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Through the Trees

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Anita wiped the sweat from her brow as she hammered in the last nail through the plank.


It was done.


After almost a year, the renovation and additional construction to her small cabin was finally finished, making it look more like a house than a big tool shed.


Her old bedroom was now a storage room, connected to a newly added room that was now sort of an office. With the help of both Makoa and Ramya, and a few other friends from town–not to mention the shit ton of money that Anita had saved from Loba’s payments–they had managed to safely tear the roofing, renovate a major part of the cabin to install a  new room and a spiral staircase, and build a bigger bedroom at the top.


Equipped with huge windows on every wall, it was proving to be Anita’s favorite room. She now had a higher and almost three-sixty view of the nearer parts of her property. From there, she could see her growing trees thriving. There was also a balcony that faced westwards. Even unfinished, Loba loved watching the sunset there.


She also liked jumping off said balcony whenever Anita was somewhere near the bottom, causing most of her mini heart attacks.


A chuckle suddenly bubbled out from her lips. The thought of her girlfriend and her silly antics made her smile. Officially together for almost a year yet every day still felt like the first. It was amazing how one kiss—a hell of a kiss—had launched her life into such a profound trajectory. She was happy now, truly and honestly happy. And Loba made sure that she never doubted herself ever again. Though the teasing never did stop, Anita wouldn’t change it any other way.


Her smile turned into a grin when she felt a pair of arms wrapping around her waist, followed by a warm body pressing flush against her back. She felt Loba place a soft kiss on her neck, just below her ear.


“What’s got you smiling?” Loba whispered, hands sneaking under her shirt to caress her abdomen. If she wasn’t so used to her girlfriend groping her every chance she got, she would have melted away.


Anita placed her hand on top of Loba’s through her shirt and gave a light squeeze. “Nothing, I’m just really happy,” she said before tossing her hammer towards the tool box. She turned in Loba’s arms, pressing a quick kiss on her lips before draping an arm around the other woman’s shoulder. “Also because the house is done.” 


They stood side by side, looking up at their new home.


“You know,” Loba said after a while, hand snaking around Anita’s waist, “when you told me that you were going to build me a house, I didn’t really believe you.”


“That’s because you’re a mean wolf lady.”


Anita laughed when Loba swatted her stomach, muttering an amused stop that .


“Although technically, I only built you half a house.”


She heard Loba hum. “You’re right,” her girlfriend said, dropping her arm and taking a step away from her. Her lips were pursed but there was a twinkle of mischief in her amber eyes. “Take it back, I don’t want it anymore.”


A gasp came out of Anita, hand on chest in mock offense. She closed her eyes as she sighed loudly. “But who’s going to try the new clawfoot tub with me?” She asked, voice dripping with dramatic insinuation. She started walking backwards when she saw Loba’s eyes widen.


“I guess I’ll just be soaking on my own,” Anita said finally before bolting towards the backdoor. 


“Anita—Hey! Come back here, hey!”


She tried but Loba, even in her heels and ungodly tight pants, managed to catch up to her in a pounce. Soon enough she had the other woman perched on her back, arms wrapped around her neck and legs expertly encircling her waist in a piggy back.


Anita closed her eyes when she felt Loba kiss her temple. She turned her head and caught her lips in a kiss.


“I love you,” She whispered, bumping the tip of Loba’s nose gently with her own.


Loba nuzzled back with a smile. “I love you, too,” she whispered before pulling her in for another kiss.


The trees around them swayed lightly with the passing wind.

The End.