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Dear Diary,

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During the storm while Kate and Anthony are in the library Edwina goes too Kates room to check upon her.

“Didi” she whispered at the door before finally pushing it open.

Not seeing her sister in bed she slowly scans the room looking to see if she’s possibly hidden in some small nook. But she doesn’t see her when sudden a flash of lightning and a boom of thunder startle her. Then with a tired sigh she decided to crawl into Kates bed and wait for her, but before she could get comfortable she kicked what felt like a book.

“She always tells me not to read and bed but here she is naughty Didi” with a giggle she decided what book could have her no nonsense sister break her own rules was a book she need, only to find it a small nondescript brown book with a pale pink ribbon wrap around multiple times and finished with a intricate bow. She hurriedly untied to ribbon with the fiendish glee she usually get when cracking open a new book.

Dear Diary it read

“Omg she has a diary” she squealed very unlike her.

Knowing Kate would probably show up soon she decided to commit the biggest sin any book lover could comment she decided to start from the last entry.

Dear Diary,
How I hate him so, why do this god forsaken man vex me so.

“What man” she muttered

I have decided to make a list of all the reasons Anthony shouldn’t continue to court Edwina.

*She gently rolled her eye*

1. Rake with a capital R
2. He is more then a decade older then her
3. He won’t marry for love only duty (wed, bed, and bred) I believe were his words.
4. He wouldn’t want someone like him to marry his own sisters.
5. His mouth spills honeyed words.
6. His eyes the way the make one freeze when I looking into them.
7. His hands are much too large.
8. His smell sandalwood, parchment, and whiskey.
9. His family is amazing too amazing like seriously there must be some untold horror there hiding.
10. He’s doesn’t care for me in the same way I care for him.

Edwina gasped and hurried scrambled out of Kate’s bed and ran to her room. She slide down to the floor behind the door with Kate’s diary firmly pressed against her chest and decided to read every page cover to cover. Every interaction ever meeting every glance she read through Kate’s words. Heartbroken that her sister could betray her and fall in love with her betrothed she cried her self to sleep.

After waking and only getting a few hours of sleep she was no looker heartbroken and sad she was pissed.

“How dare she even look in his direction let alone secretly have feeling for him”

So with a maliciousnesses no one thought possible of her she thought of a plan leave the diary somewhere Lord Bridgerton could find so he can reject the delusional spinster.

And that’s exactly what she does. While everyone one was breaking fast she excused herself momentarily to placing the diary in Lord Bridgerton office right smack dap in the middle of his desk, little did she know two of the members of The Kate Sharma for viscountess fan club saw her. After she let the office they emerged from the hiding spots.

“Eww did she leave him a love note” Gregory said still sure to keep his voice down just incase.

“Probably” Hyacinth scoffed.

“What now do we destroy it” he asked unsure.

“No you idiot she might ask if he’s received it but we can write a new one” she giggles mischievously.

They walk up to the desk noticing it wasn’t a letter but a book, looking at each other shrugging and deciding to take it anyways.
And return to their secret hid out a empty room opposite of Benedict’s studio and read the inner cover PROPERTY OF KATE SHARMA.

“Why would she puts Kate’s book in Anthony’s office?” Hyacinth asked

“We’ll know after we read it.” Gregory replied and for once she listened.

So they read from front to back twice.

“Umm I feel bad now” Gregory said sullenly

“Why” Hyacinth asked.

“Because she’s obviously trying to help them get together why else would she give Anthony evidence of her sisters love for him” Benedict said frightening them

Giving a scream they yelled “BENEDICT”

“Come on you guys let’s show Anthony” Benedict commanded

They followed him like little ducks trailing after him with there much shorter legs. Knocking on the office door not waiting for a answer

Anthony said in a droll tone “come in”

They looked around the room only to find Daphne and Anthony.

Benedict yelled “perfect” and locked the door now four members of the Kate Sharma for viscountess fan club and a honorary member the viscount stood in silence.

“Brother Miss Edwina would like you to marry her sister” Hyacinth blurted out.

“What” Anthony sputtered and Daphne chuckled.

Benedict pointed to Gregory

“Tell him what happened”

So they did from watching Edwina leave the book to stealing it and reading it. Anthony was shocked.

“Truly” he whispered

Hyacinth handed him the nondescript book with pink ribbon. He slowly untied to ribbon with a awe inspiring longing and begin to read while his siblings look on quietly, the faces he’s shown depicted a wide range of emotions wistful, longing, shame, love and then it finally settled on one determination.

He hurried to his feet after locking the diary in his desk drawer not wanted anymore people to see the beautiful cursive his future wife wrote. And marched to the sitting room followed by sibling seeing Lady Danbury, Lady Sharma, his mother, Miss Edwina and most importantly Kate.

He clear his throat and they looked up and he meet all they eyes most question except Miss Edwina her eyes were smug like she was anticipating something, he took a deep breath and began.

“Miss Edwina I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you have allow me to follow my heart”.

He slowly walked to the sofa Kate and Edwina sat on, he continued.

“ I know that I will be externally thankful to you for allowing me the chance of true happiness”.

He then looked to Kate
Her eyes rapidly feeling with tears

“Miss Sharma you are the bane of my existence, and the object of my desire. I know we, mostly me have made a mess of thing but I love you and I would be honored if I could spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”

He heard a gasp from Edwina

“But” Kate whispered looking over at Edwina who was to stunned to speak

Anthony cuts her off

“But nothing Kate Miss Edwina gave us her blessing and let me know of your feelings towards me and for that I’m thankful.

“Really Bon?” Again she whispered to scared this might be a dream, to scared that if she speaks any louder she’ll wake up.

Edwina opened her mouth to speak but Gregory answered for her

“Really she left you diary on Anthony’s desk we saw her put they’re”.

Hyacinth chimed in
“Yeah we didn’t know she was trying to help you, we thought it was a love letter so we took if we had known it was you diary we wouldn’t have read it Kate”

“Is that true child” Lady Danbury asked Edwina

Scanning around the room everyone’s happy hopeful face she mutters out a embarrass


Before anybody could done anything Kate jumps up and hugs Anthony and screams

“Yes, yes I’ll marry you”

Anthony kissed her in front of the family earning him a painful wack on the shin from Lady Danbury’s infamous cane.

Later that day after dinner Kate meet with Simon

“Your grace” she greeted him with a mock bow

“My Lady” he said back

After a brief pause they’re eye meet and they laughed.

“I can’t believe that worked”. Kate whispered is disbelief.

Simon scoffed

“Of course it worked, I’m a Bridgerton expert.”

“But so much could have went wrong.” She replied

Cheekily he said “But it didn’t so you better not forget our deal.”

“I know, I know” sulking

“Come on future sister-in-law say it.”

Huffing she muttered the words that were music to his ears

“Next pall mall game mallet of death is yours”

He cackle with glee

“Yes, yes it is.”