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Mirror of the Past

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“Miko,” Kokomi says. “You noticed it when I took charge last month, right? I meant to talk to you about it sooner, but Ren came so suddenly…”

“…Noticed what?” Miko asks, squinting. “Because if you meant the night I’m thinking of, I was too busy going insane because somebody decided I wasn’t allowed to cum.”

“I suppose you would have been,” Kokomi agrees. She’s hiding her mouth with her hand, but the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and the way her shoulders are shaking make it very clear to Miko that her wife is laughing at her.

“Oh yes, laugh it up,” Miko grumbles. “I’m glad my suffering is of such entertainment to you and Ei.”

“Oh, it is,” Kokomi agrees cheerfully. “Exactly as funny as you find ours.”

Miko scowls, unable to come up with a response to that. Her wife is as infuriatingly cheeky as she is adorable, sometimes.

“You’re right about which night I meant, though,” Kokomi says. “While you were busy being a brat, our good girl was enjoying herself a lot.”

“Our slut,” Miko corrects. “I did notice how hard she came.”

“No, our good girl,” Kokomi emphasizes. “Miko, I think Ei has a praise kink. Every time I called her that, it looked like she was going to cry from happiness.”

Really now,” Miko muses, mind racing. “How did I miss that?”

It is, Miko supposes, probably a reflection of how some elements of the most lustful period in her relationship with Ei have carried over to the present that she never encountered Ei’s praise kink herself. Miko knows Ei enjoys being degraded, so she’s continued doing that… but the only times she can think of when she had called Ei anything like ‘good girl’ had themselves been in a context of degradation, when she was using the terms to belittle their beloved god.

Miko had never praised Ei in bed, not really. Kokomi learning something that Miko should have found out long ago is yet another reminder that their Divine Priestess doesn’t share their baggage, that she’s better-adjusted and comes up with ideas that neither of them have considered through her loving exploration.

It’s a reminder of how much Miko loves Kokomi, of how glad she is that the other priestess loves Ei and Miko as much as they love her. She adds a balance to their relationship that they hadn’t known they needed, someone who can pull them out of their own heads and ground them, someone who helps them be the better people that they want to be.

“Well,” Miko says, grinning. “We’ll just have to spoil our cute little god until she loses her mind tonight, now won’t we?”

“My thoughts exactly,” Kokomi agrees. “Here’s what I was thinking we could do…”

When Ei walks into the bedroom, Kokomi and Miko are ready for her.

“Ei,” Miko calls, beckoning invitingly. “Hurry up and join us.”

“Be patient, Miko,” Ei laughs. “I just got home. There were so many proposals to get through today… It was exhausting. I’m still trying to decide on what to do about a few, honestly…”

“I’m sure you did a wonderful job,” Kokomi tells her, smiling softly. “It’s time for you to relax for tonight, though. It won’t do anyone any good if you worry yourself to the point that you’re too tired to work tomorrow, will it?”

“It will be fine,” Ei dismisses. “It’s not that easy to tire me out. I did tell you about how I spent five hundred years locked in battle, right?”

“Yes, before planting your sister,” Kokomi sighs. “I still wish you hadn’t told me about that part. I knew gods were weird, but…”

Ei makes a vaguely offended noise, but Miko knows that their wife actually agrees with Kokomi very vehemently. Ei had spent hours complaining about Makoto having picked a tree of all things to become after her return from her sister’s consciousness.

Miko is of the opinion that Makoto had decided on becoming the seed for a sakura tree because they’re pretty, and Ei’s sister had been a tad vain. Miko probably would have picked the same thing.

…Not because Miko is vain, of course, but because the pink of the petals would match the pink of her hair and fur. Obviously.

“You have your two beautiful wives waiting for you naked in bed,” Miko points out. “And you’re wasting time thinking about work?”

“Well, when you put it like that…” Ei laughs. “I do sound a little silly, don’t I?”

“More than ‘a little,’” Miko scoffs. “Now get over here and let us fuck you already!”

Kokomi slaps the back of Miko’s head.

“Miko!” she scolds. “That’s not the plan.” She turns back to Ei and pats her lap. “Come on over here, Ei.”

“…I think I’m a bit large to fit on your lap,” Ei says, crawling across the bed to join them.

“Your head, Ei,” Kokomi sighs.

Ei obeys, a sheepish smile on her face. Kokomi immediately begins stroking her hair.

“You’re such a good girl, Ei,” Kokomi whispers. “You do so much for Inazuma.”

Miko sees the way Ei shivers.

“It’s not enough,” Ei denies. “Especially with how long I abandoned it for. There must be more I can do…”

“Oh, Ei,” Miko sighs, brushing her fingers gently across their wife’s forehead. “You’re so hard on yourself. Your people love you, and they always have. You’re the only one in Inazuma who would say you haven’t done enough.”

“The people of Watatsumi Island—” Ei begins.

Kokomi taps her on the nose, then goes back to running her hands through their silly god’s hair.

“You know they’ve come around, Ei,” Kokomi murmurs. “All the more so since I had Ren. My people love Ren, and it’s softened them towards you even more than our marriage did.”

Ei sighs.

“I just… I feel like I could do so much more,” she whispers, stretching out her hands toward the ceiling.

Miko lifts Ei’s hand and places a gentle kiss on her palm, and she’s vaguely aware of Kokomi doing the same with the other.

“You do plenty,” Miko promises her. “For everyone except yourself. You need to take time to rest, to keep yourself happy.”

“I am happy,” Ei insists, smiling up at them. “I’ve got you, and Makoto, and Ren. I’ve never been so happy in my life.”

“Then take more time off to spend with us,” Kokomi suggests.

“I—” Ei begins, but Miko cuts her off with a soft kiss.

“Say yes, Ei,” Miko urges, stroking her cheek. “Just say yes.”

“Okay,” Ei agrees, blinking back tears.

“Good girl,” Kokomi whispers. “Our good girl.”

Ei’s eyes widen, and Miko seizes on the chance to follow up. She lets her fingers trace gentle circles around Ei’s nipples, enjoying the soft moan Ei releases.

“You’re so precious, my love,” Miko murmurs. “So beautiful, so strong, so kind, so gentle… I’m always in awe of the fact that you love me.”

“I am as well,” Kokomi agrees, her hands moving down to massage Ei’s shoulders. “I was told so many horror stories about you growing up, but I never quite believed them… and then I met you, and I learned how wrong they were. You’ve done so, so much for all of us, Ei. Inazuma is only safe because of you. And you love… me? Sangonomiya Kokomi? A girl who was supposed to be your enemy?” She shakes her head. “I’m so lucky.” She leans down and gives Ei an upside-down kiss. “I love you, Ei.”

Miko smiles as Ei loses the battle to hold back her tears.

“I love you both too,” Ei whimpers, rubbing at her eyes. “I don’t know how I got so lucky as to meet you both, for you to love me… After all of the things I’ve done…”

“You did what you had to do,” Miko says firmly, pressing a kiss to Ei’s muscular stomach. She strokes their wife’s abs, delighting in how firm they are beneath her palms. “Everything you’ve done, you’ve done for others. You’re amazing, Ei.”

“You’re what a god should be,” Kokomi murmurs, her hands taking over from Miko’s in toying with their wife’s chest. “Someone who cares so much about the people, who puts them first. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be a little selfish sometimes and practice self-care. I’m sure some of your work could be delegated to others, or isn’t so urgent that it can’t be put off. All of the late days you work aren’t good for you, Ei, and we worry.”

“But we also love that side of you,” Miko picks up. “You’re so sweet, so loving… and you extend that love to everyone in Inazuma. Even when the people of Watatsumi Island hated you, you loved them. What other god would do that?”

Miko cuts off any response from Ei by giving their god’s clit a long, slow lick. She traces her tongue in circles around the hard little nub, Ei’s whimpering as musical to Miko’s ears as ever.

“Just let your worries melt away,” Kokomi whispers. “Let us take care of you, okay? Right now you’re not Inazuma’s god, you’re just our wife, our good girl. Let us love you the way you deserve.”

‘Good girl’ is a simple phrase. Miko can think of several dozen other titles of praise for Ei that would be far more effusive, that would be more specific to the things she’s done that are worthy of recognition.

But Miko doesn’t think any of those would be nearly as effective. There’s something almost instinctive in the way Ei seems to react to being called a ‘good girl,’ and seeing it entrances Miko, makes her fall in love with their silly god all over again.

“Good girl,” Miko whispers against Ei’s clit, smiling when their wife’s hips buck at her in response. “Good girl.”

If this is how Ei reacts to this kind of thing, Miko is going to have to start calling her ‘good girl’ a lot, and not just in the bedroom. Ei deserves to know how much Miko and Kokomi are grateful for everything she does, and this certainly seems like one way to do that.

“W-What’s brought this on?” Ei whimpers.

“We just want to show you how much we appreciate everything our good girl does for us,” Kokomi murmurs. “You work so hard, Ei, and you don’t let yourself accept it… so we’re going to do that for you. We’re going to spoil you until you accept that you deserve nice things. Right, Miko?”

“Right,” Miko agrees. She slips a finger inside of Ei, amused at how soaked their wife is already. “She’s so ready for us, Komi… She can’t stop being so good even when it comes to this.”

Ei moans as Miko slips in another two fingers and begins gently pumping them in and out.

“You take me so well, my love,” Miko says. “You always do.”

“T-That’s just—” Ei tries to protest, but Kokomi kisses her to stop whatever silly self-deprecating statement their wife is about to make.

“No, Ei,” Kokomi whispers into her ear as she slides down to wrap Ei in a hug from the side. “It’s because you’re our good girl. Stop overthinking things, for us?”

Miko sees the moment that Ei’s resolve to remain the Shogun even now cracks, her expression going from one of determined self-denial to one of gentle longing.

“Okay,” Ei whispers. “I’m yours. So if you say so…”

“We do,” Miko declares firmly.

Ei’s body relaxes in a way that Miko doesn’t think she’s ever seen before. She had never realized just how stiff Ei was even when she was ‘relaxing,’ probably because she was so used to the even more rigid state that Ei’s body has usually been in.

Miko resolves again to do her best to pay attention to Ei’s quieter needs, to ensure their wife is well taken care of. She’s glad beyond words that she has Kokomi to help her, because Ei has a habit of horrible self-neglect that Miko has trouble overcoming alone.

“That’s right,” Miko whispers, gently stroking her fingers in and out of Ei’s slick hole. “Relax for us, good girl. Just let us make you feel good.”

“You are,” Ei moans. She tries to buck her hips up against Miko’s hand, but the kitsune places a hand on her stomach and gently applies pressure. It wouldn’t be enough to stop their god if she was really trying, but when it’s just an instinctive motion…

“Let us do all of the work,” Miko orders gently. “Relax.”

Ei somehow melts even further.

“Good girl,” Kokomi whispers into her ear, then nibbles on her earlobe. “You need to learn how to let go, Ei. Even when you let us take charge, you’re always ready to move… but that’s not how it should be. Trust us a little more, okay? Like we do you.”

“Letting go is… hard,” Ei mumbles. “It’s what I’ve worked to prevent myself from doing for my whole life.”

“I know, Ei,” Miko sighs. “But you have us to lean on now.” She curls her fingers up, prodding at Ei’s G-spot even as she brings her other hand into play to tweak their wife’s clit. “It’s okay to be needy. It’s okay to forget about being the Raiden Shogun and just be our good girl.”

Ei lets out a soft cry as she cums, Miko’s gentle stimulation finally bringing her to climax.

Good girl, just like that,” Kokomi praises. She gives Miko a look and they trade places, Kokomi quickly going to work on Ei’s cunt with her tongue while Miko gives their wife a soft, loving kiss.

“I love you, Ei,” Miko says tenderly. “You’ve always been so good to me. Even at our worst, you were giving me what I truly believed I wanted.”

“I left you,” Ei whispers, tears beginning to drip from her eyes. “Miko, I left you.”

“You came back,” Miko murmurs, hugging Ei tightly. “You came back, and you gave me Makoto… and because of them, we now have Kokomi and Ren. The happiness you’ve given me far outweighs the pain of those five hundred years. When I think about a world where Makoto doesn’t exist… where you didn’t leave and we never brought them into the world… it terrifies me.”

Miko shivers. For so many years, her nightmares had been about Ei never returning to her, about having been truly abandoned forever. It had been horrible, but…

These days, the only nightmares she has are of a world where Ei didn’t leave, where Miko never ended up bearing Makoto after their reunion. A world where they never befriended Kokomi and had her become a constant in their life through how attached their Divine Priestess had become to Makoto, where she had never married them and given birth to Ren…

If the price Miko had to pay for her current happiness is five hundred years of pain, she thinks it was a cheap one. Knowing what would happen, she would do it all again any number of times to reach this perfect world.

“Our family is my everything,” Miko says. “You gave it to me, Ei. Everything else… it’s secondary. You are my happiness, my good girl, my beloved god. So please… Try to love yourself, even just a little. For me?”

“And for me,” Kokomi adds, pausing in her oral attention for a moment. She places a kiss on Ei’s clit. “And for our children. They need to see their mothers as happy as they can be, Ei, and you’re denying yourself that.”

“I’ll do my best,” Ei promises quietly. “But… I’ll need your help.”

“You’ve already got it, silly girl,” Miko teases gently.

She pulls Ei into a long, slow kiss. It’s gentle, their lips moving lovingly against each other without any of the neediness so many of their kisses contain. It’s a connection of feelings even moreso than it is of bodies… Though when Miko feels Ei’s orgasmic moan against her lips as Kokomi makes her cum she can’t help but break the kiss with her giggles.

“You’re so cute,” Miko laughs, stroking Ei’s cheek as their wife pouts. “So, so cute. I take it back — Makoto gets it from you.”

“I don’t want to hear that now,” Ei grumbles, turning away with a blush staining her cheeks.

Kokomi slides back up the bed and hugs Ei from her other side, so their silly, adorable god is sandwiched between herself and Miko.

“Too cute,” Kokomi giggles, kissing Ei’s nose. “Much too cute.”

“…Why did you keep calling me ‘good girl,’ anyway?” Ei asks softly. “Even if you were trying to make me feel special, there were a lot of other things you could have said. You don’t have to talk like I’m a child.”

“Because you like it,” Kokomi says simply. “Haven’t you noticed? I’ve been trying different terms of endearment for you for the last few weeks, and that’s the one that always makes your eyes shine. It’s not childish to like being called a good girl, Ei, especially after everything you’ve been through. You deserve to be called whatever makes you feel the most special, no matter what that is.”

“Kokomi is right,” Miko agrees firmly. “You like being called our good girl, and you are our good girl, so that’s what we’ll call you from now on. You had better get used to it.”

Ei’s body begins to shake in their arms, and Miko and Kokomi squeeze their wife more tightly as they realize she’s crying.

“I love you both so much,” Ei sobs. “What did I do to deserve you?”

“You were a good person,” Miko says. She and Kokomi share a smile, then jointly kiss Ei, each taking half of her lips. “You were a good person, and you loved us.”

“So we love you,” Kokomi finishes. “And we always will.”

Miko and Kokomi reach down and enfold Ei’s hands in theirs, and then finish together:

“For all of Eternity.”