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“Hurry up, Komi,” Miko calls, beckoning from where she’s snuggled up with Ei in bed. “We’re waiting.”

“Oh, um…” Komomi bites her lip, trying to decide how to explain what she wants.

It’s a little awkward, and not quite like anything they’ve done before. Normally their nights are all of them together, or rarely two of them while the third is elsewhere, but…

“Tonight I just want to watch,” Kokomi whispers, blushing. “If that’s okay?”

The pair of confused looks she gets prompt her to elaborate.

“I’ve always thought you two were beautiful,” Kokomi says. “And, um. I did get off while thinking about you before we were together… Sorry about that. But… one of my fantasies has always been to just… watch. To see you together. Just… pretend I’m not even here, please?”

Miko’s look of confusion melts into a wicked smile, and Ei’s into gentle understanding.

“Oh, you have nothing to apologize for,” Miko reassures her. “Our dirty, dirty little fish wants to see us fuck for her entertainment, Ei. What do you say we put on a show?”

Kokomi sinks down into a chair, biting her lip in excitement as Ei responds by pulling Miko into a kiss.

She’d always thought of Ei and Miko as the perfect couple, even when she’d heard about their more… unusual… antics during their early days of marriage: the Raiden Shogun and her beloved Guuji, both so strong and so beautiful. She’d dreamed of having a love like theirs one day.

Kokomi never could have anticipated that they would extend their hands to her in friendship in the name of peace with Watatsumi Island, or how through that friendship and her adoration of their child she would eventually find herself falling into exactly that kind of love with both of them.

She doesn’t feel like they love her any less than they love one another: their eyes contain the same level of fondness, their whispered words of love are no less fervent, they enjoy giving her pleasure and receiving it in return as much as they do with one another. She feels incredibly loved and incredibly special, and still has days when she can’t believe the life she’s found herself living.


The love between Ei and Miko is a love that’s spanned centuries, that survived being separated for five hundred years. Kokomi wants to see what they look like when they’re focused entirely on one another, wants to fulfill her old fantasies while seeing a side of her wives that she’s never seen before.

“I can never get over how beautiful you are,” Ei whispers, gazing up into Miko’s eyes. “Even after all of these years.”

“I think that’s my line,” Miko whispers back. “My beloved god, keeper of half of my heart.”

Kokomi feels her heart melt at the tenderness in their voices. Ei and Miko speak to her in the same way, but there’s something different about hearing it directed at each other like this. It reminds her just how much her wives love one another — but also reinforces how much they love her, that she too is a recipient of the same gentle adoration she’s witnessing.

As Ei slides down Mikos body and begins worshiping her breasts, Kokomi begins to gently toy with her clit. The sight is beyond arousing: Ei and Miko both have what can only be described as perfect bodies, and watching them together is something that Kokomi is sure must qualify as art. She feels almost guilty that she’s getting off to the sight, but the lust in her heart can’t be denied.

Miko’s groans as Ei suckles on her breasts, as their god’s hands stroke her skin and skillfully tease her to greater and greater heights of arousal, filter in through Kokomi’s ears and make her heart pound in her chest. She knows her cheeks are burning, but how could they not? The sound of their kitsune’s voice raised in pleasure like this is the peak of eroticism. When Kokomi is involved in Miko’s pleasure those sounds are a sign to keep going, a guidepost that tells her she’s doing a good job. But as an outside observer…

Kokomi strokes herself more frantically, eyes eagerly watching as Ei’s hand slips down past Miko’s waist and begins to play with their fox’s clit — but the Divine Priestess can tell that Ei’s touch is much ligher than the one Kokomi is using for herself, that it’s designed to tease Miko rather than quickly bring her to climax. She can tell in the slow, careful way Ei’s hand is moving, in the way her arm stills from time to time as their god holds herself back from fucking their kitsune in the way she so clearly wants to.

“Just fuck me, Ei,” Miko moans. “I don’t want all of this foreplay tonight.”

Ei laughs and spins Miko around, positioning her on her back with her legs on Ei’s shoulders. The position gives Kokomi a brief glimpse of Miko’s cunt before Ei has buried her face in it, Miko’s loud cries of pleasure making no secret of what their god is doing.

Unable to resist, Kokomi rises and creeps closer, her fingers on her clit traded out for a vibrating bubble of water while she moves.

Miko’s beautiful face is rendered all the more lovely by the red staining her cheeks, but to Kokomi’s disappointment her lovely eyes are screwed shut as she focuses on the sensation of Ei violently eating her out.

“Just like that,” Miko gasps, one of her hands coming up to toy with her own breasts. “Your tongue…”

Kokomi shivers — she knows exactly what Ei’s long, thick tongue can do when she puts it to good use. She’d been surprised at first by the number of ways Ei had modified her body for sexual purposes, but experiencing the variety of things that their god can do had convinced her that Ei made the right choice in doing so. No other god in Teyvat, Kokomi suspects, has vibrating fingers, let alone a tongue more than a foot in length and with enough dexterity to be used as another arm.

Miko’s free hand buries itself in Ei’s hair, gripping tightly. Kokomi had asked them to pretend she isn’t there, but there’s no way such a thing is possible — knowing their wife is watching them is an incredible turn-on for Miko. The kitsune loves both of her wives dearly, and enjoys sex with either or both of them with equal enthusiasm, but there’s something different about sex with Ei while Kokomi just watches.

It’s like she’s baring a part of herself that she’s kept hidden all these years, the outside perspective Kokomi’s been granted meaning that all of the things that would normally go unnoticed in the middle of sexual activity will be seen with perfect clarity.

What does she look like right now, Miko wonders? Is there any trace at all of the dignified Guuji Yae left on her face? She doubts it, but only Kokomi could tell her.

Miko shivers as Ei takes her clit between her teeth. Their god’s tongue gently plays with its tip, the feeling a pleasant contrast to the arousing danger presented by Ei’s sharp teeth. The way that their god can stop just shy of painful with her bites and nibbles, leaving them nothing but a spice that enhances the pleasure of their activities, never fails to remind Miko of just how much of a skilled genius Ei really is, of how gentle their soldier of a wife’s nature is beneath all of the violence she’s capable of dealing out so easily.

“Miko,” she hears Ei whisper. “I really could eat you out all day.”

Miko laughs, using her grip on Ei’s hair to rub their god’s face into her pussy.

“Then do it,” she challenges. “I’m not going to say no to an offer like that.”

Miko throws her head back in pleasure as Ei’s efforts redouble, and her eyes briefly meet Kokomi’s.

Their Divine Priestess quickly looks away, her cheeks burning a bright red, but Miko notices that Kokomi doesn’t even slow down in playing with herself — in fact, the choked gasp that their wife releases suggests that their eye contact might even have been enough to tip her over the edge into a climax.

It certainly was for Miko, who makes sure to be as loud and obvious as she can about it as she cums from Ei’s attentions.

Ei, of course, doesn’t even slow down. If anything, she takes it as encouragement, given the way her tongue finally slips inside of Miko’s slick hole. Miko groans as her insides are spread by the thick, dextrous tongue, and when Ei activates its vibration function…

“Yes,” Miko hisses, the hand that had been playing with her chest traveling down to join the other in gripping Ei’s head. “Just like that, Ei!”

It’s an incredible feeling. It’s not just that Ei’s tongue vibrates, though that alone would be incredible: it changes shape, bulges appearing and disappearing as Ei thrusts it in and out, ensuring that the stimulation Miko is receiving constantly changes. The tip, of course, always precisely targets her G-spot, but the other erogenous zones inside of her tunnel receive variable stimulation that helps to drive Miko absolutely wild. It’s not as simple a feeling as mere penetration, and if asked to choose between Ei’s tongue and her cock Miko would choose the former almost any day — its only downsides are that she can’t see Ei’s face or kiss her while she uses it to pleasure Miko.

Though… perhaps if Ei made a few little modifications to her cock… A thought Miko will have to ponder further lately, because thinking is growing increasingly difficult as she shudders through a second and third orgasm in quick succession.

And to think Ei hasn’t even brought her electricity into play yet. Miko and Kokomi really did luck their way into having a wife who fucks them incredibly well, didn’t they? Not that Miko wouldn’t love Ei just as much if the sex weren’t so fantastic, but, well…

The sex being fantastic is a pretty nice bonus.

“Ei,” Miko gasps out. “I want to see your face.”

Being able to see Ei’s eyes while she eats Miko out in this position is incredibly hot, but Miko wants to see all of her wife’s face, and this just isn’t scratching that itch.

Ei immediately pulls back, smiling down at Miko as she replaces her tongue with three of her fingers. These, too, promptly begin to vibrate, and Ei can target her G-spot just as effectively with them, but they’re not nearly as thick and lack her tongue’s other features.

Still, it’s worth it to be able to see Ei’s gorgeous smile.

“Someone’s needy,” Ei teases. “Feeling lonely when you can’t see me?”

“Yes,” Miko agrees shamelessly.

It’s the truth, after all — Miko always feels the safest and most loved when she can see the faces of her wives. When she can’t, her life feels so much emptier, but when she can…

When she can, her life is complete. She doesn’t need anything but this.

“Aww,” Ei coos, kissing her softly.

Miko deepens the kiss as she responds, not at all minding the taste of her own juices on Ei’s lips. If anything, the reminder of what Ei had just been doing serve to further turn her on.

“Ei,” Miko whimpers, hands clutching at their wife’s shoulders as Ei increases the force with which her fingers are pounding into Miko. “I’m going to…”

“Go on,” Ei whispers. “Cum for me again, Miko. I love knowing how much I can drive you crazy. Only two people in the world get to see you like this, and I’m one of them… What an honor that is.”

The reminder that Kokomi is watching too, that their wife is touching herself, is getting off to Miko’s pleasure, sends her over the edge into another screaming climax.

“You slutty fox,” Ei laughs. “I think it’s my turn now, don’t you?”

Ei shifts to hover over Miko’s face, then slowly lowers herself until her lower lips kiss Miko’s mouth.

“Lick,” Ei orders gently, and Miko wastes no time at all in obeying.

Miko’s soft lips and wet tongue are always a wonderful combination, and this time is certainly no different: their kitsune knows exactly what to do to best please both of her wives when she’s eating them out, and she’s demonstrating that in full.

Ei moans, making a show of cupping her breasts as she slowly rolls her hips. She hopes Kokomi is enjoying their show — she’s not much of an actor, unfortunately, but she’s been doing her best to make sure their wife has something hot to watch… though really, any sexual activity involving Miko is incredibly hot by default, to Ei’s mind.

It’s easy for her to understand why Kokomi would have wanted to watch: Ei herself would quite like to see a similar show from Miko and Kokomi. Watching two beautiful women in love have sex, especially when they’re as lovely as Ei’s wives are, sounds incredibly arousing… not that Ei has any interest in watching anyone except her wives. She’s known she’s a lesbian since her childhood, she’s found plenty of women attractive over the millenia… but none of them have ever filled her with the kind of lust that Miko and Kokomi do. There’s something about knowing them as intimately as she does that’s key to her attraction to them, and without that kind of connection… no matter how beautiful a woman is, Ei doesn’t lust for her.

A stifled moan draws Ei’s attention to Kokomi, and she can’t help but smile at the sight of their wife on her knees, her eyes fixed on the way Ei is pressing herself against Miko’s face. Kokomi’s hand is moving frantically between her thighs, and Ei wonders how many times their Divine Priestess has cum so far tonight. Has she cum more than Miko did?

It’s certainly more times than Ei, at least, given Ei is only now shuddering her way through her first of the night, but she’s sure she’ll catch up soon enough with Miko’s skilled tongue working its magic on her. It may not have the length or dexterity that Ei’s does, but their kitsune makes up for it with enthusiasm, skill, and knowledge of their bodies.

Ei shifts her hips, grinding herself against Miko. She wants their kitsune’s entire face to be covered in her love juice, wants to create a truly arousing sight for Kokomi when Miko is done eating her out. Ei can never get enough of the sight of her wives glazed in her wetness, so surely Kokomi must feel similarly — the reminder of what they’ve been doing, the way it glistens on their skin, is always breathtaking.

“Ready for a little more, Ei?” Miko breathes.

“Always,” Ei replies, curious as to what Miko plans. Whatever it is, she’s sure it’s something Kokomi will enjoy watching… and probably something Ei will enjoy being on the receiving end of, if she’s lucky.

Ei tenses for a moment when Miko’s finger comes up to prod at her anus, but relaxes and allows it — anal stimulation isn’t a common part of their play, but Kokomi enjoys it enough that Ei’s gotten very used to it, and even started to like it… and of course…

The whimper that Kokomi lets out tells Ei just how much Kokomi appreciates the addition to the show. She hides a smile as she throws back her head and moans, amused at how obvious their dirty little Divine Priestess’s thoughts are.

“Just like that, Miko,” Ei moans. “You can be a little rougher.”

Just as Ei had expected, that draws a sharp inhale from Kokomi as Miko obeys and adds a second finger, the speed of her thrusting increasing even as the force with which Ei grinds down against her does.

“I’m going to cum,” Ei growls, pitching her voice to carry to Kokomi. “Your fingers are going to make me cum, Miko!”

The truth is that it’s got rather more to do with the way Miko’s tongue is continuing to lavish attention on her clit than with the small amount of pleasure she can derive from the anal fingering, but given Kokomi’s tastes the little falsehood can probably be excused as artistic license for the show.

Ei cheats a little and adds electrical stimulation to her own nerves as Miko’s tongue pushes her over the edge, causing a scream to erupt from her lips as she climaxes. If Kokomi misinterprets why it was so intense, well…

That, Ei thinks smugly, is the nature of entertainment.

Kokomi gasps her way through what has to be at least her tenth climax as she fixedly watches Ei have a screaming climax from the anal stimulation Miko is giving her. There’s just something about anal play that Kokomi has always found fascinating and arousing, and while its inclusion suggests that Ei and Miko aren’t exactly listening to Kokomi’s request to pretend like she’s not there, given neither tend to engage in it without Kokomi’s prompting…

She finds it hard to care, given how much it turns her on. It’d probably be more than a little silly of her to be upset that her wives are doing too good of a job of putting on a show for her pleasure, anyway. It’d be kind of like complaining about a meal being delicious.

Kokomi is broken out of her thoughts by arms encircling her from both sides.

“Did you enjoy it?” Miko whispers into one ear.

“We hope so,” Ei whispers into the other. “But Komi… it’s just not the same with you over here watching. We want to touch you, too.”

Kokomi tries to respond, but her voice doesn’t seem to be working — Miko’s hands are exploring her chest, while Ei’s go lower, lower…

Well. Kokomi had only been intending to enjoy a show, but…

She supposes a little bit of audience participation is fine, as long as she’s the audience.