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The Clay Angel

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Waverly POV

The water begins to boil and so does my heart as Nicole wraps her arms around my waist. My smile is untamable as she kisses my neck. “Where have you been all my life?” I feel her lips curve into a smile at my words. “Waiting for you my angel.” Her words vibrate against my skin, making it impossible to stay on task.

My eyes close trying to drink in this moment. I never want to forget the way her lips feel on my skin, or the way her body fits so perfectly with mine. Interlacing my fingers with hers, I lay my head back onto her chest. “Being with you is like being home. Safe, warm and the happiest I have ever felt,” I breathe out the words with a content smile. All my stress from the day gone like it never happened. Is this what being in love feels like? Because wow I love this feeling. Peaceful.

She kisses the top of my head. “You make me believe in love again Waverly.” My breath catches at her words. My lip quivers at her confession of love for me. I turn around to face her. Those beautiful dark eyes glistening back at me with unshed tears. “Baby,” I whisper as I take her in my arms.

“I know it’s too soon but I know I’m falling for you Waverly Earp,” her muffled voice says into my ear. “Falling in love with someone has no due date. Nicole I fell for you yesterday. Everyday I keep falling even deeper.” I take her face in my hands and our eyes meet again. So much longing and care stare down into my eyes.

Placing my hand at the base of her neck I pull her into a light, beautiful kiss.
We separate just as the water flows over the lip of the sauce pan. “Shit!” I go to grab it and Nicole pulls my hand away. “Babe let’s not both get burnt hands tonight. Alright?” She smiles and turns the burner off. She grabs a potholder and slowly pull the pan off the burner.

“Now where were we?” She pulls me closer. “Sauce?” I question. “We’ll get to that later,” she goes in for another kiss but I move away just before our lips touch. “I’m hungry baby,” I moan. “Yeah me too,” she winks flirtatiously. “For food you big flirt!” I laugh and roll my eyes as she grins wickedly.

“Okay sauce!” I busy myself with the sauce and Nicole turns on some music. Which isn’t helping my heating desire for her which is growing by the second. Nicole drains the pasta and starts setting the table. Which already has lit candle sticks in the center and fresh red and white roses. How does she know those are my favorite flowers and this song is amazing.

“You know my tastes in music and flowers. What else do you already know about me?” I question as the sauce simmers on the stove. “Oh baby I know a lot about you. And can’t wait to find out more,” Nicole smiles. I smile back.

She takes my hand in hers and pulls me into her. Our bodies sway to the music and she spins me. I laugh as she spins me back into her and then dips me down. I come up and wrap my arms around Nicoles neck and her arms are around my waist. Laying my head on her chest, I let out a content sigh. “I’m so glad I met you Nicole Haught,” I sigh. “I’m so lucky to have met you Waverly Earp,” Nicole breathes.

The song ends and with that I reluctantly let go of Nicole and begin plating our dinner. “Looks delicious Waves! I’m so sorry you had to help. I was supposed to have all of this done by the time you arrived.” I take her hand in mine. “I love cooking with you. I love doing everything with you.” She kisses the top of my hand and we begin eating.

Nicole eats with her left hand, so she doesn’t have to let mine go. We talk about everything, from small talk to deep conversation about family and our futures. I can tell her everything. She makes me feel so comfortable. I tell her things I’ve never told anyone before.

The wine bottle is empty as our conversation slows and I feel her knee against mine. Her foot slides up my calf and a shiver runs through me. “Is it time for dessert yet Angel?” “I could go for something sweet,” I smile and bite my lip.

Nicole rises from her chair. She spins me in my chair to face her. Nicoles eyes questioning mine. I nod in response. Her wide smile puts a smile on my lips as well. She bends down and I wrap my arms around her neck and she picks me up. She sets me on the counter, kissing me with such passion it leaves me breathless. Her kisses travel down my neck. “Taste me baby,” I whisper.