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An Empty Classroom

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Today was graduation day; the commencement ceremony would begin in about half an hour. The halls were swarming with teenagers still getting ready, ready to face the end of their careers as high school students, with last minute clothing adjustments and makeup retouches. Soon they would all have to promenade into the gym then across the stage to collect their diplomas and the valedictorian would have to give a speech, but he wasn’t ready yet, he was busy.

“Uh!” A loud groan resonated in the empty classroom as the tanned skinned blond young man deep throated his boyfriend’s cock, blue eyes tilted up and locked onto the titillating sight before them. Dark eyes rolled and closed with pleasure, Sasuke’s lashes fluttering, with his deep black hair still perfectly coiffed with nicely smelling expensive gel, while the blond hair just in front of him, being mindlessly tugged, was sweaty and disheveled.

Sasuke had finally talked Naruto into giving him head at school in an empty classroom, and just in time too.

Sitting behind the teacher’s desk in their history classroom, door closed but not at all locked, they ran the risk of anyone bursting in on them at any moment. It could be one of their friends, wondering why they had yet to gather in the hallway by the gym doors. It could be the principal, searching for Sasuke to make sure his speech was completely prepared. But neither of them cared about being interrupted, or maybe it could be said the possibility added a little something extra to the encounter. Naruto had teased his boyfriend many times about his exhibitionist tendencies but even he could not deny the tingly feeling running up and down his spine at the thought of discovery.

Naruto moaned around the thick meat in his throat, breathing through his nose as he pulled back to suck on the head, licking at the drops of bitter liquid with his tongue. Holding onto Sasuke’s knees, he sank slowly down the hot pole, relaxing his throat muscles and getting lost in the rhythm of long worshipful fingers gradually pulling his head farther down til coarse hairs tickled his nose.

Blue eyes rolled as Naruto lost himself to the sensation of complete surrender, complete consensual loss of control, his throat relaxed, just a hole for his boyfriend’s cock.

“You like that don’t you? So good for me baby … Just open wide and let me in,”

Sasuke’s rambling barely registered in Naruto’s mind, he felt immersed in a fog of total pleasure.

Working his throat muscles to swallow around the thick cock without moving his teeth, Naruto relished the moans that filled the small classroom. He knew Sasuke was close to coming as he fondled the balls still encased in fitted black slacks, soon he would be swallowing thick white cum as his boyfriend reached his peak on their last day in this school building.


Slender fingers tightened in his hair, dragging his head down again, the musk of his boyfriend filling his nose. Sasuke began fucking Naruto’s face, Naruto relaxing his throat quickly tasted the salty bitterness of his boyfriends cum sliding down this throat.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke as he relaxed his grip on his hair and slowly pulled off the softening cock, giving the head one last lick.

“Seems like a fitting end to a high school career, to do something so dirty in an empty classroom, but at least it wasn’t the bathroom. Am I right?” Naruto chuckled at his little joke. “Just think, next year we’ll have a dorm room to play around in.”

“I’m going to college to get an education, not to party.”

“I know babe, but there’s no reason we can’t do both.” Naruto smiled and Sasuke just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“I really don’t know how we’re dating.”

“Shut up, You know you Loooove me.”

“Is this a thing I know? Yes, yes I do.”