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Finding Home

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Lena sipped slowly on her glass of scotch as she skimmed through the ancestry records on her tablet. She was a little chilled by the evening breeze blowing in from the balcony. But with every few breaths she felt a little more at ease. It had been a trying week, but Kara was home. Home, but at the moment so far away.

Getting on the airplane to come to Ireland had been an incredibly difficult feat. Her heart had ached increasingly more with each step she took away from Kara.

Lena shifted her outstretched legs on the large bed she was seated upon and leaned further back into the pillows squished between her back and the headboard.

She looked curiously around her room at the old paintings on the walls, the worn brickwork around the balcony doors, and the Irish Victorian oil lamp seated upon the desk.

One would think that an old brick castle wouldn't feel so warm and comforting. Not even one that had been turned into a bed and breakfast. But Lena felt more at home here than she ever had at the Luthor mansion.

Lena's thoughts drifted to Kara and an inner warmth spread through her.

Lena's truest sense of home had been felt during the last time she was in Kara's arms. It had been only days, but the time apart seemed like so much longer.

Lena's lips formed into a warm smile

Kara had gazed at her so lovingly that day. The hero had spread her arms and welcomed Lena into her embrace.

The brunette felt tears forming in the corners of her eyes at the memory.


Lena didn't hold back her tears as they embraced one another.

While fully wrapped in Kara's arms she felt as though she could finally release the breath she'd been holding ever since Lex had turned the Phantom Zone projector upon the hero.

Kara clutched onto Lena with the very depth of her need and love.

It both broke and warmed Lena's heart. And as they pulled apart Lena could see that Kara wasn't ready to release her.

Kara leaned in, following Lena as she pulled away. And it made Lena's chest clench with need.

Lena wanted to immediately lean back in. To graze Kara's lips with her own. To anchor Kara with her grasp on the hero's shoulders.

But Lena had ultimately released the blonde. She would not be greedy, even though her desires were pure of heart. The others needed their time with Kara.


Lena swirled the scotch around in her glass absentmindedly. She was fully engrossed in thoughts of Kara. Of the hero's radiant smile that caused butterflies within Lena's stomach. The blonde hair that begged to be tucked behind an ear. The feel of Kara's hands on her, however innocent.

Lena was abruptly brought back to her surroundings by a noise on the balcony. She looked up to see a bashful Supergirl beaming a smile at her.

Lena smiled back warmly and felt a similar shyness overcome herself. She was once again struck by the ever growing intensity of her feelings for the woman.

Lena beckoned the hero inside as she stood up from the bed. She walked to meet Kara halfway and the two embraced, clutching onto one another as they had just days ago.

Kara pressed Lena into her, holding the brunette as closely as possible. And Lena did the same. If it were possible, Lena would pull the blonde inside her, close to her thudding heart.

After several moments had passed Lena relaxed her tight hold on Kara to tenderly wrap her arms as completely as possible around the blonde. Kara sighed happily as she relaxed into the embrace.

Lena felt tears falling from her eyes before she even realized she was crying. She released a sob and it caused Kara to slide a hand up into brown locks. This only encouraged the sobs to escape and Lena felt herself weakening in the hero's embrace. Kara easily held her up and began to sway them both comfortingly.

Kara turned her head and gently pressed her lips against Lena's cheek. She held them there for several seconds before ending the kiss.

Kara nuzzled into Lena inhaling deeply. The familiar scents caused something to break within the hero. And before she knew it her sobs were echoing Lena's.

The brunette pulled back and placed her hands on Kara's cheeks, framing her face. She gently brushed a few tears away with her thumbs before resting her forehead against Kara's.

After several moments of shared sobs Lena softly pecked Kara's nose. She then slowly moved to press a kiss against the hero's cheek. And then upon a moist eyelid. Both of their tears continued to fall silently.

Kara opened her eyes to meet Lena's. Her hands moved to grasp onto the brunette's shoulders to steady herself.

Lena inhaled deeply and brushed Kara's hair from her face. As she exhaled she felt herself softening into Kara's hold.

Lena searched Kara's features, trying to remap the familiar contours. She lifted a hand from the hero's cheek to brush her thumb over the familiar scar between Kara's eyebrows. Then a finger lightly traced an eyebrow.

As Lena lowered her hand she lightly caressed a cheek with her finger tips.

Kara grasped onto the hand and pressed it against her cheek. She held it there and sighed before turning to press her lips into the brunette’s palm.

Lena felt goosebumps race up her arm at the tender gesture.

Kara nuzzled into Lena's hand and pressed a softer kiss into the palm.

The goosebumps trailed down Lena's spine and she lightly shivered.

Kara turned to meet her gaze once more and the moment seemed all the more intimate.

Lena leaned up and pressed a kiss to Kara's forehead as she gained more courage.

Kara sighed and whispered, "Lee..?"

The brunette nodded as she feared her voice would fail her.

"Lee, I only just got you back."

Lena nodded once more, fully understanding the blonde's needs. "I'm sorry I left without you." Lena's thoughts drifted to their video call from before she had left for Ireland.


"I understand, Lena. You need to do this for yourself."

Lena nodded while brushing a thumb over the phone's screen as if she were caressing the very missed face peering back at her.

"Go, Lee," Kara urged. "I promise I'll be here when you return."

Lena nodded once more while trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

"Kara, I love you."

"I love you too, Lee. Just promise me you'll be safe."

Lena nodded. She was afraid that if she spoke then the words would come tumbling out: 'Come with me..'


"Here, come sit," Lena urged as she pulled Kara along behind her.

They both sat down on the bed.

Lena leaned back into the pillows cushioning her from the headboard. She patted the bed beside her.


Kara triggered her super suit to dematerialize. As it did she crawled over the bed to sit next to the brunette.

Lena smiled at Kara's dotted white button up shirt and comfy forest green slacks. She had missed this look.

Kara nibbled her bottom lip for a moment before finding the courage to rest her head upon the brunette's shoulder.

Lena kissed the top of Kara's head before resting her own against the hero's.

Kara sighed almost contentedly.

Lena slid her hand into the hero's and linked their fingers together.

Kara gently squeezed her hand.




Kara was roused from a dreamless sleep by fingers running through her hair. The hand raised to stroke through blonde tresses once more. Kara hummed contentedly and then slid her arm around the other woman's waist without opening her eyes.

"Hey, princess." Lena said softly. "How about we get you into something more comfy?"

Kara nodded and peeked an eye open. She was met with a warm smile.

"Come on," Lena prodded softly.

Kara groaned in protestation as the shoulder beneath her head disappeared.

Lena felt as though it had been years, instead of months, since she'd last seen this adorable side of the blonde.

Lena opened the room's armoire and grabbed two sets of sleepwear. She returned to the bed where the blonde was falling asleep once more.

"Come on, Kar. Let's get you comfier," she spoke gently.

Lena gently grasped onto Kara's belt and began unfastening it. This was not the first time that she'd changed the hero's clothes. That had been before she realized that the reporter's bouts of fatigue were coincidently timed with Supergirl's solar flares.

Lena shook her head at how silly it all seemed that she hadn't seen that Kara was Supergirl. There were no more pangs in her heart or flashes of anger at the deception. She was at peace with it all. All that mattered now was that Kara was back from the Phantom Zone. Safe and somewhat sound. Alex had confided in her about Kara's post-traumatic stress following her return. Alex had hoped that Lena could help Kara process the flashbacks and nightmares.

Lena had finished removing Kara's shirt and slacks and was now dressing Kara in one of the brunette's extra sets of sleepwear.

Once finished, she gingerly got the hero tucked into bed. As she pulled away a quick hand grabbed her own.

"No, stay," the hero requested while mostly asleep.

Lena laughed softly.

"One moment, princess. I just need to change quickly."

Kara groaned in displeasure before releasing the brunette's hand.

"Thank you, love. I'll be right there."

Lena quickly changed and then turned out the light. As her gaze landed on the blonde her breath was stolen by the way Kara's face was framed by the moonlight shining in from the balcony.

Her heart clenched. And then released. She wasn't sure how much longer she could keep her true feelings from Kara.

Lena shut the balcony doors and then slid into bed behind the blonde. She settled into a comfortable position but wasn't sure she could sleep.

"Come," Kara gently commanded as she reached back and found Lena's hand. "Come closer." Kara lightly tugged on Lena's arm.

Lena shifted closer while still keeping a space between them. She then rested her hand upon Kara's waist.

"Closer," Kara said softly.

Lena didn't need any more prompting. She moved closer and pressed herself against Kara's back before sliding her arm around the hero's waist.

Kara grasped onto Lena's hand and pulled it up to rest against the hero's heart.

Lena instantly melted into the blonde at the gesture. For only a moment she lightly pressed her hand closer, causing Kara to hum contentedly.

Lena soon felt herself drifting off to a dreamless sleep.