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We hardly knew ye Mammy

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James gently held his new camera his mum not just getting him a film camera alone also decided to get him a new camera to sate his amateur photography/filmmaker hobby. It was a Contax AX a top of the range camera and under no circumstances he would allow his cousin to get hold of it she would only do something such as breaking it or damaging the camera lenses. What James didn't know however was that being a photographer ran in the family sure a Canuck with a camera graced the Mallon household for a week claiming to be their cousin. Well actually first cousin once removed for Rob was his auntie's cousin who was also his mum's cousin except well his mum never mentioned he had family in Canada although her barley mentioning the aunt he was living with in Derry was also a common theme of hers.

"Is that a Contax AX James there? Its a very good camera, I read about it in a magazine. After I've done a few more wedding snaps I was hoping to get one to improve my photo portfolio."

Rob eyed the camera with eagerness  gently holding his hands out James agreed to pass it over allowing Rob to hold the camera up a bit higher towards the light examining the fine craftsmanship. Giving a nod of approval he gave the camera back to James who held it softly in his arms as if it were a new-born child that needed protection.

"So your from Montreal? I wish I could go to Canada. Mum always promised that I would at least go to Disneyland Florida when i was little but well i never did. Not even the one in Paris she said it was too expensive to go. Sure i have to settle for Dismal land Derry instead."

James looked down at the camera on his lap he remembered the first time he owned a camera, a small disposable camera for when his mum took him to Southend when he was four. He remembered standing on the beach next to his mother as she was soaking up the sun he got a cracking shot of some seagulls before a yappy terrier chased them away. Rob and James then spent what seemed like hours talking about their shared interests and how the two of them felt like they had walked through the looking glass when they visited Derry it turns out that Derry in 77 was the same type of through the looking glass experience as it was in 97 except well Rob left Derry after the summer wheras James had stayed there for at least two years.

"Oi dicko look what Orla found!"

Michelle clambered over the sofa to throw herself between the two of them holding what looked like a rusty tin in her hands. 

"Orla found this at school its a wee tin with photos in it and look at this one!"

Michelle held up a photo of five girls and what looked like a boy in a jazzy suit sitting on a school bench. Michelle then placed a finger on a girl wearing a punk outfit.

"That's mammy! Mammy a punk! I cant believe it!"

Rob smiled at the photo then proceeded to look at the other photos in the tin 

"well that takes me back that was the summer disco of 77 I came from Montreal to visit my cousin your mom."

James looked at the photos in the tin then looked at his cousin from Canada

"Hey where my mum is she in these photos?"

"For fuck sake James nobody cares about your mammy."


"Language Michelle."
The three of them turned behind them to see Deidre standing in the doorway to the living room.

"Mammy you have a tattoo?! I want a tattoo but you said I couldn't have one."

James knew what was going to happen and then proceeded to place his hands on his ears for the shouting match that was to come.