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“And you’re really okay with this?” Kokomi asks again.

“Kokomi,” Ei says seriously, wrapping their wife in her arms. “Of course we are. It’s something you want to try, and besides…”

Miko leans in and presses a kiss to Kokomi’s stomach. “With the baby so close you’re in no shape for more strenuous activity, anyway,” their kitsune finishes. “So even if I’d prefer to be the one tying you up, my adorable little fish…”

Ei rolls her eyes and lightly slaps the top of Miko’s head. “Miko,” she sighs. “It was okay to leave it at the first part.”

“It’s fine, I’d have known she was thinking it,” Kokomi laughs. “It’s Miko, after all.”

Ei and Kokomi share a commiserating look. They love their wife dearly, but…

Well. Her antics sometimes make it feel like they’ve got another five-year-old running around already. Makoto definitely inherited their temperament from Miko, which Ei hopes means that the child Kokomi is carrying will inherit their Divine Priestess’s more gentle nature. Kokomi does, from time to time, team up with Miko to bully Ei relentlessly, but day-to-day it’s usually Ei and Kokomi vs Miko… and Makoto against all of them.

The winner is always Makoto, of course. Ei might be a god, Miko might be a powerful kitsune, Kokomi might be the most clever strategist in Inazuma…

But Makoto is cute. It’s horribly unfair, and not something any event in her history could have prepared Ei to face.

“We’re ready for you whenever, Komi,” Ei says gently. She kisses their wife’s forehead, then backs away and lays on top of Miko as Kokomi had requested. “Do whatever you’d like.”

The god watches in interest as their wife flexes her hands, ropes of water manifesting according to her will.

“I’ve been working on my dexterity with these,” Kokomi says, smiling brightly. “They’re basically like my own arms now.”

The water ropes snake forward, binding Ei’s arms behind her back — and she can see that Miko’s in the same situation. Another set of water ropes wrap around their midriffs, binding them together.

The water is pleasantly warm, and while Ei can tell she’ll need to be careful with her movements to avoid accidentally breaking free, it’s an impressive display of control.

“I can feel through them, too,” Kokomi declares proudly. “I’m hoping to figure out other senses eventually.”

Ei and Miko share a look. That’s beyond the level of a Vision Holder — it’s stepping into the territory of a god.

Ei is… not terribly surprised, in all honesty. Kokomi does bear a small fragment of Orobashi’s lingering will, and her people all but worship her in a way Ei has never seen any other Divine Priestess receive. The Watatsumi Omikami had been a sea god, and with Kokomi’s renown having spread throughout all of Inazuma after her marriage to Ei and Miko…

Well, Ei thinks that they may be on the verge of having a new Watatsumi Omikami to replace the old one. Being enshrined together with Kokomi is a pleasant thought.

She’s broken out of her musings by the feeling of tendrils of water circling her nipples, drawing a low moan from her throat. Miko is squirming beneath her as thicker ropes of water, tipped with hand-like protrusions, massage her own breasts.

“H-How long have you been practicing this?” Ei moans, shivering as what feels almost like a pair of tongues begin teasing the sensitive spots behind her ears.

“A few months now,” Kokomi murmurs, crawling closer to them. “All for this.”

Ei is deeply amused. Of all the reasons for Kokomi to begin awakening her divine potential… She wonders if any other god in Teyvat’s history had undergone apotheosis out of desire to fuck their wives.

Probably not, she decides. Kokomi is a special case.

“Bullshit,” Miko mumbles. “You’re such bullshit, Komi.”

“Am I?” Kokomi asks teasingly, rubbing her fingers along Miko’s slit. “And yet you’re already dripping for me…”

“Bullshit,” Miko mumbles again. “You’re just imagining it.”

Ei tries to buck her hips towards Kokomi, the motion causing her body to rub pleasantly against Miko’s.

“Me too,” Ei begs. “Komi, I’m wetter for you then she is…!”

Ei has no idea if this is true, of course, but she certainly hopes it is, given the teasing mood Kokomi seems to be in tonight.

“Oh?” Kokomi asks. Ei watches as their wife reaches out to her, gasping slightly at the feeling of Kokomi’s finger slipping between her slick folds. “You are. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything less from our cute, eager little slut of a Shogun, should I?”

Kokomi adds a second finger and begins gently swirling her hand, stretching Ei out.

“How are you always so tight?” Kokomi murmurs. “Every time…”

“It’s because she can’t get enough of us,” Miko says. “Once we’re inside, she doesn’t want to let us go.”

Ei scowls down at their kitsune, who gives her a cheeky grin. She decides to wipe the smugness off of Miko’s face by kissing her sloppily, the action somewhat less controlled than normal given neither of them has use of their hands.

“That’s so hot,” Kokomi sighs wistfully. She curls her fingers inside of Ei, and the god shudders in pleasure. “Keep doing that.”

Ei is more than happy to obey — kissing her wives is one of her favorite ways to pass the time, and there’s something about doing it like this, herself and Miko both bound and helpless for Kokomi’s pleasure, that’s an incredible turn-on.

“K-Komi, please,” Miko begs, managing to pull back from Ei’s aggressive kisses. “Touch me t—”

Ei quickly resumes the kissing, not letting their wife finish. If Miko wants Kokomi to touch her, maybe she should have been less of a brat about it from the start.

“Should I?” Kokomi muses. “I don’t know… Ei is a good girl and deserves lots of love.” She punctuates this statement by flicking Ei’s clit with her thumb, causing Ei to whimper. “But you, Miko… Honestly, you’re a total brat. You’re always teasing us, encouraging Makoto to play tricks on us, pretending you’re innocent… Do you really deserve me playing with you? Really? I’m thinking I should just leave you be and give Ei all of my attention.”

Kokomi follows this by sliding her fingers out of Ei and pressing a sloppy tongue-kiss to the god’s drooling lower lips. Ei throws her head back and moans as Kokomi’s lips seal around her clit and her tongue goes to work driving Ei crazy.

“Komi, please!” Miko begs desperately. “I’m sorry, I’ll be good, I promise… Just stop teasing me!”

Ei looks down at Miko, unused to her wife begging so easily: and the reason why becomes quickly apparent.

While Kokomi’s attentions to Ei have been gentle, loving, and focused on actually pleasuring her, Miko has been undergoing a very different experience. Countless water tendrils are teasing her body, arousing her without letting her experience any real relief. It is, Ei thinks, probably just shy of the effect that Ei herself could achieve by delivering pleasure to Miko while blocking the neural activations that would cause actual climax.

…And that gives her an idea.

“Komi,” Ei says. “If you’d like, I can make it so that she can’t cum until you give her permission.”

She feels Kokomi pull back enough to speak.

Can you, now?” Kokomi asks, clearly interested. “Well, well.”

“Wait, no!” Miko protests. “What have I done to deserve that?”

“What haven’t you done to deserve that?” Kokomi laughs. “You edged poor Ei for an hour yesterday before I got home and found out what you were up to. Turnabout is fair play, don’t you think? Go ahead and do it, Ei.”

Miko whimpers as Ei smirks down at her.

“Good luck, love,” Ei whispers, kissing Miko’s nose. “You’re going to need it.”

Ei watches as Kokomi manifests a thick rope of water covered in tiny, wiggling tentacles and slowly introduces it into Miko’s waiting hole.

“That’s my bad girl taken care of,” Kokomi coos. “And for my good girl…”

Ei gasps as her clit is surrounded by a small bubble of water. It’s like nothing she’s ever felt before: the way the pressure it applies changes constantly, the multiple angles it seems to tease her from, the way it’s almost like a tongue and fingers all at once…

Ei cries out in climax, collapsing against Miko’s writhing body.

“I thought you’d like that,” Kokomi murmurs, fingers sliding back inside of Ei and stroking her inner walls soothingly. “It’s been one of my favorites when I’m alone and need to get off for years. The first inappropriate Vision trick I ever figured out.”

“A-And did you think of us when you were doing it?” Miko challenges, eyes wild. She’s out of breath, her hips bucking wildly in an attempt to force an orgasm that Ei will never let her have until Kokomi says the word. “Did you imagine the enemy of your faith and her wife tied up and at your mercy?”

“Of course,” Kokomi agrees, smiling angelically. “Even back then I thought Ei would be a good girl, though. It was always you I thought of punishing, naughty little fox. I’d heard of the reputation of the Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine.”

“…I despise you,” Miko grumbles.

Ei shivers. Something about the way Kokomi keeps calling her a ‘good girl’ is resonating with her in a way that even the dirty talk she usually enjoys hearing never has.

Ei likes it when her wives call her their slut, likes it when they tease her for how much she craves their touch, likes it when they blaspheme and call their mighty god nothing more than their little pet.


Being called a ‘good girl’ is even better. It scratches an itch she hadn’t even known she had, validates her in a way that fills her heart and turns her on at the same time.

She wants to explore it more, wants to be indulged… but to admit to it would be too embarrassing and feels like it would make her seem childish, so she’ll just enjoy it while it lasts tonight.

Ei kisses Miko again in an attempt to prevent her thoughts from appearing on her face, losing herself in the feeling of wrestling their fox’s tongue into submission. Miko doesn’t stand a chance: not only is Ei’s tongue far longer and more powerful, but the stimulation she’s receiving is disrupting her concentration to the point that she barely puts up a fight.

“Since you’re such a good girl, Ei,” Kokomi says. “I’ll let you choose. Do you want me to do you like I am Miko, or should I stick to my tongue and fingers?”

Ei has to pause and think about this. Kokomi’s mastery of Hydro is something she does want to experience at some point, and since their wife can feel through it it’s not like it’s really that much different then Kokomi’s body — it would be like if Ei used some of her thousand arms to pleasure her wives rather than the arms actually attached to her body. But even so…

“Your tongue and fingers, please,” Ei whispers.

There’s just something about the parts of Kokomi that are attached to Kokomi that’s different when combined with the way their wife has been praising her. Ei wants to enjoy this as much as she can, and that means going with what her heart demands, even if she can’t quite understand why.

“Of course,” Kokomi agrees, smiling fondly. “My good girl likes the feeling of skin contact, doesn’t she?”

Ei blushes but nods.

“Yes, I do,” she admits quietly. “It’s nice.”

“After five hundred years without, I’m sure,” Kokomi agrees.

She slips three fingers back inside of Ei, this time much less gentle in her motions. Ei gasps against Miko’s cheek as she feels Kokomi begin to relentlessly target her G-spot.

“Komi,” Miko begs, staring at Ei with crazed, envious eyes as she bucks her hips against the water tendril penetrating her. “Please, please! I need to cum… I need it…!”

“Ei was begging you just like that when I got home yesterday,” Kokomi says. She brings her other hand up and begins toying with Ei’s clit, replacing the little bubble that had previously been handling that task. “You didn’t seem inclined to show mercy, now did you?”

“I liked you better before you got pregnant and mean,” Miko whines. “Komi…!”

“I learned from the best,” Kokomi laughs. “Watching you has taught me so much, Miko. Thank you for your guidance!”

“…I need to stop being a good teacher,” Miko whimpers.

Ei looks down at their kitsune’s desperate face and feels her resolve weaken.

“Komi,” Ei says, “if Miko promises not to do something like that again, I think you can let her cum.”

“Oh, Ei,” Kokomi sighs. “You’re so soft-hearted… but all right. If Miko can make that promise, with the understanding that if she breaks it you’ll be taking away her ability to cum for a week.”

“I promise!” Miko rushes out. “I’ll never edge Ei like that again! I’ll let her cum when she asks! So please…!”

“Add me to that,” Kokomi says flatly. “Don’t think I didn’t hear you specifying ‘Ei’ there.”

Miko lets out a disgusted scoff. “Fine,” she grumbles. “I promise I won’t do it to you, either.”

“I’m amazed at how much of a brat you can be even during something like this…” Kokomi sighs, shaking her head. “All right. Ei? After you cum again, you can let her as well.”

“Cum already!” Miko orders Ei feverishly, rubbing against her in what Ei assumes is an attempt to make her cum more quickly. “Please, Ei?”

“I’m getting close,” Ei promises. “But that’s going to be up to Kokomi.”

“Don’t worry, Miko,” Kokomi assures. “I would never make Ei wait to cum.”

Kokomi certainly seems to mean it, Ei thinks. Their wife’s fingers have grown incredibly skilled since their first time together and now know exactly how to touch Ei to best stimulate her. It really isn’t long before Ei is crying out in orgasm a second time, and as she slowly starts to come down from the high she removes the block she’s placed on Miko.

The results are immediate.

Miko screams, so loudly that Ei is beyond glad that their children are once more with Ayaka and Yoimiya for the night. If Ei had thought Miko was writhing before, she’s now outright thrashing around — if she didn’t know why, if she didn’t know that a pent-up climax was the cause of her wife’s behavior, she’d be extremely worried.

Of course, when Miko doesn’t stop, Ei lets her eyes trail down their wife’s body and discovers that Kokomi now has one of those little bubbles fixed on Miko’s clit in addition to all of the other ways she’d previously been tormenting their naughty kitsune.

“She said she wanted to cum,” Kokomi says innocently, shrugging as she meets Ei’s eyes. “I’m letting her!”

Ei can very much see that. While it’s definitely not as effective as Ei’s own ability to control the nervous system to force orgasms…

As Kokomi leans in and lets her tongue help bring Ei to another climax, Ei is very glad that she’s not Miko right now.

“Enough!” Miko manages to gasp out. “Please?”

All of the water Kokomi has summoned vanishes immediately, and a new pair of arms made of water carefully lift Ei and Miko, repositioning them so that they’re laying with their heads on their Divine Priestess’s lap.

Their wife strokes their heads gently as soothing water envelopes their bodies, cleaning and massaging them.

“Good girl, Ei,” Kokomi says gently. “And you, Miko… I think you’ve learned a lesson, right?”

“Yes,” Miko agrees immediately. “Never trust a pregnant wom—”

Ei turns just enough to see that a gag made of water has lodged itself in Miko’s mouth.

“You deserved that one,” she mumbles.

Miko pouts at her, but the gag prevents her from actually complaining.

“I love you both,” Kokomi murmurs. “Even if Miko is the biggest brat I’ve ever met. We’re lucky Makoto takes more after you, Ei.”

“Me?” Ei asks, blinking. “I thought they were a lot like Miko…”

“They love to tease like she does,” Kokomi agrees. “But they don’t actually cause much trouble except for when they’re after sweets… and I think we all know which one of us they get that from.”

Ei can tell that if Miko could, she’d be laughing her ass off.

“…I hadn’t thought about it that way,” Ei admits.

Kokomi’s not wrong. Makoto is a very sweet child, for all that they love to tease their mothers. They’re always willing to pick up after themself once playtime ends, they never fuss about baths or bedtime, they enjoy cuddling up and being read to as much as they do any more rambunctious activities…

They really are a lot more like Ei’s own vague memories of herself as a child than she’d given them credit for.

“I hope my child is even half as sweet,” Kokomi murmurs, stroking her belly.

“They will be,” Miko says seriously, Kokomi apparently having ungagged her. “They’re born from you and Ei. As their third mama I’ll be doing my best to make them into a little terror… but they’re doomed from birth to be good, the poor little thing.”

“Oh, Miko,” Kokomi laughs. “Never change.”

“I don’t plan to,” Miko declares, smirking.

“We still haven’t decided on a name,” Ei murmurs sleepily. “But I was thinking about it today… and I like ‘Ren.’”

“Ren…” Kokomi murmurs. “I like it too. Miko?”

“It’s a good name,” Miko yawns, snuggling her face into Kokomi’s thigh. “I say we go with it.”

“Ren it is, then,” Kokomi agrees, smiling softly. “Thank you, Ei. …I love you both.”

“We love you too,” Ei says, feeling her consciousness start to slip away as Kokomi’s hand combs through her hair. She reaches out and grabs the already-dozing Miko’s hand, interlacing their fingers and enjoying the feeling of contact. “So… much…”