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Bitten mouth, hungering teeth

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There are hands everywhere, making  Lan Wangji feel overwhelmed in the best way possible. It’s good that the hands are trying to take off his clothes, because he is so hot he can’t stand them a minute longer; he’s sure his pants are ruined by this point with how wet he is. 


With his eyes closed, he tries to commit this moment to memory;  the  rustling of robes, both his and the others, the soft murmurs of sweet nothings around him, the sound and feeling of wet mouths closing on bare skin, over fabric, the warmth of bodies pressing against him. 


Above all this, the most  noticeable  thing in his opinion, are the scents of his companions. He loves the current powdery floral scent of his husband, but he would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the smoky, spicy scent he used to have in his previous life. Right now, enveloped by that familiar smell coming from his back and flank, he feels a strange mix of arousal and longing. He can feel tears pricking at his eyes with how fiercely he wants. 


"Wei Ying," he calls, breathless.


"Yes?" Replies his husband from in front of him, pausing on his work of licking his nipples through the thin fabric of his inner robes.


"Tell us what you need, Lan Zhan," the Yiling Laozu whispers in his ear from behind, taking his earlobe into his mouth. He can't help the way his cunt clenches and his dick twitches at the sound of his voice, or the way more slick drips down his thighs. 


"How needy, Lan-Er-Gege," teases a voice from his left. Lan Wangji turns to look at Wei Wuxian through heavy-lidded eyes, realizing suddenly he has not been touching him; that won’t do, he needs them all to leave their mark on him. 


"Kiss me,” he demands.


"Of course, everything my dear Lan Zhan wants, he gets." 


He smiles in amusement, because isn’t that sentiment the one that landed them in this predicament? Lan Wangji has been so impossibly insatiable due to the pregnancy hormones, that he had complained one day about how one Wei Ying was not enough. Trust his husband to find a way to exceed his expectations. 


Hands slip to cradle the small swell of his stomach from behind at the same time that Wei Wuxian’s soft lips make contact with his, he sighs in pleasure at the tender nature of both gestures. The hands are just rubbing in circular motions, and the kiss is soft and slow. The counterpoint to these sensations are Wei Ying’s lips and hands on his nipples, where he continues on his mission to get milk out of them.


The kiss soon turns deep and desperate, he feels as if he is getting devoured, his toes curl at the way Wei Wuxian sucks his tongue into his mouth. On his right side, feather-light kisses are being pressed all the way from his knuckles up to his neck, where teeth scrape against his bonding mark, making him moan into the kiss.


Finally, after what it felt like an eternity, his robes get untied; he can feel Wei Ying’s warm hands brushing all over the recently uncovered skin: his stomach, where they knock against the Yiling Laozu’s hands that continue their endless soft touches over his bump, his chest, where they pause to pinch at his nipples, making him buck into air, and finally at his shoulders, sliding the robes off him and letting them pool at his feet.


The hands at his stomach dip down to untie his pants, but unlike the robes, they remain stubbornly stuck to his skin due to the slick, forcing Wei Ying to  peel them off of him. The sound the garment makes when it's removed, and the strong smell of his arousal, makes him blush a deep scarlet. 


He stops kissing Wei Wuxian in favor of dropping his head against the broad shoulder behind him, gasping for air and moaning up to the ceiling at the feeling of Wei Ying’s tongue on his thighs, lapping up his juices. 


"You taste so good, Lan Zhan," he says from where he's kneeling in front of him. Lan Wangji spreads his legs wider, granting him more access, which he takes without hesitation, diving face-first into his wet folds. He groans in satisfaction, and then yelps in surprise when Wei Wuxian takes hold of his cock and starts pumping him slowly, the drag made easy with how much precum he has been leaking. The Yiling Laozu starts mouthing at his neck again, leaving marks he won’t be able to hide even with the robes that have the highest collar; he can feel his knees going weak at the thought of parading them proudly outside, at what the people will think when they see them. 


“Why don’t you put your legs over his shoulders, sweetheart?” asks  a deep voice from behind him, “I will make sure you don’t fall down, alright?” 


Lan Wangji shivers at the way his lips brush against his skin when talking, but he manages to give a weak nod in response. He puts one leg over Wei Ying’s shoulders, who looks up at him surprised, but seems to quickly understand what Lan Wangji wants, because he grabs his other thigh and hoists  it over his shoulder as well. He does this without his mouth leaving his pussy for even a second, and with the new angle, he only starts to eat him out more enthusiastically. Wei Wuxian had not stopped in his movements, either. 


“That’s much better, isn’t it?” The Yiling Laozu voice whispers in his  ear, one hand coming up to his chest to squeeze while at the same time, Wei Wuxian scraps  his nails lightly over his slit. That’s all he needs, his eyes roll back as he comes, choking on a moan, his whole body convulsing but kept securely in place by a strong pair of arms, as promised. Wei Wuxian removes his hand from his cock, but Wei Ying lets him grind down onto his face, riding out his orgasm. He moves back only after Lan Wangji starts making overstimulated noises, remaining in his kneeling position, pillowing his cheek over a sticky thigh to look up at him. 


When Lan Wangji finally opens his eyes and looks down at his husband, he makes a show of licking his juices off of his face. Wei Wuxian also takes advantage of his attention, dragging his fingers over the come smeared  on his belly and sucking on his fingers while making eye contact, moaning in delight around them. Lan Wangji just came, but he can feel the familiar swoop in his stomach that comes with arousal. 


The Yiling Laozu chuckles behind him, the vibrations of his laugh traveling along Lan Wangji’s body. “You are insatiable, my love.”


“It’s your fault,” he replies, haughtily.


“Bratty,” Wei Wuxian says. “I think we haven’t fucked you hard enough yet if you can still give us attitude.”


“Let’s fix that,” Wei Ying says while holding up his thighs. He does not take them down to the floor, though, he guides them to wrap around his waist instead. With one arm, he holds Lan Wangji securely against his body, and with the other, he unties his pants and takes out his cock. He guides it towards his cunt, letting him drop down and impale himself on it with gravity’s help. 


Lan Wangji is so wet that the slide is smooth, but he still gasps at the sudden intrusion, at the way Wei Ying’s big cock fills him up. 


“Alpha,” he mewls, hiding his face into his neck. 


“I got you, Lan Zhan.”


His hands travel down to grab him by the ass, using the hold to start bouncing him in place. Lan Wangji focuses on licking Wei Ying’s bond mark and scent gland as best as he can, despite the brutal thrusts he is being subjected to. His cock, hard once again, rubs deliciously against Wei Ying’s abs, so much that it takes no time for him to come, muffling his moans against his husband’s neck. His walls spasm  repeatedly, urging his mate to knot him, which he does a few moments later, groaning against Lan Wangji’s shoulder, as he releases  his warm thick seed inside him.


“It’s a shame I can’t get you even more pregnant,” Wei Ying pants against his mouth, swallowing down the needy sounds Lan Wangji makes at the thought of getting pregnant again.


“You make the prettiest noises, Hanguang-Jun,” the Yiling Laozu’s voice says from behind him. Lan Wangji jolts a bit in surprise, he had been so focused on getting  knotted that he had forgotten the other two men were there with them.  He starts leaving kisses over his shoulders and then over the bumps of his spine, fingers traveling along his sides, not enough to tickle, but enough to make him squirm a bit in place; they don’t linger long though,  continuing  their path downwards, towards where he’s split open on Wei Ying’s knot.


“Do you think that you will be able to take two cocks into your needy cunt by the end of the night, Lan Zhan?” the other man asks, rubbing along his stretched entrance.


Lan Wangji whines, high and desperate. He doesn’t know if it would be possible, but he sure does want to try. 


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” 


Lan Wangji can’t see him, but he knows by his tone of voice that he is smirking. 


"For now though," he continues, as he coats his  fingers in the slick dripping down his entrance,  before moving them towards his asshole once they are wet enough. Lan Wangji gasps at the feeling of a finger prodding at him, which soon becomes two and then three. He tries to move his hips to get them deeper, but the knot restricts his movements. 


"What a slut," Wei Wuxian says. "He  opens up so easily, and look at the way he's grinding onto your fingers."


Lan Wangji moans at his words, getting wetter by the second, it’s becoming so much that it will soon start dripping down Wei Ying’s thighs. The knot is already deflated by the time the Yiling Laozu deems him stretched enough. 


He whines at the loss, but Wei Ying only pecks his lips in response. "You won't be empty for long, sweetheart, don't pout."


Wei Wuxian approaches him fully naked, and takes Wei Ying's place between his legs; he immediately thrusts into him, groaning in pleasure when warm walls envelop him. Lan Wangji goes straight for his scent gland and begins lapping at it, wanting to taste his scent. His hands roam around the other man’s back appreciatively, the hard muscles flexing hard to keep his weight.


Moments later, he feels a line of warmth at his back, skin on skin; it seems that the Yiling Laozu had also divested of his clothes, his hard cock now rubbing between  Lan Wangji’s ass cheeks teasingly.


"Do you want it, Lan Zhan?"


"Yes," he replies immediately. 


"Beg for it, then."


Lan Wangji is scent drunk, too turned on to feel embarrassment over the fact that all he wants is to feel that other cock making its way inside of him. 


"Wei Ying, Yiling Laozu, Alpha, please fuck me! Please, I need it"


The three men groan in unison at his words, and he feels Wei Wuxian’s cock twitch inside him. 


"Fuck, Lan Zhan, you will be the death of me."


Without  hesitation, he grabs the base of his dick and starts guiding it inside. There's a stretch, Lan Wangji doesn't get fucked here often enough for it to be easy despite the previous preparations, but he relishes in the slight burn, the pain only heightening his pleasure.


"Oh fuck, you got tighter!" Wei Wuxian groans, panting open-mouthed against his hair. Lan Wangji untucks his face from where he was hiding it on his neck, and uses a hand to guide Wei Wuxian’s face towards his. He sticks his tongue out, the other man quickly following suit, their tongues moving against each other, spit dripping between them. Over Wei Wuxian’s shoulder he can see Wei Ying is jerking himself off, and he sends a wink towards Lan Wangji when he notices him watching. He involuntarily clenches around the two cocks inside him at this, earning twin moans from the men inside him. 


"Are you ready?''  the Yiling Laozu asks, panting hard, as if he had done more strenuous work than simply stuffing Lan Wangji full. 




Without another word, he starts getting bounced in place. 


"A-ah! Wei Ying!"


"Does it feel good, Lan Zhan?"


"Yes, y-yes!"


He can feel the two cocks moving inside him, the position allowing them both to reach so deep inside that he wonders: If he weren't with child, would he be able to see the bulge in his stomach? The thought makes him groan, his walls fluttering against the hard lengths pounding into him.


Lan Wangji is aware that one of the versions of his husband  is talking to him, but he can’t comprehend words right now ; he’s floating high in the feeling of being so full, enveloped in the scent of his favorite person. In this position, he realizes with dizzying arousal, he doesn't have leverage of movement, all he can do is take it.


"Good boy, good boy. Ah! You're—" a deep thrust, "-you're taking us so well, Lan Zhan."


"Wei Ying,” he mewls, squeezing the shoulders of the man in front of him hard, nails digging in deep when he feels both cocks push into him at the same time. 


"We're here," the three reply. Lan Zhan finally feels the tears that have been threatening to fall, drip down his cheeks. He turns to gaze towards the ceiling, one hand grabbing onto the back of Wei Wuxian’s neck and the other one onto the Yiling Laozu’s as a constant stream of “ ah, ah, ah ” leaves his lips. 


The pace turns suddenly frantic, and sounds are punched out of Lan Wangji with each thrust. The sound of skin slapping against skin and the squelching noises of where he's being fucked open, echoes throughout the room. The last functional part of his brain hopes Wei Ying remembered to put up a silencing talisman, otherwise he's sure any unfortunate passerby in a two li radius will be able to hear his moans and screams. Then, the two men nail his prostate and sweet spot at the same time, and that's the last coherent thought Lan Wangji has for a while.


He comes with a shout of what was probably going to be Wei Ying's name, but he's too overwhelmed with pleasure to know if he succeeded or not. He squirts, soaking the thighs of his two companions and the floor. 


The pleasure soon turns into pain when the thrusts do not stop.


"T-too much. Ah! Wei Ying!" He tries to push on Wei Wuxian’s shoulders to make them let him go, but there's no real effort behind his actions.


“Be a good boy and take it,” a voice growls from behind him, hands roughly  holding his  waist to slam him harder down on their cocks. Lan Wangji goes limp in their arms, only keening at the overwhelming pain-pleasure feeling of every sensitive spot inside, and outside of him, getting stimulated at the same time. 


Minutes or seconds later, he feels the knots bumping into his abused entrances. It feels impossible, he doesn’t know if he will tear when they finally lock into him. Twin bites on both sides of his neck empty his mind of any thought; they weren’t made on his scent gland, but it was close enough to make him tip into another climax.


Finally, with groans and moans, the knots pop into him, filling him up with more warm come. He is screaming, he thinks, but he is too lost in the feeling of being so incredibly full, of the knots pressing into his sensitive spots and sending a constant stream of electricity up and down his spine, for him to notice anything else. A few moments later he becomes aware that he is, in fact, crying, making panicky hiccuping sounds, but hands start caressing him, the surrounding scent warm and meant to soothe, eventually calming him down. 


When he fully comes back, hands are cupping his cheeks, wiping tears away. He nuzzles into the palm, turning towards the wrist to inhale more of his husband’s intoxicating scent. 


"Shh, how are you feeling, bunny? Everything alright? I need a verbal confirmation, can you do that for us?”


Wei Ying’s worried face swims back into his vision, the questions have to be asked once more for Lan Zhan’s fucked out brain to make sense of what is being said. 


“Feel good,” he slurs out, blinking slowly down at him. Now that the overwhelming feeling has passed, he finds he actually enjoys being this stretched out, this full.


“Alright, that’s good, you worried us for a bit there.”


He only hums in response, closing his eyes and drifting away, knowing he is safe between these pair of arms. He returns to awareness when the knots deflate, popping out of him, and his legs are lowered down to the floor. 


They have cramped due to staying in the same position for so long, and they are still shaky from his release, so he clings to Wei Wuxian until they feel steadier. The thick come inside him starts to dribble down his thighs, he clenches instinctively to try and keep it all inside, whining pitifully when it doesn’t work. 


“What’s wrong, Lan Zhan?” one of them asks, Wei Ying he thinks, licking a long stripe up his neck. 


“The come is leaking out,” he replies, his voice sounding very hoarse.


“Oh don’t worry sweetheart,” Wei Wuxian this time. “We promised we were going to take good care of you, didn’t we?”


“I know how we can fix this,” the Yiling Laozu says, going away for a bit and coming back with a cushion, placing it down on the floor. “On your knees, Lan Zhan.”


He readily complies, grimacing a little  at the feeling of his sticky thighs rubbing together. The three men crowd around him, their hard cocks bobbing near his face, and Lan Wangji feels saliva pooling in his mouth at the sight.


"Do you think you can handle the three of us, bunny?"


"I can," he replies too quickly, ears burning in embarrassment at his own eagerness.


"Alright, let's see if you are right," says Wei Ying, gripping him by the chin to keep him in place and feeding him his cock. With his left hand, Lan Wangji takes hold of Wei Wuxian’s dick and, with his right, the Yiling Laozu’s. They let him set  the pace; he  concentrates on keeping it the same with the three of them. 


He looks up at Wei Ying, knowing his husband enjoys watching his lips stretch around his girth, to see how his eyes start to fill with tears. 


“Good boy,” he coos, petting his hair. Lan Wangji melts at the praise, eyes fluttering closed in bliss and thighs rubbing against each other trying to get some friction in his throbbing cunt. 


Soon, his jaw starts to ache, so he lets Wei Ying’s dick go, and releases his grip on the other two as well; instead, he makes Wei Ying and the Yiling Laozu stand closer together and then starts sucking both of their tips at the same time, using his hands for what he can't fit. 


Wei Wuxian walks behind him, urging him to straighten up from his kneeling position, and then moves  his legs further  apart. A hand slips between his thighs, rubbing at his wet folds, slipping fingers inside, just feeling, not really looking to make Lan Wangji come. 


“You are so loose, and so wet, always wanting something inside of you, isn’t that right, Hanguang-Jun?” He moans in affirmation, his hips grinding down onto the fingers, trying to search for friction against his sweet spot. 


A slap makes him jerk in place and stop what he was doing, leaving him puffing warm breath against the cocks still in his hands. 


“I didn’t say you could move, be a good boy and stay still.”


“We didn’t say you could stop either.'' the Yiling Laozu adds from above him, using one of his hands to bring back Lan Wangji’s head to his previous task. 


After that, he tries to concentrate on the warm flesh in his hands instead of the fingers rubbing along his cunt. The touches are teasing, not enough to make Lan Wangji tip over the edge, they just keep him teetering there, so, so close. He feels tears of frustration fall down his cheeks. 


Some minutes later, a hand starts rubbing along his crack, and he whimpers high and loud when another pair of fingers enter his asshole, rubbing along with the fingers inside his pussy through the wall of flesh between them.  The feeling is too good, he can’t help the way his hips jerk back, chasing the sensation. As soon as he does this, the fingers retreat, making  him snarl in protest; he turns around to throw a glare over his shoulder only to be met with Wei Wuxian’s smug smirk.


“What, Lan Zhan, did you want something?”


“You know what I want,” he growls, wondering from the dangerous tilt in the other man’s lips if he might be making a mistake. 


“Of course I do, get back to what you were doing, yeah?” He says innocently, waving vaguely at where his other versions are standing. Lan Wangji wearily concedes, starting to pump the shafts once again.  The fingers return, but instead of the lazy rhythm they had before, they go straight for his sweet spots with deadly accuracy. 


He falls forward with a shout, landing on his hands, clawing at the floor trying to get away from the relentless thrusts; he doesn’t go far though because Wei  Ying gets down on his knees in front of him, grabbing a handful of his hair. 


“Where do you think you are going, love?” He says, pulling his head back with the grip in his hair, and feeding him his sex once again when his mouth falls open. He bottoms out immediately, and Lan Wangji can't help but gurgle and choke around the cock inside his throat; at the same time, the fingers continue their assault while a pair of hands keep his hips steady, making sure he doesn’t get to move an inch. 


Wei Ying lets him breathe after a few thrusts, but keeps clutching onto his hair. He knows his face must be a mess right now coated with tears, snot, and saliva dripping down it, but his husband only hums appreciatively at the sight and then takes his cock in hand to slap it across Lan Wangji’s cheeks a few times, smearing his spit and precum everywhere. 


A hand closes around his cock, squeezing hard and that’s all it takes, he comes with a scream, his eyes rolling to the back of his head, his thighs trembling and struggling to keep him upright. Slick drips down copiously towards the floor but his dick only jerks in place, no longer having anything to release. 


The fingers leave him with a light slap to his folds, making him jump in place, but before he can mourn the loss, he feels hands grabbing his ass cheeks and spreading them apart, and then something hot nudging at his entrance. Wei Ying chooses the exact same moment the cock at his pussy enters him in a brutal thrust to start fucking his face again. Lan Wangji arches at the sudden intrusion, his hands scrabbling against the floor to keep him in place as the two men move in tandem, not giving him even a second of respite. He squeals in overstimulation, but they pay him no mind, continuing to keep splitting him open. 


“I love your ass Lan Zhan, love the way it bounces,” the man behind him rasps, landing a few hard slaps on each cheek as if to prove his point. Lan Wangji moans at the sting, wondering if the palm prints will remain visible, and wishing he will hit him harder to make sure that they do. At some point, probably when Wei Ying allowed  him to move away from his cock to breathe, the rhythm had been lost, and now, when Wei Ying enters his throat, the dick in  his cunt leaves him, and vice versa. He is rocked between the two hard lengths, pliant, letting them move him as they please, coming up for air only when Wei Ying allows it. After some time, when he feels the beginnings of a knot bumping against his entrance, the pace turns rough. He is wretched back by his hips, Wei Ying  stops moving completely, letting the way the other man is fucking him back against his cock do all the work for him. 


“I’m close, I’m close,” the Yiling Laozu moans behind him, bruising his hips with how hard he’s holding him. Wei Ying suddenly grabs his head in both hands and slams into him until Lan Wangji’s nose is buried in the hair at the base of his cock, he keeps him there gagging and choking, until Lan Wangji’s vision starts to blacken around the edges. 


He lets him go at the same time he gets filled once again. Lan Wangji coughs, trying to catch his breath, his arms almost giving out on him, but Wei Ying holds him by the throat, squeezing and bringing his face up, as he jerks off with one hand until he’s coming with a shout all over his face. Despite how faint he is, he still sticks out his tongue, trying to catch as much as possible in his mouth. He distantly feels more warmth landing over his ass and back, probably an offering from Wei Wuxian. 


Wei Ying’s moans rise in pitch as he continues pumping his shaft, trying to release as much as possible over Lan Wangji’s face, until finally he doesn’t have anything more to give and loosens his hold on his throat. Lan Wangji finally lets himself slump back down to the floor, exhausted, panting open-mouthed. He hears the other three men talking, but he figures it is between them, so he pays them no mind, basking in the glorious afterglow he always feels after being well-used by his husband.


He is brought back from the soft, hazy place he was floating in when he feels hands on his body, moving him to lay on his back. He realizes, in disappointment, that even though he was filled, he wasn’t knotted.


“Oh, there's milk” Wei Wuxian says in awe, staring transfixed at his chest. Lan Wangji wants to laugh, he is covered in different fluids everywhere, but what catches his attention is the milk; he would be huffing in amusement if he had enough energy to do so. 


“How are you feeling, bunny?” Wei Ying asks, sitting down next to him, at head level, so he doesn’t have to crane his neck back. Lan Wangji loves him so much. 




At his feet someone snorts, Lan Wangji tries to kick them, but he barely manages to jerk his leg in place. Wei Ying is smiling down at him, soft and fond. 


“Are you up to one more? We will make it worth your while, I promise.”




“Alright," there's a mischievous smile on his face, the one that always gets Lan Wangji in trouble, causing his breath to pick  up in anticipation. Wei Ying stands up and walks out of the room without another word.


Lan Wangji doesn’t get to ask where he is going before Wei Wuxian picks him up and starts carrying him towards a daybed, where the Yiling Laozu is already sitting down, cock hard once again. He is impaled on it without ceremony, clenching down on instinct at the feeling of being filled.


“I need to taste that milk,” Wei Wuxian says, kneading at his chest, making him keen and squirm in place. He starts licking the trails of milk that had fallen down his abdomen, and makes his way up until he is sucking one of his nipples, getting his mouth so full Lan Wangji can see some of it dripping down from the corners.


“Hey, don’t be greedy,” the Yiling Laozu says, slapping the shoulder of the other man. “Share some.”


Wei Wuxian gives a hard and long suck that makes Lan Wangji scream and jerk in place, and then releases his nipple with a wet pop. He stands up and bends down to kiss the milk into the other man’s mouth. Lan Wangji stares transfixed, his dick twitches in interest, and his cunt throbs with need; he never thought seeing different versions of his husband kissing would turn him on, but here he is, leaking so much, he can clearly hear it dripping down the floor, even over the wet kissing sounds.


He must make a noise, because the two men separate and turn to look at him. 


“What, you also want to taste yourself, Lan Zhan?'' Wei  Wuxian asks, smiling dangerously and slowly inching his face towards his. Lan Wangji goes a bit crossed-eyed, trying to keep his gaze locked on  the white liquid still smeared over the other man’s chin. 


“Please,” he whimpers.


“Go ahead,” Wei Wuxian answers, mere inches away from his mouth, amusement lacing his words. Lan Wangji lurches forward, licking first the sweet milk he had been eyeing, and then moving towards his mouth to chase down the taste on Wei Wuxian’s tongue. 


“You’re dripping,” the Yiling Laozu purrs, sneaking his hands between his thighs to play with his folds, pinch his clit, and pump  his cock. 


“Please, ah! M-more, please!” he moans against the other man’s mouth, he is so hard it hurts, and he wants them to do something about it. 


“You beg so prettily, Hanguang-Jun,” the Yiling Laozu says, chuckling, landing a few light slaps against his cock and puffy red folds, but not doing anything else beyond teasing him. Meanwhile, Wei Wuxian had moved back to his chest, and bites on a nipple, making  him scream.


 “Stay still, can’t you see I’m trying to eat?” Wei Wuxian scolds him, and it would almost be funny if he wouldn't also twisting his nipples mercilessly between his fingers, making Lan Wangji choke on a sob instead. 


He is making so much noise he doesn’t notice the steps approaching,  and only realizes something has changed when the mouth on his nipples leaves and  the man holding him asks, whispering in his ear, “Ready for the main event?” 


Lan Wangji is suddenly looking up at the ceiling, kept in place by arms cradling his bump protectively. He lets his head hang down over the Yiling Laozu’s shoulder and is rewarded with the sight of his husband standing a few feet away. 


But, he is not alone, there are other four Wei Yings now.


“Wei Ying, what—”


 He doesn’t get to finish his question because Wei Wuxian  chooses that moment to lift his legs by his ankles and enter his tender cunt in a single stroke. He moans, arching back against the solid body below him, getting held in place by the strong arms around his middle.


“I told you I was going to make it worth your while, didn’t I? There are seven  of us now, I hope that would finally satisfy my needy husband.”


Lan Wangji can only whimper in response, seeing the other men approach him. 


“Keep your throat nice and loose for me, yes?” is the only warning he gets before Wei Ying steps into his space and starts fucking his face once again. 


As if on cue, the men currently inside him start to move as well, jerking him in place. He feels mouths latch onto each of his nipples, and sees from the corner of his eye the remaining two men standing near him, grabbing his hands, so he can start stroking them.


Everything is a blur after that, there are too many sensations, he is getting stimulated practically everywhere at the same time, and it is too much. The scent of his husband is thicker now with so many of them, every breath he manages to catch is filled with pheromones that only drive him higher and higher. He is making so many noises, muffled by Wei Ying’s cock most of the time, but when it isn’t stuffed down his throat, he’s moaning around words: begging for mercy, begging for release, begging for them to not stop, chanting his beloved’s name over and over. The men, except for the one below him, change places constantly, apparently wanting to experience all Lan Wangji has to offer. At one point, he senses two men crowding  around his pussy and feels the unmistakable stretch of two cocks trying to make their way inside him. 


He screams, and the one previously fucking his face seems more interested in hearing him, and so lets him hang his head down and cry himself hoarse. The two lengths can’t fully enter him due to the angle, but what is inside is enough for Lan Wangji to feel as if he’s going to be split in two. Fingers rub at his clit, fast and rough, making him tumble into an earth-shattering orgasm. He squirts, vision going white and ears ringing for a few seconds due to the strength of his climax; he is vaguely aware of a mouth coming down to try and drink his release, of praises thrown his way of what a good slut he is, of how tight his holes are and how they wish to do this again once his belly grows a bit more. 


He continues getting fucked until the overstimulation turns into pleasure, until that turns into pain again, until he doesn’t know who is where or what even is his name. 


He doesn’t know how much time passes until they are finally done with him. He is limp in the Yiling Laozu’s arms, taking two knots again, his eyes glazed, staring at absolutely nothing. There is no more milk in him, or fluids for that matter, he lost count how many times he came, how many times he squirted, how much slick he dripped or how many tears he cried. He is covered in come, and filled with so much of it he thinks he can feel it sloshing around inside of him. He closes his eyes, and lets his exhaustion finally overtake him.




When he wakes up, he is being enveloped from all sides by a mix of comforting scents, he tries to move, but everything hurts, so he stays where he is. At least he's clean, he realizes, bundled up in his softest sleeping robes. 


“Lan Zhan, bunny, are you awake?”


He tries to reply, he truly does, but his throat is so sore he only manages to make a garbled sound. 


“It’s alright sweetheart, we were worried,” Wei Ying says, helping him sit upright against his chest. Wei Wuxian and the Yiling Laozu are still there, but there is no sign of the other four  copies he had seen before. “I will go fetch you tea!” Wei Wuxian exclaims, jumping out of the bed. “I will bring the fruit,” the other man adds, also leaving the bed. 


“Have some water,” Wei Ying says, lifting a cup to his lips. He drinks several cups until he is no longer thirsty, by that time, the other two had come back with their own foods. He drinks the hot tea, letting the temperature and the honey added to it soothe his sore throat. He also eats the fruit ravenously, suddenly realizing how hungry he is. 


“Easy,” Wei Ying smiles, wiping some peach juice from his chin, licking the taste from his finger. Thankfully, Lan Wangji realizes, he is finally satisfied.  Right now all he wants to do is sleep, he thinks a week will do. 


“Was it alright Lan Zhan, we weren’t too rough right? Do you think the baby is fine? I think I will ask the healer to come by tomorrow to check!” Wei Ying starts blabbering. Lan Wangji silences him with a hand to his mouth.


“It was good, I’m good, let’s sleep,” he manages to slur, his eyes closing on  their own accord. He hears laughs and then feels kisses land all over his face. He finally falls asleep with a smile on his face, wondering how soon they can repeat the whole experience.