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since u been gone

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Really late at night, when he’s all alone in his house, Mitch likes to think about the key he gave Auston.

When Mitch handed him that key, Auston was probably thinking about visiting him on off days. Maybe house-sitting, Mitch thinks distantly. Mitch wasn’t really thinking about that at the time, though.

Laying in his bed, nearing one in the morning, Mitch imagines Auston unlocking his front door. Mitch wouldn’t be able to hear it; his bedroom is all the way upstairs. Auston knows the way to his bedroom, though. Auston would open his bedroom door, and Mitch imagines himself lying still. Asleep, ideally. Maybe he’d recognize Auston and fall back into his soft sheets. After that, though, Auston would slot himself up against Mitch’s back, holding his body in place with one hand and wrapping the other across Mitch’s mouth.

His daydreams tend to change, once that happens. Sometimes Mitch whimpers and goes limp and sometimes Auston has to wrestle him down into the mattress.

He tells Auston the real reason he first gave him a key once they get together. Auston calls him fucked up and unstable but tightens his squeeze around Mitch’s throat. “I knew you were stupid when we first met,” he says as he fucks into Mitch. “You’re so fucking impulsive.”

Mitch knows he isn’t that sharp. He knows the feeling in his ribs is really nice when Auston talks about him like that. He feels himself jerk, clutching at Auston’s shoulders.

“It’s okay, baby. I don’t like smart boys. Only good boys like you let me choke them until they bruise,” he says lowly. “Is that what you would have let me do? You wanted me to take advantage of how you can never think anything through without help? That would’ve been nice. Getting to hurt you whenever I feel like it.”

That’s all Mitch wants. He wants Auston to keep going. Mitch’s hands fly up to his own neck, his smaller hands running over Auston’s. “You still can,” he breathes. “You can hit me whenever you want. Or– I don’t know. Whatever you want to do.”

Auston bears down on his throat, actually cutting off his air this time. Mitch strokes Auston’s wrists. “It’s nice that you think weird shit like that, Mitchy,” Auston says while Mitch chokes, “Because you don’t really make me come unless you’re getting hurt.” The grip on Mitch’s throat finally lets up and he tries to catch his breath. “But I think if I was going to use that key I would make sure you were still sleeping. I think I’d jerk off over your face. Yeah. Come in your hair, in your mouth because you can’t sleep with your jaw shut. Leave it on your sheets for you to deal with. Make you wake up confused and scared and dirty.”

Mitch whines, painful. “If that happened I would call you first, Matty. I’d call you for help.”

“Fuck, that would be so hot. Do you think you’d cry on the phone with me? If you started crying I’d have to jerk off again. I’d convince you not to tell anyone. Anyways.” Mitch keeps clinging to Auston as he thrusts in, sharper now. “Would you listen to me if I told you it’s not a big deal? That you’re just remembering things wrong?”

“Uh huh,” Mitch promises, breaking off into pants. “Uh huh, I would, Matty, I’ll listen to you.” He wants to be a good boy. He needs Auston to tell him what he should think.

Auston pulls his hand back off Mitch’s throat and grins when he flinches. “Are you scared of me?” Mitch nods.

“Yeah,” Auston says. “That’s a really good thing.”

“So are you- are you going to hit me again?” Mitch asks over the stinging of his throat.

“I want to come,” Auston says. Mitch’s pants overpower all of the other noises. “Are you going to make me come?”

“Yeah, yes, let me–” Mitch gets out, gets cut off with a backhand.

“Good boy. Gonna hit you again.”

Mitch turns his jaw up for Auston.

“Your dad really fucked you up, huh,” Auston grunts. “Boys that are eager to please make the best boyfriends. You’re a cute boyfriend, Mitchy.” Mitch pricks up. Auston goes deeper. “I think instead of using the key I can just get you drunk. It’s so easy for you to have too much. And you feel good on my dick when you have too much wine. That’s what we’ll do tomorrow,” Auston says. Mitch feels him come inside.

“Good boy,” Auston repeats. “Why don’t you go to sleep.”