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Best Laid Plans

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“We need to talk.”

“Why yes, Lydia, please come in and make yourself at home.”

Lydia scrunched up her nose and flipped her hair over her shoulder haughtily.

“Cora said you’re leaving.”

Derek blew out a breath and closed the book he was reading. “Why do you want to know?”

“Because if you leave, he’s going to fall apart.”

“Scott’s an Alpha now, he’ll manage.”

Lydia looked at him like he was the slow kid in class. “Not Scott, Stiles. Stiles will fall apart and that is just unacceptable.”

“I was confused before, but now I’m just…” Derek waved his hand in the air, brows furrowed.

“God, boys, I swear,” Lydia muttered. “Look, we all know Scott is an idiot. We also know that you were a shitty Alpha, but that you were never trained to be an Alpha and things haven’t exactly been easy around here. Stiles seems to think with a little calm and some practice you wouldn’t suck so bad and I have learned to trust Stiles’ opinions.”


“Stiles is the smartest one of us, besides me, of course.”

“Of course.” Lydia gave him a withering look and he shut up.

“I am a certified genius, Derek, but Stiles’ has the strategic mind to keep us from dying and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, unlike Scott. So yes, I trust his opinion, just like you do.”

“I don’t-“

“Please, I don’t need to be a wolf to know whatever you’re going to say will be a lie. You trust him. He’s probably the only person you do trust at this point and I get it, I do, everyone you thought you could trust has betrayed you, but you know he won’t. I don’t actually think he knows how. It’s as if his brain just short circuits when someone says ‘betray’.”

“He lies all the time.”

“Lies do not equal betrayal.” Lydia said harshly. “He lies to protect the people he cares for. What I find interesting is that the person he lies the most about is you.”

Derek jerked to his feet. “Stop beating around the bush and just tell me what you’re trying to say, Lydia.”

“I’m saying that you are the most important person to him and if you leave, especially without telling him, Stiles is going to be gutted.”

“You’re delusional. He hates my guts.”

Lydia flinched at the delusional comment. He felt a bit bad about that.

“You're an idiot.”

He snarled at the teen and she snarled back, surprising him.

“He constantly saves you. He rips into Scott regularly about you and do you really think he took that beating from Gerard because he hates you?”

“Wait, what?”

Lydia paused to look at Derek. The older man was pale and shaky, eyes wide as he shook his head at her. She softened her voice automatically.

“Oh Derek, you didn’t know? The night Jackson died; Gerard’s men took Stiles. They beat him along with Erica and Boyd. I realized what happened after watching him and Allison at school.”

“They…Erica and Boyd never said anything. I knew they’d gotten friendly with him, but-“

Lydia nodded slowly as Derek collapsed back into his chair. “I confronted Erica who about ripped my head off and told me to stay away from him. She told me to go back to Jackson and my, quote ‘little hunter assassin’ unquote, and leave them the hell alone.”

“Why didn’t they tell me?”

“Maybe because you never asked.”

His head snapped up at that. He couldn’t stop the low growl that rumbled out of him if he’d tried.

“Don’t give me that.” She snapped angrily. “None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for your family.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, but I do. I know about the Argents and your family. I know about the fire and Allison’s Aunt and I understand why you’re so hell bent on making the betas able to fight, but you went about it the wrong way and now that things are getting hard you’re running away and I won’t let you.”

“How the fuck do you know-“

“I know because Stiles’ knows and because he talks in his sleep.”

Derek’s face went white and then red. “I thought you were with Jackson?” he spat.

Lydia hmphed. “I didn’t mean like that. Stiles fell asleep when we were researching that kelpie last week and had a nightmare. Apparently he gets them a lot and your family burning to death has been a repeat feature since he figured it out. Gerard’s torture brought it all back to the surface. He didn’t tell me anything, in case you’re wondering. Well, not about you, he did tell me about Gerard though, so at least I understand where Erica and Boyd are coming from.”

“Why didn’t he tell me?”

“Derek, I’m sure you’ve figured out that for as much talking as Stiles does, he doesn’t actually say anything when he’s hurt.”

Derek rumbled his agreement, it had taken a while, but he’d figured that out himself.

“He also lies about anything too emotionally stressful, especially to himself. Do you actually think he’s in love with me?”

“Scott said something about a ten-year plan,” Derek grumbled.

“Stiles isn’t in love with me. He was in love with the idea of me because he saw how intelligent I was.” She glanced out the window then back at him. “I kissed him once, did you know that? He was having a panic attack and I kissed him to snap him out of it. He looked at me for a long time and then wiped his hand over his mouth and said, ‘yeah, I’m definitely gay, let’s not do that ever again.’”

She huffed a bit, looking put upon even when Derek's mouth quirked into a small smile. “It took a while to get over the blow to my ego, but I get it, we’re much better as friends. Besides, there’s only been one person he’s literally killed to protect and he’s sitting in front of me.”

Derek flinched like he’d been struck. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Kate was in her twenties, right? About your age when she seduced you?”

Derek was up and across the room in a flash, eyes glowing bright blue as he wrapped a clawed hand around her slender throat. Lydia never flinched.

“You are not Kate, Derek. You were sixteen and naïve. Stiles has never been naïve a day in his life. His mind is not like yours. As much as it pains me to say it, he’s more like Peter. He can be cold and calculating and utterly vicious when he needs to be. That is nothing like you were. If some older person suddenly started acting like they loved Stiles, do you really think he wouldn’t dissect the hell out of their intentions and then use all of his dad’s connections to figure out who they were? That is not the mind of a naïve kid.”

“He’s still sixteen.”

“He’s seventeen actually.”

Derek’s brow furrowed and he dropped his hand, stepping away from Lydia. “What?”

“He’s seventeen. He was held back a year when his mom died and his ADHD was diagnosed.”

“It doesn’t matter, he’s still a kid.”

“Who has lived through his mother losing her mind and trying to kill him and then all of this. Do you really think a few months is going to make a difference to his emotional maturity? Turning eighteen does not make one an adult and after everything we’ve gone through, you should know that better than anyone.”

“His mom tried to kill him?”

Lydia sighed, “Yes. She had a brain disorder and apparently, at the end, she didn’t recognize him. Scott said she thought he was a demon and choked him until he passed out several times. He was in the hospital with her when she died because she’d broken his arm and the doctor had to set it. He never told the Sheriff; said he fell on the playground. I doubt he knew what she’d been doing at all.”

“How do you know all this?”

“Scott was a lightweight and talked a lot when he was drunk. He let it slip at a party once.”

“God,” Derek groaned. He scrubbed his hands over his face aghast. How much shit did the kid take at the hands of people who should have protected him? No wonder he always defended Isaac, even when the teen was being a complete ass to him.

“He doesn’t know you know, does he?”

“No. He’d absolutely hate it if he knew, let alone that I told you, but you need to know, because his mother’s death defines who he is.”


“Yes. At his very core he’s more of a martyr than you are. He’s just a snarky little bitch about it instead of a grumpy, growly werewolf.”

That earned her a glare, but she wasn’t exactly wrong.

“Derek, I understand you wanting to leave and never look back, but Stiles needs you, the Pack needs you, but most importantly, you need Stiles. I’ve read everything Stiles has found on werewolves. I know about mates.”

Derek flashed his eyes again, a low warning growl rumbling out of him.

“Stop it.” She commanded. “Did you not hear me? I’ve read everything Stiles has found. Which means Stiles has read it and you can bet he’s already run through every possible alternative for every interaction you’ve ever had and he’s magic Derek. Deaton called him a Spark, which means unlike regular humans, he’ll be able to feel the bond between you. What do you think your leaving is going to tell him?”

Derek swallowed hard. “We’re not mates. We can’t be. I’d have known and…”

“How would you have known? Everything I’ve read said the wolf knows immediately based on smell.”

“Yeah, that’s what my parents told me. But I’ve never smelt-“

“You know he takes Adderall for the ADHD, right?”


“Adderall. He was taking Dexedrine, but he switched to Adderall to minimize the heightened aggression and mood swings. From what I understand the chemicals alter his body chemistry enough that your wolf wouldn’t be able to smell his actual scent.”

“And you think he’s my mate?”

“I think he’s the only person you listen to and that you are the only person he was willing to ruin his relationship with his dad for. You temper each other, Derek. You listen to each other and you know your Alpha voice didn’t work on him. If not a mate, what would you call it?”

“He hates me,” Derek muttered, voice uncertain and small.

“Derek, if he hated you, he’d have never bothered to speak to you. Stiles doesn’t placate. He doesn’t make nice with people he doesn’t care about. Believe me, Stiles doesn’t hate you. I’d say the opposite, but that’s not my place.”

“What do you want me to do, Lydia? Why did you feel the need to tell me all this?”

“Because Stiles is my friend and I care about him and I don’t know if we’re friends yet, but I’d like to try. I want to see what Stiles sees in you, because we know he has impeccable taste when it comes to potential romantic partners.”

That got her a weak smile.

“Just think about it. Go see him and talk to him. Just please, don’t leave without telling him.”

“I’ll think about it.”

She nodded and headed for the door. “One more looked like he’d forgotten to take his pills today, so if you were wondering, now might be a good time check that whole, sniff-a-mate thing.”

“Derek?! What the hell man! Jesus, you scared the shit out of me!”


Derek leaned against the window frame clenching and unclenching his jaw. Oh, God, Lydia was right, he thought terrified.

“Derek?” Stiles frowned as he crossed to his side. “Dude, what’s wrong? You look like shit. Oh God, you’re not injured again, are you?” the teen immediately started patting Derek down looking for injuries.

Derek caught his hands and pressed them tight against his chest. “No, I’m not hurt. I just-“

Stiles stilled, his brain cataloguing the tension in Derek’s shoulders and jaw, the minute trembles in the warm hands holding his captive. The way he kept gulping for air, his face turned towards Stiles as much as possible.

“Okay, Big Guy,” he soothed. “Okay, let’s just sit down and you can try and tell me what’s going on.”

Derek let Stiles lead him to his bed and push him until Derek was sitting with his back pressed up against the head board, Stiles pressed close against his side and their fingers tangled together. The closeness seemed to calm him slightly.

After several long moments Derek relaxed against Stiles’ shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ve had plenty of freak outs around you.”

Derek huffed out a little laugh. “This isn’t…I was going to leave.”


“Thursday, I was going to leave with Cora.”

Derek felt Stiles start to pull away from him and panicked. “I’m not! Not anymore.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you deserve to know. I…” he blew out a breath and tugged Stiles back against his side, trapping his hand against Derek’s chest above his heart. “What do you know about mates?”

“Uh…a bit.”

Derek arched an eyebrow and gave him a little smirk. “Meaning everything.”

Stiles shrugged. “Maybe. I mean, I research, that’s my shtick. It’s why you kept me around, right?”

“No, Stiles. I mean, yes, your research has helped a lot, but that’s not why.”

“Then why? If it was just to get to Scott…”

No, not Scott.” Derek practically spat Scott’s name and fair, the guy had forced Derek to give Gerard the bite, which was rather rapey in Stiles’ mind.

“You were so damn annoying in the beginning.” Derek grumbled. “But even when I was being an ass you kept coming back. Kept sticking your nose in and getting injured and I didn’t get it. Why the hell would you put up with this when you didn’t have to? And then we kept saving each other and then it was like, I couldn’t imagine doing any of this without you. Even when you weren’t there I could hear your voice in my head snarking about giving the betas a break and how to not be such a Sourwolf and I didn’t get it. Why were you so important? Why was I letting some human brat tell me what to do with my Pack?”

“Rude,” Stiles huffed.

“Shut up, Stiles, this isn’t easy for me.”

“Yeah, yeah, go on then, Sourwolf.”

Derek curled his lip and flashed a bit of fang at the teen. “When Cora was dying and I gave up my Alpha spark to save her I felt relieved. If I wasn’t an Alpha then I wouldn’t be responsible for everyone’s safety. But I still felt like I was. I figured if I left with Cora, that feeling would go away, but I know now it won’t. It’ll never go away and I’ll always be drawn here.”

“Because of the betas,” Stiles murmured.

“No, because of you.”


“Did you know heavy medications can alter someone’s biochemistry? They change how a person smells just enough to throw off a wolf’s sense of smell.”

“Um, okay, good to know?” Stiles asked, completely confused. He was used to hopping around in a conversation, but it was totally throwing him that Derek was doing it.

“I didn’t realize that at all, because wolves don’t get human illnesses so we don’t need to take medications. Lydia was the one who told me.”


“Yeah, she stopped by to yell at me. Pointed out a few things I might have been ignoring.”

“Like what?”

“Like that you’re my mate and I’ve been desperately trying to not fall in love with you for months.”

“What?!” Stiles screeched. Derek winced at the sound.

“Hold up, we have, oh my God, you can’t just say shit like that and-“ he sputtered.

“I’m sorry, I know you don’t want this and- mph!”

“Stop! Just stop talking, Derek.” Stiles slapped a hand over Derek’s mouth to get him to be quiet. Then, for good measure and to keep the wolf from making a break for it, he flung a leg over Derek’s lap and straddled him.

“Okay, first, you can’t just drop shit like that on me and then run away. My brain works ten times faster than most people but it still takes a few minutes to process that the dude I’ve been crushing on since he threw me against the wall likes me back.”



Derek glared at the teen who hastily withdrew his hands.

“Sorry, what?”

“I said, ‘love’.”

Stiles’ eyes went so wide Derek thought they might bug out. “Wow, okay, let’s set that aside for a second. First, I thought mates knew instantly.”

“I think I did, sort of. Back in the woods, that first day, I remember my wolf slamming against me trying to shift. I was in a bad head space because of Laura and then smelling Scott and you and he went ballistic trying to get free. I couldn’t stop looking at your damn lips and had to claw my own hands to keep from going to you.”

“Wow.  I…yeah, I remember. I was freaked out but at the same time I just really wanted to climb you like a tree.”

Derek choked on his own tongue at the easy way Stiles admitted it.

“What? Did you not see how I reacted when my dad dragged me from the cruiser? I almost hit him trying to get back to you. My dad, Derek. That’s fucking huge!”

“You acted like you hated me.”

“I hated Peter for biting Scott and terrorizing me and your attitude sucked, but I never hated you, dude.”

“Don’t call me dude,” he said reflexively. Stiles just smirked.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t know, not really. Sometimes I would feel things and I gave you a hell of a lot more leeway than I would anyone else, but I thought you were sixteen and I wouldn’t…I couldn’t…”

“You didn’t want to be like Kate.”

Derek shuddered at the name, a small whine building in his throat.

“Oh, Der, you’re nothing like her. Do you hear me? Even at your worst you were never like her. And I wasn’t sixteen.”

“I know that now.” Derek huffed. “Lydia told me. She also mentioned the Adderall.”

Stiles stilled and Derek could tell when he finally put the pieces together. “Oh shit. This is the first time I’ve missed taking my pills around you, isn’t it?”


“And I don’t smell like medication anymore?”

“You do, but it’s less. I can actually smell you now.”

“That’s why you went all frozen when you came in. And I smell like your mate?”

Derek whined, which made Stiles smile brightly and wrap himself around Derek’s shoulders. “Please tell me that’s a good thing. I don’t think I could take it if you said you didn’t want me as your mate.” He whispered brokenly.

Derek tugged him close and shoved his nose against Stiles’ neck, his lips pressed against his pulse point. “It’s not a bad thing. I was fighting my instincts without knowing why and it was making me crazy.”

“So, you actually want me? It’s not just the wolf?”

“I’m a born wolf, Stiles.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“It means the wolf and I are not separate beings. We feel the same things, I just sometimes am stupid and ignore him. I’ve never been human and have no idea what being human feels like. Scott and the others were human first, so they are always thinking like a human and trying to explain the wolf’s reactions.”

“Like someone trying to translate before speaking.”

“Yes, exactly. Think about it like if you grew up bilingual versus someone who learned a language later in life. They are translating before speaking and I’m just speaking. I don’t think about the whys, I just do.”

“How does that translate to your emotions?”

“The wolf has a baser understanding of things. It’s quick to violence and the emotions are deeper.”

“So, you both love and hate deeply, huh?”

“Exactly and I’m not the poster child for being in touch with my feelings on a good day, so the added intensity of the mate bond made me lash out at you.”

“You’re not seriously blaming your wolf for being a prick, are you?”

Derek growled lowly, “No, smartass, I’m trying to explain that everything was more intense around you and I didn’t understand why and that made me weary. I kept thinking you were hiding something, or plotting something.”

“Well, I kinda was. Just not about anything sexual.” He shrugged. “I’m always plotting something these days; it keeps me alive. And I’m always hiding something, because you know, werewolves and my dad’s the Sherriff.”

Derek gave him a rueful smile. “True.”

“So, what does this mean for us? What happens now? You were going to leave.”

He nodded slowly, now that they both knew and acknowledged the bond he could feel the hurt coming off his mate. It made him sick.

“I’m not leaving.” He said succinctly. “I’m also not willing to become her, so if you want this, we’re going to take things slow.”

“Slow like dating or slow like more pinning and mutual life-saving? Because I’ve definitely got a preference if I have a say in the matter.”

Derek ducked his head, suddenly nervous. “I think dating would be okay, but we need to talk to your dad. I’m not going to lie to him about this and I’d really rather not get shot or arrested again.”

Stiles grimaced. “I never apologized for that, did I?”

“It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. That was a shit thing to do, especially after just losing Laura, and I’m so sorry I was a part of it at all.” Stiles cupped his cheek, his eyes remorseful as he gazed into Derek’s.

Derek swallowed hard and nodded stiffly. “I know. You might not have said it, but you showed it.”

“So, we’re okay?”

“Yeah, Stiles, we’re okay.”


“I still want to tell your dad.”

“I don’t want him involved in the supernatural, Der.”

“I know you don’t and I understand the need to keep him safe, but he’s running around without adequate protection, Stiles. If he knows, he can carry wolfsbane bullets or silver and be able to identify if a crime is supernatural or human. We could help him without lying to him.”

“I can’t lose him too,” Stiles whispered.

Derek nuzzled his cheek with his chin and held him tighter. “You won’t. We’ll protect him. If he knows he can call us if he’s in trouble and you won’t have to sneak out anymore.”

“He’s going to hate me.”

“He loves you, Sti. He’ll be mad, but because of fear for you. I get it because I feel the same way. Every time you were in danger I thought my heart would explode, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep you away, so I told myself I just had to protect you better.”

“Wait, is that why you shoved me away at the pool? You got hurt trying to protect me.”

“Yeah. It wasn’t even a conscious decision; I just knew you needed to be safe.”

“Wow, that's awesome and sort of insulting, but I’m going to stick with awesome, because it sounds better.”

Derek chuckled. “Sure, let’s go with that.”

“Huh. Okay, so back to the other thing, the whole, falling in love thing. Were you serious or is that just like a biproduct of being mates?”

Derek growled. Stiles flicked the center of his forehead. “Stop, I’m not trying to be a dick, but you’ve got to use your words so I understand.”

“A mate bond doesn’t work that way.”

“Then explain how it does.”

“The bond is like a restaurant score. It tells you who you have the best possible chance with from a biological standing, like a bunch of good reviews. But if both parties don’t work towards reinforcing the bond, they won’t work out in the long run.”

“So, it’s like nature is setting us up on a blind date.”

“It’s a bit more than that, like if all your friends and family have vetted the date beforehand knowing all your likes and dislikes and personality.”

“Is that why you trust me?”

“No, I trust you because you’ve proven yourself time and time again. I didn’t rip your throat out with my teeth when you were being a complete ass because of the bond.”

Stiles gave a breathy laugh. “Well, thank God for the bond then.”

They settled into companionable silence until Stiles slipped his hands into Derek’s hair and leaned in close. “I really want to kiss you. Is that too fast?”

Derek’s eyes softened. “No, not too fast.” He slanted his lips over the teen’s, swiping at the seam with his tongue and groaning into Stiles’ mouth when he gave a needy moan.

Stiles tilted his head to open his mouth and deepen the kiss, his body flushing with heat when Derek’s hands slipped under the hem of his shirt and pressed hotly against his flesh. He felt the zing of his magic along with the rolling flicker of desire and shifted on Derek’s lap until their groins were sliding against each other.

Derek shuddered at the friction and then again when Stiles scraped blunt nails through his hair and the back of his neck. He knew that Stiles was a virgin, the teen had bemoaned the fact often enough, but he certainly didn’t kiss like one. He broke the kiss, latching on to the pale column of Stiles’ neck and sucked at the base.

“Don’t leave a mark. Not before we talk to my dad.” Stiles warned breathlessly.

Derek growled but eased up, licking the spot instead of sucking. “I hate that you’re right.”

Stiles laughed a little hysterically. “It just means you can’t mark a place he can see, Sourwolf.”

Derek’s entire body jerked at the image of a splayed out Stiles’ naked on the bed wearing his marks.

“Fuck, Stiles, you can’t say shit like that.”

“I can say whatever I want to my mate,” Stiles rejoined. “Just like I can say I want your marks on me, but you need to get my shirt off first.”

Derek’s growl was not quiet and Stiles realized rather belatedly that he shouldn’t tease a werewolf while wearing anything he really liked because that shirt was completely shredded under Derek’s claws. Derek flipped him in an easy display of strength, his hands on either side of Stiles’ head caging him in. He pressed a hard kiss to Stiles’ lips and said, “Tell me to stop and I will.”

“I don’t want you to.”


“Derek. I’m not afraid. Not of you and not of us. This, right here, is me giving you total consent. You do what you want with me and if I don’t like something I’ll stop you, okay?”

Derek groaned. “I’m not going to fuck you, Stiles. Not before you're eighteen and not without your dad knowing.”

“I turn eighteen in five months and my dad will never want to know about my sex life.” He paused and then gave Derek a little smirk. “If you aren’t going to fuck me does that mean I can fuck you?”

Derek shook his head in fond exasperation. “Stiles...”

“That’s not exactly a no, Big Guy.”

“We’ll see. First though, I need to put my mark on you.”

Stiles gave him a blinding smile and flung his arms out to either side. Tilting his head up and to the side to expose his long neck. “Have at it. Mark wherever you want that my dad won’t see.”

Derek had to fight his fangs from dropping at the blatant display. “You realize mates are for life, right? There’s no going back when I finally claim you.”

“Will claiming me turn me into a wolf?”

“No. Bites need to have intent and I’m not an Alpha anymore. My bite won’t change you.”

“Cool, then bite away, just be prepared for me to do a bit of nibbling as well. I know you can’t bruise, but I really like the idea of biting you too.”

“Fuck, Stiles,” he groaned as he surged forward, his tongue lapping across Stiles’ sternum and chest. He sucked on a dark brown nipple making Stiles’ squirm beneath him, his hips jumping up to grind against Derek’s in minute little circles.

Derek growled as he nipped and sucked across his chest, one hand buried in Stiles’ hair and the other wrapped around the wing of his hip in a possessive grip that he knew would leave marks. He dropped his fangs just enough to raise ultra-fine trails of red across the pale skin.

“One of these days I’m going to lick every mole with my tongue. So beautiful,” he murmured.

Stiles looked down at him through hooded eyes. His chest and neck were flush with desire, a light beading of sweat glistened at his temples and the top of his lip. His body sparked with desire wherever Derek touched.

Pale green eyes glanced up through dark lashes at the first tentative touch of Stiles’ fingers on his sides. His breath caught at the look in Stiles’ eyes. They were glowing faintly, the color almost beta gold, but more orange, like the flickering of a lit match. Long, cool fingers skipped over the ladder of his ribs, sending shockwaves of heat and pleasure through his system. His breath locked behind his teeth when Stiles thumbed over his nipples.

“What are you doing?” he gasped. An electrical charge arching between them and ratcheting up the intensity of their desire.

“Touching what’s mine.” Stiles responded, eyes flashing orange. “You are, aren’t you, Derek? My mate?”

Derek’s eyes flared, answering Stiles’ own as he crushed their mouths and bodies together. “Mine,” he growled, his hips grinding down hard against the teens’.

“Yours,” Stiles breathed against his lips, licking and sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, nipping at it playfully with his blunt human teeth.

“And you're mine.”

Derek slid a hand in between them, fingers crawling inside Stiles’ pants to wrap tightly around the boy’s weeping member. Stiles hissed and bit down hard enough to draw blood, his hands cupping Derek’s ass through his jeans and pulling him tight against him.

“Say it, Derek. Say you’re mine,” he growled, sounding so much like a wolf Derek wondered if just hanging around them could turn someone.

“Yours,” he purred, lapping at his own blood on Stiles’ teeth.

He jerked once, twice more before Stiles’ entire body seized in a silent scream, his release painting Derek’s hand. He crashed their lips together and shuddered against his mate, his own release hot and sticky in his pants. Derek raised his hand and licked at the sticky cum while Stiles watched from hooded lids, the orange glow fading to his normal whiskey brown.

“That is so fucking hot and we are so doing that again, but first we need a shower and to change before my dad gets home.”

Derek smirked, but didn’t get up. Instead, he sort of collapsed on top of Stiles, pressing him down into the mattress and holding him there by his weight alone.



“It’s going to be all crusty and gross, dude.” Stiles whined even while wrapping Derek in his arms and tucking the weres’ head under his chin.

“Just for a bit.”

“Yeah, okay. But you better wake us up before my dad gets home or he really will shoot you.”

Derek snorted and closed his eyes, breathing deeply of their combined scent. He knew things had changed and that he should be terrified of what this would mean for their future, but as Stiles stroked his back and pressed a tender kiss into his hair he found he wasn’t worried. He was with his mate and everything would work out.

He closed his eyes and slept.