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So Much Hair, So Little Time

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Ekko was up quite early getting ready for his class, which was in an hour when Jinx woke up. She checked her phone to see what time it was - 8:15. Her lecture had began 15 minutes ago.


A startled "fuck" was the only thing to leave her lips before she got up and started getting ready as well. After she took what felt like the quickest shower of her life, and put on a tank top and a pair of cargo pants which were not quite hers, she paused for a second and looked at the mirror which was at the other end of their bedroom, where Ekko was putting a necklace on. Jinx wished she had more time to appreciate him, because Ekko looked pretty even just existing.


She was putting things in her bag without thinking much of it when her widow's peak got in her eyes and she realized her hair wasn't done. The two long sky blue braids along with her dramatic widow's peak were like a part of her now. She had worn them with pretty much any look she was wearing for the past two years and she wasn't planning on stopping now. That was her hairstyle.


"Might as well do my hair, since I'm late already." - She thought to herself. 


Jinx took her brush and started rapidly combing her hair. She parted it into two sections and left her widow's peak out as per usual. Ekko had noticed her rushing and he still had about 40 minutes to go, so he asked:


- Do you need help with the other side?


He knew that Jinx was left handed and that meant the right braid always took her longer. Jinx agreed and Ekko carefully separated her hair into three pretty even strands and started intertwining and twisting them across his fingers. They continued for about ten minutes before the braids were done, because Jinx's hair was almost ground length.


A moment later Jinx realized she hadn't checked the weather app on her phone that day, so she nearly sprinted to get her coat. She went to unlock the door as she heard Ekko asking, rhetorically:


- Aren't you forgetting something? - He had his eyebrow slightly raised.


Jinx turned around, while still holding her coat folded in her hand, put her other hand on Ekko's face and gave him a light kiss.


- See ya! - she chuckled as she went out the door.