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The Clay Angel

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Waverly Earp POV.

Submerging my hands in the bucket of water, I place them on the cool clay. With my left hand beside the ball of clay and my right hand on top in a karate chop, I press the pedal down. The wheel starts spinning a little faster than anticipated, spraying my white tank with clay water. “Shit!” I gasp. Why did I wear white today of all days. I roll my eyes at my own bad luck.

“Maybe try less speed? Just a thought,” a voice remarks from behind me. “Yeah thanks Captain obviously,” I say annoyed by this newcomer’s obvious jab at my failure. “Since you’re the expert why don’t you give it a try? It’s not as easy as it looks, believe me,” I say wiping at my brow, as I spin to face this cocky, smug…gorgeous woman.

My words are caught in my throat at the sight of the women before me. I struggle to breathe, as the women walks towards me and takes a seat.

The women’s overalls cling to her curves in all the right ways, sending me into another world. So when the red head’s fingers slide effortlessly into the clay, a small moan escapes my lips before I could contain it. The red head bites her lower lip suppressing a coy smile.

Brown eyes find mine and I swallow hard. “So yeah that’s how to hollow out the center. Any questions?” I realize she had been explaining something to me for a few minutes now and I basically blacked out. Mesmerized by her confidence and those damn overalls!

“Ummm yeah thanks,” I say not knowing anything else to say. “More of a hands on learner?” The red head asks, as she walks behind me. “Yeah I guess I probably am,” I laugh nervously, as I hear a chair being pulled up behind me. Panic sets in and my heart begins to race as she sits behind me. She straddles me and wraps her arms around me and I lean forward instinctively.

She takes my hands in hers and dips them in the water. Drapes both of our hands over the clay. She puts pressure against my hand so that the clay is stable in both of our hands. “Just like that. See you got this!” Her voice is low in my ear almost a whisper.

I turn my head to see her eyes. She smiles playfully, as she moves both our fingers into the center of the ball of clay. Never taking her eyes off of me, she presses down, both of our fingers going deep into the clay. I gasp and my foot slips onto the petal. The red head’s foot quickly steps on the petal to bring it to a stop. But it was too late. They both were wet… with clay.

I just sit there unable to say anything. Embarrassment warms my cheeks, which I’m sure are as red as a stop sign by this point. Barley able to breathe, I go to move my hands off the pottery wheel, but her hands are still grasping my own. Instead of letting them go she holds them still and gives my hand a reassuring squeeze.

A shiver runs through me, as she whispers once more. “Let’s try that again shall we? Maybe a bit slower okay,” she laughs low and I feel the movement of her chest against my back. It’s the most peaceful, yet arousing feeling I’ve ever felt.

She slowly presses down on the foot petal and the wheel spins moving the cool clay in our hands. She moves our hands up and down the sides, making it taller.

“Now we have to widen the hole with our fingers. You just pull towards you with these two fingers,” she says, as she demonstrates. I pull back my fingers and the clay responses with ease opening up to me quickly. I bite my lip at the thought that creeps into my mind. Keep it together Waves. I tell myself in my head.

Water pools in the bottom of the well and my mind can’t stay focused. Get your head out of the gutter Waverly! Shit why is this so sexual? “Looks Familiar?” She dips her fingers in the wetness and runs it along the edge of the clay. Her breath is warm on my neck and my longing grows uncontrollable.

She runs her wet fingers up my wrist and I sigh. I kick the wheel petal to an abrupt stop. “Finally,” she moans into my hair and spins my stool so that I face her. “Wow, who knew a pottery class could be soooo hot!”

A crooked smile spreads across those beautiful lips and I melt. She lowers her hands to my hips, pulling me onto her lap and my legs wrap around her effortlessly. We fit together perfectly! Our eyes meet and in that second the world stops. My lips crave hers, tingling at the very thought. Letting go of all restaurant, I lower my lips to hers in a slow, long and sensual kiss, that will never leave my memory.




My heart still races from our first kiss. Oh and the second, third. Oh god and that last one! My mind replays the heated moment.

She stood with me still wrapped around her wrist. She carried me to a back room. A storage closet I think. She set me on the counter and kissed me so passionate, that it took my breath away and I didn’t even care. Her lips moved with a fire that tingled on my skin. My neck, shoulder and she found my finger and looked up at me as she put it in her mouth. I gasped as a warmth spread over my body.

She released my finger and moved her lips to my knee and up my inner thigh. “Oh god!” I moan larder than I had planned. I felt her lips curl into a smile as she continued up my thigh. And then a squeak from the door hinges sent us both jumping and fixing our clothes.

Someone came storming in and I quickly pulled my skirt down, so that nothing was showing. The person flicked the lights on. “Oh shit!” Wynonna curses at the sight of us. “You gave me a damn heart attack! What the hell were you two doing in here in the dark?!”
“Ummm we were just…” I had nothing. No words were formed in my head. Think Waverly think?!

“We we’re getting more clay for the next class,” the red head said with confidence. “In the dark?” Wynonna asked with a raised eyebrow. “Old wiring. It had just flickered out a second ago,” the red head said. I really gotta ask her name. I think as I sit still thinking of that moment. I flash back to it. “Okay, okay whatever you say Red,” Wynonna turns the light off again. “By all means please continue your “clay” search. Bad wiring my ass,” Wynonna mumbled as she walked away.

A nervous laugh came out of me as I leaned against her shoulder. “That was awkward!” I said as she pulled me into a lingering kiss. “But so worth it!” She replied as she helped me off the counter. “I gotta get to this wheel spinning class now. But I’ll be distracted by this moment the whole time. I can promise you that,” I said “Have a wonderful class angel,” she replied and gave me a sweet gentle kiss. She opened the door for me and as soon as it happened it was done.

Now I sit completely unaware of everything around me as I remember that heart racing moment. When out of nowhere cold water hits my face and I shake back into reality. Wynonna is sitting next to me, her hands holding the bucket of water, ready to pour it over my head. “No! No! No! Wynonna!” I shriek and she puts it down. “Well you looked like you needed cooled off baby girl,” Wynonna snickers. “I’m good. Cool as a cucumber,” I smile and she rolls her eyes at my lie. “What?!” I ask her. “You’re a terrible liar. You haven’t stopped smiling ever since I caught you with that tall drink of water,” Wynonna flicks more water in my face.

“Wynonna you’re such a child. We were just in the closet… for supplies,” I say nervously. “Yeah you were in the closet for years with dumb Champ! I’m honestly glad you’re over that rodeo clown,” Wynonna says with a fake gag. “Okay enough teasing Wynonna. This is about us bounding together as sisters. Let’s have fun creating memories alright?” “Okay Waves, whatever you want. We WILL be revisiting this closet business someday,” She smiles and shoves my shoulder playfully.

The room begins to fill up with other people and the room begins to buzz with excitement. The door opens and a familiar voice cuts through the chatter. My skin burns hot at the sight of our teacher. “Hi everyone! Hope you’re all ready to have a fun time together!“ She gives a mischievous grin, winking at me, as she takes a seat at the head of the room.

“I’m Nicole Haught and I’ll be showing you the basic’s of wheel throwing. You’ll learn how to make something of your choice. A mug, vase, or a bowl. Just something small to start your pottery adventure.”

Haught… Nicole Haught. Damn even her name is hot! At this point I may as well pour that water bucket on my own head! I’m so fucked now!
“Now let’s get down and dirty!”
Oh fuck me! Please!

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Nicole’s POV


This is the hardest class I’ve ever taught in my life! The way I want to take her by the hand, pulling her back into that closet and make passionate love to her for hours has my mind spinning. Jesus Nicole get yourself together! You have to finish this damn class without passing out!

The way she looks at me though, has my body craving her. I feel her eyes on me as I help the other people in the class. I see her shake her head and she refocuses on the clay. She try’s to mold it into something. She’s going to rip it at that speed.

Taking a deep breath, I walk over to her. She’s so concentrated on the task, that she doesn’t notice me behind her. I smile at how cute she gets when she’s focused. I lean down to whisper into her ear. “Relax, you don’t wanna rip it,” I say and she jars the fragile clay sending it ripping the top ring off. “Sabotage, you knew I’d rip it,” Waverly slaps my thigh in a angry/playful way and my heart jumps to my throat.

Learning something new everyday. Gotta remember that for later. I smirk thinking about them being alone together trying that out. “My apologies… Waverly is it?” I ask as if we’ve never met before. “Yes. Waverly Earp. And you owe me,” she says with bitterness in her tone. “Alright Waverly Earp how about a private session after this class for a more in depth lesson,” a devilish smirk plays across my lips, because I know exactly what that did to her. And I know exactly what I’m gonna do to her later tonight.


“Thank you all for coming! Drive safe,” I say to the class as the door closes behind what I thought was the last person. “So about this private session,” a playful voice asks from behind me. I turn to see a mischievous eyed Waverly.

Her eyes twinkling in the moonlight, that drifts into the room from the nearby window. They look like stars shining so bright, that they make waves in my heart. I smile back at her, knowing what we both want.

Instead of answering I turn the lights off and lock the door. Leaving only the soft glow of the string lights above us. I busy myself with preparing what we’d need for our little private session. She watches me curiously, as I lay out a tarp and begin mixing up a big bucket of clay.

“You’re not gonna like kill me… right?” Waverly asks, her voice a bit shaky. “Oh nooo! Well maybe a small death with your consent of course,” I say nervously. A blush as deep as cherries floods Waverly’s cheeks at what I was implying. She must know a bit of French after all.

“Question. Are you gonna clean me up after this?” Waverly rises her eyebrows. “Of course I’ll clean you up,” I grin and wink. She laughs nervously at my double meaning.

I walk over to her and take her hands in mine. “If this is too much, too fast just tell me. Okay?” “Teach me your ways,” “Are you sure?” “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life Nicole.” She leans in and kisses me, so lightly at first. Then the kiss turns into something more. It is filled with longing, passion and a wild fire begins to spread through me.

She pushes our intertwined bodies towards the tarp never stopping the kiss. She lets go of me and I have to fight the urge to pull her back into my arms. My arms feel so empty without her. But I’m not for the life of me stopping what’s happening. Waverly slowly and when I say slowly it’s agonizingly slow as she pulls that beautiful skirt and white tank top from her stunning skin. My heart skips a beat at the sight of her.

“Would you mind? This bra always seems to give me trouble,” Waverly asks cheekily and I know she’s just toying with me now. Damn she’s good at this. I walk behind her and place a gentle kiss to the back of her neck, her shoulder and all the way down her back only to stop at her bra clasp. I pull at it with my teeth and I feel her body squirm under my touch. The clasp releases and so does my last inch of restraint.

My kisses grow hungrier, wanting to taste every inch of her. I continue my way down her back, making it to the seam of her underwear. I tug it down to her ankles and she steps out of them. I kiss all the way back up to her ear. “Are you ready for your lesson?” I whisper into her ear. She nods and I give her ear a small nip. She gasps at the sudden gesture.

She pulls me over to the tarp. She kneels and takes my hands dipping them in the wet clay. And pulls my hands to her chest. With my hands on both of her breast my body begins to shake in anticipation.

She smiles at my desire in my eyes. She pulls me closer, unbuttoning my shirt and pants so fast, that before I know it I am undressed and wetter than the clay that surrounds us. My handprints are still on her breasts. For this to work I’ll need more clay. “Do you trust me?” “Yes!”

Pulling her down to the floor, I grab smooth handfuls of clay. I start massaging it onto her legs, belly and finally I make it to her breasts. I place my clay coved hands lightly on them and start rubbing them.

My fingers slowly make circles around her quickly hardening nipples. “Nicole! Oh my god!” Waverly moans as I quicken my pace. And then I cup her breasts in my hands and begin to create my mold. “What are ya doin?” “I’m teaching how to make a human mold,” I answer. “Oh really? Nope that’s just an excuse to have my boobs on your wall,” Waverly rolls her eyes and I peel off the clay slowly. Making every inch last an eternity. The last part pulls on her nipples and her back arches craving more.

“Now that’s just mean,” Waverly pouts. “Well that is why they call it floor play right?” I nuzzle her neck with my nose. She leans her head to the side to give me a better angle. My lips meet her skin once more and her body reacts to me with a wanting shiver.

I slowly lay her down on her back and straddle her hips. I pin her wrists and plant the most passionate kiss I have ever given onto her lips. And then I pull her up and slide her onto her stomach. “Deep breath baby,” I say and she places her face into the clay.

“Now as gently as possible stand and let’s get you cleaned up,” I say trying my best to keep my composure. She stands and I take her hand, helping her out of the slippery clay. She slips and I catch her in my arms. Damn this is like some rom-com ice-skating scene. The only difference is we didn’t… fall.

Just when I thought this couldn’t get more like a rom-com I feel her tug on my leg, sending us both slipping back into the clay. “Okay that was intentional. You just keep surprising me Waverly Earp. I had you pegged as a goodie two shoes,” I say, rising my eye brows in fake shock.

After this cheesy, beautiful moment I know all thinking is over. All that is left is the fiery desire to be one with each other. To pleasure her with all my being. “Well you didn’t get a turn in the mud. So I thought it was unfair for you to miss out,” she mocks me with a cheeky lip bite that makes my eyes roll back in frustration. If only she knew what that just did to me.

Fuck! Floor play can be tough when you’re THIS turned on. Still on my back, she takes a handful of clay and rubs it over my chest. “Now how exactly did you do that again? Like this?” She teases as she brushes over my awaiting nipples. “Oh my god,” I moan as she gives more pressure, sending my body into a fire I’ve never felt before.

She smiles at my overcome expression. She has me right where she wants me. Pretty soon I won’t be ashamed to beg her for the release that my body craves.
Waverly drags two fingers wet with clay down my stomach and I shiver under her touch.

She licks her lips as she lifts my chin with her finger. She stands and beckons for me to follow her. The best part is that she’s sexy as hell, but going the wrong way.
I get up slowly, never taking my eyes off of hers.
“Waves, the showers are this way,” I point to the opposite side of the room. I try to suppress a laugh.

“Shit. I was trying to be all sexy,” Waverly puts her head in her hands covering her embarrassment. “Hey, hey. It’s okay,” I reassure as I rush to her side. “It was extremely sexy babe. Believe me,” I wink at her and she pushes me up against the wall.

“Don’t tell me. Show me how sexy you thought it was, Haught,” Waverly demands.
I kiss her, sending us bouncing off the walls, as we make our way to the shower. We are no longer in control. Passion has taken over our bodies. I turn on the shower head and run my hands over her body. She pulls me close as we clean each other’s anticipating bodies. She smiles as we both realize all the clay is gone. Leaving just us.

My hands learn every inch of her, before I land on her hips. My lips trace her stomach placing soft kisses up to her chest. I take her right nipple into my month first. Sucking it and briefly nibbling it before switching to the left. Her body thrusts agains me as I continue.

Keeping my eyes on her I put one finger inside her and her wetness clings to my finger and I trace it over her quickly swelling clit. Her hips grind into my finger wanting more. Sliding two fingers into her tightening walls, I squat down, my eyes on hers. She nods desperately. “Please baby!” She begs for release.

With my fingers still inside her, my tongue flicks against her clit. She gasps as I swirl it around. Her hips grinding and bucking pushing herself into my mouth. “You taste so good baby!” I say with still a mouth full of her.

Her arousal pools and I know she’s almost to her breaking point. “Right there baby!” She cry’s out and she pulls at my hair, pushing me deep into her. I grab her soft ass, pulling her even deeper into my mouth. We can’t seem to get close enough.

“Keep going! I’m almost there!” She breathes. I move over an inch and she groans with pleasure as she comes hard. I drink her in and keep pressure on her, as her body shutters with aftershocks. Her body relaxes and I pull her in for a kiss that feels never ending.

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Nicole’s breathing is so peaceful against my ear. Her chest moves up and down in a rhythmic steadiness that settles my soul.

Laying here in her arms gives me this extreme sense of safety, that I’ve never felt before in my whole life. Knowing it’s morning doesn’t even bother me. There’s no way I’ll be rushing this wonderful moment. Keeping my eyes closed, I nestle in as closely as possible. Her warmth surrounds me like a cozy bonus blanket, sending me right back to sleep.

A velvet voice calls to me from above. I blink my sleepy eyes open, to find Nicole’s soft smile and warm eyes on me. “So it wasn’t a dream after all,” I sigh with delight. “It sure happened but to call it not a dream would be an understatement. It was surely a dream to me,” Nicole leans in and kisses my forehead. I smile taking in her sweet aroma of what smells like vanilla dipped donuts.

“How can I be so lucky? I mean I just happened to take this pottery class and end up having the best night of my life. To wake up to your gorgeous smile and eyes that make me melt like butter,” I sigh once again, as I brush a loose strand of Nicole’s hair out of her face. I tuck it behind her ear and she leans into my hand. My heart flutters as she kisses my hand ever so gently.

“You’re lucky? How about my luck finding you? I wasn’t even supposed to be working last night. I was filling in for a coworker, who got sick last minute. And there you were. My clay angel,” Nicole beams. Warm chills run through me, as she looks at me with those puppy dog brown eyes.

“Your clay angel. I like it!” She smiles. “Only one problem,” I say with concern. “Oh what’s that?” “I don’t have a cute name for you,” I stick out my lip in fake sadness. “Well we’ll have to change that won’t we!” Nicole grins. “What do ya have in mind cupcake?” I wink knowing she’ll cringe at her new name.

“Cupcake? I mean they are delicious but…” I cut her off mid sentence. “And that’s exactly why. You’re delicious like a cupcake,” I wink. “Oh you have no idea,” Nicole says with a wicked grin. “Well are ya gonna let me find out?” “I really should get to work.” “There’s a but in there right?”

“I mean how could I possibly get anything done with you on my mind,” Nicole leans down and kisses me. “I am pretty hard to forget,” I laugh. “Impossible to forget. And I never want to,” she says as she kisses the tip of my nose.

“I never want to forget you either cupcake,” I bite my lip as she rolls her eyes. “How can you be so annoying and adorable all at the same time!” “Raw talent I guess,” I shrug my shoulders. “You sure got talent that’s for sure,” Nicole says, as she tackles me, pulling me under her.

“Waverly you have the talent of making me want you more and more, every time you speak.” She kisses me and I return it with just as much passion. I could stay here forever in her arms, with her lips on mine and her body just inches above mine.

Rolling her over quickly, I take charge. “It’s your turn now right? I mean I’m sure you’re tired after your late night last night, so allow me to pleasure you,” “Oh Waverly Earp you’re very good at this. You know seeing your pleasure is pleasure enough for me.” I straddle her hips, pulling my hair back into a lose bun. “You were saying?” Her mouth gaps at the sight of me.

“I mean I don’t have to if you’d rather get to work cupcake,” I tilt my head in a flirtatious question. “Oh god no! By all means continue…please,” she begs. Kissing down her stomach, I position myself between her legs. “Oh Waverly!”


“Waverly Earp! You better be dead because if you’re not I’m gonna kill you myself! Oh and ginger cupcake if you hurt my sister I’m gonna give you a zero on yelp… oh and kick your top shelf ass!” My sister yells from outside the pottery studio.

“Your sister is intense!” “You have no idea. She drives me insane!” I huff and Nicole places a small kiss to my shoulder. “She just cares about you. In a very odd way but she does. I wish I had a sister to come interup my beautiful, perfect moments like this one,” Nicole smiles into a kiss.

“I better go. Wynonna’s gonna kick down the door soon,” I roll my eyes. “She wouldn’t right?” “I’M COMING IN!” Wynonna shouts. “WYNONNA! I’m coming out. Give 5 mins!” I yell out to her.

“You really are coming out,” Nicole laughs at the pun. “You’re impossible. You know that Haught?” “I know,” she says with that cocky grin that drives me wild. I pull myself to my feet and begin looking for my clothes. Which are thrown everywhere.

“God, we seemed to have a good time last night didn’t we,” I laugh as I pull my skirt on. “We sure did. Did you forget something?” Nicole dangles a purple pair of lace underwear from her finger. “Whoops, maybe you can keep ‘em until next time,” I wink. Nicole’s face turns red.

“Next time?” “I mean as long as you’d like there to be a next time?” “Hell yes!” “Dinner? Tonight?” I smile as I toss her my bra. She snatches it out of the air with her open hand. “See you tonight angel,” Nicole smiles with a wink. “No bra looks like I can’t wear my white tank top,” I grab her shirt from the floor.

“Just a little something to remind me of you today,” I slip into her button down and lean in for a kiss. “You look so sexy in my clothes,” Nicole whispers, as she kisses me. “Maybe if you’re good tonight you can take them off of me,” I whisper in her ear. I watch her mouth drop open and she bites her lower lip as I walk away.

I pull the door closed behind me and am immediately peppered with questions.
“No note?” “Well I didn’t exactly come home last night,” I say. “A simple text would have sufficed. Like oh hey sis I’m gonna sleep with the hot pottery teacher. Don’t wait up,” Wynonna mocks.

“I told you I was gonna stay for the private session last night before you left,” I retort. “Yeah but that doesn’t mean all night! I was scared something happened to you Waves!” Wynonna admits with a waver in her voice. “I’m sorry Wynonna. I thought it was implied,” I hug my sister and she hugs me back tightly.

“Okay okay so give me the details on miss hot pocket!” “All the details?” “Oh hell no! Not all the details Waves! Just how serious is this fling you two got goin?” She wraps her arm around my shoulders as we head for her truck.

I can’t help but smile so wide at the thought of Nicole and I having more than just a fling. “We’re going to dinner tonight. And I’m really happy and at peace when I’m around her,” I reply. “Baby Girl I’m glad she makes you happy. I’ve never seen you quite this happy before. Just let her know that if she hurts you I know lots of places to hide a body!” Wynonna winks.

“Good to know,” I laugh. “Now how about some pancakes Sis?” “YES! Pancakes sound amazing!” “I bet they do after the night you’ve had,” Wynonna laughs. I punch her shoulder and roll my eyes. “You have no idea,” I wink and Wynonna gags in response. We hop in the truck and I can’t help but remember her warm body under mine. Her low voice and that damn smile that makes me shiver with fire, even at the thought of it now.

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Nicole POV
“What time is it?! 4:30! Shit I’m so behind Clamity Jane! I gotta get this done before…” The doorbell rings interrupting me. “Damn it! She’s here. Do I look okay?” I say looking into those cold eyes. “Great, you’re a lot of help. I’m losing my shit. Asking my cat for fashion advice!” I make my way to the front door. Taking a deep breath in, I swing the door inwards.

Smiling so wide my cheeks hurt, I am not met with those beautiful blue eyes but angry ones. The woman barges past me, letting herself in. “By all means, come inside my home,” I huff. “Excuse me what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” “I’m Waverly’s sister and there was no way in hell I was gonna let her come over here without checking it out myself! Who knows you could be a serial killer, who moonlights as a pottery master,” Wynonna eyes me with a crazed stare.

“I assure you I’m no serial killer.” “See! That’s exactly what a serial killer would say!” “Wynonna if I had wanted to kill your sister I would have done it by now.” “And that’s supposed to be reassuring? Oh god what is that smell? You’re probably burning your victims as we speak aren’t you?!”

“Oh shit!” I scream, as I race over to the stove and pull out what is left of some garlic bread. “Damn it!” My hand comes away red and burnt. I rush over to the sink, where I toss my fingers into the cold water. The relief is brief but better. “Potholders Ross!” “Wynonna this is no time for friends quotes,” I retort, holding back a smirk. “When isn’t it time for Friends quotes? But seriously what were you thinking Red?”

“Well someone pushed her way into my house and distracted me. I’m nervous enough as it is. I don’t need my dates sister criticizing everything I do. Believe me I am doing that enough for the both of us!“ Wynonna doesn’t say a word, which for her is saying something. She just walks over to me and takes my hand out of the water.

“First aid kit?” “First closet on the right,” I breathe with pain. She walks down the hall and hurries back with the box. The cold burn ointment makes my body relax as Wynonna apply’s it with a surprisingly soft touch.

She wraps the gauze around my hand and I wince at the last tug. She places my hand between both of hers and our eyes meet. Under all that sarcasm and hardness there really is a soul. Under her gaze an unexpected shiver goes through me. A faint smile plays across her lips and I feel myself empathizing with her position. She’s just protecting her baby sister. I’d do the same. Not in the same disrespectful way, but yes I’d be doing research.

A small knock comes from the front door, breaking our small moment of connection. “There you go. From what I’ve seen here tonight. You seem like one of the good ones Haught. But don’t think you’re off the hook just yet,” Wynonna winks. “Oh and if you hurt my baby girl I’ll kill ya. Have fun… not too much,” Wynonna narrows her eyes and laughs.

Wynonna opens the door to a dumbfounded Waverly, her mouth agape. “Have a nice dinner Sis! Looks like you might be ordering out though,” Wynonna laughs as she hops onto her bike. “Make good choices kids,” she hollers over the roar from her motorcycle. She pulls out in a rush, waving a middle finger in the air.

“Ummm what….” “Don’t even ask,” I roll my eyes. “What happened baby?” Waverly rushes to my side and takes my bandaged hand. “Oh it was just my own stupidity. I was trying to run around getting everything ready for our date and didn’t use potholders,” I admit.

“Awwe my poor baby!” Waverly leans down and kisses the top of my hand. “Dinner isn’t ready but I guess we could go out.” “No I can wait. Actually I love to cook, if you wouldn’t mind help?” “Waverly I’d love nothing more than to cook with you!” “Great now let’s get cookin good lookin,” Waverly winks and pulls at my jeans, leading me to the kitchen. She sets down a bottle of red wine, that up until this moment I hadn’t seen. “Corkscrew?” “Ummm what? Oh yeah right drawer beside the dishwasher,” I answer distracted by the way she sways over to the drawer.

The way her hips move to my music is intoxicating. Subconsciously biting my lower lip, I watch her screw the corkscrew deep into the bottle. Her eyes meet mine and a shiver burns through me. Not taking her eyes off me, she continues. With a satisfying pop, the cork releases and I let out a heavy breath as liquid flows over Waverly’s fingers.

“You okay over there Haught?” All I can manage is a slight nod. She laughs that contagious smile filling up my face as well. Not able to control myself anymore, I wrap my arms around her wast, as she pours the wine into two glasses.

She pushes her hips into mine and I bury my face in her neck, planting small kisses along her collarbone. “Mmmm I’ve missed you Waverly Earp,” I moan into her ear. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” Waverly admits, as she pivots in my arms, so she’s facing me. Her eyes glistens in the candle light. I wipe away a tear from her cheek. “Baby don’t cry! We’ve only been apart for a day. But it feels like a lot longer. I’m not going anywhere,” I assure her and she falls into my arms.

We hold onto each other like each other’s life support. “Is it crazy to feel so close to someone you just met?” “Apparently not crazy! You know why? Because I feel the same. I feel like I can tell you anything. And that we’ve known each other for years,” I kiss her forehead and she steps out of my arms.

“Sorry okay I promise I’ll keep my emotions in check now,” she says as she hands me a wine glass and takes hers in hand. “Cheers!” Our glasses clink together and we take a slip. “Never apologize for showing your emotions, not to me,” I give her a small reassuring smile, that she returns with a nod. With wine stained lips I bend down for a longing smooth kiss.

“So what is it we’re having for dinner?” “Well vegan spaghetti and garlic bread. But the garlic bread is… well toast,” I laugh and she doubles over with laughter, which surprises me since it was such a bad joke. She’s so beautiful when she laughs and no one laughs at my jokes. People barley hear them, let alone laugh. A wide smile plays across my face at the sight of her genuine smile.

I’m in deep now. Nicole you are in trouble. You don’t fall this easily. Damn it Haught pull yourself together! But for once in my life I don’t want to pull up on my safety harness. I want to push against that rock wall and fall, not knowing if I’ll fly or keep falling until I crash. In this moment all I know is I have to let go of my fear. I jump heart first into those admiring eyes and I don’t look back.

Chapter Text

Waverly POV

The water begins to boil and so does my heart as Nicole wraps her arms around my waist. My smile is untamable as she kisses my neck. “Where have you been all my life?” I feel her lips curve into a smile at my words. “Waiting for you my angel.” Her words vibrate against my skin, making it impossible to stay on task.

My eyes close trying to drink in this moment. I never want to forget the way her lips feel on my skin, or the way her body fits so perfectly with mine. Interlacing my fingers with hers, I lay my head back onto her chest. “Being with you is like being home. Safe, warm and the happiest I have ever felt,” I breathe out the words with a content smile. All my stress from the day gone like it never happened. Is this what being in love feels like? Because wow I love this feeling. Peaceful.

She kisses the top of my head. “You make me believe in love again Waverly.” My breath catches at her words. My lip quivers at her confession of love for me. I turn around to face her. Those beautiful dark eyes glistening back at me with unshed tears. “Baby,” I whisper as I take her in my arms.

“I know it’s too soon but I know I’m falling for you Waverly Earp,” her muffled voice says into my ear. “Falling in love with someone has no due date. Nicole I fell for you yesterday. Everyday I keep falling even deeper.” I take her face in my hands and our eyes meet again. So much longing and care stare down into my eyes.

Placing my hand at the base of her neck I pull her into a light, beautiful kiss.
We separate just as the water flows over the lip of the sauce pan. “Shit!” I go to grab it and Nicole pulls my hand away. “Babe let’s not both get burnt hands tonight. Alright?” She smiles and turns the burner off. She grabs a potholder and slowly pull the pan off the burner.

“Now where were we?” She pulls me closer. “Sauce?” I question. “We’ll get to that later,” she goes in for another kiss but I move away just before our lips touch. “I’m hungry baby,” I moan. “Yeah me too,” she winks flirtatiously. “For food you big flirt!” I laugh and roll my eyes as she grins wickedly.

“Okay sauce!” I busy myself with the sauce and Nicole turns on some music. Which isn’t helping my heating desire for her which is growing by the second. Nicole drains the pasta and starts setting the table. Which already has lit candle sticks in the center and fresh red and white roses. How does she know those are my favorite flowers and this song is amazing.

“You know my tastes in music and flowers. What else do you already know about me?” I question as the sauce simmers on the stove. “Oh baby I know a lot about you. And can’t wait to find out more,” Nicole smiles. I smile back.

She takes my hand in hers and pulls me into her. Our bodies sway to the music and she spins me. I laugh as she spins me back into her and then dips me down. I come up and wrap my arms around Nicoles neck and her arms are around my waist. Laying my head on her chest, I let out a content sigh. “I’m so glad I met you Nicole Haught,” I sigh. “I’m so lucky to have met you Waverly Earp,” Nicole breathes.

The song ends and with that I reluctantly let go of Nicole and begin plating our dinner. “Looks delicious Waves! I’m so sorry you had to help. I was supposed to have all of this done by the time you arrived.” I take her hand in mine. “I love cooking with you. I love doing everything with you.” She kisses the top of my hand and we begin eating.

Nicole eats with her left hand, so she doesn’t have to let mine go. We talk about everything, from small talk to deep conversation about family and our futures. I can tell her everything. She makes me feel so comfortable. I tell her things I’ve never told anyone before.

The wine bottle is empty as our conversation slows and I feel her knee against mine. Her foot slides up my calf and a shiver runs through me. “Is it time for dessert yet Angel?” “I could go for something sweet,” I smile and bite my lip.

Nicole rises from her chair. She spins me in my chair to face her. Nicoles eyes questioning mine. I nod in response. Her wide smile puts a smile on my lips as well. She bends down and I wrap my arms around her neck and she picks me up. She sets me on the counter, kissing me with such passion it leaves me breathless. Her kisses travel down my neck. “Taste me baby,” I whisper.

Chapter Text

Nicole’s POV

“Hey ya love birds! Ever heard of something called a bed?” Wynonna asks as she comes into the kitchen.
“You’re up early for coming home so late,” I reply not wanting to answer her question. She had walked in on us in the kitchen this morning and I still haven’t recovered from the embarrassment. So many questions racking through my brain. Had she seen anything? I shake my head at that thought. Nicole we’re all adults here. Well two of us are anyways. I laugh at my own joke and realize I did that out loud.

“What are you snickering about Haught sauce?” Wynonna asks with her head turned in question. “Whatever I don’t care why you think waking up when it’s still dark out is funny. My hangover is starting to kick my ass and I need coffee,” Wynonna takes a cup from the cabinet and puts it under the Keurig maker.

“I’d expect you two to be cuddling or something unimaginable that this sister will never think about again. Why are you up talking to me? Because if you’re gonna leave without saying goodbye to my sister, I’m gonna have to punch you,”

“I’m not going anywhere. I just wanted to wake up early to prepare some Birthday surprises.” “Who’s birthday?”
“How did you forget your own sisters birthday?” I ask dumbfounded. “The bigger question here Haught stuff. Is how the hell do you already know my sisters birthday?”

“When she signed up for my pottery class she put in her birthday for a special birthday discount.” “Oh that actually makes sense. What does a two night stand even get Waverly then?” “Well I didn’t buy her anything but….” Wynonna cuts me off Midsentence. “Oh that’s not great for you my friend. She’ll be expecting something. Even though she says she’s not. She is,” Wynonna rolls her eyes in disapproval.

“If you’d give me a minute to talk I’d explain. I didn’t get her something because I made it instead,” I answer. “Oh don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know what kinda kinky shit my sister and you are into Haught!” Wynonna gags. “I mean it is quite sexy,” I begin and Wynonna plugs her ears. “La La La, I’m not listening,” Wynonna laughs as she backs away from me and I get my phone out to show her my gift. I shake my head at her immaturity.

“It’s not done yet, but it will be a perfect memory of our first night together!” I yell after her as she runs down the hall. I laugh at the sight of a grown ass woman running like a child. I busy myself back at making Waverly’s vegan cupcakes. I still have a few errands to run before her birthday party, but there’s no way I wasn’t going to be here when she wakes up.

Arms wrap around my waist and my tension from planning the perfect day melts away. Soft warm lips kiss my neck and I sigh. “Good morning birthday girl,” I smile. “Good morning cupcake! Speaking of cupcakes! Wow! These are so beautiful, Nicole!” Waverly admirers her cupcakes in awe.

My name on her lips sends a shiver through me. Why did my own name sound so much better coming from her? Her voice fills me with such joy, that I can barely breathe. “Why are you looking at me like that?” She shyly looks away. “Like what?” “Like I’m some rare artifact that you just discovered. It’s hard to keep eye contact with those heart eyes of yours,” Waverly blushes. “Well I have never felt this way before I met you Waverly Earp. So yes, discovering you is my greatest accomplishment. I’m so lucky to have found my Clay Angel,” I wrap her in a hug.

“Taste this,” I say as I drag the frosting along my neck. Waverly smiles and her tongue slowly moves across my skin, sending goosebumps running across my body at a rapid pace. “Mmmm. Delicious! Not as delicious as you were last night though,” Waverly winks and kisses me with the sweetness of frosting still lingering on her lips. “Happy Birthday Angel!” “How did you know?” “I have my ways,” I give her a wink. “Oh okay so that’s who you are.” “What do you mean?” “You’re the detective type. You should have went in a different profession my cupcake,” Waverly teases. “Oh really? You just want me to role play as a cop, so I can handcuff you,” I narrow my eyes in question. “I mean who wouldn’t,” Waverly smiles. I smile back and kiss the birthday angel.

“I have some surprises for you today.”
“Ohhh I love surprises!” Waverly cheers.
I take her hand in mine and we race out the door. “Nicole I’m hardly dressed for the day yet!” Waverly yells after me. “Don’t worry I have it all waiting for us baby,” I reassure her as I open the door to my truck. Offering her my hand as she hops up into the truck. Once we’re both in, I turn the keys and the song we were dancing to last night flicks on. Waverly whips her head to look at me with shock and awe. “Baby!” She takes my hand and begins singing along to our song. “Feels So Easy.”

Our hands fit perfectly together and the smile on her face sets a feeling of peace in my heart. I come to a stop on a hilltop, overlooking the lake. “Close your eyes,” I say as I help her down. “Nicole! I’m super excited and terrified all at the same time! Where are you taking me to?” “It’s a surprise. Trust me, I have it all planned,” I say, leading her through the grass.

We arrive at the beautiful willow tree, where the plaid blanket lays with a picnic basket. Hot tea awaits in a thermos on top the blanket. Jeremy props himself up to his feet. He smiles excitedly. Thank you! I mouthed silently. He waves happily and walks back up the hill, taking photos with his phone as he goes. Needless to say I’ve had some help making this magical day come true. Jeremy was kind enough to stay with our picnic, so it didn’t get stolen or blown away.

“Okay are you ready to see your first surprise?”
“First surprise? Nicole you didn’t have to do all this. I mean we’ve only known each other for a few days,” Waverly says with emotion in her voice. “I know I didn’t have to but I wanted to. And besides I feel like I’ve known you forever. I want to give you the best birthday ever. I hope you like it,” I say as I slowly slip the blindfold off.

Her face lights up with excitement at the picnic laid out in front of her. “Nicole….this…” Her voice wavers and tears well up in her eyes. “This is so beautiful and the most sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.” Her eyes meet mine and her lip quivers. “Oh Waves. Don’t you start. If you cry, you know I’m gonna cry and then Jeremy is gonna cry,” I admit as I take her in my arms.

She sniffles and laughs a little. “Jeremy? Jeremy’s here?” She looks around for her best friend. “Yeah I asked him to help me with somethings,” I say and point to the car on the hill. Jeremy waves frantically from his car. Waverly waves back as he pulls away to give us time to eat our breakfast. We sit and I hand Waverly a vegan vanilla dipped donut. Pouring a hot cup of tea into a teacup, I smile at her.

“Thank you for all of this! It’s already the best birthday I’ve ever had,” Waverly says, as she leans against my shoulder. “Watching the sunrise with you is enough thanks I need,” I kiss the top of her head with my back against the tree. The willow trees leaves hang around us like a curtain, concealing us from the world. Our very own paradise.