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Finding Home

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The Following Morning...

Lena crawled out of the bed and slid on a robe.

“You do know I can just use my x-ray vision to see right through that,” Kara murmured sleepily from the bed.

“You make a valid point.. Wait.” Lena paused and turned towards the blonde. “Have you done that before?? X-rayed through my clothing?”

“Dead men speak no tales,” Kara replied from her sprawled out position on the bed. She was clearly still feeling the aftereffects of a deadly Lena.

“Well? Have you??” Lena questioned with an amused expression on her face.

“...” Kara rolled over on her back and put a pillow over her face. “Oomphs.”

“Can you say that without the pillow on your face?”

Kara slid the pillow up just far enough to uncover her mouth. “Once.”

Lena paused for a moment and then nodded.  “..Hot,” she decided and then turned to continue on her way to the bathroom.

Kara removed the pillow from her face in surprise. “You mean I’m not in trouble?”

“Nope,” Lena replied cheerily.

“Hm,” Kara said in thought. “I should’ve looked more than once.”

Lena let her robe slide off of her shoulders and to the ground as she walked.

Kara leaned over the edge of the bed to get a better view. “Whoooa!” Thud!

“..You fell off of the bed, didn’t you?” Lena called from the bathroom.

Kara blew her hair off of her face as she lie there on the floor. “Worth it!”




Lena finished putting her earrings on and then turned to face Kara. The blonde had a very focused expression on her face. Lena’s jaw dropped a bit. “You’re using your x-ray vision, aren’t you!?”

Kara whipped her eyes up to meet Lena’s with the most innocent expression on her face. “Nope!” she replied as she quickly put her glasses on.

“I think your blush is betraying you,” Lena said with amusement.

Kara moved in smoothly and kissed the brunette deeply.

“Mmm,” Lena purred into the kiss. She tangled a hand in blonde locks.

Kara reluctantly pulled back slightly. “You are so beautiful,” she murmured against the brunette’s lips.

Lena kissed the hero again and then hugged her close. “I wish I had x-ray vision.”

Kara pulled back from the hug and pulled her button-up top open like she had when changing into her original supersuit.

“Well,” Lena began. “This I can work with.. But what do I do in public?”

“I dunno,” Kara said distractedly as she unfastened the brunette’s belt.

“Why don’t you ever just superspeed through unbuttoning your shirts instead of ripping them open?”

Kara paused her movements. “Hm,” she said thoughtfully. “You make a valid point.”

Lena moved in closer and very slowly began unfastening the hero’s pants.

Kara breathed in shakily. “Slow is good too,” she said breathily.

“Mmhmm,” Lena purred in agreement.

Kara leaned back in to continue kissing the brunette.



Kara giggled at the brunette grabbing her behind as they entered the elevator of the bed and breakfast. “Think there’s a security camera in here?” She lowered her glasses and began x-raying the area.

“See any?” Lena asked as she began kissing the hero’s neck.

“Nope.” Kara pushed Lena back into the wall of the elevator. She slid a thigh between the brunette’s legs.

“Mmm, you’re so fucking hot,” Lena purred. She slid her hands up to cup the hero’s breasts over her shirt.

“You are definitely the hot one here,” Kara said as she caressed the brunette’s hips.

Lena returned to kissing the hero’s neck. Between kisses she said, “Yet you have all sorts of people lusting over Supergirl.”

“That’s not me. That’s their idealized version of me.”

“Hell, even I lusted after Supergirl.”

Kara looked down at Lena in surprise.

Ding! The elevator doors opened up to the lobby.

They tried to quickly pull back from one another but the various people in the lobby had already seen their precarious position.

Kara cleared her throat awkwardly and adjusted her glasses. She slid a hand into Lena’s and tugged her out of the elevator while muttering, “Will the embarrassment never end?”

Lena laughed loudly and waved her free hand at the onlookers. “Good morning, everyone.”

“Afternoon,” Kara corrected with a forced smile as they worked their way towards the exit.

“Oh that’s right. My girlfriend and I didn’t make it out of bed this morning.”

“Lena!” Kara chastised. Suddenly the blonde paused and whipped around to face the brunette. “Girlfriend?” she asked happily.

Lena fidgeted nervously. “You don’t mind me calling you that, do you?” she asked hopefully.

Kara moved in and kissed the brunette before pulling back and smiling.”Nope.”

Lena breathed a sigh of relief.

Kara beamed at everyone in the lobby and held up their joined hands. “She’s my girlfriend,” she said happily. “I’m her girlfriend.”

An elderly man in the lobby leaned over and said something in Irish to the woman beside him.

Lena barked out laughter and then covered her mouth to try to smother it. She tugged the hero out of the bed and breakfast.

Once outside Lena released the laughter she was holding in.

“What did that man say?” Kara asked with her brow furrowed in confusion.

“He was asking the woman if we were the ones who were wailing like banshees all night.” Lena broke back down in laughter.

Kara flushed. “Oh my god. Oh my god, Lena!” she chastised. But the brunette’s laughter was infectious. Soon the two were both laughing.

“I’m so telling Alex this one,” Lena teased while backing away in preparation to run.

Kara scoffed. “No you’re not!!”

Lena started running and pulled out her phone. “Oh look, she’s already up in my contacts.”

Kara called out after her, “You do know I can catch right up to you, right?”

“Not in public!” Lena called back.

Kara’s super-hearing picked up Alex answering the phone.

Lena grinned. “Hey, Alex. You have to hear this one.”

“Wait! Lenaaa!” Kara went running human-speed after the beautiful brunette.