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“Ei, my love, you know that stupid thing that’s like… would you still love me if I was a worm?” Miko asked, chin in her hands and staring across the flimsy plastic table at Ei.

“Yes, I would still love you even if you were a worm.” Ei confirmed, taking a bite out of her apple and crunching loudly.

“No, my question is… would you help me hide a body if I murdered someone?” Miko said nonchalantly.

Ei frowned and stared back at her.

“I… feel as if that would be the direct antithesis to what I’ve dedicated my life to? So perhaps you could just call Sara and not tell me about it.” Ei said after a moment of thought, quite satisfied with her answer.

“Well first of all, I’m offended that you didn’t immediately say you would help me, and second of all, I would like to murder Jean.” Miko rolled her eyes and tugged the salad back across the table to pick through.

Ei frowned.

“Why Jean? She’s the least confrontational person I’ve ever met.”

“Because I have given her Lisa’s number exactly nine times, Ei. I’ve been counting! And she still has not even attempted to contact her!” Miko huffed. 

“Well you know Jean, she’s… always having to stay busy.” Ei said as neutrally as possible. 

“Raiden Ei, you look me in the eyes!” Miko demanded, one hand up, two fingers out and pointing quite blatantly at her chest. And Ei was never one to disobey Yae Miko. 

“If Lisa Minci and the unfair combination of her remarkable tits and brilliant brain can’t drag Jean away from living at the hospital, I have no hope for her.” Miko nodded.

 Ei laughed brightly.

“Why don’t you just give Lisa Jean’s number then.”

“Lisa is the kind of woman that deserves to be wooed, Ei, she deserves more than chasing after Jean.” Miko spit out, and Ei recoiled in surprise.

“Would you like a shot with Lisa, my love?” She asked teasingly and Miko stuck her tongue out.

“Keep it up and you and Jean will end up living together, lonely bachelor surgeons with all the money in the world and not a single gorgeous woman to spend it on.” Miko said haughtily, and Ei let out a full laugh.

“Okay, okay. Understood. How about I talk to Jean? See if I can nudge her in the right direction. I’m sure she just needs a chance, Miko.” Ei said, soft smile on her face.

“If you get Jean to text Lisa today, you will be rewarded. Greatly.” Miko said meaningfully, one eyebrow arched and a lazy smirk on her face. Ei’s eyes widened, instantly filled with determination.

“Deal.” Ei agreed.


Which is why Ei was then racing to find Jean as soon as Miko left, grabbing the blonde by her shoulders and shaking her aggressively.

“If you don’t text Lisa tonight I’m going to find a way to ban you from surgeries for a full month.” Ei said manically. 

Jean dropped the chart she had, frowning and wide eyed, and simply held her hands up in defeat and nodded.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Jean said quietly, and Ei nodded back, and slowly walked away from her, peeking over her shoulder until Jean was out of sight.


Jean did text Lisa. She wasn’t good at that kind of thing, random solicitations via text message to a person she’d never even met, but between Miko and Ei, she wasn’t taking her chances.

Hello, my name is Jean. Miko and Ei have been pushing for us to meet, I’d love to if you’re free in these coming days?

Jean thought it sounded both polite and explained exactly who she was and why she was contacting her.

Jean then very quickly had to go back to work and didn’t have time to think about her phone or that message for the rest of the day.


That sounds lovely, Miko talks about you often. I’m free tomorrow night?

Jean read the text message again as she was changing her scrubs, thinking over in her head if she could do tomorrow night or try to do another time? But when? She was working so often, and she was the one to initiate this, it would be rude to have to haggle for days and times. If she finished work and headed home to shower and change she could… invite Lisa over for a late dinner?

I can do tomorrow, it would have to be a bit late though, perhaps around seven? If you would like to come over to mine for dinner?

Was that too many questions? Jean thought it sounded okay. But a first date at her home? Maybe that was gauche. Had she already messed up? Oh and if so, Miko would never let her hear the end of it. Jean groaned and dropped her forehead against a locker heavily.

There was a reason she forewent the intricacies of relationships and romance.

Lisa responded quickly and Jean nearly jumped as her phone buzzed. She couldn’t help the smile that grew on her face.

Sounds perfect, send me your address! I look forward to meeting you.


Jean had ordered an assortment of sushi rolls and negiri and had two of her best bottles of wine prepared for Lisa’s arrival and then spent the few remaining minutes fidgeting with her shirt and pants and making sure she and her apartment looked good.

She hadn’t been on a date in… a very long time. She was nervous, especially with all that she had heard from Miko about Lisa, about the remarkable Dr. Minci. Jean fidgeted and spied her clock, exiting her apartment to wait in the lobby in order to escort Lisa up once she arrived.

She didn’t have to wait long.

Jean spotted her immediately, so sure just from the way Miko always talked about her. Beautiful… and far too good for Jean. Surely this was a mistake?

Jean quickly opened the door to the lobby, hand already up in a wave.

“Are you Lisa? I’m Jean.” She said quickly, standing in the doorway and entirely blocking her from entering.

And the slow smile that unfurled on her lips was breathtaking.

“I am, it’s very nice to meet you, Jean.” She said so warmly. She held out her hand and Jean quickly gripped it to shake. She gestured for Lisa to enter.

“Please, come in. I’m on the sixth floor, I just wanted to be sure to meet you.” Jean explained, leading the way to the elevators.

“That’s very kind of you. This is a lovely building.” Lisa said conversationally.

“Yes, it’s been good to me. Now, you said sushi was fine so I ordered from this little place a few blocks away, on ninth.” Jean said just as the doors opened for the elevator.

“Oh, I love that place!” Lisa exclaimed, stepping inside and smiling at Jean as she pressed the button for her floor.

“Perfect, how convenient.” Jean laughed lightly, and wracked her brain for other small talk topics that were suitable for first dates.

“So, you and Ei work together?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, for years. How do you know Miko?” Jean responded, and the elevator doors dinged open and Jean led the way once again, hand hovering behind Lisa’s back as if to guide her.

“From school, many years ago. We’ve kept in touch.” Lisa said, stopping as Jean pulled out the key fob for her apartment door. She opened it and held the door for Lisa to enter, quickly offering to take her purse and coat to hang.

“That’s wonderful, Miko is… a delight.” Jean stuttered, having really only been accosted by Miko’s boisterous personality and demands on the very rare occasions when Ei was busy and Jean wasn’t.

Lisa laughed though, so beautifully, and shook her head.

“Oh you don’t need to sugarcoat Yae Miko, I know her, Jean.” Jean smiled back, dazed by how gorgeous Lisa looked.

“Right.” Jean breathed out, “That’s very true. Would you like to sit?” Jean motioned to her couch and Lisa took a seat, immediately groaning in comfort.

“This couch is outrageously comfortable.” Lisa said in surprise.

Jean laughed, exiting her kitchen.

“Thank you but I hired someone to furnish the place, I can’t take any credit. Now, I have red and white, which do you prefer?” Jean asked, holding the bottles in her hands out.

“Oh I love a nice red, thank you.” Lisa answered. Jean nodded, placed the bottle on the table and retreated to get wine glasses.

“So, Miko told me you’re a doctor?” Jean asked, setting the glasses down and pouring a glass for Lisa and a splash for herself. Lisa furrowed her brows but nodded.

“Well yes, I have a PhD, I work in a machine learning lab.” Lisa explained.

“That’s impressive. And also… trying to put me out of a job?” Jean teased, sitting down next to Lisa on the couch to finally pay full attention to her.

“Oh hardly, I’m sure your human hands will always be needed.” Lisa laughed, “but wouldn’t it be nice to have assistance? That’s largely what we’re working towards, anyway, just the assistance of a machine in operating rooms. It’ll be a long time off though.”

Jean hung on her every word, Lisa’s eyes bright as she explained her job. She nodded enthusiastically back.

“Absolutely, I’m sure there’s so many applications that could be suitable for.”

Lisa agreed, and took a sip of her wine. And it was lovely.

“May I point something out?” Lisa asked, placing her glass back on the gorgeously modern and chic coffee table before them.

“Of course.” Jean said, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

“It’s a tad… suspicious of you to pour yourself a splash of wine versus my full glass?” Lisa asked hesitantly, afraid to take the wind entirely out of Jean’s sails.

Jean’s eyes widened and she glanced between glasses.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry!” Jean exclaimed, rubbing her forehead. “I’m on call tonight. I had asked when you were free and I didn’t want to have to go back and forth with days and times… I work a lot. I don’t think I’ll get called in but… I have to be safe.” Jean sighed out, offering a crooked smile at Lisa.

“Oh, that makes much more sense. No, this is really lovely Jean. Your home is… honestly like a hotel. To be really frank, I didn’t expect all of this.” Lisa narrowed her eyes and motioned to the wine and Jean wasn’t really sure what she meant.

“How so? Do you not typically drink or…” Jean trailed off.

“It’s late… at your home.” Lisa started, and Jean still watched her intently, waiting for what she had to say, so Lisa waved her hand. “You know, never mind. This is really nice, thank you for having me over.”

“I’m not doing well, am I?” Jean asked ruefully. She leaned back against her couch and sighed. “I really am  sorry, I’m not very good at this.”

Lisa instantly felt horrible, of course, she was having a grand time so far.

“Oh no, this is going so well! Look, this is really lovely so far. You’re doing a great job.” Lisa tried to comfort, and she was a little caught off guard by how sincere Jean was about everything. It was entirely unexpected of Miko set her up with someone like that. 

Jean sighed and made to speak again but was cut off by the buzz of her apartment. Jean stood and pointed toward her door.

“That’s the food, I’m sorry, let me go grab it and I’ll be right back.” She took off, hurrying through the door and down the hall and Lisa laughed gently.

She pulled her phone out to quickly text Miko.

She’s quite adorable

That was all Lisa said, and she quickly threw her phone back on the table and stood up to peer around Jean’s living room. Admittedly, it was rather austere. She really didn’t have much in the way of decorations or personal affects. The only thing of note was a bookcase filled with framed photos, most featuring Jean or who she could only assume were friends and acquaintances. One even had Ei and Miko, all in outrageously glamorous evening attire.

Lisa smiled at the pictures, studying each one until Jean was walking back through the door.

“Well, hopefully the food saves the night.” Jean said, placed the bag on her coffee table. “Did you want to eat at the dining table or the coffee table? It doesn’t matter to me.” Jean asked, glancing to Lisa.

And then. Jean’s eyes widened again, and she was scrambling for her back pocket and mumbling no, no, no.

“Oh no, no, no!” Jean exclaimed as she peered down at a beeper in her hands.

Lisa grimaced. “You’ve gotten called in?” She asked gently.

“Yes, it’s an emergency surgery call. I… I have to go.” Jean looked up and smiled ruefully at Lisa.

“That’s alright, we tried right?” Lisa said, looking around for wherever Jean had stored her coat. Jean took a breath, eyeing Lisa thoughtfully.

“Listen, why don’t you stay. There’s all this food, and the bottle of wine. It seems a shame to just stuff it in my fridge. Here, I’ve got just about every streaming service possible, my sister makes sure of it, there’s more wine in the fridge or red on the bar if you like, why don’t you stay and eat and just relax?” Jean asked, crooked smile on her face and hopeful eyes.

Lisa looked at her questioningly.

“You just met me, and you’re offering to let me stay in your apartment while you’re gone for hours, I assume?” Lisa asked with a slight laugh.

Jean laughed back, nodding her head.

“Yes, but Miko knows you. And she’s been trying to set this up for at least a year, I trust you. Plus, I truly feel horrible, having messed all of this up. Stay and… maybe I could possibly earn another chance in the future?” Jean smiled dazzlingly at Lisa. And Lisa was immediately smitten with that beautiful smile and those hopeful blue eyes. She was so charming and cute, Lisa couldn’t help but nod.

“Okay, I’ll help myself to my favorite sushi and watch a movie, make a real night of it.” Lisa nodded, making her way back over to the couch. “I’m sorry that our night got cut short.” Lisa said and Jean sighed.

“All my fault, really. These are the remotes, TV, sound, streaming. And don’t worry about dishes or anything, just leave it all, enjoy yourself, like a hotel. I’ll clean up when I’m home.” Jean smiled, pulling her jacket on and picking up her keys. “Ah, the door auto locks and your jacket is in the closet here, for whenever you leave. And I mean it, stay as long as you like, please.”

“I will, thank you.” Lisa laughed. “And… I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say to a surgeon before surgery so, have a good night.” Lisa said, and Jean shot her one more beautiful grin and made her leave. 


So Lisa sat down, enjoyed a piece of sushi, turned the television on… and then immediately video-called Miko.

She was in the tub, bubbles all around her and glass of wine in hand when she answered, one eyebrow raised and frown on her lips.

“Shouldn’t you be on a date? Why are you calling me?” Miko asked unimpressed.

“I’m at Jean’s apartment and she just got called in for emergency surgery but she told me to stay because the food just got here.” Lisa explained, lounging back against the obscenely comfortable couch. “I kind of want to sleep with her.”

“I mean, duh. She’s hot, but stupid, if you know what I mean?” Miko gossiped.

“She’s so cute Miko!” Lisa laughed.

“Maybe for you.” Miko rolled her eyes and Lisa laughed louder.

“You’re the one that’s been trying to set us up, you clearly think she’s worth it.” Lisa said.

“Except that she abandoned you in her apartment.” Miko huffed.

“Yes but I have far too much sushi, a wonderful bottle of wine, and any movie I could possibly want to watch.” Lisa pointed out.

“What wine? Is it expensive? I know how much she makes, you know.”

“Do not tell me that, Miko. You’re the worst.” Lisa sighed, and popped another piece of sushi in her mouth. “Maybe I’ll watch a movie, how long do you think I should stay? I don’t want to be rude.”

“What you should do is rifle through her things.” Miko laughed.

“Miko!” Lisa admonished, but she did glance around in interest. “I mean, there’s hardly anything here anyway.”

“Just stay, have a nice night, maybe steal a shirt and sweatpants to be lazy in, maybe take a bath? Her apartment is disgustingly nice, I know how much it cost, you know.” Miko said, one eyebrow quirked mischievously.

“Why do you know all of this?” Lisa asked as she finally started scrolling through the various options of what to watch.

“I forced her to tell me, she’s not very generous with her personal details.” 

“Mm, you strong-armed your way into her life is what I’m hearing. Anyway, I’ll leave you to your bath and maybe text you if I get bored.” Lisa said, looking back to the screen of her phone to see Miko waving.

“Okay Lisa, have fun!” She called and blew a kiss before Lisa hung up the call.


Lisa truly tucked into the food, picking out what she wanted and setting the rest aside. Her wine was still quite full, but she topped it off and relaxed on the couch. She picked out a television show that had been lauded, figuring now was the best time to start it.

It didn’t take long for Lisa to grow bored, though. And Miko’s suggestion to rifle through Jean’s things kept creeping into the back of her mind. Lisa decided, once she was quite finished with her meal and had stored away anything leftover, that she could simply study those photos a little more intently. It wasn’t that much of an invasion of privacy, right?

So she stood, left the tv running quietly, and glanced over every photo in Jean’s bookcase. Looking at the faces, the outfits, where they were, how old the photos seemed. Jean was cute, little grins and laughter captured here and there.

And that was all nice and fun… but Lisa wanted more. She couldn’t rifle… could she? At the back of her mind, she felt there had to be some kind of pitfall to Jean, right? She was kind and sincere, she was gorgeous, a rich surgeon with a lovely apartment. Maybe there weren’t any downsides and that was why Miko wanted to set them up.

But it doesn’t hurt to check for bodies…

Lisa muted the television and played some music from her phone, loud enough to reverberate through the apartment. She poked around the kitchen, neat, orderly, all the basics needed for cooking. The fridge was barren, what looked to be a leftover store bought salad and the bottle of white wine Jean had offered earlier.

Uneventful, all in all. So Lisa made her way into the bathroom next. It was massive with a gorgeous tiled floor, the tub was remarkably inviting and Lisa was tempted, but then she spotted the shower. The two-in-one shampoo and a simple bar of soap.

There it was. Jean had no idea how to take care of herself. No food in the fridge and familiar with takeout, nothing exciting or relaxing in the bathroom, Lisa made her way to the bedroom next to see what else she could learn.

It was slightly better, she had some books stacked on a table, the bed was neatly made and looked quite comfortable. A reading chair situated just underneath a lamp, and a large walk in closet that seemed to be half full of scrubs. Lisa sighed, this poor woman.

Lisa entered her closet and poked around some, delighted to find an old, worn out Sumeru Medical School sweatshirt. She pulled it from the hanger and held it up. In fact, she decided to try it on. Lisa pulled her nice blouse off and changed into the sweatshirt, comfortable and soft.

She took a quick picture of herself in the bathroom mirror, sending it to Miko.

She went to Sumeru!

And then Lisa went back to snooping through Jean’s closet. She had an assortment of nice clothing, some suits, some dresses, and Lisa imagined her wearing them, looking dashing in both, no doubt.

Then she opened what could only be described as the wrong drawer. It contained a strap-on and boxed dildo, image on the box showing Lisa an adorable blue dildo with two white stripes at the tip, like those athletic tube socks. Lisa laughed at the sight, it was certainly cute, and she could imagine Jean… she could imagine Jean with the harness, tightly strapped around her hips and thighs, the dildo standing from between her legs.

Lisa bit her lip and slowly closed that drawer. Now she was horny.

She could leave, but she actually wanted to know more about Jean. The books on top of a small table in her bedroom caught Lisa’s eye again, and she poked through them, intrigued by the titles and genres, and decided to read the most worn and loved book there. She brought it back to the couch and set her music low, to drone in the background, and then settled back to start reading.


It was three in the morning when Jean got home, lights still on in her apartment and to her surprise, Lisa asleep on the couch with Jean’s favorite book open on her chest and a throw blanket over her legs. Lisa hadn’t texted Jean at all while she was in surgery, and Jean figured she may have just had some food and taken off, like any normal person would in the face of such a dreadful night.

But Lisa, she looked cute, sprawled out on the couch, head nodded off and arm hanging down the side. Jean put her coat away quietly and went to kneel by Lisa.

She took the book and closed it, placing it on the coffee table, and then placed her hand on Lisa’s shoulder to try to gently wake her.

Lisa grumbled and tried to roll away from Jean, but she shook her shoulder a little harder.

“Lisa, hey.” Jean mumbled, and Lisa cracked her eyes open, blinking blearily.

“Hmm?” She murmured, and Jean smiled.

“It’s late, I have a bed, if you’d like that instead.” Jean offered, and she watched the way Lisa’s eyes widened and then squinted.

“I’d certainly need to freshen up if that’s what you had in mind.” Lisa groaned, sitting up. Jean froze, and then her cheeks immediately flushed.

“No! Nothing like that, I just, I wouldn’t want you to sleep on my couch and it’s three am, I won’t ask you to leave!” Jean hurried to explain and Lisa smiled softly.

“Oh, that’s very kind of you.” Jean stood and helped Lisa to her feet, directed her to the bedroom which she obviously already found judging by the very familiar sweatshirt she was wearing. And as it turned out, Lisa had made herself extra comfortable and removed her pants, bare legs on display. Jean tilted her head curiously, but turned the lights out in the living room to catch up with Lisa.

Lisa made herself at home in Jean’s large bed and Jean crawled in after her, settling down with plenty of space between the two of them that Lisa immediately obliterated. She scooted closer to Jean, laid her head on a pillow to stare at her and placed her hand on Jean’s shoulder.

“I had a good time, by the way.” Lisa whispered, very ready to succumb to her drowsiness.

Jean was shocked, not expecting that at all, and she would have responded but Lisa quickly fell back to sleep, peaceful expression settling over her face.

And Jean stared at her for a moment, before looking to the ceiling and closing her eyes.


Lisa groaned as she woke up, far earlier than was absolutely necessary in her opinion. Until she promptly realized she was not in her own bed.

She was woken by Jean sitting on the bed and fussing with her phone. Lisa stared at her back, still in her sleep clothes, Lisa assumed. 

“What do you have going on today?” Lisa asked lazily.

Jean turned, not realizing Lisa had woken, and smiled. 

“An evening shift, at five.” She said, stretching her shoulder slightly. 

Lisa grabbed her wrist though.

“Why are you getting up then? Didn’t you get in late?” Lisa asked.

“Ah, I was just going to get my day started, I guess.” Jean shrugged, looking back at Lisa. Lisa tugged at her wrist, pulling her back into the bed.

“Or we could cuddle.” Lisa suggested, looking quite comfortable still wearing Jean’s hoodie and her bare legs on display as she rolled toward Jean. 

Jean smiled, and Lisa was struck by just how beautiful she truly was, even first thing in the morning with her hair in a messy bun. 

“Cuddle? With me?” She asked, all scrunched eyebrows and confused smile.

“Who else would I cuddle with, cutie?” Lisa laughed,  “Actually, can I use your bathroom quickly?”

Jean nodded. “There’s a toothbrush under the sink if you need it.” She called. 

Lisa nodded, already getting up to head to the bathroom. 

“Don’t move.” She said back, eyeing Jean seated on her bed. 

Jean waited, laying back against the headboard of her bed and waiting for Lisa to rejoin her, confusion still befuddling her. If it was Jean in Lisa’s place, she probably would have left at the first chance. 

“Can I be honest?” Lisa asked as soon as she stepped back into the doorway of the bedroom. She leaned up against the doorframe, casually displaying her long legs. 

Jean opened her mouth and simply nodded. 

“I thought this was a booty call.” Lisa laughed, and Jean’s eyes immediately widened. “What! No, oh it was that bad!” Jean was aghast. “I made every wrong decision, didn't I?” She asked, dropping her head into her hands. Lisa entered the room and crawled up on the bed, laying back down on the pillows. 

“Coming to your place late at night? It seemed to be going in one direction only.” Lisa winked, tugging at Jean’s shirt to get her to lay down. “But I enjoyed myself.” Lisa said happily. 

“Yes, I see you found my closet.” Jean pointed out, fingering at the fabric of the sweatshirt. 

“I’m from Sumeru!” Lisa exclaimed, completely glossing over the snooping allegation. 

Jean seemed delighted though, a big smile lighting up her face. 

“I loved it there, Sumeru is gorgeous. And the campus was so charming.” Jean said happily. “Do you miss it?”

“Mm, yes. It’s been some time since I’ve visited. I was just so excited to see this, I guess.” Lisa rolled her eyes at herself and Jean smiled brilliantly. 

“It makes sense. Tell me about your home?” Jean asked and Lisa shook her head. 

“Another time maybe, I wanted to present an argument.” Lisa said, shifting a little bit closer to Jean. 

“An argument? Of course, Dr. Minci, enlighten me.” Jean humored her. 

“Well you seem to be a morning person. And I am very much not, so I will present my case towards staying in bed for the rest of the day.” Lisa stated with a nod. 

“Ah, quite a case then.” Jean laughed, and she finally settled herself more comfortably in the bed, smiling at Lisa oh so charmingly. “Continue then.”

“It’s very simple, I’m a huge supporter of morning sex.” Lisa said, watching Jean’s face light up red. 

“That’s… quite the argument.” Jean breathed out, unsure what more to say. 

“Yes, now we test it with an experiment, that’s how it goes, I believe.” Lisa nodded with a smile on her face, one eyebrow quirked in question and waiting for Jean’s response.

She didn’t exactly have the reaction Lisa was expecting. Despite the blush, her face seemed to fall.

“I screwed it all up that bad, then?” Jean asked, crooked little smile.

“I’m proposing sex and you think you’ve screwed up?” Lisa asked, remarkably confused.

“Well, one night stand, per say. It holds the implication of… not doing this again.” Jean pointed out.

“Ah, so you are silly.” Lisa booped Jean’s nose and she pulled back slightly. “I don’t really do one night stands, in fact I don’t really do too many relationships but Miko thought you were the one to take a chance on. And it so happens that you’re charming, and very pretty, and I certainly wouldn’t mind having a real date with you in the future.” Lisa said very fluidly, looking into Jean’s eyes.

“You’d want to… go on a real date? And you think I’m charming?” Jean asked, blush returning to her cheeks quite adorably.

“Yes to both.” Lisa laughed, and leaned in closer to Jean. “Let’s say we cuddle then, how does that sound?” Lisa proposed, forgoing her previous plan.

“I’m not opposed to your experiment.” Jean said quickly. “Anything for science?” She teased, a cheesy little grin showing off her teeth and Lisa couldn’t help but laugh harder.

“Really?” She asked, a low murmur as she twisted the front of Jean’s t-shirt in her fingers.

Jean’s eyes widened in excitement, she nodded quickly and reached out to place her hands on Lisa’s bare hips.

“Absolutely.” Jean whispered, and finally, she let her eyes trail down to Lisa’s legs, to take in her bare skin on display

“Perfect.” Lisa purred and pressed herself flat up against Jean, and kissed her. It was slow and easy, and Lisa had a feeling that Jean was a very patient and calm person in most aspects of her life.

Lisa prodded her tongue out and met Jean’s, slowly upping the urgency, the need to get closer and touch each other. And Jean was getting bolder, her hands rubbing gently along Lisa’s hips and squeezing her ass slightly.

Lisa hummed into the kiss, happily enjoying her odd morning after with Jean. Jean's hands were wandering, sneaking up along her sides and skating over her stomach and Lisa rocked her hips forwards slightly, wanting to press closer to Jean.

But Jean was dragging the sweatshirt up, along Lisa’s body, hands going slow, perhaps to give Lisa time to protest. And she certainly wasn’t going to. She lifted her arms instead, raising an eyebrow at Jean, a challenge, and Jean quickly slipped it over and off her body, slightly jostling on the bed as they were.

And once Jean tossed it aside and looked at Lisa, she realized the other woman had really made herself comfortable, nothing underneath that sweatshirt at all. And Jean sighed, taking all of Lisa in, how gorgeous she was, how lucky Jean was.

Lisa laughed, a light tinkle of a laugh in the morning peace.

“Come on, then.” She encouraged, and Jean kissed Lisa again, heatedly, pressing into her lips as her hands quickly came up to palm at Lisa’s breasts. They were heavy against Jean’s hands, so smooth, so warm and Jean groaned into the kiss. She pulled away to watch her hands, to rub her thumbs into Lisa’s nipples gently. Lisa sighed at the touches, her body so pliant at the promise of Jean’s hands. Jean’s surgeon hands.

Lisa dragged Jean’s t-shirt up, soft and loose fabrice easily pulling away and revealing Jean’s pale stomach, toned and smooth, already flinching in anticipation. Lisa touched her gently, moaning at the way Jean was tweaking both her nipples.

Not to get too distracted, she happily placed her hands all over Jean’s remarkable body, letting her fingers dip down to the crease of Jean’s hips and marvel at the way Jean jolted.

Jean leaned in to suck a kiss to the top of Lisa’s breast, humming and lapping before pulling away.

“You’re so beautiful.” Jean whispered, and normally Lisa would roll her eyes at words like that, especially because Jean’s eyes were rather focused on her breasts, but still Jean managed to sound so sincere. The way she murmured compliments at Lisa as she dragged her lips and tongue over her breasts.

Lisa shuddered and pulled Jean closer by her shirt, slipping her hand down into Jean’s pants and forgoing the teasing. Jean gasped and Lisa watched the way her stomach contracted at the touch. 

“Okay?” Lisa asked in a whisper, catching Jean’s bottom lip in her teeth.

“Yeah, yes.” Jean quickly assured, and Lisa curled her fingers over Jean’s underwear.

Lisa stroked against her, rubbing her fingers gently over Jean’s underwear as Jean sighed and pressed her hips into Lisa’s hand. Over and over, Lisa rubbed against Jean until she was groaning, head dropping down against Lisa’s shoulder.

Lisa tugged Jean’s underwear down, getting them out of the way enough to truly touch Jean, hear her keen against Lisa’s fingers, to feel how wet she was, how needy she was. And Jean, she couldn’t help the whimpers that drew from her, the way she tried to grind her hips for more pressure, the way she dug her forehead into Lisa’s shoulder.

Lisa’s fingers were wet and slick, and she worked them through Jean’s cunt, from opening to clit, fingering her folds and rubbing gentle circles over her clit.

“Is that good, darling?” Lisa murmured, circling her fingers continuously.

Jean nodded against her shoulder. “Mmm.” She moaned, hips rocking, hands gripping at Lisa’s waist. The way Jean held her, tried to press their bodies together, abs and chest pressing against Lisa’s arm as she worked her hand in Jean’s pants, it made Lisa smirk. Jean was gorgeous and charming and kind and well-mannered, but she wanted to get off.

“Come on baby, are you gonna work for it?” Lisa encouraged her, finally sinking her fingers deep into Jean’s opening, knuckles against her and fingers curling. Jean grunted, her breath hot on Lisa’s bare shoulder, her hands digging in harder against Lisa’s hips. Lisa’s other hand was continually scratching against Jean’s solid stomach, over and over.

“Yes, yes, please.” Jean grunted out, and they fell into a wonderful rhythm, Lisa using her own hips to press her hand harder against Jean, meeting together as Jean wantonly pitched her hips into Lisa’s.

They were so close together, Lisa could barely work her wrist between their bodies, but it was enough, enough to push and pull her fingers in and out of Jean, enough to curl them and scissor them inside of her, it was certainly enough for Jean. She moaned loudly, pressing her face into Lisa’s shoulder harder, their bodies writhing together as Lisa fingered her.

“Ah, almost.” Jean cried, and the way she slid her hand around Lisa’s body to nestle against her lower back and press, it drew a gasp from Lisa. Jean ground her hips down harder into Lisa’s hand, pressing on Lisa’s back to keep them as close as possible, practically riding Lisa’s fingers and Lisa loved every second of it. How undone Jean was in the face of her pleasure, how ready she was, the trembling in her legs, tangled with Lisa’s, her chest heaving with her quickened breath.

Jean moaned and whined and rocked, and Lisa curled her fingers perfectly, swiped her thumb insistently, and Jean shuddered against her, mouth open against Lisa’s neck and wordless cries of pleasure sinking into her.

She rocked and bucked, letting Lisa pull and pull her until she let out a cry of relief, easing her grip on Lisa and slumping against her.

Lisa felt the way her abs fluttered, the clenching and unclenching as she settled, the sweat that sheened over her body. She very gently lifted Jean’s shirt some more, revealing more and more of her beautiful body, biting her lip as it came into view.

“You can’t give me even a minute?” Jean laughed into her neck and Lisa shook her head.

“I am giving you a minute. I’m just enjoying you at the same time.” She said it so obviously.

“Ah, right. Well, here.” Jean pushed away for a moment and awkwardly, still laying on her side, removed her top for Lisa’s viewing pleasure. “Better?”

“Mm, yes, thank you very much. You’re so gracious.” Lisa smirked, and truly, Jean’s body was a wonder. Jean laid on her back as Lisa feasted on her, eyes and hands roaming over her stomach and uncovered breasts.

“Anyway, thus concludes my argument towards staying in bed. What say you, Dr. Gunnhildr?” Lisa murmured, tweaking Jean’s nipple between two of her fingers and tugging, just lightly.

Jean flinched and a slow and lazy smile spread over her lips.

“I think your argument is lacking in data. You need more than one test, every scientist knows that.” Her eyes were lidded, pleasured and sated, and Lisa bit her lip at the sight.

“Right, well, perhaps that’s my control? Surely there’s always more tests to be done.”

“Now, then.” Jean leaned up to kiss Lisa, caress her tongue against Lisa’s lips, pull her closer, until Lisa was laying on her side, shoulder tucked under herself, thighs one atop the other, letting Jean kiss her and scratch at her scalp lightly.

“We can always introduce a new element as well, since you’ve already done your control.” Jean whispered, and Lisa’s eyes flickered open to stare at her.

“Hmm?” She mumbled, quite wanting Jean’s lips back.

Jean smiled, placed a delicate kiss to Lisa’s forehead, and slid from the bed.

“Would you mind, may I get my strap-on?” Jean asked charmingly, crooked smile on her face.

Lisa perked right up. She shook her head, “No, not at all. Help yourself, Doctor.”

“Stay right there.” Jean instructed, and she stepped away to her closet, to retrieve what was most likely the strap-on Lisa had already stumbled across, and she was delighted that she would get to see it on Jean after all.

Jean returned quickly, rousing Lisa from her thoughts. Jean quickly slid back onto the bed behind Lisa, crawling up to place a kiss on her hip and rub her hand along her ass gently.

“Don’t move.” Jean said, bending over Lisa to kiss her lips and chin and cheek. Lisa flattened her upper body though, pillowing her head against her up stretched arm, back against the bed and twisted enough to watch Jean, watch the concentration in her eyes. 

“Like this?” Lisa asked lazily, knowing her ass was poking out more enticingly against Jean. She nodded and scooted closer, one thigh lining up behind Lisa’s back and her other along Lisa’s thigh. The dildo prodded against Lisa as Jean shuffled.

Lisa was wet, of course she was, after watching the way Jean came apart, she knew Jean could see it. Could feel it, when she ran her hand down Lisa’s ass and spread her legs slightly, enough to slip her fingers between wet folds.

Lisa sighed and closed her eyes, enjoying the way Jean was teasing her, gentle touches and soft presses. Jean slowly worked her fingers more intently through Lisa’s cunt, gentling them this way and that, drawing the wetness onto her fingers. And Lisa hummed throughout, the pressure building throughout her body.

Slowly, Jean began pressing her hips back and forth, guiding the dildo with her fingers to slide through Lisa’s folds, to press and prod and poke into her. Lisa groaned, the cool feeling meeting her sensitive cunt. She pressed her hips back more, wordlessly imploring Jean.

“Mhm, I see.” Jean murmured, one hand smoothing along Lisa’s hip, still wet, trailing lovingly along her smooth skin. Lisa groaned and opened her eyes to watch Jean… or glare at her.

Jean smiled though, no less charming and soft as she’d been all last night and morning.

“Okay, ready?” She asked and Lisa nodded quickly.

“Yes, please.” Lisa groaned.

Jean guided the tip of the dildo to Lisa’s opening, pressing in fluidly and shuffling closer and closer until it was fully buried in Lisa. Lisa approved, murmuring her praises.

Jean placed one hand on Lisa’s hip and the other on Lisa’s bottom knee, holding her, and then began rocking her hips. Lisa moaned and dropped her head to the side, feeling the pressure increase.

Jean was working her hips rhythmically, body rolling as she pressed the dildo in and out of Lisa, using her hands to pull Lisa back against her thrusts. Lisa was moaning, head lolling back and forth. Lisa fisted her hands against the bed, holding on as Jean fucked her. And Lisa felt so good, Jean was methodical, even, slow, and Lisa was already turned on.

It was a good kind of build, as Jean kept her pace and slid in and out, the drag against Lisa’s cunt like a fire building. She moaned and murmured, mouth dropping open as she got hotter. She began writhing back against Jean, pressing her hips back and harder against her, opening and waiting for more.

Jean sped up, read the cues, pressed faster into Lisa, in and out, sliding fluidly, dildo glistening. Jean rocked her hips harder, slamming up against Lisa’s. Over and over and Lisa was moaning from the feeling and the way Jean’s hands gripped her harder.

Lisa could feel the shudders run through her, muscles clenching in anticipation and still Jean drove the dildo in and out, pace further quickening, intense and hot and perfect.

“Yes, yes, Jean!” Lisa called, close, sweating, rocking her body against Jean’s thrusts.

Again and again and then, a low whine drew out of Lisa, she rutted her hips back against Jean, her cunt clenched down hard as Jean dragged the dildo harder against her.

“Fuck!” Lisa moaned and then she was shuddering, muscles fluttering, until her body was wracked with the occasional tremor. She stilled her hips, eyes closed, lip between her teeth and breathing heavily.

Jean had stilled as well, bent over Lisa and head pressed down against her ribs, an awkward angle as she held silent.

“Mmm.” Lisa mumbled and finally cracked her eyes open. She patted Jean’s head, prompting Jean to sit upright again, flush all over her chest.

“Yeah?” Jean laughed lightly, a quiet breath on her lips, and Lisa nodded happily. Jean slowly slid the dildo from her, Lisa grunting at the way it dragged against her now, and then rid herself of the harness and laid down behind Lisa.

Jean pressed kisses to Lisa’s messy hair, worked to sweep it from her eyes and a little more neat atop the pillows.

“Thank you for staying, last night. As… odd as it probably seemed.” Jean said quietly.

Lisa pressed her body back against Jean, tighter together, bare bodies molding together.

“I mean… it’s greatly paid off if you ask me.” Lisa said charmingly. Jean blushed, buried her face into the nape of Lisa’s neck and pressed more kisses to her sweat-cooled skin.

“I suppose that’s why I’m thanking you.” Jean teased.

Lisa closed her eyes, quite satisfied with the way their date ended up going.

And when Jean left Lisa in her bed in the late morning hours and ran out to pick up ingredients for a late breakfast, Lisa took a selfie in Jean’s bed, cuddled up under the sheets, and sent it to Miko with a cheeky wink.


Miko let out an undignified yawn as the automatic doors slid closed behind her. She held her parcel tightly, glad of it when Jean, of all people, nearly ran right into her.

“Jean!” She let out, stumbling back slightly. “What are you in such a hurry for?” Miko laughed, noting Jean was dressed casually rather than the usual scrubs Miko saw her in.

Jean grinned, pulled Miko into her arms for a tight hug and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m meeting Lisa, I don’t want to be late. Pardon me, Miko. And Ei was just finishing a surgery, she did brilliantly as always.” Jean started skirting her way around Miko while she spoke, quickly jogging through the doors with a wave as Miko watched her with a laugh.

“My, my. I am astonishing, I must say. I’ve truly outdone myself.” Miko smiled and continued her way into the hospital, seeking out Ei to share the meal she had cooked.

“Ei should reward me.” Miko hummed.