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Wei Ying Was Not A "MISTAKE"

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Two Years passed after the Guanyin temple. The cultivation world was in an uproar, nobody knows whom to trust after more and more corruption being exposed each day. When Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi back to cloud recesses, they request Lan WangJi to Take up the Position of the chief cultivator and help the cultivation world come out from the crises left behind by Jin GuangYao.
Because of Hanguang-Jun's strict actions and hard work, the cultivation world was slowly coming back on track.
Sizhui, Jingyi and Wei WuXian were seating in a rabbit field and enjoying a peaceful environment. Teasing each other.
Jingyi said,
"I Heard from Young Mistress about your Love Confession, I regret that I missed it. Can you tell us how it happened?? I asked him but he refused to tell, saying it was so shameless."

Wei Wuxian start laughing remembering that night.
"haha right, you were not there to see our love. I'm kinda thankful to Zewu-jun that he tells me how much Lan Zhan loves me."

"Senior Wei we need a detailed explanation so we can picturised how it would ha happen. Please, that mistress got to see Historic Love confession of Hanguang-Jun and Senior Wei, at least we can imagine it by your explanation."

Sizhui was turned red but he was also curious about his A-Die and Baba's Confession. Wei WuXian noticed his curiosity and decides something.

"aww, my little duckling and little about I show you the whole scene?"

Both nodded with excitement. Wei WuXian took out an empty talisman and start writing on it. After some minutes,
"meet my new talisman, help me to give it a name though. So we can pass our memories on it. I already passed my memories in it. All you have to do is, activate it with your spiritual energy."

Jingyi took the talisman with cautiousness, "are you sure nothing happen to us??"
Wei Wuxian faked an offended look "huhh! My ducklings don't trust me!! Too bad!!"
Both choose to ignore it and passed their energy into the talisman. They felt like pass out. The next time they open their eyes, they were in some black room.
"sizhui, where are we??"
"I don't know, it's so dark"
Seen changed, now they are standing in Guanyin temple. It felt like they were watching it live.
They saw Jin GuangYao, Jin Ling, Zeeu-Jun and Wei WuXian standing there.
"Sizhui, It Feels like we are actually in Guanyin Temple instead of watching visual memories.!!" he looks around, "where is Hanguang-Jun??"
Sizhui also look for Lan WangJi, before he can speak something, they Hear,




Jin GuangYao ordered the monks, “Lay out an array. When HanGuang-Jun comes later, stop him as long as you can.”





Wei WuXian, “How are you so sure that HanGuang-Jun would come?”





Jingyi whispered, "Ohh! So Hanguang-Jun is not here right now"
Sizhui nodded, and they continue watching.





Jin GuangYao smiled, “Of course, he’d come. Since you were suspicious of this Guanyin Temple, Young Master Wei, of course, HanGuang-Jun would know of the peculiarities here as well. Young Master Wei, don’t tell me you think I’d believe you if you said he didn’t come with you.”





Wei WuXian, “Bravo.”





Lan XiChen, “Young Master Wei, if WangJi is around, why is he not with you?”





Sizhui look confused, "why do I feel like Zewu-Jun is still on the side of Jin GuangYao??"

Jingyi gives him a questioning look, sizhui continues,

"Situation they are in right now, they are hostages of Jin GuangYao here. Why Zewu-Jun asking Where about of Hanguang-Jun in front of Jin GuangYao??"

They continue watching,





Wei WuXian, “We’re acting separately.”





Lan XiChen, however, paused in surprise, “I heard you injured yourself when you left Burial Mound. Why would he act separately with you at such a time?”





Wei WuXian, “Who did you hear it from?”





Jin GuangYao, “I told him.”





Jingyi whispered  "so Zewu-Jun is already aware of what happened at Burial mounds and the horrible deeds of Jin GuangYao"





Wei WuXian glanced at him before turning to Lan XiChen, “It’s like this. I couldn’t sleep tonight and took a stroll outside the inn. I only came here accidentally. HanGuang-Jun’s in another room. He doesn’t know I went out.”





Jin GuangYao found this strange, “You two got two rooms?”





Wei WuXian, “Who told you we’d definitely get one room?





Jin GuangYao smiled, but said nothing.
Wei WuXian, “Oh, I know.” Wei WuXian turned to Lan XiChen
“You two really do talk about anything and everything.”





"Isn't it too personal to share such things about Hanguang-Jun's personal life?? We knew how Hanguang-Jun tied his ribbon around senior Wei's hands, we never spread a word, even Zezen, Jin Ling and others also didn't speak about that incident."





Sizhui noded "Gossip is forbidden, respect person's boundaries"





“Young Master Wei, did something happens between you two?”





“Sect Leader Lan, what could’ve happened between us? As of the moment, let’s turn our attention to dealing with this one.”





He gestured to Jin GuangYao with his eyes. Lan XiChen replied, “I was too impatient. My apologies.”





Jin GuangYao smiled, “So it seems that a problem indeed happened. And not a small problem, at that.”





Wei WuXian returned a cold smile, “Right now, the entire cultivation world is about to crusade against you, LianFang-Zun, and you’re still sitting back, aren’t you? Still, got the spare time to worry about others? Aren’t you a chatty one?”





Jin GuangYao, “Of course not. I just had to comment. HanGuang-Jun spent so many years in yearning, and even today he hasn’t gotten his happy ending yet. Not only does Sect Leader Lan have a good reason to feel impatient, even an outsider can’t bear watching it.”





Wei WuXian whirled around, “What yearning? What happy ending?”

"It seems like Jin GuangYao Knows All details about Baba. Not even me as His son, no matter adopted one, ever crossed these boundaries without permission."

Jingyi seems equally angry,

"I thought we were going to witness Confession, but here We are seeing how Hanguang-Jun is like an Open book in front of Jin GuangYao"





Hearing this, both Jin GuangYao and Lan XiChen seemed surprised.





Jin GuangYao, “Young Master Wei, do you really don’t understand what I mean? No matter what, if HanGuang-Jun heard this, it’d be a little hurtful, wouldn’t it?”





Wei WuXian, “I really don’t understand. Just say it out loud!!!”





Lan XiChen was shocked, “Young Master Wei, could it be that even after you spent such a long time together with WangJi, you still do not know of his feelings?”





Wei WuXian grabbed him at once, about to kneel on the ground and beg him to explain everything in one go, “Sect Leader Lan, Sect Leader Lan, w-what feelings do you mean by Lan Zhan’s feelings?! Is it, is it...”





Lan XiChen forcefully drew his hand away, speaking in disbelief, “So you really know nothing. But have you forgotten how he received those whip scars? Have you not seen the brand mark on his chest?”





Sizhui was shocked. "by seeing this, it looks like Zewu-jun and Jin GuangYao are in one team while Senior Wei is the Culprit here."  he shook his head in disapproval.





Wei WuXian, “Whip scars?!”
He grabbed Lan XiChen again, “Sect Leader Lan, I really don’t know. Please tell me, just how did he get those injuries? How could they possibly be related to me?!?”





Anger could be seen on Lan XiChen’s face, “If it were not related to you, could he have done those to himself without a reason?!”





“Your... memory is damaged?”





Wei WuXian, “My memory? I don’t remember my memory being... Yes!”





Lan XiChen, “Do you remember now?”





Wei WuXian murmured, “The time at Nightless City? I-I’ve always thought I somehow walked back on my own. Could it be...”





Lan XiChen almost laughed out of the rage, “Young Master Wei! On the night at Nightless City, what faced you was how many people? Three thousand! No matter what a prodigy you were, to be able to escape unscathed in those circumstances? Absolutely impossible!”





Wei WuXian, “What... What did Lan Zhan do?”





Lan XiChen, “What WangJi did—if you do not remember, I am afraid he would never tell you in this life, and you would never ask either. Fine, then. Let me be the one to say it.”





He continued, “Young Master Wei, in that night, you took the two halves of the Stygian Tiger Seal and pieced them together. After you were satisfied with the killing, you were a spent arrow as well. WangJi was injured on your rampage. He was in no better shape than you, barely supporting himself by leaning on Bichen. In spite of this, as he saw you stumble away, he immediately followed."





“Right then, not many people were still conscious. I, too, was almost unable to move, and I could only watch as WangJi, whose spiritual powers were clearly about to be drained, staggered towards you. He brought you onto Bichen as soon as he grabbed you, and you two left."





“Four hours later, my spiritual powers, having finally been restored, I hurried back to the GusuLan Sect in search for assistance. I was worried that if those from another sect found you first, WangJi would be considered your accomplice. The best scenario was his name being forever tainted, and the worst his life being taken away right then. Thus, along with Uncle, we chose thirty-three seniors who had always thought highly of WangJi and searched for two days on our swords in secrecy. Only then did we find signs of you two within the Yiling region. WangJi hid you in a cave. When we arrived, you sat blankly on a rock within the cave. Holding your hand, WangJi was giving you spiritual energy. He kept on whispering to you. But throughout the whole time, you repeated the same two words at him.





“‘Get lost’!”





Lan XiChen continued, “My uncle suddenly appeared before him and scolded him, asking for him to explain things. As if he knew all along he would be discovered by us, he said that there was nothing to explain, that this was it. Growing up, he had never talked back to Uncle and me even once. But for you, not only did WangJi talk back to him, he even met with his sword the cultivators from the GusuLan Sect. He heavily injured all thirty-three of the seniors we asked to come...”





Wei WuXian dug his hands into his hair, “... I-I didn’t know... I really...”





"Please stop, it is not your place to say anything, no matter how close you are to your brother, you can not know everything about their relationship. You are an outsider."

jingyi cried to stop him but there is no one to listen to him.





Lan XiChen restrained himself for a moment, yet still continued, “Thirty-three whip scars! He was punished in one go, once for each person. You should know how much it hurts when it lands on your body, for how long you have to rest to recover! After he went out of his way to send you back to Burial Mound and returned in such low spirits to receive his punishment, how long he kneeled before the Wall of Rules! I told him when I went to see him, Young Master Wei had already made a grave mistake, there was no use augmenting it. But he said... that he could not say with certainty whether what you did was right or wrong, but no matter what, he was willing to be responsible for all of the consequences alongside you. They say those years were him reflecting on his mistakes, but in reality he was entirely bedridden. Even so, when he knew of your passing away, he still dragged such a body to Burial Mound to take one last look, no matter what..."





“With the ways in which he looked and talked to you when he saved you and hid you in that cave, even someone who was blind or deaf could perceive his feelings, which was why my uncle was in such anger. WangJi was a model for the disciples when he was young, and a prominent cultivator when he grew up. In his whole life he had been honest and righteous and immaculate—you were the only mistake he made! And you say... And you say you do not know. Young Master Wei, after you returned in your body, how did you pester him and confess to him? Every night... Every night, you had to... And you say you do not know? If you did not know, why did you do such things?”





Jingyi and Sizhui can't Uttar a word. They look at Wei WuXian, with every word of Lan XiChen, he draws himself into self-blame, but the cruel words of lan XiChen did not stop.

Sizhui remembers his father, crying at night, unable to seat, unable to walk. He heard his father play inquires again and again. And Lan XiChen said that the love his father felt was nothing but a MISTAKE???

Wei WuXian, his Xian Gege fought the world to save him, to save his family but he was reduced to only MISTAKE?

Today Sizhui is alive because of Wei Wuxian, does his life means nothing??

He doesn't know when he starts crying.
Knowing sizhui from childhood, Jingyi understands him. He tries to comfort Sizhui.





The visual memories continued, Hanguang-Jun comes soon after and Wei Wuxian confessed his love.

But both were no longer excited about it.
"Sizhui, there is no point confronting Senior Wei about it. The kind of person he is, I'm sure he took every word spoken by Zewu-Jun to his heart. I'm sure he also thoughts that he was a mistake."
Jingyi spoke.





"Baba should know about this. We spent Nights with A-Die during nighhunts, so you are aware of his suffering from nightmares. If we and Baba don't know the causes, we can not solve it."





Jingyi nodded at once "alright. It seems like we are waking up, please control your emotions."





After some seconds they open their eyes.





With a cheerful voice, "finally woke up!!! Enjoyed confession?? When I was in Lan Zhan's Arms, I felt I finally got home" Wei Wuxian smiled, remembering that time.





Jingyi also smiles at him, faking excitement, "your confession was so shamelessly shocking that even Jin GuangYao Stumbled and dropped wire!!"

Wei Wuxian start Laughing out loudly,

"hahaha yeah!! Actually, I was so busy to finally able to throw myself in Lan Zhan's arms that I did not notice it"





"yeahh!! Now I will tell Youg mistress, that we also witnessed it!" jingyi said.





"how much time passed? I remember BAba told me to visit him after feeding the rabbits. I hope it's not too late"

Sizhui spoke, he knew, he will not able to hide his distress if he stay long.





"it's not too long, but you should hurry, Lan Zhan must be waiting for you."





"I'm also coming with you sizhui, I need to talk regarding some rules as now I'm the head of the discipline, senior wei can you please take back this basket with you?"

They both look at Wei WuXian,
"yeah sure. Tell Lan Zhan that his husband is missing him. come home early."





"yes senior Wei, goodbye!!!"





With that, they both left.


Sizhui nock the door of Lan WangJi's Office, "Hanguang-Jun, can we come in?" 

Lan WangJi knows his son very well. He would not disturb him during work time without any reason so he nodded.

Both sizhui and jingyi took their seat in front of Lan WangJi. 

"Baba We come here to talk something regarding A-Die."

Sizhui usually doesn't call him Baba in office or in public so he understood the seriousness of the situation.

Anything about Wei Ying is always Important to him. He placed a silencing charm around the room. 

And wait for them to speak. 

Guessing Sizhui's awkwardness, jingyi decides to speak,

"We both were in rabit field with senior Wei before we come here. We were teasing each other as usual. During this, the topic regarding your confession at Guanyin temple started."

Jingyi sees Lan WangJi in fear, as they were talking about their personal things. But Lan WangJi nodded him to continue.

Jingyi cleared his throat,
"we asked senior wei to explain how it happened, and he made a talisman to show us his memories."

They both look down. Lan WangJi sensed something was wrong. he asked, 
"something goes wrong with the talisman?"

Sizhui spoke up this time, "no, nothing was wrong with the talisman, we want to discuss the things we saw."

Sizhui look at Lan WangJi and look down again, with little hesitation they told him everything word by word. 

With their every word, the temperature of the room went down. Lan WangJi's face went darker and darker. 

After they complete the whole scene they witnessed, the room went silent. Nobody speaks up for some minutes. Finally, Lan WangJi brock the silence, 

"thank you for telling me all this. You may go now. I will see into this. Be with Wei Ying."

They both bow and left the office. 

Lan WangJi closed his eyes and the whole past runs through his eyes.

He starts working on the remaining paperwork. After working for the whole day he finally left the office. 

He marches toward the Hanshi. 

When he enters, he saw Lan Qiren was also there. He bowed to both of them and took a seat. 

Lan Qiren asked, 
"wangji how work is going on?"

"mn" Lan WangJi replied

Noticing Lan WangJi is not in good mood Zewu-Jun asked with a smile,

"WangJi, you do not seem in good spirit, did Wei Gongzi do something?" 

Lan Qiren's face went soar hearing Wei WuXian's name. 

"Why do you think Wei Ying did something?" lan wangji asked. 

"your moods only affect when it is regarding Wei Gongzi"

"It may Regarding Wei Ying, but that Doesn't mean Wei Ying Has anything to do with it. Just like my love for Wei Ying was never conditional. I never thought wei ying needs to reciprocate it."

He stares straight into the eyes of Lan XiChen. Lan Qiren was angry, 
"why are we talking about him? We both come to meet xichen at the same time today. It's our family time."

Lan WangJi huff in amusement. Lan XiChen and Lan Qiren were both shocked, seeing first-time such expressions on wangji's face. 

"I'm sorry, I forgot, this is no more Lan An's Lan Sect. there is a new tradition in this sect. 'Spouse does not count as part of the family.' First, my mother never counted as family and now my own spouse."

They both stare at wangji as though they saw a ghost, Lan Qiren's face went red
"Wangji!!!" he shouted. 

Lan Wanji stare indifferently at Lan Qiren,
"not today Uncle! I kept silent for my whole life. Today is my day to speak. By the way, Shouting is forbidden, But again if Grandmaster Lan Shouts, throw things at the guest disciple, has Prejudice toward a dead woman, has presumption towards the very same woman's son who was an orphan at the mare age of four, it's completely alright. 
But if my Wei Ying Laughs loudly and plays some harmless, childish pranks. he commits a grave crime"


Lan Qiren was struck dumb, unable to speak anything.

Lan XiChen tried to Soothe the situation. 
"WangJi He Is our uncle you can't talk to him like that."

WangJi replies,

"Today I'm not bound with any relations. When it comes to right and wrong, the family doesn't matter" 

Then Lan WangJi stare again at Lan XiChen, 
"Tell Me Brother, What Do you Know about my relation with Wei Ying? You seem to know everything about us."

Lan XiChen got confused. 

Lan WangJi Continued, 
"When we mate for the first time, I knew He Was special." 

"but too overwhelming."

Wangji was never good with words, especially when it comes to expressing feelings. But today he forces himself to speak up. 

Since when has silence done any good?  So he continued, 
"It was like, A person locked in the dark room for years and one day he faces the sun." 

"Meeting Wei Ying was that Bright to me. It was that warm. Too full of life."

"I thought I will be blind by this much brightness, I will burn myself if I try to touch that warmth. I was afraid that, If I experience the Life and happiness radiating through Wei Ying, I will never be able to live the way I used to live for years."

Remembering the past, he smiles a little.
Lan XiChen and Lan Qiren don't dare to stop him. 

"Wherever Wei Ying was Present, the whole place became brighter. when he laughed, it was so contagious that the whole surroundings laughed with him. His mere presence was enough to make place livelier."

"He was indeed sun. Bright, warm and lively."

"I Was Overwhelmed by it. afraid of it. Did not know how to deal with it. So I choose to Ignore, choose to run away."

"Wei Ying made so much effort to befriend me. Gave me lots of gifts, talk to me nonstop no matter whether I respond to him or not, and invited me to Yunmeng."

"We both were children back then, he was oblivious towards his feelings and I was too afraid to acknowledge it"

"I told you already, from Xuanwu cave, every single person came out alive only and only because of Wei Ying. Do not forget, It includes Heirs of all Clans including Me, Jiang WanYin and Jin ZiXuan. If not for Wei Ying, we all Would have died in that cave and I don't think the result of the SunShot campaign would've been the same."

Lan WangJi stare into Lan XiChen's Eyes
"Brother always excused Jin GuangYao by saying he saved his life. Wei Ying also saved my life by risking his own. Not once but numerous times. I myself don't know the exact count of life debts I owe him."

Lan XiChen looks down again. 

"I Regret a day when I left Wei Ying after We were rescued from that cave. Because after that I've never heard that Laughter, I've never seen shine in those eyes, never witnessed the genuine smile on those lips"

"I always referred Wei Ying As Sun, but I Forgot Sun needs to burn itself to Brighten the World"

He said sadly,

"He Burnt himself to the point, that there was nothing left to burn anymore. And for who's sake? Ungrateful and selfish people like you!!!"

He looked at Lan Qiren

"Don't you forget, today you are seating here and that wall on which you wrote a Rule 'Do Not Interact With Wei WuXian' is safe because of my Wei Ying."

Lan Qiren was about to argue but his lips were sealed by the spell. 

"Not a single person in the cultivation world can deny that. Without Wei Ying, winning war was impossible. Don't you dare to talk anything about him using demonic cultivation. If you had a problem with it, you should have stated it when he joined the war. But that time you all needed him. You all used him as a weapon."

"I saw him dying every day, so exhausted, so thin, lack of sleep. I wanted to hide him from everyone's eyes, who were only using him."

Both older lans don't know what to say. What WangJi was saying was indeed true. 

"But he misunderstood my intentions, Because of my lack of words, lack of explanation. Why wouldn't he misunderstand me? From the moment we meet each other, I was harsh to him. I punished him for every small thing, I silenced him because I was overwhelmed by his nonstop chatting. I pushed him away every single time. In the Xuanwu cave, I even told him that I hate him the most. Why in the world he would trust me??"

"I never gave him any reason to trust me, to depend on me."

He gave cold look to Lan Qiren, 
"I don't see any reason to trust Gusu Lan. Who never tried to understand him. Where his every childish prank counted as a crime."

"Grandmaster of the sect has Prejudice towards his dead mother. She was a righteous soul with playful nature, I don't see any reason to hate her even after her death and pass that hatred to her son."

"Love all being, Harmony is value, do not hold grudges, do not Judge people, do not succumb to rage, do not bully the weak, do not disrespect younger, do not take advantage of your position to oppress others, do not make assumptions about others, do not insult people, do not act impulsively, be careful with your words, be respectful and humble, be easy on others, destroy five poisons, embrace the entirety of the world, be fair and others will follow, be trustworthy and others will believe you, earn trust, win friendship with kindness, be generous."

He looks straight into Lan Qiren's eyes, Giving him no chance to escape

"but of course again, Rules on that Wall do not apply to the Grandmaster. It only applies to My Wei Ying.


Because He Is an easy target. No parents to speak for him, no family to shield him, no sect to back him."

Lan WangJi Laugh little, but there was no humour in his eyes,

"After I got punished, I was glad that he didn't trust me. I Don't know what would have happened with him if he came back here with me."

"He saved all of your lives during the war. Many people wouldn't survive that war if not for Wei Ying. And what did you do in return?? You all turn your back, declared him your new enemy."

"You made Jin GuangShan chief cultivator. whom I have never seen during the War, The contribution of his sect was minimum. On what basis did you choose him to be a chief cultivator? His Character? Or you all needed Jin gold to rebuild. Rules don't matter, Character doesn't matter, and intentions don't matter. All matters are gold. I must say Very righteous"

He mock them again, they never stopped while letting their anger on Wei Ying, why should he stop? Why should he restrain his words? 

"You say Wei Ying is a Demonic cultivator, he uses resentful energy. Still, after the war, he let go of his hatred toward the Wen sect. But You, So called righteous cultivators, couldn't let it go. I dare to ask, who was drawn in resentment? You or Wei Ying?"

 "If somebody asks me, Who suffered the most because of the Wen sect? My answer is Wei Ying."

"He was blamed for the lotus pier attack because he provoked Wen Chao. And Why? To save heirs of all clans including the Second jade of Lan. But nobody defends him. Who cares?
He cut out his core for his shidi which was melted because of Wen zuliu. 
Wen Chao and his people torcher him to death. And as if it wasn't enough, they throw him into the burial mounds to fight with resentment, corpse and ghosts. Without a core, without the sword, without food, without water."

"As I said he suffered the most. Mentally, physically, emotionally and Socially."

"Even after all this suffering, He knew whom to blame and whom to not. He saved innocents from the Jin sect. He stood up against the world to do the right thing."

He took a breath 

"I ask the Lan sect, what did you do?? Do you deserve to call yourself righteous?"

He looks a Lan XiChen, 

"Sect leader lan, I ask you, It was your responsibility to upload your sect's motto. I told you about people living in burial mounds. Because of your and your sect's ignorance, cowardliness and your blind faith towards a certain person, all those innocents died. My son's family was brutally slaughtered by your sect"

Lan XiChen don't know how to respond, Lan Qiren finally spoke,
"WangJi, don't be cruel to your brother. He is already suffering."

"I'm doing the same what he did to my Wei Ying." Wangji told with indifference. 

"And tell me if I'm wrong. Was it not the responsibility of sect leaders of Lan, Nie and Jiang to look after what happens with the remaining people of the wen sect? When Wei Ying explained about treatments towards wens at koi tower, why didn't sect leader lan and nie visit to confirm the claim? For clear judgment you need to see both sides, I don't remember you or your sect even tried once. And when I explained it, you deliberately ignored me."

"It's A truth and you need to suck it. If you don't have the strength to admit your faults and face the truth, what right do you have to Judge Wei Ying? What gives you the gall to Uttar a single word about Wei Ying?"

He took a deep breath again to restrain his anger. The dam which restrained his emotions for years was finally breaking. He had enough. He should have done this years ago. 

"At the one-month celebration, Wei Ying was invited, Jin sect was the one who ambush him. If Jin Zixun wanted to confront Wei Ying about Curse, Wei Ying was already coming to koi tower.  They definitely wanted to kill Wei Ying on the way. In that fight, Jin Heir died.  Who's fault is that?? Who attacked first? Or are you implying Wei Ying Doesn't have the right to defend himself??"

"in front of you A Woman, who did not take part in the war and also didn't kill Jin Heir. The was the best medic of our whole generation, burnt alive."

"I came late at the nightless city but Judging from the character of the cultivation world and Wei Ying, I know the first blow must be from your side."

Lan XiChen not looking in Eyes of Lan WangJi anymore, the first blow was indeed from their side. 

WangJi's words were sharper than a sword today, but he doesn't intend to stop here. 

"He won War for you. You all got your home back because of him. He asked nothing in return. After the war he wasn't doing anything, simply living in lotus pier. 
After he rescued the Wen sect people which includes my own son, he was doing nothing but try to survive. He did not have mountains of gold like the Jin sect, or he was not wealthy like you and me. Still, he took the responsibility of those elderly, weak people."

Lan Zhan smiled, 
"As I said before, he was indeed sun. He sprouts life in that mountain of the dead. He started farming. My son's memories are returning to him and according to him. Everybody was starving, my wei ying did his best to feed them. He never let my son starve."

Once again his face went serious. 

"A person who had a tolerance level which can challenge a saint, you people corner him to the point that he finally lost control."

"And then you cry like victims that Wei Ying Killed 3000. As if You all were not gathered there to scatter ashes of his family members and take a pledge to kill him and his remaining family members."

He looks at Lan XiChen,
"I Want You to Look In my Eyes Sect Leader Lan!" 

Lan XiChen looks at him. In his bloodshot eyes. 

Lan WangJi continue again looking straight into his eyes,

"People call me Hanguang-Jun, Light Bearer. That means I do not have a light of my own. Just like Moon Depends on Sun for its shine, I depend on Wei Ying For Light."

"Such a Pure soul, such selfless and Righteous being, who fought till the end, who walked in the fire to do the right thing. Who did not draw himself in grudges and hatred, who is Innocent just like a child, who doesn't have any envy towards anyone, who is actually free from worldly affairs. Only Knowing that such a person exists somewhere is an achievement in life."

"I must have performed so many good deeds in my previous lives, that I got a chance to fall in love with such a person"

"A Person whom I referrer Heaven's gift to me, you dare to call him My mistake??"

Now Lan XiChen Know the whole situation and WangJi's mistake. 
"WangJi I was Angry that time, he was staying with you all the time after coming back and saying he was unaware of your feelings, you suffer this much for him. As your brother how can I not feel angry?"


"What do you know about our relationship? How do you know What was happening between us? As an outsider how will you understand our dynamics? And if you don't, who gave you the right to blame him for anything?"

"I never Liked Jin GuangYao but I never once crossed my boundaries. I never once commented anything about you or your relations with late sect leader nie or any others. On the other hand, You never cared about my privacy. Jin GuangYao knew everything about me, to the point that I and Wei Ying sleep in one room or not."

"And Do you really think I suffered because of Wei Ying? He stood up against the world to do the right thing, and I Couldn't even stand up by his side to support him."

"Even blind could tell that Wei Ying was not in his right mind after nightless city. If you think he would remember that event then you are a fool"

"At the age of 17, he lost everything. After that he win the war and become the enemy of the world, I don't think he ever got time to think about love after what he had been through. And then he died at the age of 21. A Person who died at 21, you except from him to understand mine and his feelings as soon as he revived. Really? Who gave you any rights? I never obligated him to return my feelings. Damn, I never confessed in the very first place."

"He was in the middle of understanding his feelings, and I was ready to give him as much time as he needs. And even if he did not feel the same kind of love as I feel for him. It was ok. Being his friend was enough for me."

"You know how to read me. But reading a book doesn't mean you understood it. If you tried to understand me, my love, you would have never done what you did."

"tell me Sizhui's life, his family's life was more important than reciprocation of my love? A Love which I never confessed??"

"And let me be clear about my punishment. I did not get punished because I injured 33 elders. I let myself punish because I did not stand up for justice, I did not stand with Wei Ying."

"Today whoever I am, it's because of Wei Ying. During those 13 years, I tried to help as many as I could instead of confining myself in a room. because I was inspired by Wei Ying. He never gave up to help others until the end."

"During the SunShot campaign, before making any decision, I always Used to think what Wei Ying Would have done in certain situations. My every action was inspired by him. In short, I titled Hanguang-Jun Because of him. During all these years, My all deed was inspired by Wei Ying."

"Today, the Cultivation world looks at me like admiring the moon, completely forgetting about that Sun"

"A Sun responsible for the Shine of the moon"

He smiles sadly. His eyes are wet now. 

"Today after knowing, how Wei Ying Become my only Mistake. How much my Wei Ying would have blamed himself for not loving me sooner, or do not understand my feelings sooner. I was thinking about the whole situation the entire day."

Lan Qiren knew something definitely going to be wrong. He held his breath. 

"There Is a rule about my family in cloud recesses that do not interact with them. Which clearly means we are not welcome here. The whole cultivation world hates my family. And want my family dead. I'm definitely a fool who is working hard for people who wants my family dead." 

"So at the end of this day, I finally wrote a resignation letter. I'm retiring from the position of the chief cultivator and acting sect leader of Gusu lan."

He took out the jade token, 
"I defect myself from gusu lan. I finally took the hint that we are unwanted here."

Lan Qiren was horrified, 
"WangJi you are not thinking properly. This is your home. Who said you are unwanted?"

"Wall of your sect said we are unwanted. Do not interact with my family."

"We have suffered enough. My husband still can't sleep at night because of nightmares. From the age of four, he never got home. I thought I will make cloud recesses his home. I was wrong. Now I will build a home for him on my own. He sacrificed enough for the cultivation world who never acknowledge his sacrifices. Now it is time to live for each other."

He looks at them for the last time, 

"One Last Advice, stop being a hypocrite, you used all inventions of Wei Ying, and shamelessly wrote on the wall do not interact with him. If you hate him that much why not discard all his inventions, all his research regarding resentful beings??"

"Remember, I'm not Qigheng-Jun, I will not Confine my spouse nor myself. I will burn down this whole place if you dare to harm him physically or emotionally.  I am not as forgiving as Wei Ying nor I'm selfless like him. I will not think twice before firing this whole world to save Wei Ying. Once I failed, not again, never again." 

He finally bowed 

"Uncle thank you for rising me. Brother thanks for supporting me. But now it's my time to support my family."

And left without looking back. 

He goes to jingshi. He was feeling so light after years...
Wei Ying runs towards him throwing himself on him. 
"Lan Zhan... You finally came. Your husband was missing you so much" he pout. 

"Missed Wei Ying too."
He glances toward sizhui and jingyi who were still here to accompany Wei Ying. 

"Sizhui, we are leaving the sect. If you want to stay then you can stay."

"Wait Lan Zhan what do you mean by leaving the sect?"

"Mn. Our work here is over. now we will retire ourselves from affairs of the cultivation world. Want to spend my whole time with Wei Ying."

"What about your family? You can't leave them."

"My family is Wei Ying. Brother will take care of uncle. I want to see the world with you. I want a little home with Wei Ying on the mountain. will farm potatoes. You will catch fish from a stream I will cook it. You will go for fire woods and I will sew your clothes. We will go for nighthunts sometimes. Travel with little apple. Will you come with me Wei ying?"

Wei Ying starts crying. And nodded furiously. Sizhui wanted to follow his parents and jingyi wanted to follow sizhui. 

Next day, all four of them with Wen Ning, little apple and bunch of rabbits left the cloud recesses and said goodbye to the cultivation world and took step towards a happy peaceful life. 

Lan WangJi thought, Sometimes people are not worth your Kindness and your sacrifices. 
It's not bad to be little selfish