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I Agent, You Busted

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Waverly is relaxing on the couch, her feet tucked up next to her, with a book in one hand while stroking CJ, who is curled up in the crook of her lap, with the other.  The door opens, letting in a blast of cold air along with Nicole and Bernie.  Waverly looks over her shoulder.  “Did Doc make it to the airport okay?”

Nicole takes off her coat and hangs it on the wall hook and kicks off her shoes, placing them on the mat by the wall.  “Yeah.  He’s taking Robin to headquarters to be processed.  And he wanted me to thank you again for letting him have the Kate robot.”  She laughs and shakes her head.  “I just hope he doesn’t tell me what he wants her for!”

Waverly chuckles as she turns back to her book.  “I’m imagining it’s for the same things we use Rosita for and keeping everything else out of my head.”

Nicole retrieves the special collar she made before kneeling down next to Bernie.  She wraps it around his neck, making sure that the rainbow bowtie is centered on his throat, before taking off his harness.  “Go see Mommy!”

She realizes she had made a mistake and forgotten to check the clock a second too late - it’s time for zoomies.  The pup bypasses the couch and takes off into the kitchen, running around Rosita’s legs as she cooks dinner.  Knowing what time it is, CJ jumps off the couch and Bernie runs back into the living room to pounce on her, before she gets away and jumps onto a bookshelf and makes her way onto the mantle to escape.  

Nicole rushes into the living room, her sock-clad feet sliding on the hardwood floor, as she tries to catch him.  “No, c’mere, you goof!”

Bernie, sensing a new game, crouches his front legs down, leaving his back end up and tail wagging madly.  He waits until Nicole gets to within an arm’s length before taking off again, running around the new coffee table.  She tries to trap him, going one way while he goes the other, but he makes a mad dash back into the kitchen while she slides across the room, trying to catch up.

He runs around Rosita’s legs once again and she simply steps over him while moving between the stove and sink.  Nicole waves her arm at him.  “Rosita!  Little help here?”  

“Sure, whatever.”  The robot reaches down and snags him before he gets away once again.  She hands him off to Nicole and goes back to her cooking.

Nicole walks back into the living room to find Waverly fighting back tears of laughter.  “Couldn’t you have given her a slightly nicer personality?”  

Waverly wipes away the tears.  “Nope!  It’s a part of her charm.”  

Nicole adjusts the collar that had gone eskew during his run and drops the wriggling furball into the brunette’s lap.  “Here!”  And she falls onto the other side of the couch in a huff.

Waverly holds him up so he is standing on his hind legs so she can admire his new accessory and says in a sing-song voice, “What did Mama get you?  Huh?  You got a shiny bowtie?  Do ya?”  She pulls him into a hug, snuggling her face into his soft fur, and runs her hand from the top of his head heading down his back when she is stopped by a bump on the top of his collar.  She moves him away and sets him on her lap as she examines the mysterious object.  Her eyes go wide as she spies a small ring box attached to the top of his collar and looks over to find Nicole on one knee in front of her.

Waverly’s hands fly to cover her mouth and Nicole just barely grabs Bernie before he can make another escape.  She unlatches the collar before letting him loose once again with a tap on his butt.  “Get outta here, you troublemaker!  Should’ve used CJ!  This is why I’m a cat person.”

Waverly laughs, her eyes glistening with tears.  “Except CJ wouldn’t go where she was told either.  At least, not until she was good and ready.”

“Very true.”  She takes Waverly’s hand in her own.  “Waves, I’ve known since the first moment we met,”  She shrugs with a smirk.  “Officially,”  Waverly laughs again.  “That you were it for me.  The one person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  But I didn’t want to rush things.  I didn’t want to pressure you.  But then, I thought I’d lost you and realized that tomorrow is never guaranteed.  And I couldn’t wait anymore to start the rest of our lives together.  So, Waverly Earp,”  She opens the box and pulls out a ring with a large green gem in the middle flanked by two diamonds.  “Are you gonna marry me or what?”

Waverly smiles widely.  “Yes please!”

Nicole’s dimples pop as she smiles.  “Yeah?”  Waverly nods and Nicole slips the ring onto her left hand.  Waverly pulls her onto the couch and kisses her deeply.  Bernie runs over and jumps at them, licking at their faces.  They pull away from each other and Waverly pulls him into her lap with a laugh, where he curls up happily.  CJ notices he has calmed down and runs over to curl up in Nicole’s lap.  Nicole leans back on the couch, wrapping an arm around Waverly, as they both stroke the furballs on their laps, enjoying a bit of quiet time with their family.