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Passing Moments

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“I’ve never done this before,” Kokomi admits nervously, eyes darting between Ei and Miko.

Ei smiles at the young woman that she and her wife have sandwiched between them, the trio sitting on the edge of the large bed that Ei and Miko share.

“Don’t worry,” she soothes. “We’ll be gentle.”

Miko laughs, drawing Ei’s attention, and she scowls at her kitsune. They have Makoto out being babysat by their ‘Aunt Yoimiya’ to ensure that Ei and Miko have the house to themselves for as long as they’ll need to introduce Kokomi into the more physical side of their relationship without needing to worry about an adorable child barging into the room in the middle.

…The way Makoto’s face had lit up when they told them they were dating Kokomi now, that they can now call her Kokomi-mama as they’ve so clearly been wanting to…

Ei wants to do this right, to make sure they don’t accidentally scare Kokomi away. She’s a little disappointed that Miko is apparently taking things so much more lightly, and wants to make sure her wife understands the stakes.

“We will!” Ei insists. “Miko, it’s her first time. We’ve got to take it easy! We can’t do any of the hard stuff, and we’ve got to make sure we teach her the ropes. Please, take this seriously!”

“Oh, Ei,” Miko teases. “You really don’t have any idea what’s about to happen, do you?”

Ei doesn’t even have time to ask what Miko means before she finds herself being pushed down on the bed by both of the other women, Miko having effortlessly slipped around to flank Ei in an instant.

She finds Miko and Kokomi each cupping one of her cheeks, and a pair of kisses is pressed to the corners of her lips. The sensation sets her cheeks on fire, somehow being far more embarrassing than a normal kiss even though it hadn’t actually involved Ei’s lips at all.

“M-Miko?” Ei stammers, eyes wide. “K-Kokomi? I-I thought we were…”

“Kokomi and I,” Miko purrs, “are going to show you just how much we love you.”

“B-But it’s her f—” Ei tries to protest.

“Don’t underestimate her or you’ll regret it,” Miko warns, cutting her off. “Really, Ei, we’ve been all but dating her for four years… surely you’ve figured out what a fast learner she is by now?”

As Ei gazes up at the hungry looks on the faces of her wife and their girlfriend, she…

Well, no. She doesn’t regret that she and Miko have fallen for the Divine Priestess, and she doesn’t regret that they decided to ask her if she wanted to try out being a part of their relationship. The handful of official group dates they’ve had have been as wonderful as any of the outings they’d had as a trio before, they just now contain an acknowledgment of the feelings that had been simmering under the surface for quite some time.

She does, however, wish that she’d had some idea that this was coming, that Miko and Kokomi had been planning to turn their first night encounter as lovers into an attack on Ei rather than a gentle introduction for Kokomi. It’s not that she’s against it at all, if it’s what Kokomi wants: she’s more than willing to serve as the target through which their girlfriend will learn how to please a woman. It’s just… she hadn’t realized that today she was going to be the one being teased, though given Miko was involved in setting this all up, she probably shouldn’t be as surprised as she is.

“Do what you want,” Ei pouts, turning away.

She finds her head turned back and Kokomi’s lips brushing against hers.

“I may not have had the time for romance when I was growing up,” Kokomi tells her, “but I have read quite a few books on it, you know. I’m not clueless.”

Ei and Miko share a look and then burst out laughing.

Books? Really? Kokomi’s adorable. Reading is no substitute for real experience, and given most books that she might be talking about are the more… adult… light novels from Yae Publishing House…

“K-Kokomi, dear,” Miko chuckles. “I should warn you, as the one who approved most of the books you’re no doubt referring to… I don’t enforce particularly high editorial standards on that kind of material, and you probably shouldn’t be taking it very seriously.”

“…Oh,” Kokomi mumbles, an adorable blush painting her cheeks. “Um. Then…”

“Just forget everything you think you know, and I’ll teach you,” Miko promises. “And Ei won’t mind that you’re new to this, of course… Right, Ei?”

“Of course not,” Ei agrees immediately. “Just follow Miko’s lead and you’ll be fine.”

She means every word: for all that Miko is a relentless tease, she’s also a dedicated teacher and a skilled and attentive lover. She’ll teach Kokomi everything she needs to know, and won’t try to trick her with any kind of absurd ideas like Kokomi has no doubt picked up from whatever light novels she’s been reading.

“Okay,” Kokomi agrees, nodding in determination. “I’m ready to learn.”

“Now, the first thing you need to understand about pleasing Ei,” Miko begins. “Is that it’s incredibly easy. With two of us, we might even break her.”

“Hey!” Ei protests, scowling at her traitorous wife. “What are you talking about?”

“Ei, dear,” Miko sighs, rolling her eyes. “These days, you cum your brains out if I so much as brush your clit.”

“Do not,” Ei mutters rebelliously. It’s maybe a little bit true, but that doesn’t mean she has to admit it. Is it her fault she’s come to be so addicted to her wife’s touch? That everything about Miko’s presence is already so arousing to her that it takes almost nothing to bring her to climax?

…That she’s begun to find Kokomi similarly arousing, and is now suffering from the effects of having both focusing their attention on her and is already dripping just imagining what’s about to happen to her?

“Do too,” Miko insists, leaning in to rub her nose against Ei’s. “My cute little slut of a wife.”

Ei can’t help the sound that escapes from her lips at Miko’s words, and Miko laughs in her face before turning back to regard Kokomi.

“As you can see, she’s also very weak to dirty talk,” Miko explains. “She likes being lightly degraded, so don’t feel the need to hold back. Say whatever you like to her and it will probably help her get off.”

“Dirty talk, got it,” Kokomi agrees.

She regards Ei hungrily, a lustful spark in her eyes, and leans in to whisper into the god’s ear.

“I thought you were supposed to be an Archon, not a common whore,” she says, the note of disdain in her voice almost sounding genuine. “What would your people think if they knew how much you lust for my touch?”

Ei whimpers, hating how turned on the Divine Priestess’s words make her.

“Stealing lines from my books, are we?” Miko giggles, swatting at Kokomi’s shoulder. “That’s a line that belongs to the Kitsune Guuji, little fish, and that’s me.”

Kokomi shrugs unapologetically, a cheeky smile on her face. “My line now,” she says. “It certainly didn’t have your name on it… and knowing where to steal from is the essence of creativity, anyway.”

Miko lets out a delighted laugh. “Too true!” she agrees. “My, my. You really will fit in perfectly here, won’t you?”

There are two of them, Ei thinks in aroused terror. She knew Kokomi liked to tease, but that she would prove so much like Miko in the bedroom already…

Well, Miko might not have been entirely wrong about the combination being able to break her. Ei is suddenly very glad for how sturdy her puppet body is, because she might just need it.

Ei remains still, gazing up at the beautiful women looming over her as Miko undoes her kimono with skillful hands. She’s not wearing anything underneath, having been more than ready for this.

Kokomi gasps, eyes shining as they roam over Ei’s exposed skin. The reverence in the Divine Priestess’s gaze is almost enough to make Ei feel shy.

“Now, first of all,” Miko instructs, shrugging off her own simple robe, an act that Kokomi quickly copies. “Her ears are very sensitive. Copy me.”

Ei can only tremble as a pair of beautiful naked women snuggle up on either side of her and lean in to take her earlobes into their mouths. They nibble gently, Kokomi perhaps just a touch harder than Ei’s preference but still well within the realm of the arousing.

When the Divine Priestess’s tongue comes out to tease her sensitive skin without any prompting, Ei begins to fear that their girlfriend might just be a natural… though it’s a simple enough improvisation that she might just be reading too much into things as a result of her near-panic.

She feels Miko place one of Kokomi’s hands on her breast and guide the smaller woman in how to hold it, in the force to use when groping to best stimulate Ei, and then to her nipple.

Ei moans softly as Kokomi gently begins to play with her nipple under Miko’s guidance, all the while both women keep up their assault on her ears. She feels Miko’s hand withdraw from Kokomi’s and move to play with her other breast, and then…

“You’re shaking so much,” Kokomi whispers in her ear, pausing in her nibbling. “If anyone had told me the Almighty Shogun was this weak to the touch of beautiful women, I never would have believed them, but seeing you now… It wouldn’t be hard for any pretty girl on the street to seduce you, would it? It’s a good thing your enemies don’t know…”

“N-No,” Ei mewls, body twisting as she feels a climax rising. She won’t cum from nothing but nipple and ear stimulation, she won’t — she can’t prove Miko right so easily. “It’s… it’s because it’s you…!”

“It’s true,” Miko agrees, speaking into Ei’s ear but loudly enough for Kokomi to hear. “In all the time I’ve been with her she’s never even so much as glanced at other women… aside from you.”

“I’m flattered,” Kokomi whispers. She presses a kiss to Ei’s cheek, and while Ei can’t see the Divine Priestess’s face she can feel the curve of a smile on the smaller woman’s lips. “I love you too, Ei.”

The words are punctuated with a sharp tweak of Ei’s nipple, and the combination shatters Ei’s barely-present control.

The god cries out, body shaking as she cums.

“…Did you just cum?” Kokomi asks, audibly stunned. “That quickly? That easily? Miko was right, you really are just a little slut, aren’t you.”

“I told you so,” Miko purrs smugly. “She’s absolutely hopeless, isn’t she?”

Ei can raise no words in her defense, hanging her head in defeat as Miko instructs Kokomi in kissing down to her throat, then continuing on until she has one of her lovers suckling on each of her breasts. Their hands trace their way down to her waist, and she feels a pair of fingers — one from each woman — caressing her clit.

“You can be a little rough with her,” Miko says, nipping at the skin of Ei’s breast. “She loves it.”

This seems to be all the invitation that the Divine Priestess needs to gently sink her teeth into Ei’s nipple, the sensation sending a tremor throughout the god’s body. The smaller woman’s hand takes to pinching and rubbing Ei’s clit even as Miko’s own slips lower and a finger slides inside of her.

“You’re positively soaked, Ei,” Miko teases. “Is having both of us at once really that arousing?”

“Yes,” Ei admits shamelessly, bucking her hips.

Miko already knows the answer to her question, so why pretend it’s not true? It would be a stupid, obvious lie, one that would serve only to make it seem as if she’s not losing her mind over the addition of Kokomi to their bed. Ei can put up with the embarrassment of admitting the truth to help bolster Kokomi’s confidence.

No sooner has the thought finished than she’s quaking in orgasm again, the dual stimulation entirely overwhelming.

“Use your words, Ei,” Miko encourages. “How are you feeling?”

“Good,” Ei gasps out. “I’m feeling good.”

“And why is that?” Miko teases, adding a second finger into Ei’s slick tunnel. “Why are you feeling good, exactly?”

“Because of you and Kokomi,” Ei pants.

Why because of me and Kokomi? What are we doing?” Miko asks sharply, a forceful thrust against Ei’s G-spot interrupting the god’s attempt at another evasion.

“Y-You’re fucking me! You’re fucking me so well!” Ei wails. “I’d already be a mess just for you, Miko, but there are two of you now…! And I love you both so much…!”

A pair of kisses are pressed to her lips at the same time, each covering half of her lips, and Ei cums yet again around Miko’s fingers.

“Three already,” Miko murmurs. “Shall we see how far we can make her go, Kokomi?”

“Yes,” Kokomi agrees hungrily. “I had never imagined how cute she’d be like this.”

“She’s good at pretending to be regal and stoic,” Miko agrees. “But the truth is that deep down she’s an adorable little kitten who craves to be spoiled. Isn’t that right, Ei?”

“Yes,” Ei agrees immediately.

Anything Miko says right now must be true, she thinks, because the world feels so far away that she can’t remember much of anything about it. Her eyes are closed, her world limited to that of touch and sound — the feeling of her lovers’ skin against hers is everything, so warm and soft and loving. It’s a sensation matched by the way their voices make her feel, whether they’re whispering words of love or talking about what a little slut she is for them.

Ei never wants this time to end, she thinks, for all that she knows that it must… but they’ll have tomorrow, and the next day, and the next to repeat it, stretching off into Eternity.

And so…

“I want to please you, too,” Ei begs, voice breaking in the middle as she cums for a fourth time. “One of you, please…!”

“Sit on her face, Kokomi,” Ei hears Miko instruct, her wife’s voice dripping with amusement. “She’ll love it.”

It’s only a moment before Ei finds a soaking pussy being lowered onto her mouth, and she wastes no time at all in beginning to give it the attention it deserves.

Kokomi’s taste and scent are different from Miko’s, but Ei finds herself loving them just as much. The whimpers the Divine Priestess lets out, too, are simply adorable — they lack the more sensual edge that Ei is used to in Miko’s moans, which Ei is well aware have been tailored to both express her kitsune’s feelings and inspire the same in others, instead being genuinely innocent and lost in the sensation.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” Miko asks proudly. “I trained her myself, which of course means…”

The only warning that Ei gets of what’s about to happen is the sensation of Miko’s breath brushing against her clit, and then her wife is eating her out in earnest.

Ei moans into Kokomi’s slit, unable to resist cumming yet again as the Divine Priestess reaches out to stimulate her breasts.

When had she become this sensitive, Ei wonders? Since when has it been so easy to get her off, to drive her into this wild and senseless state? She can no longer remember a time before it, and she’s not sure if that’s because it never existed or because she’s been so thoroughly overwhelmed with sensation.

Ei can at least take some solace in the fact that Kokomi, too, cums very quickly with Ei’s skilled tongue working on her, and the cry that the Divine Priestess lets out at that is one that Ei hopes to hear many, many times in the future.

Kokomi does not, unfortunately, seem content to sit idle while Ei lavishes oral attention on her. Her hands tease Ei’s breasts far more confidently than the god is thrilled by given how new the Divine Priestess is to this, given it heralds dangerous things for the future when their girlfriend has more real experience under her belt.

The sensation combines with the efforts of Miko’s skilled tongue and fingers to bring Ei over the edge three more times before she can get Kokomi off even so much as a second time.

It would be wrong to suggest Ei is getting tired. Her stamina is nigh-unlimited, and when she’s in a dominant role she can fuck for hours on end without so much as the slightest pause.

But there’s something about being on the receiving end, about having Miko and Kokomi play with her as if she’s their toy, about knowing just how much these two beautiful women desire her, that’s starting to overwhelm her on a level that has nothing to do with physical exhaustion. She feels herself starting to slow down, her voice becoming fainter as she cums again and again, her tongue beginning to have difficulty keeping up with the act of worshiping her small lover that she’s attempting to use it for…

“Kokomi, that’s enough,” she hears Miko call. “She’s starting to get overstimulated.”

Kokomi immediately removes herself from Ei’s face, ignoring the god’s whine of protest.

“I can keep going,” Ei says. “We don’t need to stop, Miko.”

“When she says something like that, you ignore her,” Miko instructs Kokomi. “Her brain is drunk on the feelings, and it’s time to help her come down.”

“I understand,” Kokomi says firmly. She presses a kiss to Ei’s brow. “I’m sorry, Ei, but I’m going to listen to Miko.”

Ei pouts as her lovers wrap her in their arms, gently cuddling her and whispering quiet words of love. Their hands stroke her head, massage her shoulders, comb through her hair…

As Ei finds herself drifting off to sleep, she’s just barely aware enough to mumble:

“I love you both. Thank you for loving me.”