"Why are you still here?? I thought I got rid of you!" Jeremy slammed his computer on his desk.
"Don't do that. You'll break your computer. And yes, you did. Kind of. You only deactivated me partly. Now, I may be able to sill help you, but I can't take control over you anymore, and my shocks aren't as painful, hence why when I zapped you, you only felt a bit ticklish. Also, you've been invited to a party at Jake's House." The SQUIP explained.
"What have you been while I was asleep?"
A few hours ago, The SQUIP had awoken in a somewhat familiar place. It reminded it of The Void.
"Hey," Code Whitney popped right behind The SQUIP. See, to differentiate each SQUIP from each other, they used Code names.
Christine's SQUIP is Code Whitney, Rich's SQUIP is Code Kermit, and Jeremy's SQUIP never really had one. Though it always thought it was Code Kneau. "Hey, What happened to The Void?" The SQUIP stared down at the revamped Void. A place it called home. Before the revamp, The Void used to be empty. Now, "The Void" didn't seem like an appropriate title for it.
"I think the Boss came in a few hours ago and 'fixed it' for us." Huh. Well, that was really helpful.

"But I'm probably gonna be gone before I can explore the place more. If my host finds out I still exist, she'll probably use the Mountain Dew Red. So bye." Code Whitney headed to wake up Christine.
"Oh by the way, we have new roommates now. It's a new thing the Boss is testing out."
"So who were the roommates?"
"I don't think I have to tell you everything that happens in the Void. Get dressed, you don't want to be late." Gosh, he just wanted to know. Jeremy knew the first thing he was gonna do that day was get some more Mountain Dew Red from Michael.
Jeremy gulped. He was a bit scared. Things'll be normal again, right? Like the SQUIPcident didn't happen? As he entered campus, both Michael and Christine side hugged him. Something he wasn't quite prepared for.
"See? They don't care. They forgave and forgot about it."
Christine pecked Jeremy on his cheek. "Darling! Oh! We were so worried about you! We really thought you weren't gonna make it!", She collasped onto Jeremy dramatically.
Christine always knew how to put a smile on Jeremy's face. One of the reasons they started dating. Michael chuckled, snapping Jeremy out of his daze. "Yo, Jerm! We did really miss you. It took you so long, even my Marley playlist got bored." He joked, patting Jeremy on the back.
"Oh! Right, Michael do you perhaps have any more Mountain Dew Red?"
"Oh shoot! I donated it all to Jake's Party tonight. It's okay though, I'll ask him if he can drop one off. Is your SQUIP still activated?" Michael asked in a worried tone. Even after the Halloween Party, Michael still loved Jeremy. That never changed. Jeremy thought about it for a while, then shook his head. "Actually? I have an idea. Thanks, though."
After school, Jeremy was seen with the SQUIP Squad at Jake's Party. He held the Mountain Dew Red in hand. He then opened the cap, and raised his hand just to spill it all over the floor.
"Bro, I think it's taking over him!"
Jeremy stared the SQUIP in the eye for a few seconds before speaking again. "You know what? Let's make a deal. You promise to never try to take over my life ever again, and I won't drink the Mountain Dew Red. Do we have a deal?"
The SQUIP raised his hand to ruffle Jeremy's hair.
"Let's rebuild our new lives, Slugger."