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There's a Wolf Next Door

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"Have you seen the new neighbors?" 

"We have new neighbors?" 

Dean rolled his eyes. "They've only been moving in for the past day or two."

His partner thwapped his arm. "No need to be pissy." She peered out of the window beside him and 'oooh'd' in delight. 

"Lisa, tell me you're seeing what I'm seeing." 

"Yeah, baby I think I am. They look like a cute little family. Gotta be newly weds if the touching is anything to go by." Patting Dean's chest affectionately, Lisa smiled at him. "You remember our first house?" 

Dean scowled. "What? No!" He pointed out the window. "You don't think it's crazy?" 

"Well you know love, times are changing."

"Times are changing?" Dean blinked at her incredulously. "That could be the end of us! Like, we could die!" 

"Aren't you being a tad melodramatic?" Lisa raised an eyebrow. "They're just a young couple in love, who cares if they're both men?" 

Dean stared and then shook his head. "Lisa, seriously?" 

"Well, I was starting to get concerned."

"I mean, you know about my brother, come on!" 

Lisa tucked her hair behind her ear. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to jump to conclusions, it's just you were getting so worked up."

"Not about them!" Dean retorted. "I'm talking about that!" he jabbed a finger at the window and glared. 

"Oh!" Lisa exclaimed. "My days, he is adorable!"

"Adorable?!" Dean squeaked. "It's a fricken wolf!" He stared wide eyed at the beast now sat not two feet from their house, watching them, head clocked, tongue lolling. 

"He looks friendly."

"Oh I'm sure they all do until they eat your face off."

"Oh don't be silly," Lisa replied and headed for the front door. "I'm going to say hi, I wonder if he likes biscuits. Ben will be so excited when he gets home from school."

"Lisa… no…" Dean hissed but she was already outside. "Damn it woman." He jumped back and pressed against the wall when he was suddenly joined by an exuberant wolf who got on his hind legs and proceeded to lick his face. Probably getting a taster, Dean thought to himself. He grimaced and tried to edge away only to freeze when the beast barked. "Get off me you hell hound." 


A tall, dark haired, clean cut looking man followed the voice. 

"Dief, down!" 

Dean finally started breathing again once the wolf freed him. Who the hell kept a friggin wolf? What, they had one tiny apocalypse and just anything goes? 

"I'm terribly sorry about that," the good looking man was saying, "he gets very excited to meet new people, it doesn't help that he was already overly enthusiastic about the new home. You have my apologies anyway."

"Thanks," Dean replied gruffly. The man was too earnest, too squeaky, reminded him of Cas, now there was a wistful memory. "Uh and you are?" 

"Oh do forgive me!" The man held out his hand. "Corporal Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police."

"A Mountie?" Dean shook the guy's hand hesitantly. "Here, in America."

The man, Benton, smiled. "Yes, it's a long story, takes about two hours to tell. I was based in Chicago but circumstances have brought me here with my partner Ray. It looks like we're going to be neighbours." 

"Welcome to the neighborhood." 

"Thank you kindly."

Dean managed a twitch of a smile as the man excused himself, unfortunately leaving behind his wolf who hadn't stopped staring at him. "Uh, could you…could you get him to stop?" Dean called out. 

Benton reappeared briefly. "Oh I'm afraid that will be quite impossible. I wouldn't worry, city living has made him soft, he isn't quite the predator he once was."

The wolf grumbled and turned to glare at Benton. 

"Well you're not." Benton threw Dean an apologetic smile and vanished again. 

"Great, he talks to the wolf, because my life wasn't weird enough. Bet he's a friggin demon or something too." 

The wolf let out a few yaps and Dean was once again the focus of his attention. If he didn't know better, he would swear the damn wolf was laughing at him. It was days like these that made him regret walking away from hunting. Now if only he could get to his gun.