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Kokomi's Dream

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“Are you sure about this?” Kokomi asks quietly, gazing up at Miko.

They’re resting comfortably in bed, Kokomi on Miko’s lap, and neither wearing a stitch of clothing as they wait for Ei to get home.

“I am,” Miko agrees. She smiles gently at the smaller woman, combing her hands through her hair soothingly. “We love you very much, Kokomi, and I know how you’re feeling. I was the same way. I’m sure Ei will agree, too… And Makoto will love having a younger sibling.”

Miko means every word, to her own surprise. As much as Kokomi has come to mean to her… she had thought she still might have some jealousy buried deep down, that she might draw the line at allowing Kokomi to bear Ei’s child as Miko has.

But rather than jealousy, Miko feels a strong urge to meet that child, to hold them in her arms and love them. To hear them call her Miko-mama like Makoto does.

Her and Ei’s child is also Kokomi’s child. This is something Miko has accepted, something Miko has found herself overjoyed by when she sees how happy Makoto is with Kokomi around. When she feels the joy in her own heart at Kokomi’s soothing presence.

And that means that Ei and Kokomi’s child will also be Miko’s child. She hopes that this child will look at her the way Makoto looks at Kokomi, that she’ll light up their life and help them be endlessly happy.

She is Yae Miko, mother of Makoto — and soon she will be Yae Miko, mother of Kokomi’s child as well.

Of course, neither of them have mentioned this to Ei yet. Miko had caught the wistful look in Kokomi’s eyes, had spent weeks trying to decide whether she was really as okay with what she was considering as she felt herself to be, and concluded that she would never forgive herself if she didn’t give Kokomi the push forward that she needs.

But Miko’s not terribly worried about Ei’s reaction. Ei loves Kokomi as much as Miko does, and Miko knows Ei would love to have more children. Getting a start on that now, letting Kokomi bear the second, just feels right to Miko, and she’s sure that Ei will agree.

“Just imagine it,” Miko whispers into Kokomi’s ear, wrapping the smaller woman in a hug from behind and stroking her bare stomach. “Our baby, growing inside of you. When I was having Makoto, I was happier than you can imagine — it felt like proof of the love Ei and I share. And soon, you’ll feel that same way… You’ll have a reminder of how much Ei and I love you that you can’t ignore, it will weigh down your every move but bring you impossible happiness.”

Kokomi lets out a sniffle and leans back against Miko, hands gripping the kitsune’s.

“Thank you, Miko,” she whispers. “Thank you so much. I love you.”

“And I you,” Miko returns. She leans in and kisses Kokomi tenderly, their lips gently moving together.

“Am I interrupting?” Ei’s soft voice calls. “If you two would like to spend the night without me, that’s okay. I’m more than happy to sleep with Makoto.”

“Makoto’s not here,” Miko tells her, breaking the kiss. “I’ve sent them to stay with Ayaka and Yoimiya. And of course we want you here, silly — we need you!”

It’s not often that a night is just Ei and Miko, or Ei and Kokomi, or Kokomi and Miko. It does happen occasionally, and Miko can see why Ei might have thought that they wanted some alone time given what she’d walked in on, but it would be a bit of a problem for her plans to have Ei knock Kokomi up tonight if Ei went and left them.

Need me?” Ei asks, raising an eyebrow as she disrobes. “I wasn’t aware that the two of you had become so incapable of giving each other pleasure. Should I be worried?”

“Oh, please,” Miko scoffs. “If that were all we needed, I’d tell you to spend every night with Makoto — Kokomi and I have you entirely beat there.”

The offended look on Ei’s face is worth the lie, as it always is. Miko and Kokomi both crave Ei’s touch as much as they do each others’, and Ei is an incredibly skilled lover indeed, her sheer strength and power over electricity giving her options that neither of them can claim to have.

But that doesn’t mean Miko won’t be a brat about it when Ei gives her an opening like that.

“I see how it is,” Ei sniffs. “Maybe I should go ask Ayaka and Yoimiya if they’ve got room for one more — at least they appreciate me.”

“Yoimiya likes your ideas for fireworks,” Miko deadpans. “And Ayaka likes your workout tips and sparring against you. We like you for your tits. There’s not really any contest, is there?”

“Miko!” Kokomi scolds. “We also like her face!”

“True,” Miko agrees. “It’s a very nice one.”

Ei pouts at them as she crawls onto the bed.

“And what about my mind?” she asks.

Miko and Kokomi share a look.

“You’ve got one?” Miko asks, laughing uncontrollably as Ei tackles her and begins tickling her sides. “K-Komi! Help!”

Miko hears Ei yelp and her hands pause for a moment, giving Miko a chance to transform into her fox shape and slip around behind her lover before returning to a human.

“T-Two on one isn’t—” Ei tries to protest.

“That’s not what you said when we were sucking your dick last week,” Kokomi cuts her off, grinning.

Ei scowls.

“Speaking of dicks, get it out,” Miko orders. “We need it tonight.”

Ei gives Miko an understandably confused look. They don’t use Ei’s other attachment often, and this is much sooner than Miko would normally ask for a repeat.

“If you’re sure,” Ei mumbles. She reaches between her breasts and draws it out from where she’s begun storing it in the Plane of Euthymia, then quickly makes the swap.

It’s always an amusing sight, Miko thinks, though the result is less ‘amusing’ and more ‘hot.’ She loves Ei no matter which configuration she’s using, and while she doesn’t think she’d ever want this one to become the default, it’s always a nice change of pace.

Miko snuggles up against her wife’s side and gently begins jacking her shaft, helping it quickly reach a fully erect state.

“Oh, and Ei?” Miko whispers into her god’s ear. “Make yourself potent.”

Ei jerks against her and meets her gaze with wide eyes.

“Are you sure?” Ei breathes. “You want another?”

“I do,” Miko agrees. “But it’s not me who’ll be bearing them.”

Ei’s head snaps to stare at the shy-looking Kokomi, who shrinks back.

“If you’re okay with it,” Kokomi whispers.

“…Come here,” Ei says.

Kokomi crawls forward into Ei’s lap, and Ei wraps her arms gently around their girlfriend.

“Of course I’m okay with it,” Ei whispers, brushing a kiss against Kokomi’s lips. “If we’re going to do this, though…”

Miko watches as her god reaches between her breasts once more and draws out a small box.

“Honestly, I’d been trying to think of the best time for this,” Ei confesses. “This isn’t perfect, but…” She opens the box to reveal three sparkling rings. “I know Miko won’t object, and… well, we really have been basically dating for years, so it’s about time… Kokomi, will you marry us?”

Miko finds herself holding her breath, suddenly terrified about what Kokomi’s answer will be. Ei hadn’t warned her about this, and she genuinely doesn’t mind that — her god is right, Miko has no objections at all, and the fact that Ei has prepared three engagement rings (no doubt all made by her own hand) is exactly the kind of consideration she expects from her sweet wife — but…

What if Kokomi says no?

“Yes,” Kokomi whispers, tearing up as she wraps Ei and Miko in a tight hug “Yes!

Ei slips a ring onto Kokomi’s finger, then she and Miko hold out their hands so that Kokomi can do the same for them.

Miko finds silent tears falling down her face as she gazes at the ring. She never could have imagined a day she’d be so happy to have someone else alongside her and Ei… but she wouldn’t change a thing about this. The more she loves, Miko has learned, the brighter her life becomes, and the further away all the pain she’s experienced seems to be.

She watches with a smile as Ei and Kokomi kiss, dipping in to steal her own kisses from each of them when they briefly break apart for Kokomi to breathe. One of her hands continues to play with Ei’s rod while the other sneaks over to begin preparing Kokomi, teasing the younger woman’s clit and drawing a soft moan from her lips.

“We’ll need to make sure you’re nice and ready,” Miko murmurs. “Ei is big.”

This will be Kokomi’s first time taking Ei’s cock, and Miko wants to make sure it’s a good experience for her. This won’t be anything like the passionate night on which Miko had been impregnated with Makoto — as a human, Kokomi is far more delicate than a kitsune and needs to be treated with loving care.

Miko delights in Kokomi’s expression as she slips a finger inside, amused at how slick Kokomi’s hole is already becoming.

“You know, I’ve always wondered about how quickly you get wet,” Miko teases. “Is this a Hydro Vision thing? Or is it because you’re a cute little fish?”

Kokomi tries to scowl at her, but the combination of Miko’s fingers and Ei suckling on her chest causes the expression to quickly revert to one of pleasure.

“I-It’s because I’m with you,” Kokomi moans. “I never get this wet alone.”

“Our little slut,” Miko accuses playfully.

“Miko,” Ei scolds. “She’s our little treasure.” She punctuates this statement by flicking Kokomi’s nipple with her tongue.

“Same thing, really,” Miko says, shrugging. “I love sluts — I did marry you, didn’t I?”

Miko cuts off Ei’s attempt at an offended gasp by pulling her into a deep kiss.

“I think she’s about ready for you,” Miko whispers as she pulls away. “But take it slowly, okay?”

“Of course!” Ei says. “Miko, you know I’ll—”

Ei’s words are cut off by a low moan as Miko helps Kokomi sink slowly onto Ei’s shaft, one of the kitsune’s hand keeping it steady for their smaller lover even as the other spreads Kokomi’s lower lips to help ensure the large head of Ei’s cock can even slip inside in the first place.

“Careful, Komi,” Miko murmurs, gently kissing her Divine Priestess. “Take your time. Ei will let you be in control.”

Miko is pleased by how still Ei is holding herself, how every centimeter that enters into Kokomi’s body does so through Kokomi’s effort alone. The look of concentration on the other priestess’s face is adorable, and Miko pulls her into another gentle kiss.

Soon enough, Kokomi has managed to take the entire thing inside of her. Miko can see a slight bulge in her belly, and it’s an incredible turn-on: Kokomi is so small, yet she’s managed to accept the entirety of Ei’s length into her body.

“Good girl,” Miko murmurs, stroking Kokomi’s hair. “You’re taking her so well… and it’ll get easier, don’t worry. The first time is the hardest.”

“How do you feel?” Ei asks.

“Full,” Kokomi whispers, putting her hands on her stomach. “You’re so big. I like it… but I think I need a moment.”

“Take all of the time you need, Komi,” Ei reassures her, hugging Kokomi and pulling their lover’s head to rest on her chest. “There’s no rush.”

Miko and Ei share a smile over Kokomi’s head. Their little fish really is too cute, Miko thinks. She can’t wait to see what their child through her will look like.

Kokomi lets out a soft groan as her lips lift up ever so slightly, then slide back down. Miko strokes her Divine Priestess’s back as the smaller woman tentatively begins figuring out how to ride Ei.

“Miko,” Ei murmurs. “Up.”

Miko gives her wife a confused look, but when Ei wiggles her fingers at her immediately does as asked, a smile on her face. When she lowers herself down again, it’s to ride her god’s talented fingers.

Miko and Ei kiss deeply as Miko finds her rhythm, the kitsune reaching out with one hand to resume playing with Kokomi’s clit. It turns out to be surprisingly tricky to manage fucking herself on Ei’s fingers, making out with her wife, and pleasuring Kokomi all at the same time, but Miko is more than up to the challenge.

A needy whine from Kokomi draws a giggle from Ei and has Miko changing the target of her kisses. As she does her best to wrestle Kokomi’s tongue into submission with her own, Miko feels Ei become less passive with her fingers — a sharp jab against her G-spot has her losing her concentration long enough that Kokomi manages to overwhelm her in the kiss.

“Ei,” Miko whines. “That’s cheating!”

“Oh, so now two-on-one is unfair?” Ei teases, slipping a third finger into Miko’s cunt. “Double standards are unbecoming, my love.”

“You’re a god!” Miko moans, bucking her hips. “We need every advantage against you that we can get, right Komi?”

Miko is proud to see that the length and force of Kokomi’s motions has already increased substantially — at this rate, it won’t be long before she’ll be able to take Ei thrusting back at her a little. Still, that might be best saved for another night.

“Miko is… ah…! Right!” Kokomi pants. “We’re only…!”

Her Divine Priestess can’t finish her sentence, the combination of Ei’s cock stimulating every spot inside of her body and Miko’s skilled manipulation of her clit bringing her to a screaming orgasm. Her little fish slumps against Ei, breathing heavily, but her hips continue to weakly move in circles.

“Enjoying yourself?” Miko giggles, nuzzling her head against Kokomi’s.

Kokomi grins at her. “Of course I am,” she says. “This is… really different. But I like it — next time Ei brings out her cock, I won’t be letting you hog it. It’s your turn to be the one riding her face.”

“That’s fine with me,” Miko laughs. She shudders briefly as she cums on Ei’s fingers, but continues. “Ei is ours. We can share.”

“Um,” Ei cuts in. “I’m getting close. Komi, if you’ve changed your mind…”

Kokomi’s eyes widen and she slams her hips down hard, the slow, gentle riding she had been engaged in picking up in speed.

“Fill me,” Kokomi demands. “I want it, Ei. I really do. I want to have our child.”

Ei nods, tears glistening in the corners of her eyes and a broad smile on her face — and then she’s throwing her head back as a deep groan rumbles from her throat.

Kokomi strokes her stomach, a content smile on her face.

“Ei is very potent,” Miko says, reaching out to cup her little fish’s cheek. “But you’ll want to make sure she cums inside of you several times, just to be safe.”

Kokomi nods and begins moving her hips again. Miko smiles and pulls herself off of Ei’s fingers, then lightly shoves Ei so that she tips back onto the bed.

“Eat up,” Miko tells her as she straddles her face.

Ei obeys immediately, her tongue going to work on Miko as if she’s been starving. Miko yanks Kokomi into a deep kiss, her hands toying with her Divine Priestess’s cute little breasts.

“Miko,” Kokomi gasps out. “Thank you so much.”

“There’s nothing to thank me for,” Miko dismisses, pressing kiss after kiss to Kokomi’s lips. “I want this too.”

“And so do I,” Ei mumbles, half-muffled by Miko’s pussy. “We love you, Komi. We love you so much.”

“Less talking, more licking,” Miko teases, grinding down against Ei’s face. “She’s right though, Komi. We love you, and we want to help you fulfill your dreams — they’re our dreams, too.”

Miko does her best to kiss away the tears that begin to spill from Kokomi’s eyes, but Ei’s skilled tongue makes her unsteady enough that she’s not always quite on-target. When Miko accidentally kisses her Divine Priestess’s nose just a little too hard as she tips forward, Kokomi breaks into giggles, and Miko can’t help but join in.

Miko, feeling mischievous, reaches down and pinches one of Ei’s nipples. Her god yelps into her slit and bucks up instinctively, causing Kokomi to release an adorable whimper as the sudden motion pushes her over the edge and sets off another orgasm. The squeezing this no doubt results in seems to be the last straw for Ei as well, given Miko feels the telltale shaking of her wife’s body beneath her.

The kitsune doesn’t even have time to feel smug about her lovers cumming so close together before Ei adds an electrical current to her tongue and forces an orgasmic cry out of Miko as well.

“No fair,” Miko grumbles. “I had won!”

“…I didn’t know we were having a contest,” Kokomi says, narrowing her eyes at Miko. “Did you, Ei?”

“No,” Ei agrees. “But I think if we are, we should teach Miko a lesson…”

Miko’s eyes barely have time to widen before Kokomi is kissing her forcefully and Ei is teasing another climax out of her with a surge of electricity. This wasn’t what she had intended!

But, she has to admit to herself, she doesn’t mind. Having each of her lovers on one end of her, doing their best to make her feel good…

It’s nice.

And when they finish up for the night, when Ei and Miko wrap Kokomi in their arms and press loving kisses to her cheeks…

When they start whispering about baby names even as their eyes begin to slide shut…

When they fall asleep, wrapped up in each others’ warmth, love filling them…

Miko knows that she’s found the dream she’d always wanted.