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Thundering demise

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At already nightly hours one could still see some illuminated windows of the new Jade Chamber, one of them belonging to the Tianquan’s personal office. There one could see two concentrated figures slightly hunched over, what seemed to be an endless amount of papers, laying atop of a sturdy ornamented table made out of Liyue’s finest wood. A huge silk lantern basked everything in a light orange hue, which reflected in well polished wood panelling and the other warm gold and brown tones in the chamber.

The first figure that being the most famed business woman in all teyvat, who’s wit and beauty, was in everyone’s mouth, and also the current Tianquan, stroked a strand of her white hair back before looking up from her papers. The predicament of being trapped in this white paper hell, left her utterly bored. A drink is the only thing that could stir up her mood or perhaps also the woman that sat opposite to her. Lilac hair, an, in concentration scrunched up face and attentive pink eyes, is what Ningguang found before her. Too bad Keqing didn’t hold her attention but the papers before her did. That had to change.


“Fetch me a bottle of Osmanthus wine will you. Ohh and also that paper stack, Ganyu talked about, while you’re at it”

Ningguang mused before picking her pen up again. She and Keqing had one of their weekly meetings and while most workers had already long left the Jade Chamber, both of them were stuck finishing the latest landproject bill surrounding the Chasm. Keqing being used to Ningguang’s antics decided to ignore her request for the time being as she has grown increasingly annoyed by the presence of the white haired woman and her ridiculous demands.

“Come on, it won’t take you long”

“Concentrate on your work insufferable

Ningguang let out a giggle at that. And while she knew that coaxing wouldn’t get her to do it, riling up the younger girl was for now too much fun by itself. After all Keqing was no merchant that would have continued to drag this conversation out and gotten helplessly stuck in her finely woven nets out of words, that were actually just deathtraps. No, her younger coworker was too smart for that but Ningguang had her ways in taming wildcats and also found her recent entertainment in this.

As Keqing still rested on her chair, giving her one of her adorable scowls, Ningguang added with a little smirk,

“Do as I say and i might just give want you want.”

Not really caring about Keqing’s reaction, she went back to scribbling more phrases down with melticous care that probably were precise instructions advising her subordinates to go through legal loopholes to sate her hunger for mora or perhaps she was actually working on the landproject bill. Nevertheless, the completed reconstruction of the Jade Chamber wouldn’t pay itself after all. However this would mean that Keqing would have one of her many outbursts in her office, stomping through the door and cursing her for her ‘shallow business practices’. Living up to her name the driving thunder with it her fury before having to flee from Ningguang’s teasing.

Keqing, meanwhile, was stunned speechless, she wanted to quip a witty remark but the words faded on her tongue. Besides, she couldn’t trust her voice not to break, so she just looked at Ningguang like an angry kitten that got her meal taken away. A lovely hue started to bloom on her cheeks as the underlying intention, laced in between her words, lied clear. This insufferable woman had yet again managed to not just command her to see to her needs like it was her birth right but also indirectly mocked her aristocratic dignity with it. While she was still pondering over what snarky remark she should give back, her legs decided to see to Ningguang’s request. Damn that smug woman for knowing exactly how to push her buttons.