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“Did you go into my room and knock over my Lego Batman set?”, Karl asked George calmly as he entered the kitchen. George turned around.


“Why would I go into your room?”, he asked. “Your room’s stupid and dorky.” Karl frowned. 


“Just admit you knocked it over!”, Karl replied. “Come on, George, don’t be a dick!” Dream walked into the kitchen before George could make his reply. 


“What’s all the yelling for?”, he asked, looking between George and Karl. Karl started to say something, tears brimming his eyes but Geoge beat him to it.

“Karl thinks I knocked over his stupid precious Lego set”, George said, mockingly. A few tears ran down Karl’s cheek. “Karl, it’s not a big deal, you can just rebuild it!” Dream looked over at George, somewhat horrified. 


“What is your problem?”, he asked. George shrugged and turned his back to the two boys as he continued making tea. Karl sniffled before running off to his room. Once he reached his room, Karl sobbed and felt the overwhelming urge to regress, but he just couldn’t for some reason, much like George, which was why the older boy was acting out like he was. After a few minutes, Karl stopped crying and he felt numb.  


Back downstairs, Dream was still confused about George’s behavior. 


“Stop looking at me like that”, George snarked. “Clay, it was a joke!” Dream’s nostrils flared. 


“If it was a joke, it would’ve been told like a joke”, he replied. “George, you made him cry. What’s going on with you?” George didn’t turn around from where he was waiting for his tea. 


“...I can’t regress”, he murmured. “I think it’s taking a toll on me. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to..” 


“Why didn’t you come to me when you first started having trouble?”, Dream asked. “I could’ve helped you.” George turned around


“ could’ve?”, he replied. Dream sighed. 


“What do you think a caregiver is for?”, Dream asked. “Look, I can help you, but I need to check on Karl first, okay?” George nodded, his eyes filling with tears. 


“I’m sorry I made him cry..”, he sniffled. “I was just-” 


“I know”, Dream replied. “I know, Georgie. I think Karl just misses Sapnap, so he’s a little sensitive right now.” 


“When’s he coming back from Luke’s?”, George asked. Dream shrugged. 


“Beats me”, he replied. “We’ll be lucky if we get him back by this weekend. Those two are like two peas in a pod.” George nodded. “I’ll be right back, okay?” George nodded again as Dream went up the stairs to Karl’s room. Dream knocked on the door softly. “Karl, buddy, can I come in?” Silence. The silence lasted a while before Karl opened the door and stepped back. “Hey, buddy, are you feeling small?” Karl shook his head. Dream heard footsteps behind him and looked to see George heading up the stairs. 


“Hey, is he alright?”, he asked before coming up beside Dream. “Karl?” Karl visibly cringed in fear when he saw George, stepping back into his room. “Something’s wrong with him. He’s not talking.” 


“Yeah, thanks, Sherlock”, Dream replied sarcastically. “You broke him, George. You happy?” George knew Dream was teasing, but that didn’t stop the frown that appeared on his face. 


“What do we do?”, George asked. Karl shut the door and ‘burrowed back into his hole’. “Call Nick?” 


“Let’s wait, if things get worse, we’ll call him”, Dream replied. “We’ll leave him be for a while, you think I can try to help you now?” George shook his head. 


“I think I’m gonna go get my tea and try to get some editing done before I.. y’know”, he said. Dream raised an eyebrow. “I’m okay, Clay, don’t worry about me.” Dream nodded and let George go back downstairs to retrieve his tea. Dream then took out his phone and called Sapnap, even though that was the opposite of what he told George. 


“Clay! Hey!” , Sapnap exclaimed. “Everything alright with the boys?” Dream rubbed the back of his neck. 


“There’s a bit of a problem with Karl”, he replied. “Him and George got into a tiny fight over Karl’s lego set being destroyed because George has been having trouble regressing, it let to George saying some pretty hurtful things to Karl, and something snapped in him I think because he was missing you so now he’s not talking or anything.” Sapnap sighed. “Come home?” 


“Uh.. yeah”, Sapnap replied. “I’ll be home as soon as I can.” Dream let out a sigh of relief. “Just give me time to pack up and stuff.”


“Thank you so much”, Dream said. “I owe you.Big time.” Sapnap scoffed. 


“You most certainly do not owe me” , Sapnap replied. “This is for Karl. I’ll do anything for Karl.” 


“Okay”, Dream mumbled. “See you soon.”


“See ya”, Sapnap replied. 




As soon as Sapnap came home, he went straight to Karl’s room, Dream following behind him. Sapnap tried to open the door, but found that it was locked. 


“Please tell me you know where the key is”, Sapnap whispered. Dream practically ran to his room to grab the key that unlocked practically everyone in their house. “Oh, thank god.” Sapnap silently gestured for Dream to be anywhere else while he slowly opened Karl’s door. “Karl?” Karl perked up from his bed when he heard Sapnap’s voice. “Hey, buddy. I’m home.” Karl still stayed silent as Sapnap walked over to the bed. Sapnap looked over that the broken Lego set, that Dream was telling him about, and cringed. “You don’t have to talk to me, little frog, I just wanna know that you’re ok.” Karl whined and shook his head. Sapnap sat down on the bed and Karl immediately sat on his lap. They sat like that in silence for a while before Karl finally decided to say something. 


“...’s bro’en”, he mumbled, clearly regressed. “Gogy bro’e it.” Sapnap frowned. 


“We can help you fix it, bubs”, he replied. “We’ll all help. Me, Dream, and George.” 


“Gogy ha’e me”, Karl mumbled. “Sayed ‘m dowky an’ ‘tupid..” Sapnap sighed. 


“Maybe when you’re big, you can have a talk with Gogy about it”, he replied. Karl nodded. 


“‘tay wike dis fo’ a whiwe”, Karl stated. “Daddy hafe fun wif’ Uncle Wuke?” Sapnap smiled. 


“I would’ve had more fun with you, little frog”, he replied. “Between us, Uncle Luke is kind of boring compared to you.” Karl gasped. 


“Daddy! Dat no nice!”, he shouted. Sapnap chuckled softly. 


“Alright, you’re right, I’m sorry”, Sapnap said. “I’ll be nice.” Karl smiled softly, satisfied that he was right. “Are you feeling better, little frog.” Karl nodded. “Are you hungry?” Karl nodded again. “Alright, lets go downstairs and get some yummies in our tummies.” Karl giggled before following Sapnap.