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Finding Home

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Lena sipped slowly on her glass of scotch as she skimmed through the ancestry records on her tablet. She was a little chilled by the evening breeze blowing in from the balcony. But with every few breaths she felt a little more at ease. It had been a trying week, but Kara was home. Home, but at the moment so far away.

Getting on the airplane to come to Ireland had been an incredibly difficult feat. Her heart had ached increasingly more with each step she took away from Kara.

Lena shifted her outstretched legs on the large bed she was seated upon and leaned further back into the pillows squished between her back and the headboard.

She looked curiously around her room at the old paintings on the walls, the worn brickwork around the balcony doors, and the Irish Victorian oil lamp seated upon the desk.

One would think that an old brick castle wouldn't feel so warm and comforting. Not even one that had been turned into a bed and breakfast. But Lena felt more at home here than she ever had at the Luthor mansion.

Lena's thoughts drifted to Kara and an inner warmth spread through her.

Lena's truest sense of home had been felt during the last time she was in Kara's arms. It had been only days, but the time apart seemed like so much longer.

Lena's lips formed into a warm smile

Kara had gazed at her so lovingly that day. The hero had spread her arms and welcomed Lena into her embrace.

The brunette felt tears forming in the corners of her eyes at the memory.


Lena didn't hold back her tears as they embraced one another.

While fully wrapped in Kara's arms she felt as though she could finally release the breath she'd been holding ever since Lex had turned the Phantom Zone projector upon the hero.

Kara clutched onto Lena with the very depth of her need and love.

It both broke and warmed Lena's heart. And as they pulled apart Lena could see that Kara wasn't ready to release her.

Kara leaned in, following Lena as she pulled away. And it made Lena's chest clench with need.

Lena wanted to immediately lean back in. To graze Kara's lips with her own. To anchor Kara with her grasp on the hero's shoulders.

But Lena had ultimately released the blonde. She would not be greedy, even though her desires were pure of heart. The others needed their time with Kara.


Lena swirled the scotch around in her glass absentmindedly. She was fully engrossed in thoughts of Kara. Of the hero's radiant smile that caused butterflies within Lena's stomach. The blonde hair that begged to be tucked behind an ear. The feel of Kara's hands on her, however innocent.

Lena was abruptly brought back to her surroundings by a noise on the balcony. She looked up to see a bashful Supergirl beaming a smile at her.

Lena smiled back warmly and felt a similar shyness overcome herself. She was once again struck by the ever growing intensity of her feelings for the woman.

Lena beckoned the hero inside as she stood up from the bed. She walked to meet Kara halfway and the two embraced, clutching onto one another as they had just days ago.

Kara pressed Lena into her, holding the brunette as closely as possible. And Lena did the same. If it were possible, Lena would pull the blonde inside her, close to her thudding heart.

After several moments had passed Lena relaxed her tight hold on Kara to tenderly wrap her arms as completely as possible around the blonde. Kara sighed happily as she relaxed into the embrace.

Lena felt tears falling from her eyes before she even realized she was crying. She released a sob and it caused Kara to slide a hand up into brown locks. This only encouraged the sobs to escape and Lena felt herself weakening in the hero's embrace. Kara easily held her up and began to sway them both comfortingly.

Kara turned her head and gently pressed her lips against Lena's cheek. She held them there for several seconds before ending the kiss.

Kara nuzzled into Lena inhaling deeply. The familiar scents caused something to break within the hero. And before she knew it her sobs were echoing Lena's.

The brunette pulled back and placed her hands on Kara's cheeks, framing her face. She gently brushed a few tears away with her thumbs before resting her forehead against Kara's.

After several moments of shared sobs Lena softly pecked Kara's nose. She then slowly moved to press a kiss against the hero's cheek. And then upon a moist eyelid. Both of their tears continued to fall silently.

Kara opened her eyes to meet Lena's. Her hands moved to grasp onto the brunette's shoulders to steady herself.

Lena inhaled deeply and brushed Kara's hair from her face. As she exhaled she felt herself softening into Kara's hold.

Lena searched Kara's features, trying to remap the familiar contours. She lifted a hand from the hero's cheek to brush her thumb over the familiar scar between Kara's eyebrows. Then a finger lightly traced an eyebrow.

As Lena lowered her hand she lightly caressed a cheek with her finger tips.

Kara grasped onto the hand and pressed it against her cheek. She held it there and sighed before turning to press her lips into the brunette’s palm.

Lena felt goosebumps race up her arm at the tender gesture.

Kara nuzzled into Lena's hand and pressed a softer kiss into the palm.

The goosebumps trailed down Lena's spine and she lightly shivered.

Kara turned to meet her gaze once more and the moment seemed all the more intimate.

Lena leaned up and pressed a kiss to Kara's forehead as she gained more courage.

Kara sighed and whispered, "Lee..?"

The brunette nodded as she feared her voice would fail her.

"Lee, I only just got you back."

Lena nodded once more, fully understanding the blonde's needs. "I'm sorry I left without you." Lena's thoughts drifted to their video call from before she had left for Ireland.


"I understand, Lena. You need to do this for yourself."

Lena nodded while brushing a thumb over the phone's screen as if she were caressing the very missed face peering back at her.

"Go, Lee," Kara urged. "I promise I'll be here when you return."

Lena nodded once more while trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

"Kara, I love you."

"I love you too, Lee. Just promise me you'll be safe."

Lena nodded. She was afraid that if she spoke then the words would come tumbling out: 'Come with me..'


"Here, come sit," Lena urged as she pulled Kara along behind her.

They both sat down on the bed.

Lena leaned back into the pillows cushioning her from the headboard. She patted the bed beside her.


Kara triggered her super suit to dematerialize. As it did she crawled over the bed to sit next to the brunette.

Lena smiled at Kara's dotted white button up shirt and comfy forest green slacks. She had missed this look.

Kara nibbled her bottom lip for a moment before finding the courage to rest her head upon the brunette's shoulder.

Lena kissed the top of Kara's head before resting her own against the hero's.

Kara sighed almost contentedly.

Lena slid her hand into the hero's and linked their fingers together.

Kara gently squeezed her hand.




Kara was roused from a dreamless sleep by fingers running through her hair. The hand raised to stroke through blonde tresses once more. Kara hummed contentedly and then slid her arm around the other woman's waist without opening her eyes.

"Hey, princess." Lena said softly. "How about we get you into something more comfy?"

Kara nodded and peeked an eye open. She was met with a warm smile.

"Come on," Lena prodded softly.

Kara groaned in protestation as the shoulder beneath her head disappeared.

Lena felt as though it had been years, instead of months, since she'd last seen this adorable side of the blonde.

Lena opened the room's armoire and grabbed two sets of sleepwear. She returned to the bed where the blonde was falling asleep once more.

"Come on, Kar. Let's get you comfier," she spoke gently.

Lena gently grasped onto Kara's belt and began unfastening it. This was not the first time that she'd changed the hero's clothes. That had been before she realized that the reporter's bouts of fatigue were coincidently timed with Supergirl's solar flares.

Lena shook her head at how silly it all seemed that she hadn't seen that Kara was Supergirl. There were no more pangs in her heart or flashes of anger at the deception. She was at peace with it all. All that mattered now was that Kara was back from the Phantom Zone. Safe and somewhat sound. Alex had confided in her about Kara's post-traumatic stress following her return. Alex had hoped that Lena could help Kara process the flashbacks and nightmares.

Lena had finished removing Kara's shirt and slacks and was now dressing Kara in one of the brunette's extra sets of sleepwear.

Once finished, she gingerly got the hero tucked into bed. As she pulled away a quick hand grabbed her own.

"No, stay," the hero requested while mostly asleep.

Lena laughed softly.

"One moment, princess. I just need to change quickly."

Kara groaned in displeasure before releasing the brunette's hand.

"Thank you, love. I'll be right there."

Lena quickly changed and then turned out the light. As her gaze landed on the blonde her breath was stolen by the way Kara's face was framed by the moonlight shining in from the balcony.

Her heart clenched. And then released. She wasn't sure how much longer she could keep her true feelings from Kara.

Lena shut the balcony doors and then slid into bed behind the blonde. She settled into a comfortable position but wasn't sure she could sleep.

"Come," Kara gently commanded as she reached back and found Lena's hand. "Come closer." Kara lightly tugged on Lena's arm.

Lena shifted closer while still keeping a space between them. She then rested her hand upon Kara's waist.

"Closer," Kara said softly.

Lena didn't need any more prompting. She moved closer and pressed herself against Kara's back before sliding her arm around the hero's waist.

Kara grasped onto Lena's hand and pulled it up to rest against the hero's heart.

Lena instantly melted into the blonde at the gesture. For only a moment she lightly pressed her hand closer, causing Kara to hum contentedly.

Lena soon felt herself drifting off to a dreamless sleep.

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Lena slowly awoke and realized her bed seemed too empty. Her eyes remained closed as she patted her hand around on the bed searching for the blonde. 

Lena peeked an eye open and confirmed that her bed was indeed empty. She rolled onto her back and sighed. She wondered if the hero had left to rescue someone in the village. 

Just as Lena’s mind started to wander she heard a noise on the balcony. She opened her eyes and her breath caught at the way the morning sun framed the hero in the doorway. 

Kara seemed bathed in light and her smile beamed brighter than usual. 

"Good morning," Kara shyly greeted. 

Lena looked down at the coffee and parcel in the hero's hands. She shook her head at how adorable and thoughtful the hero was. 

Kara took in Lena's warm and sleepy smile. 

"You're beautiful," the hero said softly. 

"I could say the same. Now come here and get that super suit off. No work today."

Kara triggered her suit to dematerialize. The hero was still clad in the brunette's sleepwear and the color suited her.

Lena's cheeks started hurting from all of the smiling. 

Kara handed the brunette a coffee and then sat the other one down on the nightstand. 

Lena sipped happily at the freshly pressed coffee. 

"I brought you something," Kara said softly and shyly. 

She delicately opened the parcel to reveal pastries. 

"I remembered how much you love these." Kara handed a scone to the other woman.

Lena happily took the pastry. She remembered how wonderful they had tasted when Kara had surprised her with all of her favorite foods from around the globe once. 

"You didn't have to do this," Lena said with a warm smile.

Kara returned the smile and then looked down shyly. 

"Aren't you going to eat?" Lena mumbled around a bite of the scone. 




The two women dressed with their backs to one another. Kara took her time. She had flown home earlier to pack a bag of clothing and necessities, but had been in no hurry to relinquish Lena’s sleepwear.

"Will you walk with me?" Lena asked. "I haven't really had a chance to see the village since I flew in yesterday."

Kara turned around to reply and caught a good glimpse of pale skin as Lena slid on her top. 

Lena turned around to a blushing Kara. 

"Umm," the hero replied distractedly. "I uh- yes. Yes I'd like that." 

"You're adorable," Lena said as she turned to slip on her boots. 

Kara laughed awkwardly and tucked her hands into her pockets. 

"Ready?" Lena asked.

Kara sobered up at the question. She knew it was a simple question with a simple answer, but to her the question allowed for any possibility. 

"I'm ready for anything," she said certainly. 

And Lena wondered just how true those words were. 




The day became tiring as Kara was thrown into several rescuing positions whilst not revealing she was Supergirl. She found herself rounding up barn animals and herding them back into a broken pen, covertly catching a child who was falling, and breaking up a bar fight in the local pub. She wasn't quite sure why the two men had begun fighting in the first place, but she ended it all by challenging each of them to an arm-wrestling contest. Lena could hardly smother her laughter. Kara made a good effort of making it a challenge, but she had ultimately let them win in order to have something to bond over. At this point Lena was in tears with laughter. 

The two women left the pub and returned to their stroll. Lena was the first to speak. 

"Ok, I had never imagined seeing Supergirl arm wrestling in an Irish pub to puff up a couple of male egos."

Kara quirked an eyebrow. "And what exactly have you imagined me doing?" 

Lena's jaw dropped open as she tried to form words.

Kara quirked the other eyebrow. "Who knew it was that easy to make a Luthor speechless?" 

Lena swatted at Kara's arm. 

"So?" Kara asked. "You never did answer the question." 

Lena's cheeks flushed red, which Kara had most certainly noticed. The blonde also started blushing as her mind conjured up various scenarios involving the two of them.

"How about we save that conversation for a more private setting," Lena gently replied. 

Kara cleared her throat awkwardly.

Lena slid her arm around Kara's to link them together. 

The blonde found her thoughts wandering. Lena's touch was making her want to pull the brunette into an alleyway and press her against a building and begin to show her things Kara had imagined. The urge was strong and just as Kara was about to act on it Lena tugged on her arm. 

“Can we stop here?” Lena asked as they came upon a jewelry shop.

Kara wondered what the brunette was up to. Perhaps it was nothing at all.

Lena tugged the hero along into the shop.




Kara wandered around looking at the various handmade jewelry. She came to a stop upon a silver ring with a heart clasped between two hands. The heart had a crown upon it. She was about to reach down for it when she felt the warmth of Lena pressing against her back. She held back a shudder as the brunette’s breath warmed her neck.

“What did you find there?”

“Uh I-I was just curious about the design.” Kara had to force the words out. She was thoroughly distracted by the feel of Lena’s breasts pressed against her back.

“That’s a Claddagh ring.”

“A whatta ring?”

Lena picked up the ring as Kara turned to face her. She kept their close proximity as she gestured at the ring.

“The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty.”

Kara watched the brunette curiously and deep green orbs captured her own.

Lena looked deep into her eyes as she picked up the hero’s right hand.

Kara’s breath caught in her throat as Lena slid the ring slowly onto her right ring finger.

“With these hands, I give you my heart and crown it with my love.” Lena’s voice was deep with emotion.

Kara was speechless. She felt tears forming in the corners of her eyes that were mirrored by Lena’s own.

“Th-that is an old Irish saying,” Lena spoke throatily.

Kara sobered up and blinked back her tears. She awkwardly adjusted her glasses with her left hand. “Oh r-right. It’s a saying. It’s beautiful. And the ring.. the ring is also beautiful.” She tried not to sound disappointed, but she was certain it was written all over her face.

Lena gently squeezed the hero’s hand briefly to regain her attention. She then pointed at the ring’s heart.

“When the heart is facing away from you like this it means that you are single and possibly looking for love.” Lena slid the ring off of Kara’s finger and turned it around. She made sure to capture the blonde’s eyes for a moment before she slid the ring back onto the hero’s hand.

Kara felt her pulse quicken, while butterflies fluttered wildly in her stomach.

“And when the heart is pointed towards you..” Lena paused until she captured the hero’s eyes once more. “ means that someone has captured your heart.”

The brunette took in Kara’s flushed cheeks and shallow breathing.

“Oh,” the hero said simply.

Lena looked over her shoulder to the store clerk. “We’ll take this ring please.. and no need to package it.”

Kara’s eyes widened.

“Do you like it?”

Kara nodded mutely. She noticed Lena’s own flushed cheeks and nervousness.

The brunette handed the clerk a credit card. “Where would you like to go next?”

Kara’s thoughts rested firmly upon the words: ‘your bed.’ But she ultimately asked, “Could we head back to the room?”

Lena nodded and smiled warmly. She wondered if the hero’s thoughts were mirroring her own.

Lena retrieved her credit card and put it away. She then looked to the blonde. “Shall we go?”

Kara nodded and took Lena’s closest hand before linking their fingers together.

Lena nibbled her bottom lip as they returned to walking.

Kara nearly tripped since her focus was solely on the brunette’s ruby lips. She wanted so badly to be the one nibbling on Lena’s lip.

“Are you distracted,” Lena asked with a mischievous grin.


“Oh really? By what?” Lena asked with feigned innocence.

Kara couldn’t take it anymore. “By that alleyway.”


Kara pulled Lena into the alley and then pressed her firmly into the wall.

Lena gasped before soft lips captured her own.

Kara kissed the brunette hungrily.

Lena regained some composure and kissed back with just as much desire. She whimpered into the kiss causing Kara to pull back.

“Do you trust me?” the blonde asked.

Lena nodded. “With every fiber of my being.”

Kara wrapped herself around the brunette protectively.

A thrill went through Lena as the hero shot them both into the air. She giggled as they soared.

Kara spun them around in the air before pressing her lips into Lena’s. They continued kissing as the hero slowed to glide them gracefully through the balcony doors of Lena’s room at the bed and breakfast. Kara hovered a moment before lowering them both down to lie on their sides on the bed.

Lena pulled back breathlessly and rested her forehead against Kara’s. “So you really like the ring.”

Kara let out a full laugh while shaking her head. “It’s you I really like. Like, really really like.”

“Do tell,” Lena replied as she took Kara’s glasses off and set them on a nightstand.


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Lena took Kara’s glasses off and set them on a nightstand.

Kara sighed happily and nuzzled Lena’s nose with her own.

Lena brushed blonde hair back to tuck behind an ear. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. Many, many times.”

“Kiss mid-air?”

“That too. But I meant to brush your hair back from your face.”

“You’ve done that before,” Kara murmured lovingly.

“Yes, but I never got to linger.. And I never wanted to stop touching you.”

Kara felt the heat of her blush at those words. “Can you say that again?”

“I never want to stop touching you..”

Kara’s blush spread down her neck.

Lena quirked an eyebrow. “Just how low does that blush go?”

Kara laughed shyly. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Yes, I would actually.”

Kara couldn’t believe this was actually happening. “What’s stopping you?”

“Nothing, I guess.. Absolutely nothing.” Lena rolled Kara onto her back and pressed herself down into the hero’s body.

Kara didn't think she could blush any redder. “Oh my gosh. I think my brain is going to implode.”

Lena chuckled warmly. “Well we can’t have that. We better stop.”

“What!? I believe we already discussed you never stopping touching me.”

“Say that again.”

“Never.. stop.. touching me.”

Lena felt her own blush creeping down her neck and cleavage. “That is entirely too hot,” she purred.

“Well we better stop then,” Kara joked gently.

“If you insist. ” Lena pretended like she was going to get up.

Kara looked at her incredulously. “You don’t play fair!”

Lena giggled brightly.

“I think I could get used to that sound. Your giggle is adorable.”

“Shush, you.”

Kara rolled her eyes playfully. “Oh you like it.”

“What if I say I do?”

“Hmmm, what else do you like?” Kara purred.

Lena whimpered. That purr was doing all sorts of things to her.

Kara leaned up and captured ruby lips with her own.

Lena kissed back insistently. Her hand wandered down Kara’s side. Down over the curve of a hip. Down to grasp onto a strong thigh.

Kara’s own hands wandered down over the curve of Lena’s full hips to grasp onto a firm behind.

Lena gasped into the kiss. She was very impressed at Kara’s lack of inhibition. And it turned her on to no end.

Kara lightly licked at Lena’s lips, hoping to gain entrance. And she was granted. 

Lena tasted Kara’s tongue slowly as she slid a hand back up the hero’s side to grasp onto the outer curve of a breast.

Kara made a noise of pleasure and then rolled Lena over onto her back. The blonde immediately began trailing kisses down the brunette’s neck and then into her cleavage. She had imagined this so many times. She swore Lena had been torturing her with lower and lower necklines each time they had hung out alone. And if so, the brunette had certainly succeeded.

Kara licked into Lena’s cleavage, tasting both breasts at once. And Lena tasted divine. 

Lena arched her back. “Please. Take it off.”

It only took Kara a brief moment to understand. She straddled Lena’s hips and sat up so that she could free the brunette from her shirt. Once it was removed Kara’s eyes greedily devoured every inch of pale skin. She could see the outline of Lena’s nipples through the brunette’s dark green satin bra. Kara trailed her fingers down Lena’s neck and over the exposed swells of the brunette’s breasts.

“Please Kara,” Lena begged breathily.

Kara traced the tips of her index fingers around the outline of Lena’s nipples, causing them to harden against the material. She felt a thrill rush through her at how easily she could make the brunette’s body respond to her.

Kara slid Lena’s bra straps down and watched with wonder as she freed the brunette’s breasts. The hero leaned down and captured a nipple with her mouth and began licking it lightly and slowly.

Lena gasped and arched her back.

Kara responded by capturing more of the brunette’s breast in her mouth. She sucked and licked at the nipple more firmly. She felt Lena trembling with excitement beneath her and it only spurred her on more. She trailed kisses over to Lena’s other breast and gave it the very same attention.

Lena began groaning and squirming and it was the sexiest thing Kara had ever witnessed.

The hero was about to start crawling down the brunette’s body when Lena rolled Kara onto her back.

Kara felt her blush creeping back as she looked up into the eyes of a very aroused Lena.

The brunette nibbled her own bottom lip as she decided what to do first to her prey beneath her.

Kara leaned up and captured the lip between her own teeth and lightly tugged. This caused Lena to crash her lips down into the blonde’s, kissing her fiercely. The brunette nudged a knee between Kara’s legs and pressed her thigh firmly against the hero’s center. 

Kara tried to keep up but her senses were quickly overwhelmed. She realized that the sound she was hearing was her own moaning as Lena devoured her.

The brunette trailed kisses down Kara’s neck while unfastening the buttons of the hero’s shirt.

Kara grew impatient and pulled her shirt open like she had when changing into her original Supergirl outfit.

Lena paused as she caught sight of the beautiful woman beneath her. Her hair splayed out on the pillow. The flushed skin. So much skin. She had always averted her eyes when changing Kara’s clothes in the past. But this time she was free to let her eyes roam. She felt tears forming in her eyes. She laid a hand over Kara’s heart and closed her eyes. She focused on the strong, steady beat against her palm. Kara was here. She was safe. 

Kara felt a drop of wetness fall upon her skin causing her to open her eyes. Her heart ached at the emotion she saw in the other woman’s eyes. Another tear fell upon her.

“C’mere,” Kara gently beckoned.

Lena shook her head slightly and held her position above the blonde. “I love you,” she rasped with deep emotion.

Kara reached up and cupped Lena’s cheek. “It’s ok. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Lena nodded and turned to press a kiss into Kara’s palm before meeting the blonde’s gaze once more. “I love you.”

“And I love you. I always have.” Kara shrugged helplessly. “You had me the first time we met.” The hero smiled. “I was helpless to your charm.. your selfless heart.. and your beauty that shone from within.”

Lena smiled through her tears. “Oh, stop,” she said gently.

Kara smiled warmly. “I love you.”

“And I love you.” Lena lowered herself down onto Kara and tenderly kissed her.

They kissed slowly, savoring each kiss.

Lena caressed Kara’s cheek as they kissed.

Their kisses grew fuller and deeper.

Kara ran her hands through Lena’s hair. Over.. and over. And the sensation gradually calmed the other woman's fears.

Lena pulled back and smiled at the blonde lovingly as she played with the ends of Kara’s hair. “I’m in love with you. Hopelessly. It hurt in the beginning.. not being able to hold you, kiss you, and freely love you. But I would have waited forever for you.”

Kara lightly traced a fingertip over Lena’s lower lip. She then slowly traced both lips. “I’ve always been in awe of these lips. They always looked so luscious. And kissable.” A light blush colored the hero’s cheeks. “And they are .. They so are.”

Lena rolled her eyes playfully and laughed. “You’re adorable.”

Kara scrunched up her nose. “Just adorable?”

“No. Not just,” Lena said seriously. “You are loving, kind. Big-hearted. Your beauty drew me to you. Your heart bonded me to you. And your love.. I’ve never reached the depth of your love. It’s unending. I would gladly dive into it and never come up for air. Except I wouldn’t need air. For, kissing you is like breathing. Touching you makes me feel so much more alive than I ever have before. And tasting you..”

Kara’s blush deepened.

“Well I’ve only just begun.” Lena arched an eyebrow alluringly.

“Rao, that eyebrow. Years ago when you jokingly told me I was your real hero. That look you gave me made me..” Kara’s blush somehow deepened even further.  “Can I just back-pedal now? And pretend that I never began saying this?”

Lena laughed. “What if I said no?”

“What if I said you’d have to work to get it out of me.” Kara arched an eyebrow this time. 

“Oh really? I’m intrigued.” Lena nibbled her own bottom lip in serious thought.

Kara wondered what she had gotten herself into. “Btw, can I just say how hot your thinking face is?”

“When am I not thinking?”

“Good point. But I have a theory on that.”

“Do tell,” Lena purred.

“How about I show?”

Lena’s jaw dropped a bit and a blush colored her cheeks. “By all means. Who am I to stand in the way of science?.”

Kara slid her hands up Lena's back and unfastened her bra. She slid the straps down the brunette's arms and then off of her. 

"Kara.. my eyes are up here," Lena said with amusement.

Kara's eyes locked onto the brunette's. "Sorry. I uh-"

"Never be sorry for that. I was only joking." Lena then deepened her voice and purred out, "All of my body is for your eyes and hands.. and mouth. I am very okay with anything you do. And speaking of bodies, yours is entirely too clothed."

Kara flipped them over and straddled Lena. She sat up so she could finish removing her shirt. Once she was free of it she let her eyes wander. Kara couldn’t take her eyes off of the stunning woman beneath her. This was far better than anything she could have imagined.

Lena slid her hands up Kara’s thighs and then up the hero’s back. Her hands tingled from how soft Kara’s skin was. She continued on her mission and gently freed the hero from her bra. 

Kara lowered herself so she could press her lips into Lena’s incredibly soft lips.

Lena pressed her hands into Kara’s back, causing their breasts to meet and press together.

Kara whimpered. The feel of Lena’s full and soft breasts pressing into her own made her dizzy.

Lena continued to press their bodies together as they kissed and she began to hear little whimpers escaping the blonde. She pulled back from the kiss and Kara was gasping.

“Lena,” Kara gasped out. “Oh my Rao.”

Lena rolled them over once more. She nipped at Kara’s jaw and then down the hero’s neck.

Kara’s nails dug into the brunette’s back.

“Mmm,” Lena moaned at the sensation. She licked her tongue up Kara’s neck and then nipped her way back down.

Kara was breathing heavily.

Lena nipped the curve of a breast and then trailed light kisses to a nipple. She tasted the nipple with her eyes fixated on Kara’s reactions.

The blonde had her head tossed back. She was biting her lower lip with her eyes closed, clearly enjoying every sensation.

Lena licked the nipple slowly and firmly, causing Kara to shudder. 

“Lena,” Kara gasped.

The brunette began nibbling on the nipple and tugging on it.

Kara slid her hand into Lena’s hair and grabbed on firmly.

The reaction caused Lena to begin sucking and licking the nipple firmly.

Kara began moaning and squirming beneath the brunette.

Lena trailed kisses to the other nipple and began sucking and licking.

Kara’s shaky hands fumbled around to grasp onto Lena’s breasts. She began kneading them as the brunette swirled her tongue around the hero’s nipple. Kara grasped on more firmly in excitement, feeling Lena’s firm nipples rubbing against her palms. The hero let the nipples slip between her fingers so she could pinch them between her knuckles as she kneaded the full breasts.

Lena whimpered and began devouring the breast in her mouth.

Kara cried out in pleasure and switched to rolling the brunette’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

It was Lena’s turn to begin squirming. She dove up and captured Kara’s lips in a full and deep kiss. She brought a hand up to caress Kara’s cheek and she pulled back to look into Kara’s eyes.

“I love you,” Lena said with certainty. Her voice was deep with lust and emotion.

“I love you, Lee,” Kara panted out. 

“I want you.”

Kara grasped onto Lena’s hand and led it down her body to the waistline of her pants.

Lena tried not to rush while unfastening the pants, but she was desperate for more of Kara. Her hand trembled as she lowered the zipper.

Kara grasped onto her hand once more and led it beneath her pants.

Lena was panting and dizzy with overexcitement. She locked eyes with Kara as she touched Kara over her panties. Lena groaned at the wetness that had seeped through the material.

“This,” Kara panted out. “This is what that eyebrow does to me.”

Lena’s eyebrows raised in surprise. “Really? E-Even back then when I told you that you’re my hero?”

“Yes,” Kara admitted shyly. “Always.”

Lena’s face was full of wonder. “I had no idea.” Her voice was husky with emotion. “Kara?”


“I..” Lena was at a loss for words. 

Kara saw the helpless look on the brunette’s face. She leaned up and kissed Lena. “I’ve never felt this way either.”

Lena smiled warmly and gratefully. The blonde had guessed what she was trying to express.

“Now,” Kara began. “Back to that never stopping touching me.”

Lena arched an eyebrow but couldn’t fight off a blush. She began lightly caressing the wet area of Kara’s panties.

The hero whimpered and quickly began panting once more. Kara felt how close she already was so she grasped Lena’s hand and slipped it beneath her panties.

Lena searched Kara’s eyes for assent.

The hero nodded for her to continue.

Lena dipped her fingers into the hot wetness.

Kara’s hips jerked as she gasped. “Please, more,” she requested a bit desperately.

Lena didn’t need any further prompting. She began rubbing Kara’s clit.

Kara began trembling and crying out. “Lena,” she gasped loudly. A hand tangled into brown tresses while the other grasped firmly onto a shoulder.

Lena dipped a finger inside and used her thumb to rub Kara’s clit.

“More please,” Kara begged desperately.

Lena slid another finger inside. She began thrusting deep inside while continuing to rub Kara’s clit firmly.

The blonde was trembling hard and crying out.

Lena nuzzled Kara’s nose while continuing her movements. 

Kara opened her eyes to a flushed and emotional Lena.

As soon as their eyes met Lena said, “Come, princess. Come!”

Lena felt Kara tighten hard on her fingers.

Kara felt as if everything paused and then suddenly she was climaxing much harder than she ever had before.

Lena rode out Kara’s climax and then slowly slid her fingers out.

Before Kara could even begin to relax Lena was suddenly swirling her fingers around the hero’s clit quickly and insistently.

Kara was gasping hard for breath. And the sensations continued building and building.

“Come again for me, princess.”

Kara broke at those words and climaxed even harder.

Lena blinked at tears as she watched Kara crashing hard over the edge.

She held Kara close as the hero came back down from the high.

As Kara returned to consciousness she felt a soft kiss being pressed to her lips. She blinked open her eyes to find a very emotional Lena watching her with the deepest love in her eyes.

“Hey, princess,” Lena murmured.

Kara felt her cheeks heating with a deep blush. “Oh my Rao,” she said with wonder.

Lena laughed softly as she felt her own cheeks flushing. “Oh my Rao, indeed.”

“Just you wait. As soon as I can move my limbs I won’t seem so princessy.”

Lena bit her bottom lip shyly. “Oh really?”

“Unless you broke me.” Kara looked thoughtful. “That wouldn’t surprise me. Your sexiness does seem pretty deadly.”

Lena laughed shyly while blushing deeper. “You are pretty deadly yourself.”

“Oh really.”

“Really. Or do you need me to prove it?” Lena asked flirtatiously.

“As a reporter, evidence is pretty important.”

“Oh believe me. There’s evidence.”

Kara watched with eyebrows raised as Lena undid her jeans. “Um, I uh-” 

Lena grasped Kara’s hand and slid it beneath her panties.

Kara’s eyebrows shot up even higher as she flushed deeper.

“Deadly,” Lena asserted as she attempted to appear as though she wasn’t just as shy as Kara.

“I, uh..” Kara fought to think clearly enough to speak. “I did this?”

Lena gasped as Kara’s fingers moved slightly in the immense wetness beneath the brunette’s panties.

Kara bit her bottom lip and moved her fingers with more purpose this time.

Lena gasped loudly. “I’m really close,” she whispered breathlessly.

Kara withdrew her hand causing Lena to whimper with need. “One moment, princess,” Kara said mischievously. 

Lena swatted at her playfully. “I call dibs on that nickname.”

Kara bit her bottom lip as she crawled down Lena’s body and removed everything but the brunette’s lacey satin panties. She did the same with her own clothing items. She made sure Lena was watching as she slid her own panties off.

Lena’s eyes dropped down to Kara’s center. She felt more wetness pooling in her folds.

“You are so. Fucking. Hot.” Lena took in all of the hero’s toned body. She couldn’t wait to explore every inch.

Kara was too focused to be very shy. She was about to crawl back up Lena’s body when she realized how very much pale skin had been revealed.

Lena flushed shyly under the scrutiny.

“You’re even more beautiful than I thought,” Kara said with deep emotion. She reached up and grasped onto the waist of Lena’s panties. She met eyes with the brunette.

Lena nodded her assent.

Kara bit hard on her own bottom lip as she finished revealing Lena’s pale skin. She was quickly understanding the tears she had seen in the other woman’s eyes.


The hero lifted her eyes to meet Lena’s. After an emotional pause she said, “I love you.”


Kara crawled back up Lena’s body and kissed the other woman deeply. She continued deepening the kiss as she caressed Lena’s cheek. She then traced her fingertips down the brunette’s neck.. and clavicle.. to cup a breast.

Lena felt goosebumps spreading all over her body at the hero’s caresses and deep kisses.

Kara pressed a thumb to the other woman’s nipple and rolled it firmly.

Lena pulled back from the kiss with a loud gasp.

Kara could feel the other woman trembling with excitement and need. She kissed down Lena’s body, stopping to give the brunette’s other nipple attention. She kissed down Lena’s stomach as she smoothed a hand over the full curve of the brunette’s hip.

Lena was gasping hard for breath as the blonde neared her destination.

Kara pushed gently on the inside of a pale thigh.

Lena widened her legs for Kara and tried to ignore the shyness that movement caused.

Kara tasted the pale thigh causing Lena to groan. She very slowly licked up the inside of the brunette’s thigh causing Lena to tremble harder and ache from her core.

“Please Kara,” Lena begged desperately.

Kara finally pressed a kiss to the brunette’s center causing Lena to cry out in need and excitement.

Lena slid her fingers into Kara’s blonde tresses and held on tightly.

Kara dipped her tongue into the wet heat and began licking through the other woman’s folds. She had imagined doing this so many times and nothing had come close to reality.

Lena was crying out as she ground her pelvis into Kara’s mouth over and over as hard as she could. She needed more. As much contact as possible.

“Kara, please. Harder!” Lena begged.

Kara slid two fingers inside and began licking as firmly as she could.

“Yes. Yes, Kara!” Lena felt her body getting close and the sensations were too much. She gently tugged upwards on Kara’s hair. “Please. Up here.”

Kara pulled back and trailed kisses swiftly up Lena’s body until their lips met.

Lena moaned at the taste of herself on the blonde’s lips. She deepened the kiss so she could taste the other woman’s tongue.

Kara swiftly slid a hand down and began rubbing the other woman’s center firmly.

Lena wrapped her arms around the hero and held on tightly. She ground her pelvis hard into the blonde’s hand and felt so close to coming but it was still too overwhelming.

“Kara, I just need you.” Lena rasped out.

The hero removed her hand and waited for the brunette to show her what she needed.

Lena desperately grasped onto the hero’s firm behind as she slid a thigh between Kara’s legs. She ground her pelvis up into Kara’s causing the blonde to gasp.

Kara felt Lena spreading her wetness on her thigh and she wanted more. She began grinding her center down into the other woman.

Lena began moaning as she grasped more firmly onto Kara’s behind. She wanted as much friction and contact as possible against her center.

“You are so sexy,” Kara gasped out. “I need you.”

“I need you,” Lena cried out desperately. She clung onto Kara as tightly as possible to ground herself. “Yes. Yes. YES!”

Their bodies found a frantic rhythm. Grinding hard and desperately.

“You are so wet for me.” Kara groaned out in between gasps for air. She was watching Lena wantonly taking everything from the hero’s body.

Lena became lost in all of the sensations and sounds. Her center burned from the incredibly intense arousal. She faintly heard Kara demanding that she come.

“Come for me Lena!” Kara cried out. She was trying her hardest not to topple over the edge before the other woman but she could barely hold back. “COME!”

Lena trembled hard and cried out lengthily as she came long and hard. Lena’s hips thrust up violently as her orgasm completed causing Kara to explode intensely.

Their bodies kept jerking as they both rode out the aftershocks of their orgasms.


A Brief Moment Later..

*knock knock knock*

Kara was brought back to consciousness by a knocking at the door.

“Miss? Miss, are you ok in there?” the innkeeper called through the door.

Lena laughed throatily as Kara buried her face in the brunette’s neck from embarrassment.

“Oh my god, Lena. Oh my god.”

Lena’s laugh deepened.


“Lena,” Kara chastised while burying her face deeper in the brunette’s neck. “Please answer the man!”

“Yes! We’re just wonderful in here! Thank you!”

“Oh. Ok, miss! Enjoy your evening!”

“Oh, we are!” the brunette called back.

“Lena!” Kara chastised once more.

Lena returned to laughing deeply.

“Oh my god. Embarrassment will be the death of me.”

“I thought I was the deadly one,” Lena retorted.

“Oh, believe me, you are. You so are. I may never walk again.”

“Mission accomplished.”

“You’re glad I may never walk again?”

“Well, yes. If it means you’re unable to leave my bed.”

Kara grew quiet as she thought about this. “You make a valid point.”

Lena sighed happily and hugged the hero to her. “I may never walk again, as well.”

“That settles it. We’re never leaving this bed.” Kara pressed a kiss to Lena’s neck. ”Wait, does room service have bedside service?”

Lena giggled. “Always thinking with your stomach.”

Kara scoffed. “Did you just miss the part where I was clearly thinking about much more than my own stomach? And I believe someone else was rather enjoying it, by the volume of her begging.”

Lena blushed at Kara’s bravado. “Well, how about we take care of that stomach and then get back to thinking of our other parts.”

“I knew you’d come to see my point,” Kara said gleefully.

“I’d even come for less when it comes to you,” Lena flirted unabashedly.

Kara flushed at the play on words. “Ok, food now. You, next.”

“I can work with that.”

Chapter Text

The Following Morning...

Lena crawled out of the bed and slid on a robe.

“You do know I can just use my x-ray vision to see right through that,” Kara murmured sleepily from the bed.

“You make a valid point.. Wait.” Lena paused and turned towards the blonde. “Have you done that before?? X-rayed through my clothing?”

“Dead men speak no tales,” Kara replied from her sprawled out position on the bed. She was clearly still feeling the aftereffects of a deadly Lena.

“Well? Have you??” Lena questioned with an amused expression on her face.

“...” Kara rolled over on her back and put a pillow over her face. “Oomphs.”

“Can you say that without the pillow on your face?”

Kara slid the pillow up just far enough to uncover her mouth. “Once.”

Lena paused for a moment and then nodded.  “..Hot,” she decided and then turned to continue on her way to the bathroom.

Kara removed the pillow from her face in surprise. “You mean I’m not in trouble?”

“Nope,” Lena replied cheerily.

“Hm,” Kara said in thought. “I should’ve looked more than once.”

Lena let her robe slide off of her shoulders and to the ground as she walked.

Kara leaned over the edge of the bed to get a better view. “Whoooa!” Thud!

“..You fell off of the bed, didn’t you?” Lena called from the bathroom.

Kara blew her hair off of her face as she lie there on the floor. “Worth it!”




Lena finished putting her earrings on and then turned to face Kara. The blonde had a very focused expression on her face. Lena’s jaw dropped a bit. “You’re using your x-ray vision, aren’t you!?”

Kara whipped her eyes up to meet Lena’s with the most innocent expression on her face. “Nope!” she replied as she quickly put her glasses on.

“I think your blush is betraying you,” Lena said with amusement.

Kara moved in smoothly and kissed the brunette deeply.

“Mmm,” Lena purred into the kiss. She tangled a hand in blonde locks.

Kara reluctantly pulled back slightly. “You are so beautiful,” she murmured against the brunette’s lips.

Lena kissed the hero again and then hugged her close. “I wish I had x-ray vision.”

Kara pulled back from the hug and pulled her button-up top open like she had when changing into her original supersuit.

“Well,” Lena began. “This I can work with.. But what do I do in public?”

“I dunno,” Kara said distractedly as she unfastened the brunette’s belt.

“Why don’t you ever just superspeed through unbuttoning your shirts instead of ripping them open?”

Kara paused her movements. “Hm,” she said thoughtfully. “You make a valid point.”

Lena moved in closer and very slowly began unfastening the hero’s pants.

Kara breathed in shakily. “Slow is good too,” she said breathily.

“Mmhmm,” Lena purred in agreement.

Kara leaned back in to continue kissing the brunette.



Kara giggled at the brunette grabbing her behind as they entered the elevator of the bed and breakfast. “Think there’s a security camera in here?” She lowered her glasses and began x-raying the area.

“See any?” Lena asked as she began kissing the hero’s neck.

“Nope.” Kara pushed Lena back into the wall of the elevator. She slid a thigh between the brunette’s legs.

“Mmm, you’re so fucking hot,” Lena purred. She slid her hands up to cup the hero’s breasts over her shirt.

“You are definitely the hot one here,” Kara said as she caressed the brunette’s hips.

Lena returned to kissing the hero’s neck. Between kisses she said, “Yet you have all sorts of people lusting over Supergirl.”

“That’s not me. That’s their idealized version of me.”

“Hell, even I lusted after Supergirl.”

Kara looked down at Lena in surprise.

Ding! The elevator doors opened up to the lobby.

They tried to quickly pull back from one another but the various people in the lobby had already seen their precarious position.

Kara cleared her throat awkwardly and adjusted her glasses. She slid a hand into Lena’s and tugged her out of the elevator while muttering, “Will the embarrassment never end?”

Lena laughed loudly and waved her free hand at the onlookers. “Good morning, everyone.”

“Afternoon,” Kara corrected with a forced smile as they worked their way towards the exit.

“Oh that’s right. My girlfriend and I didn’t make it out of bed this morning.”

“Lena!” Kara chastised. Suddenly the blonde paused and whipped around to face the brunette. “Girlfriend?” she asked happily.

Lena fidgeted nervously. “You don’t mind me calling you that, do you?” she asked hopefully.

Kara moved in and kissed the brunette before pulling back and smiling.”Nope.”

Lena breathed a sigh of relief.

Kara beamed at everyone in the lobby and held up their joined hands. “She’s my girlfriend,” she said happily. “I’m her girlfriend.”

An elderly man in the lobby leaned over and said something in Irish to the woman beside him.

Lena barked out laughter and then covered her mouth to try to smother it. She tugged the hero out of the bed and breakfast.

Once outside Lena released the laughter she was holding in.

“What did that man say?” Kara asked with her brow furrowed in confusion.

“He was asking the woman if we were the ones who were wailing like banshees all night.” Lena broke back down in laughter.

Kara flushed. “Oh my god. Oh my god, Lena!” she chastised. But the brunette’s laughter was infectious. Soon the two were both laughing.

“I’m so telling Alex this one,” Lena teased while backing away in preparation to run.

Kara scoffed. “No you’re not!!”

Lena started running and pulled out her phone. “Oh look, she’s already up in my contacts.”

Kara called out after her, “You do know I can catch right up to you, right?”

“Not in public!” Lena called back.

Kara’s super-hearing picked up Alex answering the phone.

Lena grinned. “Hey, Alex. You have to hear this one.”

“Wait! Lenaaa!” Kara went running human-speed after the beautiful brunette.