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Ei is still adjusting to living away from Inazuma City, to not having her room at the highest level of Tenshukaku.

She doesn’t dislike it, not at all — she can see why Morax has chosen to live out in a small rural village, now, though she and her wives are now living an even more isolated life than the former Geo Archon. While Morax is enjoying retirement as a little old lady in a farming village (and had, on Ei’s last visit, forced an entire crate of deliciously sweet homemade jam on her)…

Ei, Kokomi, and Miko have taken over what used to be a monster-infested cave on Watatsumi Island. They cleared out the aggressive elemental beings that had previously lived in it and set about renovating it to their liking, turning what had once been a single large cavern into a tiered living area. The cave is difficult to access for normal people, ensuring that their retirement is a quiet one: only their children and their families are regular visitors, though there is an adventurer or two a year brave enough to seek audience with the former Raiden Shogun.

It’s a quiet existence that they lead, one focused on their love for one another. Every day is spent together in domestic bliss, with most of their contact with the outside world being in the form of the books Makoto sends them from Yae Publishing House, where they’ve taken over as chief editor.

Ei still spends plenty of time practicing her martial arts, of course — while Ren’s growth in recent decades has proven astronomical, Ei has yet to lose a single match, and she hopes to keep it that way for at least another three or four hundred years. She has some pride left in her, after all, even in retirement.

It’s nice to not need to worry about the well-being of an entire nation, to not spend every day reading over proposal after proposal for new or amended laws, to not be the one in charge of leading Inazuma’s defense. Her daily life now consists only of the loving smiles of her wives, the awed and respectful faces of her subjects no longer a constant that makes her doubt herself and her worthiness for the role she holds.

It’s nice to just be Ei for the first time in her life — not Beelzebul, not a kagemusha, not the Raiden Shogun… Ei, and only Ei. Barbatos had been right, irritating little bard though he is: this is a life that suits her better than her old one, a life that lets her bask in the happiness that she’s finally attained after millenia of struggle.

She’s even taken her hand to some new hobbies, in recent years: she’s got a book coming along, and while Miko tends to be rather brutal when helping her edit it, she’s very happy with the progress she’s made thus far. It’s a story about a girl born for war learning to live in a time of peace, even though her weary heart refuses to let her trust in the truth of the tranquility of the world.

Miko and Kokomi, too, have started trying new things: watching Miko try to swing around a sword makes Ei laugh, which she’s pretty sure is the point. Rather than actually attempting to learn martial arts, Miko has been seeking new forms of humor and ways to put smiles on Ei’s and Kokomi’s faces… not that she needs to do anything but exist for that.

For Kokomi’s part, she’s taken up singing and writing music: the sound of her beautiful, clear voice ringing out through their home is a common one now, and it never fails to put Ei in a good mood… not that she’s ever in anything but a good mood now, anyway. A better mood, then? Whatever a mood that makes her feel like dancing would be called.

All in all, this is the kind of quiet, relaxed life that Ei had always secretly envied and never believed she’d have the chance to lead.

“Mora for your thoughts?” Kokomi asks, wrapping Ei in a hug from behind and burying her face in Ei’s back.

“Just thinking about how different things are now,” Ei murmurs. “And how happy I am, living here like this with you.”

She revels in the feeling of having her wife cuddled up to her, even after all of these decades hardly able to believe how lucky she is. The feeling of Kokomi or Miko cuddled up against her is happiness itself, and when both are with her…

“Aww, getting sentimental in your old age?” Miko teases, stepping up behind Kokomi and enfolding both of them in her arms. “Look at Granny Ei here.”

Great-Granny, thank you,” Ei sniffs haughtily.

Their first great-grandchild has only just recently been born through Hinata, and the first time Ei saw the tiny little creature she’d wept as much as she had at Makoto’s birth. Every new member of their family is like a miracle to her, and she hopes that it never stops feeling that way. She’s deeply, impossibly grateful for the life she leads now, for everyone that fills it with so much joy.

Inazuma has been at peace, with no threats rising that would require Ei to step out of her retirement to help put them down. Even she, who always fears that the next enemy is lurking just out of sight, is starting to wonder if she might just be able to hang up her sword and naginata for good someday… though that will, of course, have to wait until Ren can defeat her.

Ei is looking forward to it.

“You’re smiling,” Miko observes, poking Ei’s mouth with her fingers, though she quickly pulls them back to avoid the playful bite Ei attempts. “Thinking about the kids again?”

“Of course,” Ei agrees, turning around to hug her wives, Kokomi now sandwiched in both of their arms. “I wonder when they’ll visit next…”

Miko snorts and rolls her eyes.

“Ei, our birthdays are just over a month away. You know they’ll be here for those,” she laughs.

“Oh! I suppose you’re right,” Ei agrees, perking up. “Maybe we can celebrate a little early, get them back here sooner…?”

Kokomi laughs and reaches up to cup Ei’s cheeks.

“Silly Ei,” she teases. “If we want to see them sooner, all we have to do is go visit them ourselves. What do you think, Miko? Should we make a trip to Inazuma City next week?”

“Sounds good to me,” Miko agrees. “It’s a nice time of year for it.”

Ei smiles, already planning out what to bring as gifts for their grandchildren. She has so many ideas, but which to pick…?

…Well, it’s fine. She can just bring all of them, she’s sure the kids won’t mind. Ei is a (great-)grandmother now, it’s her right to spoil them senseless.

“She’s got that smile again,” Miko whispers loudly to Kokomi. “Should we stop her?”

“No,” Kokomi disagrees. “I feel the same way she does, after all. Don’t you?”

“Well yes, of course,” Miko huffs, looking away.

Ei laughs and quickly kisses both of her wives.

“I love you,” she says fondly.

So sentimental,” Miko teases. Ei playfully smacks her. “Ow! Komi, Ei’s hurting me!”

“You deserved that, you brat,” Kokomi laughs. “I love you too, Ei… and I love Miko, even if she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut.”

“Oh I’ll show you not keeping my mouth shut,” Miko mutters, grinning wickedly at Kokomi.

Their kitsune sinks down to the ground, and Ei is briefly confused by what she’s doing until Kokomi stiffens in her arms and lets out a low moan.

“Miko,” Kokomi whines. “Not here!”

Ei laughs and leans down to kiss Kokomi — if Miko wants to have some fun right now, Ei will be more than happy to join in.

“Not you too, Ei!” Kokomi grumbles as their lips part. “Can we at least take this to the bedroom?”

“Sure,” Ei agrees.

The god easily sweeps her wives up into her arms and half-runs to the bedroom, eager to get started.

“We’d have been fine back there,” Miko pouts.

“Komi wants to use the bed,” Ei says firmly. “And I know you would be fine anywhere, so she takes precedence.”

“Well if you want to be all logical about it I guess that’s fine,” Miko sighs. “You never let us fuck on the porch, Komi.”

“There’s a reason for that,” Kokomi deadpans. “Because it’s the porch.

Miko sighs again, this time even louder and more theatrical, as she rolls her eyes. Ei can’t help laughing — their kitsune is ridiculous, but adorably so.

The moment they enter the bedroom, though, Kokomi demonstrates her own eagerness — arms made of water manifest and practically tear their clothing off even as they eagerly shove Ei towards the bed.

“Now who has to be patient, Komi?” Ei teases.

“Not me,” Kokomi growls, grabbing Ei’s chin to pull her into a fierce kiss. “I said the bedroom, not the bed.”

“She’s got you there, Ei,” Miko laughs.

“I suppose she does,” Ei admits. “Even if I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of technicality she doesn’t let me get away with…”

“Oh shut up and kiss me already,” Miko scoffs.

Ei obliges, amused. Her wives are such needy little things sometimes, she thinks. She’s got one in each arm and both are squirming against her, their hands gently groping each others’ bodies even as they take turns kissing Ei.

Ei lays them gently on the bed and watches, entranced, as they immediately turn their attentions to one another: they kiss tenderly, bodies turning in to one anothers’ embraces. They’re so lovely that Ei almost hates to interrupt… but that does not, of course, at all mean that she won’t. She’ll just feel a little bad about it for a few seconds.

She crawls up beside them and spoons Miko, nibbling on their kitsune’s neck as she reaches down to run a finger along her slit… which is rather wetter than Ei had expected.

“Miko,” Ei asks, unable to help giggling. “Were you masturbating before you came to find us?”

“…And if I was?” Miko huffs.

“No wonder you were so eager,” Kokomi laughs. “Slutty little fox. Just can’t help yourself, can you?”

“I—” Miko begins, but cuts herself off with a low moan as Kokomi attaches her lips to her chest and Ei gives her clit a little tweak. “I have the most beautiful wives in the world. How do you expect me to hold myself back? That’d be a sin.”

Ei and Kokomi share a fond smile.

“Well, I suppose there’s nothing we can say to that,” Ei giggles. She nips at Miko’s collarbone, pleased with the way their wife jerks in her arms. “Komi, let’s mark her up.”

The evil smile on Kokomi’s face and way she immediately returns her mouth to Miko’s breast tells Ei that Miko’s about to have a lot of love bites on her chest, but really, their kitsune has brought it on herself by being so lovable.

Kokomi smiles as Miko squirms against her, pulling back to admire her handiwork. Both of Miko’s breasts are absolutely covered in little love bites, a match for the ones Ei has been leaving all over their wife’s neck and shoulders.

Miko, for all of her usual teasing and brattiness, tends to go docile the moment that Ei and Kokomi team up against her. Their kitsune loves being ‘punished,’ but even more than that she enjoys being spoiled, whether it’s playfully in her fox form or more sensually in her human shape.

And Ei and Kokomi both love spoiling her. As much as Miko can get on their nerves sometimes with her incessant teasing, they adore her and love seeing her melt into a gooey puddle underneath their attentions… which is no doubt exactly why Miko loves to tease them so much, but it’s not like they’re about to stop.

As Miko whimpers in climax for what Kokomi thinks is probably the fourth time, Kokomi begins to direct her attentions lower. She suckles on Miko’s soft belly, amused by the sudden intake of breath as she begins.

“W-Wait,” Miko mumbles. “Are you planning to mark all of me?”

“That’s the plan,” Ei agrees, and Kokomi’s smile gets even wider when she looks up to see that their god has moved on to nibbling on Miko’s arms. “Anybody who looks at you will know exactly what you’ve been up to, Miko… Not that there’s anyone around to see.”

Miko’s whimper does nothing but further amuse Kokomi, who continues to suckle on their kitsune’s stomach until she’s satisfied that there are enough marks to show that every inch of Miko has received love. Now, at last, she can move on and target their wife’s thighs.

Her fingers replace Ei’s and begin to lightly circle Miko’s clit as she applies kisses and licks to Miko’s inner thighs, and she waits until she hears Miko moaning her way through yet another climax to start marking her again.

“You’re ours, Miko,” Kokomi murmurs. “Ours, ours, ours. When you look in the mirror, you won’t be able to forget it.”

“As if I ever could!” Miko retort weakly. “The two of you are going to let me mark you up too after this, right?”

Ei and Kokomi smile at one another and reply simultaneously:


“Unfair!” Miko protests. “This is animal abuse!”

Kokomi snorts and sucks Miko’s clit into her mouth, satisfied with the series of marks she’s left on Miko’s thighs. Ei is handling shutting up Miko’s silly accusations by kissing her senseless, which means that eating their wife out falls to Kokomi.

It’s a burden she’ll gladly accept. Of the three of them, Kokomi is always the one who gets the wettest — but right now, Miko could give her a run for her money.

“Someone’s definitely enjoying herself, Ei,” Miko calls teasingly. “Look at this.”

She collects some of Miko’s overflowing juices on her fingers and holds them up so that Ei can see just how much Miko is leaking.

Ei laughs in delight.

“Oh, Miko… I hadn’t realized you enjoyed this kind of thing so much,” Ei teases. “Should we do this more often? Make it so that you can never go outside again without letting everyone see that you’re our little pet?”

Miko pouts and turns away, but Kokomi notices with amusement that she didn’t actually say ‘no.’ For all of her pride, there’s a small, fluffy part of Miko that Kokomi and Ei have discovered very much enjoys being called their pet. It’s an adorable side to a beautiful woman that Kokomi just can’t get enough of.

Kokomi allows arms made of water to manifest, directing them to caress Ei — it’s not fair if only Miko receives attention, after all. Ei’s quiet gasp and the way she immediately begins to buck her hips back at Kokomi’s watery fingers bring a smirk to Kokomi’s lips…

A smirk that disappears almost immediately as some of Ei’s own spectral arms begin to tease her body.

So not fair,” Kokomi sighs.

Why does Ei get so many fascinating powers, anyway? Kokomi supposes that it’s a consequence of their wife having lived for so many years and spent so much time learning to use her power, but… It’s horribly unfair how many of them can be turned to sexual purposes.

Still, unfair or not Kokomi will definitely not say no to the fingers toying with her chest or plunging in and out of her dripping cunt. Ei knows exactly how to use them, and it feels much better than just touching herself while she laps at Miko’s slit.

And it’s not like Kokomi can’t be unfair, too — she laughs as Ei squeals when the limb Kokomi is using to fuck her changes from one tipped with a hand to the same kind of wriggling tool Kokomi had first invented to use on Miko all those years ago.

“K-Komi,” Ei whines. “At least give me some warning…!”

“Never,” Kokomi giggles.

The sight of Ei climaxing is always a gorgeous one, the pleasure on their wife’s beautiful face almost enough to make Kokomi herself cum from the visual alone.

She jerks in surprise as she feels an electrical current begin to circulate through her body.

“Ei,” Kokomi whimpers. “Ei, wait, I didn’t—”

“No,” Ei teases, and then Kokomi’s world lights up with pleasure. She collapses, unable to keep up with the sensations running through her body.

“Serves her right,” Miko mumbles, staring down at the twitching Kokomi. “So, Ei—”

Miko, too, feels a tingling start to fill her and turns her gaze to Ei.

“Ei, no—” she tries to plead, but Ei’s smile tells her she won’t be receiving any more mercy than Kokomi did.

At least it’s a good death, Miko thinks as her mind dissolves into pleasure.

When her consciousness returns, she finds herself leaning against Ei and Kokomi in a warm bath.

“How are you feeling?” Ei asks gently.

“Like someone made me cum fifty times at once,” Miko grumbles, trying and failing to glare at Ei. It’s really hard to be annoyed with someone who can make you feel that good, especially when you love them so much.

“It was sixty-two, actually,” Ei corrects, an unfairly attractive smug grin on her face. “Komi had sixty-three.”

“…I demand a sixty-third orgasm,” Miko mutters. It’s just whining, she doesn’t actually mean it, but—

“Sure,” Ei agrees easily, and Miko’s world lights up in pleasure again. “That better?”

“…I hate how you can just cheat like that,” Miko sighs. “If I could do that, I’d never stop.”

“Good thing for us that you can’t, then,” Kokomi mumbles sleepily, snuggling closer to them. “As much as I enjoy fucking you, I’d like for us to be able to do other things sometimes.”

“Yeah, Miko,” Ei agrees teasingly. “There’s more to life than sex.”

“Says the one who initiated a three-day sex marathon last month,” Miko whispers to Kokomi. “I don’t think she gets to talk.”

Ei’s pout is irresistibly cute, and Miko and Kokomi pepper her face in kisses.

They’ve been through a lot, Miko thinks, but…

The Eternal life they’ve won together is nothing short of perfect.