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Miko's Child

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“Where’s Makoto?” Miko calls, tone exaggerated as she peers around the room, carefully ignoring the fluffy tail sticking out from behind a chair. “They’ve hidden so well!”

She hears an excited little squeak and makes a show of being surprised.

“I heard something! Are they close?” she asks.

It’s all Miko can do to resist laughing as she watches her precious child’s tail thumping against the ground.

Makoto has very much learned that their fox form’s tiny size has a great many benefits in hide-and-seek, but they have yet to figure out that it doesn’t make them invisible. Miko finds it absolutely precious and does her best to encourage such adorably poor attempts at hiding as much as possible.

“…I found you!” Miko exclaims, peering over the chair. Makoto squirms as she scoops them up and hugs them, but gives up quickly and licks her cheek.

“So cute,” Miko coos, rubbing her nose against Makoto’s.

Her child’s fox form has purple-streaked pink fur that’s a match for their hair when they’re in their humanoid shape, and every time Miko sees the tiny multicolored fox running around her heart feels like it’s going to burst at the visual reminder that Makoto is the fruit of the love between herself and Ei.

It’s strange how fluidly Makoto changes between shapes at such a young age: it usually takes a kitsune fifty years to gain the ability to take on human shape, but Makoto had been born as a humanoid and begun demonstrating the ability to transform at will within days of their birth. Miko suspects it’s related to the divine blood Ei has passed on, to the fact that Makoto is far more than ‘just’ a kitsune.

To Miko, who was raised in a time where kitsune were numerous, who had been taught by some of the greatest of their kind, the way Makoto seems to wear both shapes as if it’s natural is a marvel. It had taken her decades to grow used to walking and living as a human, and yet her child lives as both human and fox without so much as a stumble.

To Miko, Makoto is the manifestation of a miracle. As she sits down, her adorable child in her lap, and begins to play with their paws, her heart feels like it’s going to burst. How had she, after everything she’s done, been able to help create such a pure being?

She wants to give her child the world. Wants to ensure that Makoto can be whatever they want to be, that their life isn’t set on a track like hers or Ei’s or Kokomi’s had been.

None of Makoto’s mothers, Miko reflected, have ever really had a choice of who they wanted to be. All of them had births that cursed them with unfortunate fates, that ensured they would never be given the chance to discover what it was that they really wanted out of life, that prevented them from learning who they were, deep down.

Miko had been born into the Hakushin Clan and it had always been expected that she would become a shrine maiden. Her eventual ascension to Guuji had been all but certain the moment her potential had caught the Kitsune Saiguu’s eye — and how could she have possibly refused? For a kitsune to reject the honor of becoming a fox envoy, of serving the divine, was unheard of. Miko, shy little thing that she had been, could only accept her fate in silence.

Ei, Miko knows, had it much rougher — at least Miko had been comfortable, had been taken care of and lived a life largely free of troubles. Ei had been all but born for war, endlessly bathing herself in blood as she cast aside her identity to pursue her older sister’s dream. When that sister had died, there had been nobody but Ei who could take up her place — but ‘Raiden Shogun’ is not a title Ei ever wanted to hold, and even today it weighs upon her.

Kokomi, too, had struggled with a fate forced upon her. As the Sangonomiya Heir it was known from her birth that she would one day be the Divine Priestess — but the day had come sooner than anyone had expected when her predecessor unexpectedly died. Kokomi had been only fourteen and faced intense doubt and scrutiny, but had pushed through and done her best despite her natural shy nature. The people of Watatsumi Island had eventually come to love her and revere her almost as a god herself, but that faith is a heavy thing.

The only choice any of them have had about their fates, Miko thinks, was to become Makoto’s mothers.

Miko and Ei, of course, had decided to have a child and been blessed with Makoto. They’d made a choice to take on the enormous responsibility of parenthood, and Miko is so very glad that they did. They hadn’t been cut out to be parents at the time they’d originally decided to try for Makoto, and it would have been so easy for it to turn out badly… and yet somehow they managed to pull through, to examine their faults and become people who they hope Makoto will one day be proud to call their parents.

Kokomi, on the other hand, had gotten to know Makoto as she spent time with Miko and Ei to strengthen the ties between Watatsumi Island and the rest of Inazuma. The Divine Priestess had been enraptured by Makoto in much the same way Miko and Ei were, and now, these four and a half years later…

She’s become Makoto’s Kokomi-mama, no less adored than Miko-mama or Ei-mama, an irreplaceable fixture in the lives of not just Makoto, but Miko and Ei as well. A beloved figure that none of them could have ever predicted, but without whom their lives would be so much lesser.

Once upon a time, Miko would have been intensely jealous of the affection Makoto held for Kokomi, would have sought to destroy the young woman and would certainly never have fallen for her and invited her into her marriage with Ei.

But Miko has changed, and Makoto is the cause.

She is Yae Miko, mother of Makoto. It’s a role that takes her far from the jealous, lonely Guuji Yae she had been, that lets her throw away the pride of a Hakushin Kitsune. It’s a truth about herself deeper and more pure than any other, one that reflects the true form of who she is.

She is Yae Miko, and Makoto is her child.

“Miko-mama, Miko-mama!” an insistent voice calls.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Miko apologizes, shaking her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts and smiling down at the now human-shaped Makoto. “I was lost in thought.”

Makoto sighs theatrically. “Miko-mama, you and Ei-mama think too much,” they grumble. “Kokomi-mama doesn’t do that.”

“Oh, I assure you she does,” Miko disagrees, rubbing her cheek on Makoto’s head. “But she’s much younger than we are, and doesn’t have quite so much history weighing her down. Someday she’ll be just as bad as we are, mark my words.”

Kokomi’s reflections when that day comes will be much happier than Miko’s, the kitsune hopes. She and Ei will do her best to ensure the Divine Priestess doesn’t have to endure the centuries of pain that they had, that her life will be filled with smiles and love.

And the same goes for Makoto, of course. Miko will never let Makoto suffer like she did, won’t let the world be so cruel again. She’ll personally end any threat that could cause her child problems… assuming Ei doesn’t learn about it first and smite it with divine lightning, or Kokomi find out before she does and devise a clever plan that leads it to its own ruin.

Being in love with such incredible women does have its downsides, Miko muses, like the way that they can outdo you in terms of overprotectiveness if they get a little bit of a head start.

“You’re doing it again, Miko-mama,” Makoto complains, poking Miko in the stomach.

“So I am,” Miko agrees. In an instant she transforms into her fox shape, small enough that even Makoto towers over her. Her child’s eyes widen in glee, and she finds herself being pet with gentle hands.

“You’re so cute, Miko-mama!” Makoto giggles.

Not half as cute as you, Miko thinks, but she lets out a happy yip and snuggles up to Makoto.

“Aww!” she hears Kokomi call. “Is that Miko-mama you have there, Makoto?”

“Yeah!” Makoto agrees. “Do you wanna pet her with me?”

Kokomi laughs, and then Miko sees the Divine Priestess kneeling beside her. “That does sound fun,” she agrees, stroking Miko’s head. “I can never get over how cute the two of you are in your fox shapes…”

“They’re adorable,” Ei agrees, and Miko has to resist flinching back as her god manifests out of nothing and begins to give her belly rubs. “Of course, that includes no matter which shape they’re in…”

“Of course,” Kokomi agrees, laughing as Makoto swiftly transforms and climbs into her arms. “I appear to have a needy little pile of fluff right now.”

Ei laughs and tickles under Makoto’s chin with one hand even as the other scratches behind Miko’s ears in the way she’s always enjoyed. Miko feels herself melting down in happiness, and she sees her child faring no better. Ei is unfairly good when it comes to petting kitsune, centuries of experience showing themselves in an expert knowledge of just where to rub to render foxes boneless.

“You’ll have to teach me how to do that,” Kokomi says. “I can never get them to collapse quite like you do.”

“You will,” Ei chuckles. “Here, let me show you.”

Miko can only resign herself to being doomed to an Eternity of very good petting as she feels Kokomi take Ei’s advice and adjust the way she pets. The Divine Priestess is a quick learner as always, but seems content to focus on Makoto and leave Miko to Ei — a good thing, Miko thinks, because she’s not sure she would remain conscious if both Ei and Kokomi were petting her right now.

…Of course, she thinks as Makoto slips out of Kokomi’s arms and snuggles up against her, she might not remain conscious if she has to deal with both Ei petting her and her child being so cute at the same time, either. Makoto’s adorableness leaves her in a half-conscious state at all times already — it’s hard to think properly when the cutest creature in the world is in front of you.

“We’re so lucky, aren’t we,” Ei whispers into her ear. “Makoto’s got the best parts of all of us… including your cuteness.”

Miko puffs up proudly, more than happy to take credit for her child’s adorable appearance. It’s true, she thinks, that it’s because of her that Makoto is able to become such a tiny, precious little fox. Even if the fluidity with which Makoto has taken to shapechanging can be attributed to inherited divinity from Ei, the fact that they can do it at all is from Miko.

Miko may be slightly biased, but she thinks foxes are cuter than humans, so that makes Miko’s part of Makoto’s bloodline rather important. Of course, no matter which form Makoto is in they’re the cutest in all of Teyvat…

She’s startled out of her thoughts by Makoto tugging on her tail with their teeth and, with a surprised yelp, begins to chase her mischievous child in circles around Ei and Kokomi. Her wife and girlfriend are clearly very amused and do their best to trip her up and keep Makoto in the lead, the traitors — don’t they understand that such a vicious act requires being cuddled into submission as retribution?

“This way, Makoto,” Kokomi urges, and Miko finds herself fruitlessly attempting to jump high enough to reach her child as her girlfriend rises to her feet with Makoto in her hands. “See? Miko-mama’s the tiny one now. She can’t get you like this.”

Scowling, Miko shifts to her humanoid form and gently snatches Makoto away, ignoring the way they squirm as she tickles their belly relentlessly. This is a punishment, after all.

“Got you!” she grumbles, covering her child’s cute little fox face in kisses. “Silly little fox, do you really think you can beat me? You’re hundreds of years too early for that!”

“Miko,” Ei says, laughing. “They beat you every time they pout.”

Miko staggers as the little fox in her hands becomes a five-year-old human child.

“So do you, Ei-mama,” Makoto points out. “You give in faster than Miko-mama.”

Ei collapses against Kokomi, moaning dramatically as if she’d been struck.

“They’re not wrong, Ei,” Kokomi laughs, hugging their silly god. “You break down faster than any of us.”

“You’re faster than Miko-mama too, Kokomi-mama,” Makoto reminds her, and Kokomi joins Ei in slumping to the floor in defeat.

Miko snickers, head held high as the last mother standing until Makoto turns their pout on her. The sight of those cute eyes… of that little lip trembling… the “Miko-mama?” that comes out of her child’s mouth…

Miko joins her lovers on the floor, and Makoto does a victory pose with one foot on her head.

“We made a mistake bringing something so cute into the world,” Miko mumbles. “We’re all doomed now.”

“At least we’re doomed for a good reason,” Ei points out optimistically. “It’s a pretty big improvement from all of the previous times we’ve been doomed.”

“…Just how often do you face doom?” Kokomi inquires.

Miko and Ei trade a look.

“Well, let’s see…” Ei muses. “There was the Archon War… the first civil war with Watatsumi Island… the attacks from rebellious gods that had hidden in the Dark Sea… the… thing that happened five hundred years ago…”

“There was the Seirai Rebellion a few years after you let the puppet take over,” Miko takes up. “But that was a rather small ‘doomed,’ really, as were the handful of gods that tried to rise up in those years — nothing I couldn’t handle with my little finger. That nonsense with the Abyss Order five years ago, though, that was a proper ‘doomed.’”

Ei, Kokomi, and Miko all shudder as one.

“It could have been much worse,” Ei offers up. “We were able to deal with it before it became a situation like five hundred years ago. If we hadn’t…”

“Yes, yes,” Miko sighs. “I know, I know. It’s a good thing I actually helped the traveler girl and her flying baby. Do you need to rub it in every time?”

“The Captain of Swordfish II really did turn out to be the best hire I ever made,” Kokomi laughs. “What a strange girl she turned out to be, though.”

“Exactly the type you want to have around when facing doom,” Ei says seriously as she scoops a disinterested-looking Makoto into her arms and rests her chin on their child’s head. “Too stupid not to charge headfirst into danger, too stubborn to die, and lucky enough to have a connection to a solution that really shouldn’t have worked if it weren’t for the fact that fate is a big fan of narrative conveniences.”

“Are you talking about the traveler or yourself?” Miko snarks. “Because that sounds an awful lot like a certain beloved idiot of mine to me…”

Ei scowls at her, and Miko just grins.

“The first two I can see,” Kokomi says, tilting her head and squinting at Ei. “They definitely describe our Ei. But does the last one really fit her too?”

“Oh right,” Miko realizes. “We never did tell you about the stupid tree, did we.”

“Tree?” Kokomi asks.

“The Sacred Sakura was born from my sister’s power after she died,” Ei explains. “And, um, well… This is going to sound very silly, but…”

“She planted it five years ago,” Miko says flatly. “And it grew in the past, before Inazuma was even founded. The only one on the planet who can tell it hadn’t always been there is Ei herself.”

Kokomi stares, then pinches the bridge of her nose. “Please tell me you’re joking,” she says. “You did not just say that your sister turned into a tree that grew before it was planted.”

“Well, we didn’t say it in those words,” Ei hedges.

“I’m going to forget I ever asked,” Kokomi says firmly.

“Probably a good call,” Miko agrees. “I like to pretend it never happened, too. Really made the way I’d groomed it feel awkward…”

“Makoto loved kitsune, she wouldn’t have minded,” Ei says, shrugging.

“Me?” Makoto asks, perking up.

“No, your aunt, who you’re named after,” Miko corrects, kissing her child’s forehead. “Don’t follow in her footsteps, okay? I’m sure you’d be a very cute tree, but I like you better this way.”

“Why would I wanna be a tree?” Makoto asks, nose wrinkling. “I’m a fox!”

“The cutest fox,” Kokomi agrees, nuzzling their precious child. “Sorry Miko.”

“No, no, it’s true,” Miko agrees. “I’m extremely cute, but Makoto’s got me beat.”

Makoto has an expression smug enough to rival any Miko has ever worn as their mothers wrap them up in a group hug.

“I love you, mamas,” Makoto mumbles.

Miko’s heart melts yet again at her child’s words of love. Every bit of hardship, every doom she’s ever faced has been more than worth it for this moment — and looking into her lovers’ eyes, she knows they both agree.

None of them have had an easy path getting here, in their own ways. They’ve all struggled, all found themselves falling down over and over and forcing themselves to continue in the face of crushing despair.

But it’s all lead them to now, where they’ve found who they really are, deep inside. Underneath the Guuji, underneath the Raiden Shogun, underneath the Divine Priestess:

Who they are is a group of women in love, the mothers to the most precious child in the world.