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“In 2015 Same-sex marriage was legalised across the United Sates of America,” the woman speaking was beautiful in the way that all news presenters were, with dark skin and ebony hair. Around her the crowd was held in silence, tension thick in the air. They were a mix of humans and aliens, some carrying banners and signs, and others, just present in support. There was another area of people carrying less positive sings, ‘Its Adam and Eve, not Adam and E.T’ featured heavily.

“And it is my great pleasure to announce today, that Alien-human marriage Bill has been passed!” At her words the crowd gave a loud roar of delight, the remained of her sentence drowned in literal howls and roars of delight, and thunderous clapping and cheers from the supporters gathered.

The camera panned to show a shellshocked Supergirl being embraced by her friend Dreamer. It took the hero a while to jolt back to herself but when she did she let out a great yell of elation and hugged her friend even tighter, spinning the other woman around with a grin that spilt her mouth.

The cameraman and presenter pressed their way through the crowds to Supergirl, supporters darting in front of the camera to yell out praises, and eventually they made their way to the two heroes. A crowd had formed around Supergirl, like there normally was, but the two news people slid into the circle.

Dreamer was crying with joy into Kara’s shoulders, the blondes’ arms around her in support. The camera didn’t pick up on what Kara Zor El said, but it had Dreamer laughing and pushing away with a light slap on Supergirl’s arm.

“Supergirl! Kara!”

The hero turned to the camera, eyes flicking to the news reporter and back.

“Miss Danvers! Tell us how you feel?” she asked breathlessly, and Supergirl grinned at the camera.

“I’m glad, so, so glad,” she said with a helpless shrug and a glance to her companion, who was still beaming.

“Kara Danvers could have married whomever she liked,” the alien said into the microphones shoved near her face. And it had been months since she had officially outed herself to the world, and her comments were few and far between. As Supergirl, Kara still spoke officially, but as Kara, CatCo Editor and Chief, she reserved her private interviews for Cat Grant. She’d given a few since she’d out‘ed herself, but nothing in a while. The media frenzy was finally starting to die down, to the relief of her friends, workmates, and old school friends. Dozens of people had popped up out of the woodwork to speak of the hero as a child, most of it had been lies, but some of it had been true. Kara Danvers didn’t comment on those interviews, and getting a private word from the hero was something special.

 However, she had come out to support this Bill, supported by her friends, family, and most importantly, the public.

“I’m just so, so thankful that the rest of the Supreme Court agrees with me, and I can’t be more proud of Dreamer-“ she reached out and scooped the other alien to her side. Dreamer was grinning through her mask and had to wipe away a few tears, happily throwing an arm back around Kara.

Both heroes were in their suits. Kara’s was her full-body suit, a red and blue bracelet on the wrist slung around Dreamers shoulders. And Dreamer was grinning ear to ear.

Dreamer had been the spearhead of this movement, supported in no small amount by the Lena Luthor Foundation, and the woman herself. To allow humans and aliens the same legal right to marry. It had caused controversy, much like legalisation of off-worlders into citizens had, and even the legalisation of gay marriage several years ago, but with such popular and powerful figures heralding the change, there had been no doubt of their success. That wasn’t to say it hadn’t been difficult. It had. Many humans hadn’t wanted to legalise same-sex marriage, let alone human-alien relations (and Supergirl’s past lovers had come crawling out of the woodwork then, providing sordid details of the hero in bed, all later discovered to be lies when an anonymous hacker exposed their private messages talking about the hero and using her for fame and money).

Some people still viewed aliens as a threat, as dirt beneath their boots, and a few others were concerned about the results of humans and aliens mating, and not just in the offspring. No, what of sexually transmitted diseases and the like, and could humans and aliens even mate? Supergirl looked human, but she was an alien, did that mean her reproductive organs were alien as well? In amongst all those debates and discussions, which the hero didn’t comment on, was support.

Love was a power that transcended all, and species should have no weight in what the law permitted. Civil rights movements off the past had been brought up, compared with the new Bill, and many civilians had thrown their weight behind it.

A journalist had caught by Lena Luthor at her town car, not the day before as she was leaving her work, had gone viral in hours.

‘Miss Luthor, what do you think of the Alien-Human marriage Bill?’ she had been asked.

Kara Danvers had been with her then, the familiar blonde at her side, though without her customary glasses. She was there as Kara and stepped back to let Lena answer the question.

The Luthor had paused, hand on her car door and Kara rounded to the other side and staring across the roof at her.

“Do you know that woman?” Lena had said eventually, eyes flicking to Supergirl and back. Which was a stupid question, Kara Danvers was the most recognisable person on the planet.

“I know her as Kara,” Lena said gently, “I’ve always known her as Kara.”

Across the roof Kara’s lips quirked slightly.

“And Kara…. Kara has given more for this world, for this universe,” Lena emphasised, “than any other being in it.”

“She has sacrificed her heart for this world, she’d given her life to defend it, gone through more than most people can begin to imagine,” the Luthor continued, voice rising slightly and eyes flashing.

“And you… you’re telling me that this incredible, selfless, kind person doesn’t deserve to have her sister walk her down the aisle, to stand before her friends and family, and be joined to someone she loves? And to have that love recognised?”

And Lena Luthor was well known to be the softer of the Luthor’s, some even called her their weakest link, but she didn’t look weak in that clip. She looked fierce, eyes glinting, and brows creased.

“If you, or anyone else thinks that she doesn’t deserve that, then I don’t know what to say to you, only that all the love in the world cannot cure the hatred in your hearts.”

She’d gone quiet then, the air about her still with tension. “We can’t give Kara enough for what she has done for us, but this…. This is a start. Let her love, and have that love acknowledged… it’s the least we can do.”

“Lena,” Kara had begun but Lena’s eyes were on the camera, warning in her eyes.

“She’s my best friend. I love her, and I want her to be able to love, and show her love, the same way everyone else can. Love knows no boundaries.”

Then she had looked over at her friend, who looked almost about to cry.

“We are all citizens of earth; we all deserve the same rights.

Kara’s eyes had been wet and shining as she looked over at her friend, lips pressed together into an achingly soft smile, and then the two had been getting into Lena’s car and were driven away.

Lena’s words had helped, how could they not? With only a few words she had reminded the world of what Supergirl meant to them, what she had done for them, and what small gift they could give her.

Another part of the internet had absolutely frothed at the confession, at the publicised friendship between a Luthor and a Super, though their friendship, Lena and Kara’s had been documented for years. Only now it was Lena and Kara, Supergirl and Luthor, who were publicly friends. They were some of the most photographed duo on the planet, everyone wanted to know about their friendship.

But, today, there were no questions on their friendship, only joy that should Kara wish it, she could marry whoever she wanted and have that love legally recognised. It was hoped that the rest of the world would follow suit, and pass into law alien-human marriages, but that was talk for another time.

Today, today they would celebrate the one constant in the universe, the one power that transcended everything. Today they would celebrate love.




“So tell me, Kara Zor-El, what does marriage look like on Krypton?”

It was a familiar question, one Nia Nal had asked every alien to walk through the doors, and today was their final expose on alien weddings and culture. It was only fitting that her boss, and the cities most famous alien, was to be interviewed.

Kara wasn’t wearing her suit today, instead she was wearing formal robes, thick and but smooth, and it curled around her neck and fell down her body.

“Well… to start with… we didn’t date,” she said with an awkward chuckle. “Coming to earth, that was one of the strangest things. There were so many people. I remember asking my cousin how he found the right one, among so many people.”

Nia nodded along, a small smile on her lips. “So, if you didn’t date, how did you pair up?”

Well,” Kara replied and ran her hand through her hair, a black and red bracelet on her wrist. “We were assigned ‘Matches.’”

“Assigned Matches?” Nia prompted, even though she and Kara knew had rehearsed the questions.

“A super computer call the Matrix would assign you a Mate when you became of age. It could analyse each individual and pair them with an appropriate match, our marriages were by design. Political.”

“So, sort of like an arranged marriage here on earth?”

Kara nodded agreeably. “There was never any question of whether the Matrix could get it wrong, it just… love never factored into the equation. It was compatibility based.”

“And after the Match was decided, was their… courting rituals or anything like that? How long did the engagement last? What was the wedding itself like?”

Kara nodded and launched into an explanation of the year-long ‘Courtship’ which consisted of spending time with your spouse, ironing out the marriage agreement, moving ones things into their spouses house and then the wedding. Standing at the altar with their House representatives, swearing their union before Rao, the exchanging of wedding bands.

“Now, I know a lot of our viewers are interested in Krypton’s view of same-sex marriage and, as the Alien-human Marriage Bill was just past, their thoughts on inter-species relationships.”

“We didn’t have homosexuality on Krypton,” Kara said instantly, tilting her head in thought. “We were assigned our Match according to a set criteria, and they were to be our Mates. As reproduction was done through the Birthing Matrix, think… pods… we didn’t have children the way humans do… though it was possible. Kal was one of the first natural birth’s in over a century,” her smile twisted slightly.

“It caused quite the stir… fortunately my family was powerful enough to weather the storm and then-well,” she glanced down at her hands and the silence was palpable. Everyone knew what had happened to Krypton.

“We didn’t really Mate with outsiders either. They couldn’t be accurately measured by the Matrix and then judged, so they couldn’t be Mated to a Kryptonian.”

Nia was quiet a while as she thought. “What about love? Falling in love? What about Divorce?”

Kara shook her head immediately and settled back on her chair. “Kal’s parents found love,” she said quietly, eyes gazing through the wall to another time.

“I remember being…. In awe of it and also so, so confused,” she added wryly.

“They weren’t like any other couple that I knew… they were, so in love. My parents cared for each other, and for me, but they weren’t in love. I was born to fill a roll, to take my place in the Science Guild, and they each had their own roles to play.”

“It sounds very… strict,” Nia searched for a delicate word and then settled.

“In some ways,” Kara said, her attention coming back to the present.

“We had limited resources, and each child was born to fill a gap, to fulfil a need that Krypton had, to serve her and her people. It was an honour to serve your house and guild, to be of service to your people. It was only when I came to earth that I saw another way…. I was lost for a long, long time.”

“And divorce?” Nia asked gently after a long moment of silence.

Kara shook her head. “No, nothing like that. Once the Matrix decided you were a Match, you were a Match. There would be no other perfect for you. It was nothing like here on earth, with millions of people to fall in love with.”

Her gaze lifted off camera a moment as she thought. “I’m not sure which one is best, for me at least.” She mused after a long while, and Nia’s eyes flickered slightly at Kara going off script, but she continued to gently press.

“How so? Surely now as Supergirl, now that you’ve come out-“ Nia halted and quickly added, “as Supergirl, there would be people lining up to date you? Even as Kara Danvers-“

“Kara Danvers hid who she was always. I tried to date, but I never really meshed with anyone, and certainly not enough to tell them who and what I was. I think- I think now, the fear of someone not accepting all of me is gone. I am finally, finally at home within my own skin, at peace with who I am.”

“You’ve mentioned in the past, that you’ve wanted to find your perfect partner for game night, do you think that could be on the cards in the future?”

Kara’s brow crinkled and she scrunched her nose. “You’re already losing to me and Lena,” she said teasingly. “I don’t think you can get a better team up than that,” she added with a grin, eyes softening in fondness.

“So, no romance in the future?” Nia prodded with a laugh of her own, full-well knowing that the Super-friends had a tally board, and Lena and Kara were at the top of it.

Kara let out a little laugh. “I have everything I need right here. I don’t have to go looking for anything anymore. I’m home now. I have my friends, my family.”

Supergirl tilted her head slightly and rose from her chair. “Speaking of. Lena’s expecting me for lunch,” she smiled, inclined her head and then rose, the camera halting its recording.

A bit of editing later and CatCo was posting the interview on their website.

It was an instant hit. People were subscribed to the CatCo tag, and more importantly, to the Kara Zor-El tag, and soon comments were on the video. There were the usual racist, anti-alien comments on there, as well as people gushing about the hero, asking her personal questions, and the information she had provided was certainly topic for discussion.

@f00tballgurl1: Krypton sounds backwards.

@supergirlsmyhero2000: IKR. Seems a little dodgy. Not having a choice in who you marry or what job you will have.

@mermaidman: do you think she had a Mate organised for her? I wouldn’t mind having her as my mate.

@f00tballgurl1: Don’t be a dick.

@treesandthings: Is no one going to comment on the ethics of eugenics?

@pizzaislife: They genetically modified their people, sounds kinda sick

@supergirls#1fan: so they give bracelets instead of rings, is that right? That’s cute!dsjhbdjfldbf

@KarazOrEl: Yeah, I think so? @westhorsegirl: do you think we could send her one?

@supermanisking: I cnt b leav she is still hangn w Luthor. Sum 1 gt her outta there b4 she gets dead.

@supergirllovesgirls: Tell me I’m not blind. Yall saw the bracelet on Supergirl’s wrist, right? Does that mean she’s married?

@supergirls#1fan: Wait…. What?

@supergirls#1fan: OMG!

@supergirls#1fan: OMG, DSKFDLJGHG YOU’RES O RIGHT! SHe has a bracelet on her wristfj dgjhfbgjfghf does that mean she’s married? Dfhbdgfhdbgfldg

Within an hour it was trending, #WhoIsMrSupergirl?


Kara was very nervous as she touched down on Lena’s balcony.

In the week since her interview aired, she’d taken up a considerably low profile, considering everyone in the world had taken the red and blue bracelet on her wrist to mean what it would traditionally mean. That she was married. Or engaged.

To be fair. If she were keeping to Kryptonian customs, then… yeah… she technically would be engaged. Never, in her entire life, had she worn a bracelet on her wrist because of what it symbolised. No married folk didn’t wear rings on their wedding hand for the same reason.  It just wasn’t done.

But… well, Lena had given it to her. A friendship bracelet. And Lena was her best friend, and if wearing the bracelet made her feel like Kara cared about her, then, well, she would wear it until it fell from her skin. Lena was her best friend, and there was nothing she wouldn’t do to show her that, even if it meant wearing a tacky red and blue bracelet on her wrist in the place of a wedding band.

It burnt against her skin when she thought about it, and she could trace the divots in the loops, the small holes left by missing weaves. Lena was talented at many things, but she wasn’t very good at weaving. Or maybe it was because Kara kept tracing the stiches with the pad of her finger, rousing the fine threads until it began to tear and pull away.

It was getting worn, and dirty, though she had taken painstaking care to wash it gently with soap after her recent forays as Supergirl. Still, the vibrant red and bold blue had lost some of their shine. Still, whenever she saw it she smiled.

Lena had made this for her. She had thought of her and given it to her. It was priceless.

Of course, then she’d had her interview and let the world know that Kryptonian’s A) Mated for life, and B) wore wedding bands instead of rings. And as she was wearing one, and had been seen wearing one for weeks before the interview, well, one and one made two. Logic deduced that Kara Zor El, Supergirl, was at least engaged or married.

The internet had been a storm of sleuthing, vibrating like a hornets nest as theories flew across the globe. There were polls online, people looking through her life with a fine toothed comb for any man she may have been associated with.

They’d crossed her high-school boyfriends off the list, arguing that she hadn’t been seen wearing it on her debut, so she wasn’t married then. The more recent pictures had been thrown into the mix. There was Winn, whom everyone in the office knew had a crush on her and hadn’t been seen in years.

There was James, who publicly had to state that no, he wasn’t with Kara, and a few pictures of Mon El from their team ups. Even Flash and Green Arrow had featured, much to the amusement of their significant others.

The more prevalent thought was the ‘green alien with the platinum hair’ which, was Brainy. At least J’onn wasn’t mentioned as a contender, thank Rao.

It was their first hangout since the interview, and all of the family was there, and she was a bit wary of the teasing she’d receive, but mostly she just really, really wanted to curl up on the couch, maybe with Lena, and eat.

A chorus of greetings met her when she entered the balcony door, suit folding away into her Kara clothing. She was wearing jeans today with a white blouse and a pair of worn black chucks. And, of course, she was still wearing her friendship bracelet.

“There she is!” Alex cheered from her spot leaning against the counter, raising a beer in greeting.

All the people she loved were here and she took a deep breath and felt tension across her shoulders fade.

A pile of pizza boxes were strewn across Lena’s kitchen counter and a near temple of polystyrene containers were being unloaded by Kelly. It smelt delicious and her stomach grumbled.

J’onn wasn’t present, but everyone else was. Alex and Kelly were in the kitchen. Nia and Brainy were seated on the couch, Nia on the arm rest and leaning towards Brainy to show him something on her phone, and Lena. Lena was sitting at the counter on a bar stool smiling gently in her direction.

Kara let out a sigh.

“Hey, you,” Lena’s voice was low and rich. Kara strode over into the kitchen, eyeing the plates that were waiting, as well as the copious amounts of food ready for consumption. Let it not be said that having a billionaire as a best friend wasn’t without its perks. It was absolutely perky. Lena could afford to feed them all with ease, not that the always let her do it, but when she hosted (and she did, more often than not) she provided the food. Which was amazing, because while Kara’s increased salary was appreciated, it also meant that she had to move from her tiny apartment to somewhere new.

People would accost her neighbours, constantly try to break into the building to catch a glimpse of her, and she even had people try to climb the fire-escape to sneak into her home. After investing in some security equipment, she eventually had to cut her losses and move places. Now she just flew in and out of a high-rise. She would move back into her old place eventually, but until it died down, she didn’t want to put anyone at risk.

Lena also had a name that would mean all the restaurants would deliver to her door, which was great when you were a starving Kryptonian.

“Hey,” she said and slid up to the counter to peer at the food, standing close to her friend. Lena’s perfume was faint, flowery and clung to the air around her and Kara subtly inhaled. Lena always smelt so nice.

“Ooooh, you got me potsickers?”

Lena hummed in acknowledgement and Kara grinned down at the massive amounts of food on the table.

“You’re my favourite.”

“What about me?” Alex scoffed and she’d opened the fridge, and was holding out a can of soda for her.

“You’re my favourite sister,” Kara said, and no one would know if she took a potsticker or two from the pile.

Alex grumbled good-naturedly and kissed her wife on the cheek.

“Where’s the small one?”

“Spending time with Uncle James,” Kelly answered her and she opened the drawers to pull out an assortment of serving utensils.

“We are gonna get wasted,” Alex said with a little cheer and Nia answered it with a gleeful shout.

“I got you some Verderian Venom,” Lena said quietly, slowly, relaxed and comfortable in her own home and Kara beamed at her.

It was possibly her favourite alien alcohol, and mixed with blackcurrant sours, it was delicious. Dangerous, but delicious. That was her first mistake.

And she really, really should have been prepared for that. And for Nia’s millennial urge to record everything she did and post it online.  And that, that was her second mistake, though really, she could have placed the first step in a series of life-changing events as following the tall and imposing figure that was her cousin into the National City headquarters for Luthor Corp. But no, if she had really wanted to avoid where she ended up, she should have not worn the darn bracelet everywhere. But… to be honest, where she ended up wasn’t a bad place to be. In fact, it was quiet possibly the universe offering her an apology for all it had taken from her.


@ KarazOrEl: Okay, but are we just gonna sleep on the fact that Lena LUTHOR gave Kara a friendship bracelet? Does this mean that they are married? #moms @therealKaraZorEl: tell us the truth! Are you married?! #WHOISMRSSUPERGIRL?

@supergirllovesgirls: I don’t see Luthor wearing one? And SG didn’t specify it was Lena that gave it to her. #whoisMRSSUPERGIRL?

@supergirls#1fan: Oh come on, who else could have given it? She’s the only one who is single in the friend group. #whoismrssg?

@swordsnsaphix: It is just a friendship bracelet, don’t get your hopes up. #whoismrssupergirl?

@KarazOreL: @swordsnsaphix: Yeah, a friendship bracelet SG is still wearing, after announcing that Kryptonian’s mate for life and wear bands instead of rings. Smh the heteronormativity is strong with this one #whoismrssg?

@supergirls#1fan: we all agree they were dating though, right? I’ve seen all those pictures of their dates.

@swordsnsaphix: that’s not fair. Cant you read my handle? I’m just saying.

@xenawarri0rqueen01: IDK about yous, but I don’t look at my friends like that O.o

@karadaverskryptonian: It’s a friendship bracelet, she said so herself.

@KarazOrel: Yeah, and she also said that Kryptonian’s wear bracelets instead of WEDDING RINGS! Would you wear your friends friendship ring on your ring finger? Jfc. Shes gay. She has a wife. #whoismrssg? Is it #LenaLuthor?

@swordsnsaphix: I get that, but don’t you think if they were dating, we might have seen something more, Idk, gay?

@xenawarri0rqueen01: @swordsnsaphix: They’ve had heaps of dates. Look at all the links!

@swordsnsaphix: @xenawarri0rqueen01: But they don’t even hold hands, let alone kiss. I don’t know if I would be happy to pretend all my life. There is no proof.

@supergirls#1fan: No proof? I’ll give you proof!

@swordsnsaphix: Lena is in danger all the time. No wonder SG hangs around her building a lot. They are friends.

@ supergirllovesgirls: okay, but ignoring all that. Isnt it cute to see how happy she is now? And can you imagine if they ARE dating? Like, omg, they’d be the most powerful couple in the world. Im getting major Romeo and Juliet vibes.


After nearly a month of fending of questions at every turn Kara was tired and desperately craving the normalcy of her life as Kara Danvers. Kara Danvers didn’t have people in the street asking her about her jewellery, didn’t have even criminals asking her if she was married and who was she married too, and certainly didn’t have everyone in the office gossiping about who her spouse was.

At least when she was in her suit people tended to keep their distance, but when she was in her civilian clothes, they seemed to take it as permission to ask her personal questions. Questions like, did the bracelet mean she was married? and who was she married to?

It was all rather tiring now, and she was regretting her interview a little, but as Alex oh-so-kindly pointed out, she hadn’t taken the friendship bracelet off, her brows nearly into her hairline.

The look shared between Kelly and Alex then had been suspicious and eventually her sister had thrown her hands up, muttered something about courting rituals, and then sent her out to stop an apartment fire.

She could recall that look even now, the confusion in her chest at no understanding once again, but Kelly had been smiling gently at her then, and that had been some comfort. The greatest comfort though, came from a homecooked meal with her best friend, and now, full and sleepy and content, she was curled up on the opposite end of Lena’s couch ready to relax for the evening.

They’d had a full feast of it, and Kara had been an appropriate guest and washed and dried all the dishes that couldn’t go into the dishwasher.

Lena had thanked her and taken her glass of wine to the couch, curling at one end with an arm stretched over the back to thumb through her phone. And now that Kara was done, she’d placed her phone down and this was usually one of Kara’s favourite times of the night, when she and Lena would just sit and talk.

But tonight, she was a little nervous. There was no way Lena hadn’t seen the interview yet, hadn’t seen the video posted by Nia that had followed a few days later. There was no way that Lena hadn’t seen the social media storm about it. All because of a red and blue friendship bracelet that was still on her wrist. At the thought she reached out to stroke it.

“You’re still wearing it,” Lena said at length, breaking their companionable silence and focusing on the friendship bracelet Kara hasn’t taken off since she’d first put it on. It had been washed, of course, with fabric friendly soap, but it had taken a slight beating in the weeks since she’d first been given it.

The colour had faded and there were loose threads on it that Kara had painstakingly cut off to prevent pulling, and it was a little scuffed, but Lena had made it for her, so she kept it.

Except…. Except it rested where a wedding band would, and the entire world knew it.

“I can take it off, if you want,” Kara muttered, staring at the floor but chancing glances at Lena from the corner of her eye. She missed the thick lenses she used to wear; their armour might have offered her protection from Lena’s piercing gaze.

She fiddled with the bracelet around her wrist, getting more and more worn as she worried the threads.

“I know you didn’t mean it as-you didn’t know what it meant when you gave it-it was just a friendship bracelet.”

She swallowed and tore her gaze away from Lena, looking at the fake fireplace that was crackling on a low heat. It cast ribbons of amber and gold over the lush white carpet Lena had before it, matching the black and white themes of her apartment.

“Everyone thinks that- just because Kryptonian’s give bracelets- that now were married or-or engaged or whatever and I know its not what you wanted or meant when you gave it to me, but you made it for me, so I didn’t want to take it off because you made it and because I love you. You’re my best friend.”

Lena was quiet a long time, gaze soft and searching, and Kara’s heart pounded in her chest the entire time, afraid of what Lena had to say. She had given Lena some of herself with those words, but she wondered if Lena even knew. She loved her, and that was no lie, but it wasn’t all of it. No, the truth of it was battered down into the bone prison of her chest, her heart forced into submission least it roar out a truth that could shatter them.

She had just gotten Lena back, just found her place in the universe, and she’d pine quietly and alone for the rest of her life rather than risk seeing Lena’s back as she walked away. That, Kara was sure, would shatter her so completely she’d never be the same.

“I love you too. You’re my best friend,” she settled on eventually, settling back into her corner of the couch with a leg beneath her.

Kara’s heart leapt into her throat but she swallowed the emotion down. She wouldn’t ask for more of Lena, never more than what she could give, and being Lena’s best friend was more than she could have dreamed of. It was everything she could hope for. It didn’t matter that she had taken the bracelet and kept it, kept it were someone would wear their wedding ring. It didn’t matter that Lena had made the bracelet in blue and red with gold on the end and given it to her, a labour of love and care, even if the results were a little wonky. It didn’t matter that Kara, when presented with the bracelet, had frozen at the implications, heart freezing for a long, long time, before kickstarting and raging in her chest as Lena carefully tied the bracelet to her wrist.

Esme had giggled, holding out her entire arm with the bracelets on them, and the matching pair she had in a container ready to give to her school friends.

“Now we match,” Lena had said with a wry smile, holding up her own wrist where Kara’s House colours rested proudly.

And the thrill of something powerful and possessive that had roared through her blood at the sight of it had nearly brought her to her knees, the thought of Lena in her House colours, bound to her for life. It was…. It was… the heat in her chest could have rivalled that of the sun.

“I made them for all my friends!” The girl had chirped and started listing off the friends she would be giving their matching bracelet, a sign of their forever friendship.

“It’s a custom among human friends,” her niece had grinned and then promptly been distracted by lunch, not aware that Kara’s heart had cracked in her chest.

“I didn’t have the heart to refuse her,” Lena had said with laughing, dancing eyes, hair curled loosely around her shoulders and make-up minimal after a night of babysitting.

She looked radiant in the morning light, in a soft turtleneck and thick NCU sweats that were way to long on her legs, sweats that Kara was pretty sure belonged to her.

The fissures on her heart splintered as Lena’s lips quirked, eyes warm and soft, flicking to Esme where she was tearing into a juice box.

“You made friend-,”she swallowed, “friendship bracelets?” It wasn’t what Kara had initially thought, and she cursed her traitorous heart for the thought that had sent it soaring. The aching in it now, the pain of having something craved so desperately torn away was a fitting punishment. Are you happy now, she had hissed at it, the cracks in it as delicate as glass. It deserved the writhing and twisting it was doing now, agony lacing through her bloodstream for daring to think, to hope for something that could never be.

Lena hummed, eyes skirting back to Kara’s and the warmth in her chest hurt, it hurt an a painfully joyous way. How, she wondered, could it hurt to look upon Lena, who she loved so much? She had thought that the pain of their messy split the year before couldn’t be beaten, the betrayal and guilt and sadness consuming her in waves and waves of grief, but this was a new kind of pain.

She had thought, for a moment, a single, shining moment where the universe had been awash with gold, that Lena had been offering something else, something Kara had wanted for years. There wasn’t a time she could picture when it happened, there was no resounding aha! Moment. It was just… her life fell into place, and she knew that she wanted, needed Lena in it, however she might have it. Of course, then life, and her own selfishness and secrets, had gotten in the way. But Lena had come back to her, had fought for her, for their friendship, and now they were closer than ever.

Lena was her person, and she’d never, ever do anything to risk it… like playfully asking Lena if she’d meant to propose to her.

Lena, who had no knowledge of that particular Kryptonian ritual, would frown slightly, brow furrowed as her glorious mind put the pieces together. Then she would laugh with realisation and remove her bracelet and Kara, faced with the truth of it, that Lena had crafted a bracelet for her and given it in friendship, would be forced to remove it from her skin, because that would be weird.

And she knew, in that moment, that she’d feel the absence of it like a lost limb for the rest of her days, and that she’d never have another in its place. She’d grow old, eventually maybe? And the world around her would pass, but she’d never have another bracelet in the place of the red, blue and gold one on her wrist now.

No, best Lena never knew what she had accidently done. How she had cast daylight across Kara’s universe with one action, and let the lights go out with another.

No. Instead Kara would think of Lena every time she saw the bracelet. A testament to their friendship, that it wasn’t so easily broken, and never would be again. Even if Lena hadn’t meant it how Kara had ached for it, she had made something with Kara in mind, and Kara would treasure it always.

“I can take it off,” she rasped again, looking anywhere but her friends eyes. It might kill her to do so, but not as much as the year without Lena had. Lena was back with her now, and she’d never let her go again, so she could choose the lesser of the two evils if she must. She knew the pressure the public was putting on the two of them now, ever since that interview. She hadn’t realised her fans would put one and one together, though maybe getting a little drunk and complaining about it to Nia hadn’t been the best idea, especially when videos of the Super friend’s tended to go viral.

Nia had done an impromptu Q and Q with Supergirl while they had all drunk enough to think it was a good idea, and well, someone asked who had given her the bracelet and she had said her ‘it’s a friendship bracelet. Her best friend had given it to her. She’s the best’ and well, it had gone viral much quicker. At least the internet didn’t think she had a husband now. Still, as a few sleuths had pointed out, Kara really only hung around one single woman, and there were pages and pages of pictures of them on the internet as ‘proof’ of their dates.

Lena took a slow, measured sip of her wine and sat it down on the coaster.

“Mh,” she took a stop breath and titled her head slightly, hair curling down over her hand as she rested her head against it.

She looked achingly beautiful in this light, devastatingly so. Kara ached with it. Her fingers twitched with the need to touch, to see if the strands of her hair were as soft as they looked, to trace the sharp line of her jaw and see if the skin was as smooth as it looked, and her lips, parted slightly with a faint smudge of her lipstick left on her wineglass. Kara swallowed. Kara wanted to taste them.

“I am… selfish by nature,” Lena began slowly, softly, voice a gentle purr and Kara frowned. She did not accept any self-deprivation in this house! Not while she was here.

Lena waved a lazy hand to wave off Kara’s rising indignation. “I remember every word you’ve ever said to me,” she continued and Kara winced, some of those things hadn’t been pleasant, but they were past that now.

“Every piece of you I could find, I have gathered and hoarded, selfish in my desire to know everything about you.” Lena was quiet a moment, head pressed into her palm, eyes dancing over Kara’s face, Kara’s eyes seemingly paralysed on Lena’s own.

“I could write a book on the things I know about you… and still have entire libraries to learn,” she lifted her other hand and flicked her fingers carelessly. A box appeared in her hand out of nowhere and Kara couldn’t help but smile in wonder at the magic. Lena was absolutely magical, and it warmed her heart that the woman had the gifts to show it.

“You’re my best friend. I like seeing you happy… and I think I’ve proven in the past to enjoy buying or making you things,” she admitted with a slight laugh and Kara flushed, remembering her office filled with flowers, the statute of Supergirl, the technology Lena had made to save her.

“The friendship bracelet was made in a rush with pieces of left-over thread,” she said ducking her head in Kara’s direction, and where Kara had taken to stroking the bracelet back and forth, “for a friend. We were making friendship bracelets after all, and really, it isn’t even the right colour,” Lena continued, unaware of how Kara’s heart was breaking, but she was strong, she could do this. Lena was basically saying it had been an afterthought, brought about by Esme’s desire for her aunt Lena to join her in making a friendship bracelet.

The air was clear between them now. Lena knew that she had basically proposed by Kara’s standards and that Kara was still wearing it, it would be weird if she continued to do so.

“I’ll um, I’ll take it off then…. I mean. Its not like I’m wearing it for you-know, Kryptonian customs,’ she said, forcing a smile that ached. Everyone thought she was though, and she didn’t want anyone to continue to harass Lena, or her friends for an answer.

Swallowing audibly, heart shaking in its bone prison like a beast, she took her other hand and began to toy at the knot holding it on her wrist.

“Kara…. Did you really think I didn’t know?” Lena’s words lingered on the air between them, a whisper. Kara froze, heart leaping in her chest and she slowly lifted her gaze from where she was pawing at the knot with her fingers.

“…What?” she croaked, all the moisture in her mouth fleeing somewhere else. The beast in her chest had frozen, that moment of tension between fight or flight, while Kara stared across the space between them.

“I told you, I covet every piece of you, Kara Zor-El,” and Lena had straightened off the couch, her other hand lifting the box

“So, yes.” She said and Kara’s head snapped from the box to Lena’s eyes. “Remove the bracelet if you must, keep it as an earth custom if you must, ” And Kara swallowed. She knew it would come to this, eventually, of course but….

“But at least consider this one as a-as a Kryptonian custom,” and it was only because Kara knew Lena so well, better than she knew herself, that she caught the slight waver in Lena’s voice as she reached out, a glint of metal dangling from her fingers.

Kara had never really given much thought to a persons hands, a woman’s hands, before she had met Lena. Lena was always using them for something. The long, pale digits crafting with a gentleness and precious that carried a hidden strength, calluses and small scars on the skin that Kara could sometimes feel when they touched.

Lena’s hands were something else. At times Kara hadn’t been able to tear her eyes off them, a warmth slinking through her bloodstream and settling at the base of her spine.

Today her nails were simple, cut short for the work she did in the lab, with white tips, and hanging from them, fingers slightly curled, was a silver bracelet.

Kara swallowed, the beast in her chest pounding against the bars of its prison, her heart pounding,  only outdone by the powerful beat of Lena’s heart across from her.

With fingers that trembled, Kara reached out for the bracelet, afraid to meet Lena’s eyes.

It was cool to the touch, silver in colour but she doubted it was as dainty as it looked. There were very faint marks in the metal from where it had been etched, and she brought it closer to her eyes for inspection, fingers brushing Lena’s.

‘I believe in you. Love always, Lena,’ were the words etched in Kryptonese around the inside, and on the outside, there was a moving pattering etched into it. Kara frowned, trying to understand what it was saying, the etchings moved every few seconds, new symbols being carved into the front of it constantly. It took her a few moments to realise that it was words she had said to Lena, and the dates. As she watched, the words changed again, and instead of ‘Kara Danvers believes in you,’ it was ‘you are a brilliant, kind hearted, and beautiful soul.’ The magic, for it was magic that had been lovingly crafted into the metal, was beautiful, dainty and powerful, a combination to describe Lena if there ever was one.

“Lena,” she whispered and finally, finally had the strength to look into her best friends eyes.

Lena swallowed nervously under her gaze, tongue slipping out to moisten dark lips, “I’m not offering you this for friendship,” she croaked, awkward and nervous and earnest all at once, a combination rarely seen on Lena Luthor.

“I just- just wanted to make sure that you-“

“Are you asking me to marry you?” Kara asked in hushed awe, as though any noise above a whisper would spook the fragile peace lingering in the air between them.

Lena jerked her head sharply, jaw working silently and the beast in her chest roared and the fractured pieces of her heart melded together seamlessly. A warm light had taken residence in her chest, warm and golden, as bright as daylight.

“Yes,” Lena’s eyes were soft, her brow bowed slightly, a warmth in her gaze. “This wasn’t how I was planning-“

“Yes,” Kara interrupted and slid the band around her wrist at speeds that sent a crack through the room and flattened her fiancé- her fiancé-(Rao, Lena would be her wife!) against the couch.

She took a brief moment to admire the silver band at her wrist, the blue and red fabric one sliding further down her arm, and then she was launching herself at her best friend.

“Yes?” Lena asked, slightly breathless and her eyes were wide and startled as she gazed down at the armful of Kryptonian, her arms instinctively coming around Kara in an embrace.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes. I never thought- if I had known- wanted for so long,” Kara muttered into Lena’s neck, the frantic pounding of the skin there straining in the air between them.

Lena let out a startled laugh and then relaxed, boneless and happy beneath Kara, a hand moving up to cup her skull and rub it with gentle fingers.

Kara hummed, warmth, blissful golden warmth was spreading through out her body as though she’d been bathed in sunshine.

Lena’s hands reflectively tightened and Kara turned her head slightly, shifting her weight along Lena’s body so that she was partially on the couch and partially hovering.

“That makes me so happy, Kara,” Lena said and her swallow was tight with unshed tears and then there was warmth pressed against the top of her head, Lena’s cheek moving.

“Mh,” Kara let out another hum and happily nuzzled closer. “Love you,” and Lena’s pulse jumped beneath the tip of her nose and she grinned, tilting her head slightly.

“I love you too,” Lena whispered, and her arms squeezed again. “So, so much.”

Kara could have taken the feeling spreading through her chest and bottled it for surely it could cure the world, no, the universe of all its ills. Darkness had no place with such light, bright and vibrant and warm daylight, cast across it.

She could compare it to saving Alex for the first time. To when she wore her crest proudly, to when she won her Pulitzer. This was a defining moment and she would cart-wheel through the sky if it meant she would have to leave Lena’s arms. That thought right now sounded horrid and she nuzzled in closer to Lena.

This close, she could smell Lena’s shampoo, and the faint whisps of her perfume, could feel the slight hairs on Lena’s body rousing to attention and her proximity, could hear the steady stream of blood in her ear.

Lena’s hand was in her hair gently stroking and the pleasant tingles spread through out her body, and she felt languid and relaxed as she lay there, a particular scratch had her breath leaving her in a huff and Lena shivered. Kara could feel it. A full-body shiver that had the fine hairs on Lena’s body springing to attention.

Awareness struck her like lightning. She had Lena in her arms, was wrapped around her, and with her neck so close.

She shifted her head ever so slightly.


She hummed a little and nuzzled closer, Lena’s heartbeat drumming in her ears and rested her lips against the warm skin there. Lena swallowed, fingers constricting before they resumed their movement and Kara grew bold.

She parted her lips and pressed them against the skin. Lena’s inhale was a shaky rasp but she didn’t make a sound.

Now, Kara was all about consent and didn’t want to assume, but Lena had never had any problem with telling her what was up, and she trusted that if she strayed too far, Lena would tell her.

Still, it wasn’t her mind that drove her to lean in just that little bit further and press her lips with purpose against Lena’s thundering pulse. There could be no mistaking her action then.

“Kara,” Lena’s voice was a broken rasp and Kara wanted to hear her voice in that breathless whimper again and again.

She hummed and kissed her again, and again, and again. Lena was very careful not to make another sound, her breathing painfully measured and controlled as though Lena was counting her breaths. That wouldn’t do.

Besides there was a freckle on Lena’s neck that had taunted her for years, and she would have her revenge. Lena’s head fell back against the couch cushion and Kara grinned, slipping her tongue out, hearing the strangled gasp, to trace the cords of her neck.

She wanted to hear her name again.

Hunger drove her now, and she mapped the skin readily available, feeling Lena’s heart thudding beneath her lips, tasting it with the tip of her tongue as it tried to leap from her skin and into Kara’s own.

When she was satisfied, she lifted her head and left hungry kisses along Lena’s jaw, vaguely aware that the arm not holding her on the couch, slightly hovering over Lena, was cupping her neck.

Lena’s skin was warm and smooth beneath her fingers and she dove in again and again.

But there was an important thing she was forgetting, and she dragged her lips from Lena’s skin with some reluctance to stare down at the woman she loved.

A patchwork of red marks was on Lena’s skin, her eyes shut and her mouth parted, breath coming in quick pants across her lips. Her hair was spread a little over the end of the cushion and Kara had a brief desire to see it spread across her own skin, tumbling over her own sheets.

It took a few moments for Lena’s eyes to open and when they did Kara swallowed, heartbeat loud in her ears.

Lena’s eyes were eclipsed by black.

“Kara,” she rasped and something hot jolted through Kara’s bloodstream, swirling somewhere in her stomach.

“Kiss me,” Lena demanded, and Kara grinned, reaching down to kiss Lena’s nose. Fond warmth chased surprise though Lena’s eyes but then they narrowed.

“Kara,” she said warningly and gave a tug on Kara’s hair in emphasis.

It didn’t hurt, but her skin broke out into goosebumps at the action

“Say my name,” she growled, and Lena shivered, her other hand slipping from Kara’s waist to cup her cheek.

“Kara…. I love you,” and Kara wasn’t sure who signed when their lips met for the first time. Maybe both.

It was chaste to start with, a far cry from her boldness in marking Lena’s neck and soothing it with her tongue.

Lena’s hands guided her forward until she was pressing Lena into the couch with her body, the heat between them burning as Lena licked along the seam of her mouth.

Helpless, Kara’s lips opened at the pressure and she tentatively met Lena’s questing tongue with her own.

The warm and supple body beneath her arched and she pressed closer on instinct, not sure when her eyes closed as Lena licked into her mouth.

Their kiss was hot and heavy and wet from the start and she shivered, body responding to the curls and twists of Lena’s wicked tongue.

She let out an embarrassing whine when Lena finally released her mouth, gasping for air and chased her lips, darting away to kiss back along her jaw.

Lena groaned when she found the freckle and sucked, hard, scrapping her teeth over the area and soothing it with her tongue.

Kara,” she let out a rasp and the sound struck directly in Kara’s belly where something hot and bubbling was building.

“I love you,” Kara panted into her neck, unable to part from the skin beneath her. “Rao, I love you.”

Lena’s hands curled in her hair and dragged her back up to her mouth and Kara went eagerly.

“I love you,” Lena panted into her mouth between kisses and Kara truly could have flown then, flown loops of joy around the earth, but that would mean separating from where she was right now, and there was nothing in the universe that could take her from Lena, never again.

She didn’t know what the future held for them, but she knew that as long as she had Lena, she could face it. After all, they were stronger together.



A week later and a new picture broke the internet. It was of Lena Luthor, CEO of the Lena Luthor Foundation, and of Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, staring into each other’s eyes. In the background there were fairy-lights and it looked like they were in a garden of some sort. There was a picnic basket on the blanket behind them, and a city framed far in the distance. Lena had a ring on her finger and there was a silver band at Kara’s wrist.

The caption read: #Isaidyes  <3 #MrsSupergirl #MrsSG #MrsLuthor