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How To Confess Your Love To A Friend

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Part One: Weighing the Situation. A picture of Brett and Eddy smiling at each other. The Wikihow logo is in the bottom corner.

  1. Take A Step Back. Before confessing your love to your friend, you should consider your situation. Are you sure that they return your feelings? Just because they look at you with soft eyes and parted lips, doesn’t mean that they are in love with you, even if you have video proof. Sometimes when you are hanging out with your friends, you see him making a similar face. Maybe that’s just the way he looks. He’s been making these faces at you for years, long before he could have meant them.

    Just because he places his hand on your shoulder, and nudges your arm with the back of his hand when he is excited, doesn’t mean that he wants to touch you in other ways. He’s a touchy feely person. You’ve known this since you were kids. This doesn’t mean he wants to trace all the muscles of your back and hold you in his arms. He might, but you have to be sure.

  2. Evaluate The Risks. One of the scariest things about confessing your love to a friend is the worry that it will change your friendship forever. If things don’t go well, you could jeopardize your entire relationship. Everything is perfect between you now; you don’t even argue. There is a team of people that depend on your easy rapport. You depend on it; no one can relate to you like Eddy does. You would try to stay friends of course, but things would never quite be the same. You would read into every silence.

  3. Decide Against It. You know what. It would be better off to keep things the way they are. You’ve survived this long living with the yearning in your gut. You can pour it into your fingers, into the movement of your bow. You can mind your hands, and your face, when you’re around him. You can bite your tongue. You have over a decade of practice. You can survive a decade more like this

  4. Decide To Go For It. He makes that face when he plays sometimes. Mouth gaping open, eyes sealed shut, like he is longing for something, something you think you can give him. He walks around at night, and you’d love to lay beside him, run your fingers through his hair until he falls asleep, whisper that everything will be alright, because you’re here, and you always will be. Right here, pressed against his chest. He did that for you, once. He did that for you and you never can forget it.


Part Two: Setting The Scene. A photo of Brett leaning on the back of Eddy's chair from the prank video

  1. Ease Into It. Before you tell your friend you love them, you can drop hints about your feelings and see how they are received. Flirt a little. Tease them. Go along with all their stupid video ideas. A cat maid outfit. Really. The things you do for love.

    “I didn’t expect you to do all that,” Eddy says once he turns the camera off.

    You shuffle your feet. “Well. The fans seem to really enjoy it.”

    “They do,” Eddy agrees, and you can’t tell if he enjoyed it, too, or if it was all an act he put on for the views.

  2. Reevaluate Your Plan. If your friend isn’t receptive to your hints, it might be time to reconsider. If he doesn’t ask you to keep the costume on after you’re done filming, if his eyes don’t linger over the shape of your chest, if he doesn’t complain that you kept your sweatpants on underneath the skirt, he might not be interested in you.

    When he sees you, his face shines with excitement but his mouth doesn’t go dry. He looks like he is about to tell a funny joke, that is all. He always likes to joke around with you.

    When you try to prank him, he doesn’t notice that you are copying him, because he doesn’t notice you like that. He doesn’t notice the way you sit or the way you talk or the way that you’re in love with him.

  3. It’s Not Too Late To Turn Back. It’s just for the fans. He doesn’t really mean it. It’s better to leave well enough alone. You are friends. Good friends. The best of friends. That will be enough.

  4. It’s Too Late To Turn Back. You keep looking at the picture you took on his birthday, when he was smiling so wide it pushed wrinkles into the corners of his face. He hid behind his hand because he was embarrassed by your intentionally-out-of-tune singing, but you could see him anyway, and you could see that he was happy. No one makes him smile quite like that, not that you’ve seen. No one but you.

    You kept the photo to yourself because it seemed too personal. There is too much love behind the camera lens. Yours, if not Eddy’s. You post it now and you hope Eddy knows what it means.

  5. Plan Your Confession. Pick out a time and place to make your move. It should be someplace romantic that will set the perfect mood.

    Instead, it will be your apartment, for obvious reasons.

    Think about what you want to say. Try to reign in a half of a lifetime’s worth of feelings and turn them into something smaller, something more palatable that won’t scare Eddy away. Fail. You’ll just have to wing it, like always.

Part Three: Confess Your Love. A photo of Brett cooking

  1. Plan What To Wear. He likes the brown vest right? He said as much. He told you he loved it while he dragged a hand down your shoulder.  You always wear the vest, though. It should be something special. You compromise by putting a suit jacket over top.

    “You’re all dressed up,” Eddy comments as you pass him in the hallway. “Are you going anywhere?”

    “No,” you answer, ducking your head to hide the look on your face. “I’m just cold.”

  2. Cook Dinner. Cooking dinner is a nice, romantic thing to do for the person you love, at least that’s what you’ve seen in movies. You’ve never done much cooking yourself, but how hard could it be. You did a pretty good job making bubble tea that one time, and the cupcakes still tasted pretty good. If you pick something easy, you’re sure you can get it done. It can’t possibly be harder than playing Paganini.

  3. Burn Dinner. Oh god oh fuck. This is all wrong. You just turned away for one second and now the kitchen is filling with smoke.

    “What the-” Eddy says as he rushes past you. He turns off the stove and moves the wok off the burner.

    “If you wanted a stir fry, you could’ve just asked me,” Eddy says, fanning the smoke in front of his face. “I would’ve made it.”

    “I know, but you always make it. I thought I should cook for you for once.”

    Eddy chuckles, and you love how deep his voice gets. The sound goes right to your gut.

    “It’s okay,” Eddy says. He picks up the spatula and begins scraping at the bottom of the pan.

    “You know, this actually isn’t so bad. Only the stuff at the very bottom got burned.”

    “You don’t have to lie to me.”

    “No, I think we can eat it.”

  4. Chicken Out

    “It’s terrible.”

    “No, it’s not.”

    “It is.”

    “It just gives it some extra…flavor.”

    Sulk. Pout your lips.

    Nothing is going right. Eddy had to cook half of his own romantic dinner, and you still don’t know what to say to him. You could never get past the first three words, and ‘I love you’ never seemed like quite enough. Every time you open your mouth, nothing comes out.

  5. Don’t Confess. Eat your terrible food. Take off the jacket and the vest and change into your pajamas. Sit on the sofa in shame, like it is just another ordinary night, and not the one that was supposed to change everything.

    Reach for the remote. Don’t flinch when your hand brushes Eddy’s.

    “Hey, what was up with you tonight?”

    Pretend like you don’t know what he means.

    “Nothing. I just wanted to cook.”

    “I don’t know. It seemed…” Eddy’s voice trails off. He rubs at the back of his head.


    “You know. You cooking me dinner. The suit jacket. And some stuff before then. You’ve been weird for a couple weeks actually.” Eddy stares into the distance, then shakes his head. “Nah, I’m just being stupid.”

    You look at him for a little too long, longer than you usually allow yourself. Eddy turns his head and meets your eyes before you can jerk them away. You’re caught. Caught staring at Eddy, admiring the soft way that he blinks.

    “Oh,” Eddy says, and he brings his hands to the back of your neck.

    Don’t confess, because you don’t have to. Because Eddy kisses you anyway. His mouth tastes like burnt tofu and peppers but it doesn’t matter; it matches yours.

    Kiss him back, and let the movement of your lips say everything your words couldn’t.