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Heroic Messenger

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Star after star falling down, root after root piercing through the ground, Audrey was sure not to let her guard down. She couldn’t lose this fight! Not after all the progress she’s made up to this point. Not after being given her true purpose in life. Audrey swiftly dodged the stars and roots that that stupid bard sang in her direction. She couldn’t stand those silly songs anymore. All they did was get in the way of her destiny. She swung her sword up with no struggle, glaring at the Nightmare King with confidence as the sword crackled with energy.
But something blocked her vision.
The bard, running toward her gleefully as they sang a note, as Audrey’s face turned red, filled with rage. She kicked him in the shin, as they were knocked back, Audrey panting, and starting to raise her sword back up, when she felt a tug on it, and then an emptiness in her hand.
She looked behind her, and saw Miriam, taking her sword. No!! She tried to reach for it, but it was too late. Miriam rose up on her broom and blasted her away, as Miriam flew up to Kiwi.
“Don’t move!” she said.
Audrey couldn’t believe her eyes. That stupid bard and witch took away her one meaning in life!
The bard looked at her in an almost worrying look. “Audrey...”
“You LOSERS!! Ruining everything!” yelled Audrey. “And I actually mean ruining everything! This is my quest! This is MY STORY! EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS is at stake! How DARE you try to take that for yourself! How DARE you... try to make it about YOU!!! IT ISN'T!”
Audrey panted, as she sat down in defeat, until a certain chipper voice spoke up.
“Audrey! You’re special!”
She slightly lifted her head up. “What?”
Miriam stared at the bard in disbelief.
“I said, you're special! Even if you weren't the Hero, I mean! Audrey, you're super strong... and super smart, and really great at everything you do. I get why you were picked to be the Hero! You deserve it! But... that doesn't mean you have to do it!” said Kiwi. “Being the Hero... is just a title! You can do whatever you want! And you’d still be special! I really mean it! Let's stop fighting. If you just give up on doing it your way... maybe you wouldn't be The Hero... but I could learn the Earthsong from the Dream King! And stop the world from ending! We could ACTUALLY save the world! Everyone would be okay! And you’d be a REAL hero!”
Audrey looked at them. Oh, that simple little bard. Did they really think it was all that simple? She let out a sigh. She knew she had to do this.
“That’s not enough.”
She yanked her scarf off of her neck and hit Miriam with it, grabbing the sword while doing so. She jumped up, and plunged her sword into the Nightmare King, as a blinding light shined through.
Her deed was done.
Suddenly, the light faded. Standing in front of her was that nuisance of an angel, Eyala. As a messenger of God herself, you would think she knew how to respect boundaries, but she wasn’t done with Audrey.
“Hey guuurll!!!” she chimed.
Audrey groaned.
“Look bestie, I know you don’t want me here, but I’m only here because I have to be. Congrats on ending the world!!”
If someone was congratulating her on ending the world, she’d rather have it be anyone but Eyala.
“Is there at least anyone else but you that I can see?” she asked.
“Well, this was all that I needed to tell you. I’m only here to guide you to Eya. She’d like to see you.”
Eya herself??
Despite being chosen by her, she had never actually seen her in person, Eyala just told her that Eya chose her. She wasn’t sure what it would be like, actually seeing her face. She was excited, yet nervous. Mostly nervous.
“She’s just up ahead!” called out Eyala.
Audrey slowly meandered up the indigo hill. She could barely see with all the looming clouds around her. She finally reached the top of the hill after what felt like an eternity, but nothing was happening.
“Yo! Eyala! Nothing’s happening!!”
“Play your ocarina, Audrey!”
Audrey sighed, and pulled out a small, wooden ocarina from her pocket. She took a deep breath, and played a beautiful melody. As she played, the looming clouds closed in on her, the world around her becoming darker and darker. Eyala waved goodbye. What was that supposed to mean?
She finished playing. Everything was pitch black. Where was Eyala? Suddenly, an eye opened. It didn’t look like an eye, it just looked like... a white sphere.
“If you’re gonna sneak up on me like that, then at least show yourself!” shouted Audrey.
The eye blinked, and the rest of the body started showing. She had beautiful flowing rainbow hair, obscuring her left eye. Her skin was pitch black like the void.
So this was Eya!
“Hello, Audrey,” said Eya. Her voice was mesmerizing, though she didn’t seem to have a mouth.
“H-Hi, Eya...” replied Audrey, hesitantly.
“As you may know, you have completed your deed of ending the universe and paving a path for the next one.”
“There is a reward waiting for you. I did not want to reveal it to you when you were first chosen, because I did not know how you would react to it.”
Audrey nervously nodded.
“As a reward for ending the universe that all Heroes get, you will become my new messenger.”
“Oh, okay,” said Audrey.
Audrey paused. She replayed what Eya just said in her head. She kept on replaying it, trying to figure it out, but then she realized.
“Wait, WHAT!? I’M the new messenger!? Are you sure I’m the right person for this? Where’s Eyala??”
“She’s moved on.”
“No, she’s moved on.”
Audrey knew she couldn’t stay on that topic for too long. She needed to figure out she would even be a messenger of a literal goddess!
Eya took a deep breath, and started singing. Her singing voice was beautiful, so beautiful that she almost didn’t notice her skin becoming stalk white. She watched herself transform into a completely different person. Her clothes melded into her skin, also becoming white. Her hair tassels grew, almost being the length of her body, and now her hair was pitch black, fading to white further down her tassels. It seemed that she was able to control her hair tassels now, like arms, which was good, because her actual arms seemed to be shrinking into themselves, until there was no evidence of them ever existing. Her bangs grew, so they covered her eyes, though she was still somehow able to see.
Eya finished singing, and Audrey took a look at her new form.
“Hello...” began Eya. She thought for a bit.
A flash of light shined through, and all she could see was white.