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Wishes written on soft petals

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It was on an afternoon spent dwelling in the safety of the shadows of the nearby sakura trees that Ei finally had time to reflect on her recent encounters. So much had happened in the past weeks that, a bit taken aback, she came to realize that her most aggrieved memories, which had before clawed her mind daily, had lost their lecherous fangs.

And while they still carried some hurt, most of it was gone. Gently washed away and lost in the ever turning vortex of time. A beautiful blessing from Istaroth, she thought to herself. The part of her mind that beared before the heavy weight of her past memories seemed lighter. The encounter with Makoto had gradually lifted the curtain of deep violet that had surrounded them over the last few weeks.

She noted that it now shared the same color as the light pink sakura petals that danced softly around in the air, cascading on her and her sleeping companion in her lap. Slowly running her hand through her companion’s hair and occasionally scratching her fox ears, Ei was reminded of their softness again.

Said ears flicked up lightly before Miko stirred up from her sleep and groggily cracked an eye open.

“Please stop thinking so loudly, my love. It’s ruining my beauty sleep.”

Ei let out a small giggle at that while gently picking a sakura petal out of her companion’s hair.

“ Well, hello you too.”

Miko’s frown faltered and sprawled into a languid smile. No matter how often she saw her companion smile, it always made her heart beat faster against her ribcage. With its irregular rhythm, it almost seemed as if it wanted to escape, with delicate wings much like the violet shimmering butterflies on the Byakko plains. What would she give to stay like this for eternity, stay forever lover of the mighty kitsune.

A kiss was pressed against Miko’s forehead, another one on her cheek , then a small peck on her mouth and onwards. And whereas her words couldn’t express the wish Ei held to stay like this, much less make it justice in its entirety, Miko knew.

Even while having her eyes closed again and having spoken no words, Miko seemed to agree. Her swishing tail had tangled up against Ei’s arm and had pulled her down at her eye level. In this new lying position, Ei could comfortably hug Miko, who pressed herself closer against her and buried her head in the silky fabric of Ei’s kimono. Smelling the familiar Amakumo parfum her lover used, one could hear, ever so lightly, a faint purring from the kitsune.

After some time Miko let a bit of their shared embrace go. Soft fingertips lightly caressed Ei’s face before Miko cupped it gently and Ei could have sworn that her heart stopped beating for a second when violet eyes looked at her through long lashes. Miko slowly kissed her before pulling back and resting her forehead against hers.
“Can we stay like this for some more.”

Both had to carry out their duties but still stayed until late in the afternoon, basking in each other’s affections. And the whispered words between the two lovers in this moment of privacy under the sakura trees were cocooned by the wind. An outsider would only hear sweet murmurs of coming gusts that seemingly could transcend their longing even without words.