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A Gift from Huey

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"Edmond! The tea we drank and the cups we used, they were the Great Sorcerer's, and it turns out that it probably... had some... side effects..." Eiden trails off as he takes in the scene. Edmond is sprawled on the bed, hair a sweaty mess, dazed and still gripping covers that show holes torn in them. His clothes are in a slight disarray but he'd clearly had no chance to actually take anything off, aside from his boots, and they're practically transparent in places from sweat and... other things.

Edmond manages to focus on Eiden. "What... what side effects?" he says, shaky, but thunderclouds beginning to gather.

"Well... so... well... the thing is..." Eiden says, eyes roaming over Edmond and trying to think about whether there was any good way to put this.

"Out with it!" Edmond's gathering rage is clearly giving him his focus back. "What have you done now?"

"Well, so..." Eiden says, "It turns out that if you both drink that specific tea from that specific tea set, and since I had the gold cup and you had the blue iris cup... um... You feel everything I feel now whenever I... share essence with someone."

Edmond takes several moments to digest this, going even redder and incredulous. "You... that... already?! Today?! How many times?!"

"Ahaha, well, I've been away for a while, so..." Eiden says, shrugging.

"You... degenerate! Do you have any shame? How... it.." Edmond tries to lever himself up on shaky arms to glare properly.

"Well, just, everyone's essence is really intense today! I can't help it, you know how it is... haha, I guess today you really do know!" Eiden says, laughing sheepishly.

"Stop talking! Shut up! I can't believe this! I can't believe you! Leave! Leave and desist from your shameless actions!" Edmond raises a wobbly arm to imperiously point at the door.

"Aww, Edmond, c'mon! I know how to fix it!" Eiden says.

"You had better, you.." Edmond says.

"We just have to regulate your essence and then I drink the tea again and then you're back to normal!" Eiden said, pushing his luck and coming closer.

Edmond's eyes glaze over momentarily before he collects himself. "Wait, why don't you just refrain from being a pervert for once?" he yells. His eyes are still tracking Eiden as he gets closer.

"Oh, it's no trouble, don't worry yourself! I can still handle it," Eiden says sunnily, now by the side of the ruined bed.

"No... that's not what I meant! Obviously! There's no problem if you don't make it a problem!" Edmond says. He's still scowling and red, but he's not doing anything else. Eiden can sympathize. There's no way Edmond is going to be able to admit it, but he's probably dying for some real life touches instead of the phantom ones he's been subjected to all morning and afternoon. Also he's probably dying for some real life dicking. Time to get him to give in to what he wants!

"C'mon, let's just get this fixed and over with!" Should he? Why not, he wouldn't feel like himself if he didn't push his luck once in a while. "And this seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity anyways!"

"For what?" Edmond demands, furiously. He's starting to breathe more heavily, Eiden notices.

"To see what it feels like to get to fuck you!" Eiden says, and grins at Edmond. Edmond is speechless, although clearly that isn't going to last long, given the look on his face. Eiden decides to just move forward.

"Let's get you out of these things, at least, that can't be comfortable," he says, and works on getting Edmond out of his bodysuit with practiced hands, stroking along covered and uncovered skin as he goes.

"Unhand me! I can't believe you, this, this is all your fault!" Edmond says. But even as Edmond berates him, he practically melts into Eiden's touch. Eiden hums sympathetically. He makes his strokes even broader, covering more of Edmond's body with each brush of his hands, and Edmond lets out an actual sigh. Man, what must it have been like for him all this time?

He gets the last of Edmond's clothes off, and decides to get on with things a little faster than he'd intended in sympathy. He quickly just drops his pants and underwear and then gets back to petting Edmond's sides and chest, touching as much of his skin as possible. He gets his fingers in position as he hums soothingly at Edmond, not giving him a chance to collect himself. He means to circle teasingly at Edmond's hole, but his finger sinks in right away. Edmond makes a strangled noise and clutches at Eiden, wide eyed.

"Oh, you're so open, just from having felt what I was doing... Normally you're so tight at the start." Eiden says, marveling. He can feel Edmond's hole flutter at those words. "Who did you like best? Was it... oh, wait, hm, Kuya was one." Eiden continued in a lower tone, " I don't know if that's an ideal match up or a terrible match up..."

"I don't... I don't care! I'm never thinking about this again!" Edmond says.

Eiden ignores him. "Oh, but first was Yakumo, that's a little intense to have right off the bat, huh?"

"Ya... Yakumo?" Edmond says.

"Mm-hm. You wouldn't expect it of him, right? But once he gets going he's unstoppable, and he gets so deep." Eiden trails off, remembering. Edmond's legs spread a little wider and he looks dazed. Eiden puts a pin in that. And another finger in Edmond, stretching him out. Normally he loves to tease Edmond for ages and ages, but uh, Edmond's probably good on that for today. Oh, speaking of...

"Then, oh wow, next was Kuya. Which, really, I don't even know how that'd be secondhand? It's so intense, and the... you know... haha, I guess really you know?" Edmond scowls at him. Eiden keeps going, "Like he wasn't letting me come... but you could come... but it wouldn't have helped because I couldn't come... Wait, that sounds really hot, actually. I wish I could have seen that... Do you think..." he pauses to look at Edmond, whose face is trying to form some kind of combination of maximum rage and maximum embarrassment that seems to be be leaving him on the verge of passing out. So... no. But Eiden still tucks away a mental note on that one, too.

"And then Quincy. He always says it's so troublesome, but you just need to know how to get him going, you know? And he's so so big, and thick, mmm." He puts a third finger in now. This is going so fast, Edmond is so wet and ready. He's trembling a little, so open, maybe thinking about how it'd felt on his end, too. "I always like to tease him a little, too, make him give me what I want. And then he really, really does. Isn't he good at it? Wasn't it so nice after all the teasing before?" Eiden sighs a little, but doesn't stop his busy fingers.

"How... how long are you going to talk?" Edmond grits out.

"Hmmm, getting impatient?" Eiden says, teasingly. "I just thought maybe you'd be curious about it!" Eiden spreads his fingers as wide as they can go just as Edmond opens his mouth to retort, causing him to practically wail, god, so hot.

After a couple more seconds of Eiden's work, Edmond speaks up. "P... put it..." Edmond says, pushing at Eiden's shoulder and then pulling him back in immediately. "Put it... in..." he finishes, so softly Eiden can barely hear him, but he can definitely hear the desperation.

"Hm? But I am putting it in~" he says, dragging his fingers along Edmond's walls for emphasis.

"A-ah! It... you... Why are you... You know what I meant!" Edmond says between gasps.

"Maybe I like to hear you say what you want, Vice Captain," Eiden purrs, not relenting at all. "I like how bad you want it. You can feel it, can't you? Even on my fingers, it's clinging so much." Edmond gasps and starts panting.

"P... Please... I'm going to... Just do it!" he says, voice rising and tears forming in his eyes.

"Oh? Is that so? Well, since you asked," Eiden says. "Are you ready for this? You should pay attention! It's really something!" Edmond makes a strangled noise.

"Don't talk! Stop talking! This is just to fix things! I don't care about your perverted ideas!" Edmond says. His voice is broken, and his body squeezes around Eiden's fingers, though.

"So wet... you're squeezing me so tight already... " Eiden croons, and Edmond whines. Eiden draws his fingers back and lines up. "Here I go~" he says.

Eiden pushes in, and Edmond's body gives in so sweetly and easily. He's so slick, and soft, and he's always so ready to be filled. "Oh... ah... are you feeling it? You're so wet, so greedy... you feel so tight on me... your body wants it so bad, you're so good at taking my cock..." Eiden says, going wild thinking about what Edmond must be feeling. Edmond is open mouthed, glassy eyed, so so red. He squirms at Eiden's words and gasps at the feeling. Eiden pulls almost all the way out and then slams back in and Edmond arches and keens and comes, causing his body to pull on Eiden's cock almost unbearably tight.

"Oh, oh, it feels so good, Edmond, you feel it, right? Your body pulling me in? It wants to be filled so bad, it's squeezing me so tight, Edmond," Eiden babbles, grinding in through Edmond's aftershocks. Edmond hiccups, still coming and coming. No wonder, though, this feels amazing... he's not sure if he can hold out like this. But he wanted to show Edmond this too, so really, why not let go?

"Ah... ah, coming, I'm coming, Edmond, so good!" he says, snapping his hips in now, rushing, chasing his own orgasm in the grip of Edmond's body. He comes in a rush of heat as he listens to Edmond's cries pitch suddenly louder, oh yeah, wait, Edmond would be sharing this, too, right? Fuck this is seriously so hot, he's got to see if Huey left any notes. He slows down a little but doesn't stop, gently thrusting still.

"St... stop, you... you can't, I can't... aah!" Edmond says, gasping.

"Oh, no, you have to feel this too, Edmond, isn't it even better feeling when I fuck you while you're all slick inside from my come? Still so tight, though, you're still pulling on my cock so hard, your body feels so good..." Eiden says. Edmond moans. He looks completely lost, tears in the corners of his eyes. His cock is hard again, or maybe still hard. What if...

Eiden starts up a steady pace again, sliding easily in and out in the mess of his come even as Edmond's hole still pulses around him. With all the essence thick in the air, he hasn't had a chance to go soft at all, either. He rests one hand on Edmond's hip, stabilizing him, while the other hand reaches out to...

"Nhh! Ah! Don't... no, it... aaah!" Edmond says, almost despairing, as Eiden starts stroking his cock.

"Edmond, oh, I bet that feels so good, doesn't it? Feeling how wet you are, how hot you are, how soft, on your cock... and then this, too..." Eiden says. He lovingly circles his thumb across the head of Edmond's cock. Edmond makes a series of strangled noises and lifts off the bed and comes again, spectacularly, even getting some on Eiden's face as he hovers raptly over Edmond.

"Look at you, how filthy, Vice Captain, coming so much... I don't see how you can help it though, getting to feel how good you feel inside, how good it feels to fuck you..." Eiden says. Although he isn't even sure if Edmond can hear him as he's shaking apart, orgasm still ripping through him.

Eiden doesn't let up for one second on Edmond's cock or on the pace he's thrusting into Edmond's willing body, listening to Edmond's helpless noises, but they're sort of revving him up again. Edmond just sounds so lost, actually giving voice to how he feels, it's always the best when Eiden gets him to let go. Eiden can't believe he's actually going to be able to come again after the day he's had, but this essence business is seriously no joke. He starts to speed up, which somehow kicks Edmond's noises up another notch. Oh, there's no way he can last like this, and... he doesn't, spilling again into Edmond as he keens.

They both stay where they are, panting for a bit. Eiden absently rubs his thumb on Edmond's side as they both finally soften, and Eiden carefully pulls out as Edmond hisses softly.

Eiden pulls back to look at Edmond, who's managed to become even more of a wreck than he was before, somehow. But a very relaxed one this time. He can't help but lean in and kiss Edmond for the soft look on his face, finally fucked out enough after suffering half the day. They trade kisses for a little while, gentle, their essences quiet.

As Edmond finally pulls away from the kisses, his eyes sharpen. The atmosphere changes. Uh oh. He leans in and kisses Eiden again one more time, testing, and then scowls. "Wait... wait, it's worn off!" he says, indignant.

"Oh, haha, wow! Strange!" Eiden says.

"You mean... it was almost done? We just had to wait for this long and I would have been fine!?" Edmond says, getting redder and redder.

"Ha ha, I guess so! What crazy timing! Aw, don't glare at me like that, you had fun, right?" Eiden says, beaming down at Edmond.

"Scoundrel! I swear I'll run you through for this!" Edmond blusters. He clearly doesn't have the energy to do more than bluster, though, his body still limp and satisfied.

"Oh~? You're going to penetrate me with your weapon~? Did you get a taste for it then, Edmond? I can work with that~" Eiden says.

"Shameless! I... I...." Edmond says.

"Yes, yes, I know, I know. Let's get you cleaned up, though, I can call someone to set up a bath in the next room?" Eiden says, fondly. Edmond humphs and looks to the side, basically agreeing.

Eiden is going to see if he can actually get Edmond to nap after having a bath, which would be an absolute first, but Edmond's certainly been through enough, right? It might happen. And then Eiden has some big, big plans for this tea. He's absolutely got to see what this is like from the other side. Now, who would be best~? And what if he got Edmond to do it again, but he could be in the room this time... oh or maybe...