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The Clay Angel

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Waverly Earp POV.

Submerging my hands in the bucket of water, I place them on the cool clay. With my left hand beside the ball of clay and my right hand on top in a karate chop, I press the pedal down. The wheel starts spinning a little faster than anticipated, spraying my white tank with clay water. “Shit!” I gasp. Why did I wear white today of all days. I roll my eyes at my own bad luck.

“Maybe try less speed? Just a thought,” a voice remarks from behind me. “Yeah thanks Captain obviously,” I say annoyed by this newcomer’s obvious jab at my failure. “Since you’re the expert why don’t you give it a try? It’s not as easy as it looks, believe me,” I say wiping at my brow, as I spin to face this cocky, smug…gorgeous woman.

My words are caught in my throat at the sight of the women before me. I struggle to breathe, as the women walks towards me and takes a seat.

The women’s overalls cling to her curves in all the right ways, sending me into another world. So when the red head’s fingers slide effortlessly into the clay, a small moan escapes my lips before I could contain it. The red head bites her lower lip suppressing a coy smile.

Brown eyes find mine and I swallow hard. “So yeah that’s how to hollow out the center. Any questions?” I realize she had been explaining something to me for a few minutes now and I basically blacked out. Mesmerized by her confidence and those damn overalls!

“Ummm yeah thanks,” I say not knowing anything else to say. “More of a hands on learner?” The red head asks, as she walks behind me. “Yeah I guess I probably am,” I laugh nervously, as I hear a chair being pulled up behind me. Panic sets in and my heart begins to race as she sits behind me. She straddles me and wraps her arms around me and I lean forward instinctively.

She takes my hands in hers and dips them in the water. Drapes both of our hands over the clay. She puts pressure against my hand so that the clay is stable in both of our hands. “Just like that. See you got this!” Her voice is low in my ear almost a whisper.

I turn my head to see her eyes. She smiles playfully, as she moves both our fingers into the center of the ball of clay. Never taking her eyes off of me, she presses down, both of our fingers going deep into the clay. I gasp and my foot slips onto the petal. The red head’s foot quickly steps on the petal to bring it to a stop. But it was too late. They both were wet… with clay.

I just sit there unable to say anything. Embarrassment warms my cheeks, which I’m sure are as red as a stop sign by this point. Barley able to breathe, I go to move my hands off the pottery wheel, but her hands are still grasping my own. Instead of letting them go she holds them still and gives my hand a reassuring squeeze.

A shiver runs through me, as she whispers once more. “Let’s try that again shall we? Maybe a bit slower okay,” she laughs low and I feel the movement of her chest against my back. It’s the most peaceful, yet arousing feeling I’ve ever felt.

She slowly presses down on the foot petal and the wheel spins moving the cool clay in our hands. She moves our hands up and down the sides, making it taller.

“Now we have to widen the hole with our fingers. You just pull towards you with these two fingers,” she says, as she demonstrates. I pull back my fingers and the clay responses with ease opening up to me quickly. I bite my lip at the thought that creeps into my mind. Keep it together Waves. I tell myself in my head.

Water pools in the bottom of the well and my mind can’t stay focused. Get your head out of the gutter Waverly! Shit why is this so sexual? “Looks Familiar?” She dips her fingers in the wetness and runs it along the edge of the clay. Her breath is warm on my neck and my longing grows uncontrollable.

She runs her wet fingers up my wrist and I sigh. I kick the wheel petal to an abrupt stop. “Finally,” she moans into my hair and spins my stool so that I face her. “Wow, who knew a pottery class could be soooo hot!”

A crooked smile spreads across those beautiful lips and I melt. She lowers her hands to my hips, pulling me onto her lap and my legs wrap around her effortlessly. We fit together perfectly! Our eyes meet and in that second the world stops. My lips crave hers, tingling at the very thought. Letting go of all restaurant, I lower my lips to hers in a slow, long and sensual kiss, that will never leave my memory.




My heart still races from our first kiss. Oh and the second, third. Oh god and that last one! My mind replays the heated moment.

She stood with me still wrapped around her wrist. She carried me to a back room. A storage closet I think. She set me on the counter and kissed me so passionate, that it took my breath away and I didn’t even care. Her lips moved with a fire that tingled on my skin. My neck, shoulder and she found my finger and looked up at me as she put it in her mouth. I gasped as a warmth spread over my body.

She released my finger and moved her lips to my knee and up my inner thigh. “Oh god!” I moan larder than I had planned. I felt her lips curl into a smile as she continued up my thigh. And then a squeak from the door hinges sent us both jumping and fixing our clothes.

Someone came storming in and I quickly pulled my skirt down, so that nothing was showing. The person flicked the lights on. “Oh shit!” Wynonna curses at the sight of us. “You gave me a damn heart attack! What the hell were you two doing in here in the dark?!”
“Ummm we were just…” I had nothing. No words were formed in my head. Think Waverly think?!

“We we’re getting more clay for the next class,” the red head said with confidence. “In the dark?” Wynonna asked with a raised eyebrow. “Old wiring. It had just flickered out a second ago,” the red head said. I really gotta ask her name. I think as I sit still thinking of that moment. I flash back to it. “Okay, okay whatever you say Red,” Wynonna turns the light off again. “By all means please continue your “clay” search. Bad wiring my ass,” Wynonna mumbled as she walked away.

A nervous laugh came out of me as I leaned against her shoulder. “That was awkward!” I said as she pulled me into a lingering kiss. “But so worth it!” She replied as she helped me off the counter. “I gotta get to this wheel spinning class now. But I’ll be distracted by this moment the whole time. I can promise you that,” I said “Have a wonderful class angel,” she replied and gave me a sweet gentle kiss. She opened the door for me and as soon as it happened it was done.

Now I sit completely unaware of everything around me as I remember that heart racing moment. When out of nowhere cold water hits my face and I shake back into reality. Wynonna is sitting next to me, her hands holding the bucket of water, ready to pour it over my head. “No! No! No! Wynonna!” I shriek and she puts it down. “Well you looked like you needed cooled off baby girl,” Wynonna snickers. “I’m good. Cool as a cucumber,” I smile and she rolls her eyes at my lie. “What?!” I ask her. “You’re a terrible liar. You haven’t stopped smiling ever since I caught you with that tall drink of water,” Wynonna flicks more water in my face.

“Wynonna you’re such a child. We were just in the closet… for supplies,” I say nervously. “Yeah you were in the closet for years with dumb Champ! I’m honestly glad you’re over that rodeo clown,” Wynonna says with a fake gag. “Okay enough teasing Wynonna. This is about us bounding together as sisters. Let’s have fun creating memories alright?” “Okay Waves, whatever you want. We WILL be revisiting this closet business someday,” She smiles and shoves my shoulder playfully.

The room begins to fill up with other people and the room begins to buzz with excitement. The door opens and a familiar voice cuts through the chatter. My skin burns hot at the sight of our teacher. “Hi everyone! Hope you’re all ready to have a fun time together!“ She gives a mischievous grin, winking at me, as she takes a seat at the head of the room.

“I’m Nicole Haught and I’ll be showing you the basic’s of wheel throwing. You’ll learn how to make something of your choice. A mug, vase, or a bowl. Just something small to start your pottery adventure.”

Haught… Nicole Haught. Damn even her name is hot! At this point I may as well pour that water bucket on my own head! I’m so fucked now!
“Now let’s get down and dirty!”
Oh fuck me! Please!