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Post-it Like You Mean It

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Don’t forget to rinse out your coffee mug.

His hand still on the light switch, Ray stared at the light blue post-it note stuck to the kitchen counter and sighed. Moving in with Fraser had seemed like the best idea ever. In many ways, it still was. No more long nights on his own, falling asleep in front of the TV set with a can of beer in his hand. The warm glow of being there for each other after a particularly difficult day at work. And the sex—the sex was fucking fantastic.

But some aspects of Fraser’s personality were easier to deal with in small doses, and his deep-seated need for neatness was one of them. Ray took a few calming breaths, counted to ten and washed his favorite blue mug in the kitchen sink.

The next note was pastel pink and stuck onto Dief’s food bowl. 

Please remember to feed Diefenbaker.

Ray cocked his head and studied the wolf. “What do you think, buddy? You think I’d forget your late-night snack?”

Dief shook himself—clearly a 'no'. 

“That's what I thought,” Ray grunted as he poured a healthy portion of kibble into the silver dish. “How about you put in a good word for me with our Mountie friend. Tell him I’m not entirely useless.”

Diefenbaker was too busy with his meal to reply.

The next note, a lime green one with the neatly printed words ‘please crack the window before you come to bed’ had Ray storming towards the bedroom with fire raging in his gut. “You know, Fraser, I’m not a complete idiot. You don’t have to keep telling me…” His words trailed off when he noticed another post-it on the bedroom door. It was pale yellow and smaller than the rest, and Ray had to squint to make out the text.

Please take care of your man.

Okay, what the fuck? What was that supposed to mean? Was Fraser seriously telling Ray to look after him? Because he did that all the time, didn’t he? They both did; they had each other’s back.

Or did he mean something else? When it came to the local lingo, Ray was never sure how much Fraser was bullshitting or how many phrases he really didn’t know. Well, there was one way to find out.

The door creaked when Ray pushed it open and walked inside. The room was dark but for the faint glow of the bedside lamp, and the display in front of him made his mouth water and his dick perk up.

Fraser was lying on their bed, perfectly still with his eyes closed. He was stretched out on top of the covers and dressed in his ridiculous red long johns. There were two post-it notes stuck to his body—one on his forehead and one on what Fraser would refer to as his ‘nether region’.

Ray took several steps closer, his heart pumping in eager anticipation. Now he could see that Fraser was only pretending to be asleep. His closed eyes were fooling nobody, not when his cheeks were twitching with the obvious effort to keep a straight face. 

Kiss me,' said the note on his forehead, and hell, Ray didn’t need to be asked twice. But just as moved towards those deliciously lush lips, he couldn’t resist sneaking a peak at the second note.

Blow me.

Ray couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing, cackling so hard his shoulders shook. He giggled and he howled until his sides ached and tears streamed down his face. He was still turned on as fuck, but reading those two words, imagining them in Fraser’s voice, had pushed him over the edge.

“I’m not sure what you find so amusing, Ray.”

The slight note of hurt in Fraser’s voice dragged him back to reality. “Sorry, buddy. I just, I was expecting something like ‘Would you be so kind as to fellate your partner’, or, you know, ‘please place your lips on my member’, something like that.”

Fraser’s mouth twitched. “You’ve been reading Frannie’s romance novels again.”

Ray snorted and held up his hands. “Guilty as charged.”

Fraser reached down and plucked the post-it note from his groin, and the sight alone was enough to make Ray dizzy with arousal. Fraser turned the small piece of paper back and forth in his hand as studied it with a slight frown. “I thought you wanted me to use more colloquial language. The exact phrase was, if I’m not mistaken, that I should ‘loosen the fuck up’.

“Jesus,” Ray yelped. Hearing those words in Fraser’s voice drove him crazy, and he had the hard-on to prove it.

“I thought you would appreciate me using the term,” Fraser paused and licked his lips, “blow me”.

“FUCK!” Before he knew it, Ray was on top of Fraser, grinding their hips together. He didn’t miss the faint whimper or the way Fraser was desperately pushing his hard cock against Ray’s. That’s what you get for being a smart-ass, Ray thought with a chuckle.

He leaned forward and grabbed the other post-it note from Fraser’s sweat-covered brow. “You,” he said, emphasizing each word with a fresh thrust, “my friend, are a freak.”

“Understood,” Fraser gasped just before their lips locked, and then neither of them said anything even vaguely coherent for quite a while.