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honey, i laugh when it sinks in, a pillar, i am a bride

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honey, i laugh when it sinks in 

a pillar, i am a bride

Dinah Lance is many things. She's a singer, a vigilante, a decent person, one of the last people with seemingly any shred of common sense in Gotham. But she also has a secret. It isn't a bad thing but it is a thing. 

She has been thinking about Harley Quinn. She just chalked it up to being single and lonely at first. It would always sneak up on her at night. Little fleeting thoughts that turned into full-blown fantasies. It started when she was singing at the club. She saw Harley many times, pre-breakup, hanging off Joker's lap like a puppy desperate for attention. 

Then Dinah met Harley, for real that time. 

And that woman was like a bright spot of sunshine in Gotham. She was preppy and funny, witty, and with a kind streak. Harley was smart in the effortless way, always digging through life like she was meant to be so much more. 

And being friends with Harley didn't make those thoughts stop. If anything they were like a flood. 

Harley's pretty flexible, Dinah would think, watching the woman flip around her apartment. She could probably put her leg behind her back. Maybe Dinah should put it back there. Maybe Dinah should put something else in Harley. 

Then the feelings would burst open like a flood when Harley would be, well, Harley. The blonde's soft devotion to Cass and her damn hyenas. Cass looks up to Harley now and Dinah sees the way Harley talks to the kid. Softly, without judgment or criticism. Harley lived life like she never would get the chance again. Dinah loved that about her. 

But she didn't just stop thinking about her even at night. A fleeting thought before bed would unravel more and more. 

It would keep escalating until the singer had a hand shoved down her panties, imagining how eager Harley would be at eating pussy until she came chanting Harley's name over and over.

It helped her sleep after patrol so she wasn't going to stop. Besides, it's not like it's hurting anyone. What Harley does know won't kill her. And it was probably the best orgasms she's had. It made her feel good and she could push her feelings down. 

At least, that's how it was. 

Then things got physical.

Harley is touchy, Dinah knows this, but it's getting more every time she is with herself. Harley's hands on her biceps and waist. Nuzzling into her neck or tracing jewelry. 

Like now, when they're about half a bottle of wine deep into a 'gal's night', Harley's words not Dinah's, without Montoya or Huntress. They're on babysitting duty.

Harley's sipping her red out of a Batman cup signed by Bruce Wayne of all people half watching the movie that's on, some heist movie with Sandra Bullock, and half glancing at Dinah. 

Dinah's taking swigs from her coffee mug and her legs on Harley's lap.

"How come we don't rob a bank, birdy?" Harley ponders, reaching over to grab a marshmallow. 

"We already technically stole a diamond."

"The kid did."

"With our help."

"And her digestive system." 

Dinah chuckles, leaning her head on Harley's shoulders. 

"How is Cass?" Dinah asks, smiling as Harl lights up. 

"Great, kid's learning how to skateboard now. Helluva thing, she can ollie now. She's working on her communication skills and de-escalation." 

Dinah nods softly, "That's good."

"How about you?" 

Dinah has been running ragged punching through corruption with her birds. 

"I'm doing good. It's not easy but it's worth it." 

"I'm happy for ya, Dinah," Harley says, a touch too sincere, moving Dinah's head to her lap.

Dinah hums, accepting being moved and nuzzling into Harley's pale warm thighs. Harley's lithe hands run down her back. She remembers Dinah doesn't like her hair being touched.

"I think you're sweet on me." Dinah teases.

"Of course, look at ya." 

"You're not too bad yourself." 

Dinah looks up at Harley, her sharp jaw and pretty painted lips. 

Again, that wave of warmth washes over Dinah's heart. It's too much to bear, how domestic this feels and how right it feels.

She sits up abruptly, claiming that she's thirsty, retreating to the kitchen. Dinah sighs quietly as she opens the fridge to reach past Cass's labeled chocolate milk to the vibrant orange punch with three xs on it. 

She grabs a yellow cup and pours it heavily. Dinah leans against the counter to knock it all back and grimaces. 

Harley slides into the kitchen. She grabs some fruit, a hard pear, and takes a bite as she talks, eyes wide. 

"You okay? Sorry if I said somethin' to upset ya, birdy, I ain't mean to." 

Dinah sighs, it's getting harder and harder to deny and push down feelings. Dinah runs her hand over her braids. Harley fidgets, waiting for a response Dinah has yet to give. 

"No. No, it's not you, it's… I'm just stressed, Harl. It's not you. I just-"

"Thinking a lot? Y'know, I am certified for that sorta thing. Wanna lay it on me?"

Dinah smiles, "That's really sweet you'd do that for me but this is something I have to just, you know, deal with."

Harley nods, leaning next to her, "Okay, sweets, I won't pry too much. I just…worry about you is all."

This should be it. This is the moment that could break the tension. 

Dinah opens her mouth and reaches out. Harley moves closer wordlessly.

"Do you ever have something weighing on your chest because it's too good to be true? Like, you want it so bad it hurts but you just…don't reach for it? Every cell in your body wants it but your brain won't let you. Like you're on a…" Dinah trails off.

"Diving board," Harley mutters nodding. 

"-yes, and I know I should jump and it's worse in my head than it'll ever be in real life but I can't bring myself to do it."

"I used to be like that. Before, you know, him. I would always take risks for my career and my schools but never for myself. Crushes always brushed by me. I never really initiated relationships. Pammy was lucky. She came to me but it was never the right time for us. Then I realized I was doing everything by myself and not for myself."

"And that clown taught you that?" Dinah scoffs before she can stop herself. 

Harley smiled sadly, "He never gave the lecture but taught the lesson. I still have a J carved into my stomach all because I wanted to be free from the life I had but fell into being trapped with him. Nothing I did was good enough so why not? Why not do the things I want with the people I want in my life. What's stopping you, Dinah Lance?"

"I'm scared." 

"Scared is human. Jump off that diving board. Who knows, you might fly, birdy." Harley beams, holding her hand.

Dinah looks up at Harley and cups her cheeks. Harley melts into the touch, blushing a pretty pink.

Who knows, you might fly.

"I'm jumping." Dinah breathes before leaning into Harley's space.


Dinah leans in for a kiss and crashes their lips together. Harley tastes like red wine and lollipops with a hint of pears. Her whole body stiffens and then sags into the kiss. Her lips are soft, softer than Dinah thought. Dinah pulls her close by the waist.

Harley pulls away softly when Dinah's lungs cry for air, but her arms are looped around Dinah's neck.

"Is this what all that fuss was about? I thought it was clear I liked ya." Harley giggles. 

"I wasn't sure. I get all in my head."

"Well, let's pull you out of it," Harley says, a mischievous grin spreading on her lips.

Dinah's heart bumps in her chest, "Please, please do."

Harley pushes her against the nearest wall and crashes their lips together. It's sloppy and dirty and Dinah wouldn't have it any other way. She tastes the sweetness of whatever candy the blonde's been eating mixing with the bite of whiskey. Dinah would be lying if she can recall the moment they finally gave in to the tension between them. They just...collided.

Harley opens her mouth to speak, to break the synergy between them with a joke no doubt but she never gets the chance. Dinah picks her up and her ravenous mouth finds that pale neck and bites down just shy of painful. Harley moans earnestly, her head falling back, and bares her neck to Dinah. 

Soon Harley's pulling away to breathe and they're so close Dinah can see how long her lashes are. Harley's panting but she isn't looking in her eyes. She's looking at her lips. 

Dinah licks her lips slowly. Harley's following her tongue.

Dinah growls into the kiss and spins them so she can pin Harley, putting her wrists above her head. She groans as she licks eagerly into her mouth. Dinah pushes her against the wall firmly as Harley wraps her legs around her waist fully. 

Fuck, Dinah wants to take Harley right then and there. To tug down that neon thong she always flashes and rail her against the wall until Harley's speechless or screaming her name. But Dinah wants to treat her right.

She kisses and nips at Harley's neck until she has the blonde grinding against her before carrying her to her bedroom. Dinah yanks the covers off her bed as she lays Harley down on the mattress. Harley's hands are cupping her jaw and kissing back with the same energy. 

"Fuck." Dinah sighs when Harley nips playfully at her lower lip.

"Tryin' " She smirks and then whimpers as Dinah nips at her lower lip. Two can play that game. Harley's blue eyes are blown wide, making Dinah think she wasn't the only one thinking about this. She pulls away to tear off her shirt when Harley whines.


"I wanna do it," Harley says, sitting up to pull off the crop top for her. Harley stares at Dinah's boobs in her dark lacy Fenty bra and her mouth drops open. While Harl's gawking, Dinah unclasps her bra before raising a not-so-coy eyebrow.

Harley moans and takes a dark bud eagerly in her mouth eliciting a curse from the Canary. Dinah's hand tugs at a short pigtail instinctively as she arches into Harley's tongue.

Harley pulls away with a soft pop, "Sorry, I get-" 

"Don't stop."

Harley nods and runs her tongue around her nipple before flicking it. 

"Good girl." Dinah sighs, pulling the rubber bands out of the blonde's hair. Harley whimpers, soft and weak, and Dinah knows what kinda girl she is from that alone. 

Dinah tips Harley's head up with her fingers. She looks up at her with those baby blues and a wolfish grin erupts on Dinah's face. The blonde was like putty in her hands.

Harley's eyes were half-lidded and there was a delicate smile on her lips. Dinah's thumb lightly traced the Rotten tattoo branded above that sharp jawline. Harley hummed softly and turned her head to kiss the palm of Dinah's hand.

The action makes Dinah smile despite herself, a warmth flooding her chest, "Baby..."

"Like being called that." Harley mumbles, the color pink invading her cheeks.

"You want this, baby?"

Harley blinks in surprise like she wasn't expecting that and makes Dinah angry at that fucker who made her this way, that broke this strong woman into whatever he wanted.

"More than anything." 

She'll treat Harley right. 

Harley whimpers when Dinah grinds against her and slips her tongue into her mouth. Harl moans into her lips softly.

Dinah groans, "Tell me what you want."

" You.

"You will. Let me drive." Dinah smiles, kissing her deeply. Harley melts against her like butter and she’s all over Dinah, never stopping at one place like she can’t get enough of her, the pale hands greedily groping her chest, arms, back, and ass. Each touch is a pull to Dinah's core.

Dinah pulls away to pull Harley’s shirt off revealing the neon pink sports bra. She eagerly cups her chest making Harley whine. She circles a nipple, groaning at the feeling of metal pressing against the fabric. Harley gasps sharply.

“Your nipples are pierced?”

Harley nods guiding Dinah’s other hand to the metal bar. Dinah tugs experimentally and is rewarded with Harley rocking her hips. 

“This is coming off. No, all of it is.” Dinah grunts, pulling down the straps to her bra before making her way down to those high-waisted shorts. 

Harley lifts her hips off the bed just in time for Dinah to tug them down. Harley parts her thigh and, oh fuck yes, she’s wearing matching panties with a tell-tale wet patch on them. She cups her sex, rubbing her clit through the fabric

Dinah licks her lips and looks Harley in the eye as she pulls them down slowly.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Dinah moans at the sight of her. 

Harley’s ready for her, her pussy's a pretty pink and clit swollen. Dinah runs her fingers over the patch of blonde hair and down her slit. Harley’s soaked and squirming in anticipation, little whimpers leaving her mouth as Dinah teases her clit. 

“P-please? Di, I need you.” Harley whimpers, looking up at her almost shyly.

“You’ve been so quiet, thought you forgot how to talk.” Dinah grins, placing kisses on her pale throat.

“C-canary had my tongue.” Harley smiles, her face twitching in pleasure.

“Baby, I’ll have more than that.” Dinah purrs, briefly kissing her collarbone, her tongue tracing the dark ink on her chest. She teases her finger at her entrance as she looks at Harley, judging her reaction.

Harley looks up at her and nods.

She pushes in two fingers slowly watching Harley gasp and arch up. Fuck , Harley’s so wet and tight. 

Harley’s blushing down to her chest, holding onto Dinah’s arm and thigh like she’s gonna stop anytime soon. She’s whimpering into the pillow, her head falling to one side and biting her lip. Dinah kisses her neck and jaw as she adds a second finger. 

“O- oh, Dinah. Don’t stop!”

Dinah smiles and leans her forehead against Harley’s as she starts to curl with every thrust, probing for that spot. And then Harley rocks her hip at just the right spot and cries out incoherently. The noises Harley’s making are so obscene it sends a jolt straight to Dinah’s core.

There it is,” Dinah mutters, her other hand trailing down to rub her clit as she picks up the pace. 

She doesn’t stop, pressing open-mouth kisses on every inch of porcelain skin she can reach. Harley moans earnestly and her legs are starting to tremble as she claws at Dinah’s back. 

“Di, I’m close, I-i, I think I’m gonna-

Dinah replaces her hand with her mouth and sucks on her clit. Harley shouts Dinah’s name as a warning, her back arched completely off the bed, and tugs on her hair. She moans in her sex, sucking on Harley's clit through the aftershocks, and smiles at the squeaks, gasps, and giggles that erupt from the blonde. Slick leaks down her sex that Dinah laps up eagerly. Dinah moans at the taste of her, sharp and sweet and so Harley.  

Dinah groans as pale thighs press against her ears. Dinah pushes two fingers back in, thrusting rough and fast. 

Harley curses, nodding, "There… there, please, fuck, Di. Don't stop. Don't fucking stop!" 

Dinah places a free hand on Harley's faintly scarred stomach, looking up at Harley's face. 

Her mouth is open, panting between moans and her eyes screwed shut. Her hands are clenched into fists, almost as if she's stopping herself from something.

Dinah pulls away to speak softly. 

"You can touch my hair. You already did." 

Harley's hands fly to her braided hair and she pulls, getting a moan from Dinah as she descends back between her legs. 

"Oh, Dinah, you're so good to me. Please- please, 'm already close-" Harley cuts herself off with a loud whine of Dinah's name.

Dinah holds her down as Harley arches up, chanting pleas and Dinah's names like a prayer. 

Dinah looks up at her as she flattens her tongue on Harley's clit. Harley's baby blues flicker down to Dinah's cedar ones. 

Dinah can feel when the moment bliss possesses Harley's body. Harley cums hard and long, scratching up Dinah's exposed back, the first syllable of Dinah's name caught on her tongue as her body jerks. 

Dinah doesn't stop, making Harley cum three more times back to back, not letting up for anything but air. Harley's moans are uncontrollably loud and relentlessly. 

Then Harley slumps down on the bed with the happiest sigh Dinah’s ever heard.

"Was it good?" Dinah smirks to Harley's laid-out form.

Her partner just moans softly. 

Dinah rubs her hands up Harley's pale thighs, "You okay, baby girl?"

Harley nods slowly as Dinah crawls over her. Dinah runs her hands through her short hair. Harley looks up at her fondly. Then the look of trouble blooms in Harley's eyes.

"How was th-"

Thank you, thank you, thank you. ” Harley rushes out pulling Dinah in a kiss. She rolls them, her hands squeezing Dinah’s chest. Harley's kiss is desperate, frenzied like Dinah will disappear in minutes. Pale hands grab at her shirt and boxers roughly. Harley deepens the kiss making Dinah moan into it earnestly, panting between kisses. 

Harley's slender fingers part her thighs and go right to her clit. It sends electricity right through her nerves. Her fingertips roll over her clit fast and easy. Dinah stifles a curse in Harley's shoulder but Harley's talking in her punchy sweet voice.

"-trap. Strap. You have a strap, birdy?" 

Dinah nods, biting her lip, and points to her drawer. 

"It's, uh, fuck, right-right there in the top drawer with my panties."

"Ooh, can I have one as a souvenir?" Harley grins. 

"Harley, please fuck me with that dick." 

Harley faltered with her teasing against the outburst, pink dusting her cheeks before nodding eagerly.

"Yes, ma'am," Harley mutters, leaning down for one last kiss before getting up. 

Harley's cute butt jiggles as she roots through the drawer and Dinah sits up on her elbows to watch her naked form in Dinah's apartment. 

"Can we use these later?" Harley smiles, picking up a rabbit vibrator. 


"Sorry, sorry." She says almost sheepishly, before grabbing the pink strap-on and surprisingly a condom.

The blonde just about leaps into the straps and fastens them with almost deadly efficiency. 

"You've done this before." Dinah hums, more of a statement than a question. 

"Oh, Baby, I'm gonna rock your world and wake the neighbors." Harley declares. 

"Why don't you prove it?"

Harley's smile just gets wider and she slips the condom on slowly.

Dinah's eyes never leave Harley's hands until she's done. 

Dinah and Harley met eyes. 

Then Harley pounces, pulling Dinah close by her thighs and parting them. Harley's slender but strong hands hold her legs back as she slides flush to Dinah, thigh to thigh. One hand on the pink shaft to guide it to Dinah's core. 

Dinah looks up and her body jolts as Harley flicks the head right on her clit. 

"Harley!" Dinah whimpers, pulling Harley closer for a kiss. 

That's the push Harley needs and she pushes in smoothly. There, in that moment is when Dinah realizes the condom is ribbed.

Dinah cries out before slapping a hand over her mouth. The glass on the nightstand shatters. 

"You okay?" Harley pants, all the way inside her, and fuck she's so deep.

"Yes, yes jus-just keep going. Don't stop, don't ever stop." Dinah rushes out, burying her face in Harley's soft neck.

Harley nods and grinds her hips before pulling out and starting a fast and deep pace that takes the wind out of Dinah's lungs and puts fire in her veins. 

Each thrust feels better than the last. Dinah clings to Harley, nails into her back, whining against skin and ink. 

Harley is beaming smugly, not even breaking a sweat but panting with every wind of her hips, strands of pink and blue falling in front of her face. Then Harley lifts a leg up to put it on her shoulder and hits her G-spot fully.

" Oh, god!" Dinah cries out, muffled as her eyes roll back. 

"Just me, dollface." Harley purrs in her ear, hand running down from her neck, just holding it and then running it down her chest and stomach, burning a trail down Dinah's body like a wildfire.

Right to her clit.

Harley strokes her clit almost furiously, never faltering in her pace. 

"Harl- Harley. I'm, I'm, close-so fucking close, please!" Dinah sobs into flesh.

Harley hushes her, "I got ya, princess, just fall, I'll catch ya. Let go." 

Then Harley grinds into her thrust with a precision that would make Deadshot impressed. 

Then the rush of bliss takes over Dinah's body, clawing at her heart beautifully, sending her over the edge. She claws at Harl's shoulders, noise escaping her despite her hardest efforts. 

The world blackens to just Harley and Dinah. Harley's sweet nothings pour into her ear.

Dinah comes back into her body sometime later, Harley still inside her and panting. Dinah pats Harley's thigh to make her pull out slowly.

Harley tosses the toy across the room where it hits a lamp, sending it clattering to the ground.

Her lover looks like a vision, smiling and focused on her. And Dinah gazes back, cupping her jaw right where the rotten is inked on her jawline. Dinah leans up to plant a deep kiss making Harley giggle.

"How was that?" Harley beams, looking past Dinah.

Right at her mirror. Dinah cranes her head back to see it cracked from top to bottom.

"Perfect, baby. Stay for a while?" Dinah says slyly, batting her lashes.

"I'll make breakfast in the morning." Harley offers with a yawn, snuggling up to Dinah's chest.

Dinah kisses her forehead as Harley hums.

"Stay awhile," Dinah murmurs again.

"You can ask me out when I'm coherent, darlin'. Deal?"

"Deal, baby." 

Now that the end is in sight

Honey, it's easier knowing

What you'd do to me tonight