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Overflowing Feelings

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“Why do I need this thing again?” Ei asks, poking her cock. “Are we having more children?”

“Not tonight,” Miko replies. “Komi and I just have something… special… planned, and that will be more visible for us.”

“Exactly,” Kokomi agrees. “Now just wait here, okay? And sit on the edge of the bed.”

Ei does as asked, more than slightly confused. That confusion is only intensified by how Miko and Kokomi promptly head into the bathroom.

“…Maybe it’s some kind of abandonment play?” Ei wonders. “They’ll fuck in there, but I can’t watch or touch myself, just listen…?”

That doesn’t sound terribly like something Miko or Kokomi would be interested in, but Ei doesn’t really have any better guesses.

The bathroom door swings open again, revealing Miko and Kokomi in very skimpy, sheer dresses. Ei swallows, feeling her cock immediately starting to stiffen at the sight — Miko in purple and Kokomi in blue. Ei hadn’t known that they made clothing that looked so much like lingerie — can it even really be called clothing? There’s no way someone could wear dresses like those outside.

“Someone’s happy to see us,” Miko coos.

Ei can only nod, mouth dry, watching helplessly as Miko and Kokomi stalk closer to her. They sit down on either side of her, pressing her arms in between their breasts as they each reach down and place a hand on her growing hardness.

“What are you imagining?” Kokomi breathes in her ear, her small hand gently rubbing the head of Ei’s rod. “What do you think we’re going to do for you?”

“She won’t figure it out,” Miko says confidently, her own hand jacking Ei’s shaft. “It’d never even occur to her.”

“It might,” Kokomi giggles, her breath ghosting over Ei’s ear and making her shiver. “Go on, Ei. Take a guess.”

“…Y-You’re going to take care of me while dressed like that?” Ei offers weakly, head spinning. Her wives are already gorgeous, and in those outfits…

Ei can’t think at all. She’s sure Miko would have some choice words about ‘Ei’ and ‘thinking’ if she were foolish enough to voice that fact aloud, so she won’t, but…

“Told you she wouldn’t get it,” Miko snickers. She nibbles on Ei’s ear. “Our god is beautiful and mighty… but she can’t be counted on for her brains.”

“Who cares?” Kokomi asks, tongue trailing circles on Ei’s neck. “She’s hot, and she fucks us so well…”

Ei shivers at the sensations assaulting her. Between her wives’ fingers on her cock and the attention they’re paying to some of her most sensitive spots…

Ei feels a climax rising, and then…

They stop.

“I-I was close!” Ei whines.

“We could tell,” Kokomi says, pulling her into a kiss.

“That’s why we stopped,” Miko purrs into her ear, wrapping her in a hug from behind. “We want you worked up tonight.”

Very worked up,” Kokomi whispers as she draws back, a seductive smile on her face. “Now you just sit here, okay?”

Ei watches as Miko and Kokomi rise to their feet and move towards the center of the bedroom. She has no idea what’s going on, but she really wants to cum.

“Feel free to touch yourself, but you can’t cum until we tell you, okay?” Miko warns.

Ei nods miserably.

Miko pulls a small charm from… somewhere… and flicks it up into the air, where it hovers. Music begins to play and Ei regards it with curiosity — the kitsune arts that have been passed down in the Hakushin lineage are always of interest to her, and she hasn’t seen this one before. She wonders if she can incorporate it into a design of some kind.

Her attention is drawn back to Miko and Kokomi when they begin to dance. It’s a slow dance that matches the music, but it involves a lot of rubbing up against one another.

Ei swallows and slowly begins to jack herself off as she watches Kokomi cup Miko’s breast in her hand and kiss her sensually, the act obviously more for Ei’s benefit than theirs given how obvious their Divine Priestess is about adding her tongue into the mix, creating a small gap between their lips that lets Ei see their tongues playing together.

It’s incredibly hot. Kokomi is much shorter than Miko, but she’s dominating the dance — whether it’s initiating kisses by yanking on Miko’s lacy collar or being the one to start an instance of aggressive body contact, everything seems to be from Kokomi’s side.

And then, as Kokomi grinds her ass against their kitsune’s waist, Miko reaches out and slowly pulls off their wife’s dress.

Kokomi cooperates, of course, but the action is all Miko. Ei groans as Kokomi’s stomach is exposed and has to squeeze down on the base of her shaft when the dress comes all of the way off to reveal the barely-there bra and tiny thong that their wife is wearing. If she had thought the outfit made Kokomi look sexy before…

Miko cups Kokomi’s breasts from behind, thumbs obviously toying with their Divine Priestess’s nipples through the bra. Ei watches as their kitsune lightly bites down on Kokomi’s earlobe, their bodies still rubbing against one another as they dance.

“You’re so hot,” Ei groans. She’s painfully hard, aching to cum, but forces her hand to release its grip on her shaft so that she can obey her wives’ command to hold herself back.

She receives a pair of giggles in response, and then Kokomi spins around to divest Miko of her own dress. Miko, unlike Kokomi, isn’t wearing underwear at all, and her breasts bounce out to envelop their wife’s face. Kokomi immediately begins pressing kisses and licks against them, and after she stays pressed up against one and finally pulls back…

Ei gasps at the sight of the marks of Kokomi’s teeth on Miko’s flawless skin, and shivers at the seductive smile Kokomi directs towards Ei herself.

When Miko leans down and tugs off Kokomi’s bra with her teeth, Ei needs to resort to her control of her puppet body to prevent herself from cumming. She’s not sure how they’d have expected her to endure this kind of teasing if she had a normal body — her willpower is enormous, but even it has its limits.

Limits that, Ei reflects as her wives sashay towards her and begin rubbing their breasts against her face, she is long past.

“Miko, Komi… Please,” Ei begs, unable to stop stroking herself despite how painful forcing herself to remain on the edge is. “Please, I need to cum…”

Instead of responding verbally, her wives lean in and place wet tongue kisses on each of her cheeks. Ei feels her heart hammering in her chest, and her head is spinning.

Why had she even designed this puppet body to have a functional heart anyway? She finds herself wishing she’d left that out, because she thinks she may faint.

“You look so desperate,” Miko coos, wrapping her hands around the back of Ei’s head as she buries Ei’s face in her chest. “Poor baby.”

Ei whimpers. The feeling of Miko’s breasts wrapped around her head, the scent of Miko, slightly sweaty from her dancing… It’s all too much even before she feels Kokomi lick the head of her cock.

Ei is going to go insane. Her wives are going to completely break her.

And Ei isn’t sure she minds being broken, not when it’s in such a pleasurable way.

“You’re leaking like crazy,” Kokomi giggles, her breath ghosting over Ei’s tip, which has been rendered all the more sensitive by their Divine Priestess’s saliva. “So cute.”

“Make sure you don’t cum,” Miko warns teasingly as she settles into Ei’s lap, Ei’s hardness resting behind her so Kokomi can continue to tease it with light licks. “Okay?”

Ei doesn’t get the chance to respond, because Miko is making out with her sloppily. Their kitsune’s hands are all over her chest, her tongue is aggressively seeking to dominate the kiss, she’s wiggling her hips to add her own stimulation to Ei’s cock, which is quickly growing slick with Miko’s own dripping juices…

But Ei has been ordered not to cum, and so she won’t.

“You’re so big,” Kokomi murmurs, dragging her tongue from the base to the tip. “I still can’t believe you fit inside of me. How does it feel, Ei? Do you like it when you put your huge, beastly cock inside of my tiny, adorable little pussy? Do you imagine yourself splitting me in half, breaking me, fucking my brains out until I’m a drooling idiot who will never be able to think of anything except your cock again?”

Ei had not, in fact, ever had such thoughts before: she’s only ever marveled at how lucky she is that Kokomi loves her so much. But now that Kokomi’s put them in her head…

Ei is scared of how much they turn her on. She would never want to do it, never want to fuck Kokomi’s entire personality out of her… but the idea is hot, all the more so given it came from their Divine Priestess’s own lips.

Look at you,” Miko teases, stroking Ei’s cheeks, the downstroke of her hip motions growing more forceful and serving to rub Ei’s shaft against Kokomi’s lips. “You look almost feral, Ei. Like you might attack us at any moment… But you won’t, right? You’ll be our good girl, you’ll sit here and let us do whatever we want? You’ll let us use you as our little toy? You said it to me yourself, didn’t you… that you turned yourself into a living sex toy?”

“A very good one,” Kokomi sighs wistfully. She envelops the head of Ei’s cock in her mouth, but doesn’t go any deeper: she just lets her tongue swirl around, playing with the tip and teasing yet more pre from Ei’s already-leaking slit.

Ei wants so very badly to buck her hips, to force her cock into Kokomi’s throat, but she resists. Miko is right, damn her — Ei will be their good girl.

Kokomi is teasing her so, so cruelly, Ei thinks. She’s slowly sinking down on Ei’s shaft, but after every centimeter of progress she makes she pulls back all the way until only the tip remains, then begins again until she’s made a little more progress… and all the while her tiny, skilled tongue is lavishing attention on every part of Ei’s cock that it can reach.

Ei’s hands twitch, and she forces herself to keep them still, to not grab Kokomi’s head and force her down. She’s never been that rough with Kokomi, never treated Miko like that after they regained some stability… but it’s so, so hard to resist, because she wants to. She wants to use Kokomi’s throat like a sleeve, pound down into her until she floods their Divine Priestess’s stomach with what will no doubt be an enormous load given how turned on she is and how much they’ve been tempting her.

Miko’s hands are running all over her stomach, tracing her abs with light touches. Kokomi’s don’t seem to be anywhere on Ei’s body at all, so she assumes that their wife must be using them to touch herself… something Ei finds horribly unfair given she’s not allowed to actually get off.

Ei gasps softly as Miko rubs their chests together, stiff nipples brushing against one another in a way that makes her shiver. Miko looks deep into her eyes and smiles, then slowly slides down to join Kokomi in kneeling before her.

“Let me have a taste,” Miko murmurs, and Kokomi obliges by letting Ei’s cock slide out of her mouth with a loud pop. Miko immediately sucks it into her mouth, gently grazing it with her teeth.

Ei groans and throws her head back — and is thoroughly unprepared for Kokomi’s tongue to begin toying with her balls. She instinctively jerks up, pushing her rod against the roof of Miko’s mouth.

“Bad girl,” Miko scolds, pulling away. “Stay still, or we’ll leave you like this. Right, Komi?”

“Right,” Kokomi agrees, smiling gently at Ei in a way that’s completely at odds with the cruelty of her words. “Be a good girl, Ei.”

Right now, Ei would very much like to stop being a good girl and become the kind of bad girl who would ravage her wives senseless… but she said she’d wait for them to give her permission to cum.

Miko resumes her torturously slow sucking, the way she continues to let her teeth scrape against Ei’s skin both terrifying and arousing. Kokomi lets one of Ei’s balls slip into her mouth, and the feeling of the warm, wet cavern around it makes Ei squeeze her eyes shut.

She’s turned off her ability to cum on the level of the puppet body, and yet it still feels like she’s going to lose the ability to keep it in. The extent to which her wives are able to arouse her, to push every button she has and make her tremble with need, is almost enough to make Ei question which side of things actually consists of almighty gods.

Miko’s head bobs forward, taking Ei deep in her throat until her lips press against Ei’s body. She holds herself like that, tongue exploring Ei’s shaft, then slowly pulls back. Ei’s legs tremble as she attempts to hold herself in place rather than rise in an attempt to keep herself sheathed in Miko’s mouth.

Miko withdraws all the way, passing off to Kokomi once more. Kokomi flicks her tongue against the head, plays with the tip, then looks up at Ei and says…

“Good girl, Ei. If you keep it up, maybe we’ll let you cum tomorrow!”

Ei’s mind goes blank.


Barely conscious of what she’s doing, she seizes Kokomi’s head and slams her forward, hilting her cock to the base in her wife’s mouth.

“Enough with the teasing,” Ei snarls, her grip on Kokomi allowing her to use her wife like a toy. She roughly moves Kokomi along her shaft, enjoying the sensation of being in control. “Tomorrow? What kind of bullshit is that? I tried to be your good girl! I tried! But I’ve got my limits, and you little whores pushed me past them! If you wanted me to be good, maybe you should have been good to me!”

Ei pauses for a moment, an idea striking her.

“Or maybe this is what you wanted,” she growls, increasing the pace at which she fucks Kokomi’s face. “Maybe you wanted me to snap, to fuck you into your place. You mentioned breaking you earlier, didn’t you, you slutty little priestess? Maybe I should!”

She pulls Kokomi off of her long enough to demand: “Well, bitch?”

Ei can barely believe the words coming out of her mouth, but she’s caught up in the moment. She’ll apologize later if it’s too much, but right now she can’t st—

“Yes,” Kokomi gasps out, face more ecstatic than Ei thinks she’s ever seen. “Please.”

“Slut,” Miko accuses. “She breaks the rules and all you can do is beg for more? Patheti—”

Ei cuts Miko off by shoving her cock down her throat.

“At least she’s honest with herself,” Ei growls. “Unlike you, my slutty little fox. You want this just as badly, don’t you? You two planned this, to see how far you could push me. To see what would happen when I snap.”

“We did,” Kokomi moans. Ei glances down at her and lets out a laugh when she sees how her Divine Priestess is frantically rubbing at her clit as she watches Ei fuck Miko’s face. “We were hoping you would punish us like this…! So please, just fuck me already!”

Ei laughs and half-tosses Miko back.

“Sure,” she agrees.

Ei lifts her Divine Priestess into the air and slams her down on her cock — and based on the loud cry Kokomi lets out and the way her eyes roll back, that alone was enough to make her cum hard.

“That’s all it takes? Really?” Ei laughs. “And here I’d been working so hard to get you off in the past, when all I had to do was treat you like a toy.”

She pumps into Kokomi for a little while, delighting in the way her wife gasps and moans, then tosses her onto the bed and turns to Miko. A jerk of her head has Miko rushing to get on top of Kokomi, and both gaze back at Ei.

Ei licks her lips — the sight of her wives’ pussies pressed tightly together makes her want to eat them out, but right now she’s on the verge of going mad. She presses her shaft between them, angling such that she’ll rub against both of their clits, and begins to thrust up between their bodies.

“Your skin is so smooth,” Ei groans. “It’s like it was made for this… I never would have guessed this would feel so good.”

“Every bit of us is yours, Ei,” Miko moans. Her body shudders as Ei’s cock glides forward, and Ei is quite sure that Miko has now cum as well.

“I’m done holding back,” Ei announces gruffly. “Get ready.”

Her wives’ eyes widen and they press their bodies even more tightly together.

“Go on, Ei,” Kokomi begs. “Paint us!”

Ei needs no further prompting, her next thrust resulting in a long, low, groan escaping from her mouth as she finally, finally unloads. She doesn’t stop for nearly an entire minute, and when she pulls back her lovers’ bellies are absolutely coated in her divine seed.

“Clean each other up,” Ei orders, collapsing onto the bed.

She feels spent, but watches with a smile as Miko and Kokomi lick the cum off of each others’ bodies.

“Now come here,” Ei says, beckoning with arms spread wide. Her wives crawl over to her and collapse into her embrace, and Ei smiles down at them. “Next time you want me to be rough with you, just tell me. Please don’t drive me insane like that again.”

Kokomi and Miko share a guilty look, then nod.

“Sorry,” Kokomi murmurs. “It was my idea. I wanted to see what you’d be like if you lost your mind… but you still kept yourself from going very far at all.”

“Kind of disappointing, really,” Miko sighs. “I was hoping you’d wreck my pussy.”

“I was too far gone,” Ei says, shaking her head. “I can’t believe I even let myself fuck you at all in that state, Kokomi — if I had been just a little more out of control, I might have actually hurt one of you…”

“You would never hurt us,” Kokomi says, pressing a kiss to Ei’s cheek. “I trust you, Ei, even at your wildest… and tonight, you showed off just why that is.”

“Komi’s right,” Miko agrees. “You’re just too good for that.”

How Miko manages to make ‘good’ sound like an insult, Ei’s really not sure, but it puts a smile on her face.

“Thank you for trusting me,” she whispers, letting her eyes slip shut. “I love you both…”

Ei drifts off to sleep, the sound of her wives’ voices the most beautiful lullaby she could ever imagine.