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As you glance at the letter in your hand, you wonder.. will this really help you? You look up to the cold, metal gates. The wind howls as the gates open, welcoming you inside.
As you stare at the large wooden door before you, you look back to see the endless forest of trees and grass. There’s no turning back now, I have to find her. You grab the door handles and push it open, as soon as you enter you glance around the building, chandeliers hanging from above, a statue sitting behind a table, two stairways and two doors, one left, one right. Below you is a velvet red carpet. You begin to walk towards the door on the right, your heels clicking as you take every step, twisting the doorknob to find a man sitting at a table, he wore colourful clothing with a brown hat, his hair was a dirty blonde, having little curls that seemed to be all over the place, his face was decorated with little freckles and eyes full of cheerfulness, he looks up to see you, he gave you a curious look, “And who are you?” His voice was slightly pitched, you answer to his question, “I am Y/N.” He replies, “Oooohhh, that’s a pretty name! Just like you!” He winked, trying to lighten up the mood, your face turns slightly red, “Oh? Thank you. Uhm.. what’s your name?”You manage spit out those words, you sit down at the table, his face lights up, it seemed he loved to do introductions, “My name is Mike Morton!” He says gleefully, “So.. are you an acrobat?” You ask him, he seemed to be one, though you never regularly went to circus performances as a kid, you still remember one of the acrobats clothing, which was similar to his. “Me? Oh yeah!” He says, full of joy. “Aha, judging by your appearance you’re a.. baker? Somebody who works with pastry’s.” You say to him with a light chuckle, “Yep!” Well, to say, you wore a white button-up shirt with a brown skirt and light sage-green apron, you also wore whit leggings to compliment your little look, though maybe the high heels weren’t necessary. But they were the only green shoes in your closet. You begin to inspect the room a little more, it was nicely decorated, suddenly you jump at the sound of a door opening, “Agghhhh.. Garden work is so tiring!” It was a girls voice, with another set of footsteps trailing behind her, “But it was fun, right Miss Woods?” A little voice had spoke, the woman had turned to the corner to see you and the acrobat. “Who is this Mike?” She asked, it was a girl with brown hair, tucked to the side of her ears and a few strands of hair hanging to the front of her face, she had freckles painted across her face with lovely sage eyes with a apron to match, her shirt was a greyish-white with a pair of dark blue jeans, which seemed to be covered in mud. The little girl behind her had golden hair with the loveliest little brown eyes, she had dots of white scattered across her face with a grey-ish white dress that went down to her knees with white leggings to match, her shoes were lovely little red Mary-Janes. Her dress seemed to be a little dirty too. Mike responded to the girls question, “Their name is Y/N!” The girl said, “Oohh, nice name!” She said with a thumbs up and a grin. “I’m Emma Woods, and this is Alice.” She looked down to the girl beside her, “Hello…” she seemed shy, she was gripping onto Emma’s apron. “Emmy.. can you read me some stories?” Alice’s face looks up to Emma’s face, their eyes met for a quick moment before she responded, “Sure! I’d love to, I’ll see ya guys later, bye!” She says, taking Alice’s hand and leading her to Alice’s room. Mike got up and said, “I can introduce ya to the others, they’ll seem to like you!” He told you, you nod in agreement.
As you trail behind Mike closely, as Mike opens a door, quite a handful of survivors are inside, having conversations and talking. Mike spots somebody and takes your hand, “I want you to meet somebody!” He says excitedly, he drags you to a well-built looking man, he had seemed to have many burn scars and even one that covered half of his face, there also seemed to be a woman in purple and black clothing with bright red hair, Mike said, “Meet Fiona and Norton! They’re good friends of mine!” He said, they both turn to you, “Mike who’s this?” Norton says, “Oh this is Y/N!” Mike replies, Fiona looks you up and down, “I’m Fiona Gilman, pleasure to meet you.” She takes out a hand for you to shake. You take her hand and shake it, a little grin appears on her lips, “You know, Vera has been talking about somebody similar to you, saying how she misses you and wants to see you again—“ Fiona’s words were cut off by the thoughts in your mind, Vera?.. Isn’t she.. then you think of Chloe.. and the disappearance. Was Vera actually.. You feel a tap on your shoulder as your thoughts are stopped and stopped very suddenly. It was Norton, “Hey, you seemed out of it for a minute, you okay?” You see a look of worry on the man’s face. “O..Oh me? Sorry I was just lost in thought!” You give him a small look. Norton nods and says “Alrighty, as long as everything’s alright.”

After being introduced to lord of survivors, you sigh and fall onto your bed in your room. What an exhausting day! Suddenly you hear something slip under the door, it was a letter. You quickly get up from your bed and fall to your knees to see the letter, as you find somewhere to sit, you see a velvet chair complimented with dark wood and a nice little coffee table. You sit back and kick off your heels as look around for a letter opener, “Hmph, I’ll check the drawer.” You think to yourself, putting the letter on the table before checking inside the beside desk drawer, indeed there was a letter opener, it was a nice accent gold, you take the opener and grab the letter on the table, cutting through the wax seal you open the letter and lift the paper. “Dear Esteemed Guest of this manor,
You have been invited to a game in Lakeside Village. You will be required to join 3 other members of the game at the dining table at 7:30pm sharp, do not be late.
From, Miss Nightingale.”
Who was this Miss Nightingale woman? I guess she’s the owner of this manor, and what game? Well, no matter, you’ll find out tomorrow.

You wake up to the sound of knocking on your door, you jump at the sound at quickly look up, “Coming, coming!” You say in a tired voice, you pull the sheets off your body and go towards the door, you open it to see Mike, “Hey! I was just coming to tell you that breakfast is almost ready, be ready by then!” You nod as he takes the doorknob and closes the door, you quickly head to the bathroom and grab a hairbrush from the side, brushing your hair and combing it. You place both of the instruments down and grab a near-by ribbon to tie your hair up, then you run over to the closet and grab your clothing, dusting off your apron before taking your stockings and putting them on, then quickly shuffling over to your green shoes and placing them on, you go over to the dining table to see many others gathered around, all eating food. You notice Mike waving to you, “Heyyy!! Y/N!! I saved a spot for youuu!” A smile plasters across your face as you go over to the spot Mike had saved for you, “Ehe, glad you came!” He smiled. “Say, did you get a invitation to a duo hunters match by any chance?” You shake your head. “Awh. I wanted to play a match with you!” He pouted. Norton laughed and said “Awh, am I not enough for you?” Mike turned to him quickly, “Hey! Stop saying that!” He said, clearly agitated. “Sorry, sorry. I’ll back down.” He says, giving a light chuckle. Fiona turns her head, gulping down some food from her plate, “Stop teasing him like that or he’s gonna turn into a tomato!” She laughs, “Heyyy! Not fair!” He says, crossing his arms. Norton grabs Mikes shoulder, “We’re only teasinggg.” Mike glances to Norton, his eyes shifting to his gaze. “Whatever!” He responds. You give a light chuckle, “I got invited to a four man match, I have to be here at 7:30pm.” You sigh, “That’s when I like to make pastries..” Your voice drags off with disappointment. Mikes face lights up, “Ooo, you make pastries? What kind, what kind?” You laugh lightly before answering, “Only small desserts, little sponge cakes, cupcakes, lemon cakes, cookies, puddings, and much more!” You smile, “Oooo, do you make truffle cake?” You respond, “Sure I can! I use my mothers special recipe!” You giggle. A man grabbed Norton’s chair and said “Whatcha guys doin?” You look up to see another man, “Oh hey William!” He looks down at you, “Ah who’s this?” He questions, raising an eyebrow. “This is Y/N.” Norton says, pointing to you. “Ooohh, nice to meet ya Y/N! You new?” You nod, this man was insanely well built and buff, And he was super nice too! You look to the clock, 10:30?! It was only 8:47 when she began to eat! Jeez time goes by fast, as William sits beside Fiona, beginning to converse with the two. You get up and push out your chair before putting it back in, “Where you going, Y/N?” Mike questions you, “Oh, I’m gonna go bake!” You smile before skipping off to the kitchen.

After a few hours of baking and making treats, you finish off with making some butter-cream icing for a cake. As you decorate the red velvet cake, you add little dots of rainbow coloured icing, you smiled and admired the cake you have finished, then you take the cake, one at a time you take out each of the treats and set them on the table, it seems Mike was busy on the table making some kind of.. balls? Filling some with gunpowder, others with some flour. You set the treats on the table and give it a nice appearance, Mike looks up as his eyes light up, “Wow.. they all look so good, can I try some?” He looks to you, you nod as you see him excitedly pick something he wants to try, he picks up a mini sponge cake and a fork and begins to the eat small little pieces of it. “Wow this is wondwefful!” He says, mouth full of food. You look at the clock, 2:46. Time was approached rapidly. You smile at Mike’s comment. “Thank you! I hope the others will enjoy it as well!” Your voice is full of glee, she loves seeing others enjoy her treats.

As you get to know more people inside the manor, the clock chimes. 7:23. Mike gives a worried look to you, “I’m scared.. I don’t like matches like these.” Norton gives Mike a worried look, “It’s alright Mike, I’ll do everything I can to protect you, in the mention of matches, good luck Y/N. You’ll need it.” You nod, you head over to the table with the others, there a woman sits, with brown hair and light purple and pinkish-clothing. A perfume bottle sits beside her, she seemed to be glancing around when you caught her eye. “Oh, hello there, I’m Vera Nair.” Her voice was like a little melody. “Oh, I’m Y/N!” You give a pleasant smile. She looks at you up and down. “I recognize that name..” She says.. “And you seem awfully familiar..” As her eyes look to your gaze, you sit down beside her. “Yes, it is you! You were my friend!” She says excitedly, you smile “Chloe it really is you!” You pull her into a tight hug. “I missed you..” tears streamed down her face as you hug. “I missed you too..” you say on a quiet tone, suddenly a voice stopped the moment, “Excuse me for being rude but.. can’t you all get touchy AFTER the match? It drives me insane how many people are so sad and touchy.” You turn and give a glare at a man with a green hoodie and brown hair, it seemed to be in a ponytail with a few strand loose. Another man similar to a cowboy sits down and says “Don’t be mean to the ladies!” He says, “Piss off Kevin.” The other man responds, “Typical Naib.” Kevin says, clearly angered. “Me? Typical? Okay Mr. Flirty.” Kevin shoots a look at him, “Yeah, you’re always interrupting every sad moment!” Naib gives him a mean glare, “Yeah yeah, whatever!” He crosses his arms with a sour expression. Vera laughs, “Seeing them fight is quite funny.” She says to you.

The countdown hits 0 and the round starts, you feel the cold air of the lonely village hit you, you shiver and shake like a leaf for a moment before turning around and noticing a cipher. You remember Mike mentioning decoding, you tap the buttons as the cipher begins to beep, you keep tapping random keys and notes. Beep beep boop boop. The bopping noises were getting annoying, when suddenly you hear something behind you, a pair of high heels? You turn to see an aquatic looking person inches away from hitting you before you duck quickly and slide on the rough ground. The aquatic-figure spins and a woman appears, she wore a crimson coloured dress with pale-blue skin and pale white hair that seemed to fade from colour with hollow, pitch black eyes and lips painted red. A smile spreads across her lips as her broken-mirror shard hits you, cleanly cutting through your clothing and creating a large gash on your back, it quickly begins to bleed. It leaves a trail of blood as you run, struggling to stay up. Suddenly you hear the same sound again, quickly turning your head to see the woman grin as she hits you again, but deeper, you fall to the ground, groaning in pain, “GYAHH!!” You look up as the woman mumbles something under her breath, “Weak..” She ties a rope around your waist, tightening it so you don’t escape, then a pair of balloons get blown up as you float into the sky before a pair of hands catch the end of the rope and begin to search for a chair. You look for an attempt to struggle, wiggling around and fiddling with the rope, you didn’t manage to get out as she quickly cuts the rope, you fall to the ground before she picks you up again and takes two metal cuffs and tightens them around your wrists, then a bumper that secure before taking her glass shard and lifting your face to hers. Inspecting you, she quickly pulls the shard away from your face and leaves a faint cut under your chin. She places her hand up and summons another mirror, before spinning to catch her next prey, as soon as the mirror image disappears, Vera had come and begun to get you off the chair, she sits on your lap to get rid of the metal bands, her breasts pushed against yours, you couldn’t help but stare. “U..Uhm Vera when are you done?..” She gives you a look before releasing you from the chair, you both fall to the ground as you realize you are fully pushed up against her, “I’m sorry!” You apologize, as your about to leave you see Vera grinning, “I noticed you were staring.” You blush quickly as your face turns to a shade of pink, “I’m sorry! I..” you had no excuse. “It’s okay.. because you know..” She gets closer and closer. “I’ve always liked you..” Eh?.. Confessions now? During a game?.. well to be honest.. you reply with, “I’ve.. liked you since we were kids.. you’re beautiful.” She smiles once more, “Then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind this.” She hastily pushes her lips against yours, kissing you passionately. “Mmhhm..” Vera pushes her lips back, “Maybe we could go somewhere more.. private.” She takes your wrist and leads you to the basement, the floor was cold and made of concrete, as soon as your against the wall, Vera pushes her lips to yours once more, holding your head as you both begin to kiss, the kiss went on for a long time in fact, soon she takes a sharp breath before going back in for another, but this time she uses her tongue, you feel her tongue inside your mouth as it begins to twist and turn around, you take your hands and put them in her hair, holding her head as well as you both make out, enjoying every moment of it. Vera looks up to you and looks down to your shirt, with a look of asking for consent you nod as she presses her lips once more, unbuttoning your shirt, revealing the corset you wore, you begin to do the same, “Mmhhmmm…” you moan quietly as Vera becomes more aggressive with her kissing, you feel your shirt slowly slide off and notice it hitting the floor, you then look down to see Vera pushing away and taking off her gloves, as you do the same you give her nods of consent as she looks down to your corset.. then apron. You give her the same looks of consent, as she removes her headpiece and unties her bun, her hair falls gracefully to her shoulders, she begins to untie your corset, leaving your upper part bare, she begins to also untie your apron, it falls to the ground and then she pulls down your skirt with your leggings, all that’s left to do is your panties, she looks up for consent, you nod, blushing brightly. She slowly takes it off, as she unties her corset and takes off her clothing, you couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked. She leans you against the wall, your breasts now pushed up to each other. She begins to suck on your neck, giving them hard kisses. You feel her saliva and tongue on her neck, you give into the pleasure and moan quietly, “Mhmm…” Vera then begins to go to your chest, sucking harder with each and every kiss. You feel her hands hold your waist, her hands were cold, she then gives you a grin, to tease you she takes her cold hands and begins to place them on your chest, holding them in her hands while squishing them softly, “Vera.. your hands are so.. cold.” You say under all your soft moaning. A light chuckle comes from Vera’s voice, she leans down slightly and begins to suck on your chest, holding the other in her hand. “Mhhmmmmhh!..” you give out a sharp breath, whimpering. She puts down her hands and pushes your in, pinching your waist slowly. You huff in pleasure, “V..Vera..” you say under your breath. “Yes?” She says, “Kiss me more..” You say, what?! You didn’t mean to say that, how did you even manage to blurt it out. “With pleasure.” But you didn’t mind, she holds your head as she gets rougher and deeper with her kissing. You feel around and begin to pinch her waist as well. Slowly but steadily putting your hands on her breasts. She looks down in excitement, you both fall to the floor as you both are moaning deeply. Then Vera takes both of her fingers, slowly going towards your area. She rubs it slowly, making circular motions at first, “Mmmmhmm..” You feel yourself getting louder, she goes faster and faster, hearing the sounds coming out of your mouth, she smiles, pleased. “Ehem.. You want more?” You nod, unable to say anything. She takes her fingers and slowly begins to go inside, as she reaches the part, she begins to scissor you inside, you begin to hold her breasts, she stops scissoring and thrusts in and out, she goes faster and faster. You huff more and more, whimpering and whining. You spread your legs open more and more, “You want more, got it.” She goes at a very quick pace, you bring in for another kiss, you both press your lips as she continues to finger you, going faster, hastily bringing you lots of pleasure. She takes out of her fingers of your area, licking her fingers she had used. Sucking on them right in front of you. “Mmmm.” She moans. As she finishes, she notice that you were bright red, panting heavily. You look to her, “You’re so.. good at this.” A grin plasters on her face, holding your head in her arms, suddenly the moment is stopped when they hear the end siren ring. “Fuck, we have to get up now!” She hastily puts on her clothing, along with you helping her, you both run out of the basement to see the exit gate near you both was open, Kevin seemed very worried but his mood lifted when he saw the two. “Oh thank god your safe! You went missing all match!” You both glance at each other. “Yeah.. sorry about that.” She gives a light chuckle before you all exit the gate, your first game went so well!

As you and Vera enter back into the manor, you both say “Never mention this to anybody!” And laugh when you do, ahh.. being Vera’s friend was truly a wonder.