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"i gotta know, do you feel this way?" you said, "yeah, I do."

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Tomoya thinks that sometimes everything feels like a weird dream, maybe even a fever dream. Yet, obviously none of this is a dream. His hard work to get into the private academy is real, as well as his current hard work to continue staying in the school and the idol industry until even now. Him being in the group Ra*bits, even along with his best friend Hajime from middle school, is real.

And him meeting Hinata Aoi, one out of the two members of the unit 2wink, and becoming his boyfriend a little over halfway of their first year is real. And the two of them sneaking on top of the roof to have lunch today, and Hinata laying his head on one of Tomoya's thighs is real.

As his thoughts wander to the ginger, he looks down at him, picking up something from his (own) lunchbox Tomoya couldn't be bothered to register in his brain properly, his other hand occupied by a game on his phone Tomoya couldn't name either. Blinking and furrowing his eyebrows, Tomoya huffs, bouncing his taken leg up and down once to get Hinata off him. With a pout, Hinata sits up to face him but Tomoya only rolls his eyes to scold him by saying,

“Don't lie down and eat.”

Groaning, Hinata obliges immediately. “Mm… fine.”

Tomoya rolls his eyes once again at his boyfriend as he watches him sit up more properly, taking his focus back on his mobile game and Tomoya then silently exhales, yet he doesn't take his eyes off of him. Whatever the game is, it seems to have the other on chokehold, a small bit of his tongue sticking out on the side as he smashed the screen with his fingers. And Tomoya can't lie - it's cute. Hinata is adorable when he does things like this, even if Tomoya didn't say it out loud to usually save himself from any embarrassment or flustered emotions just from his thoughts alone.

And maybe he's so lost in thought because next thing he knows, he hears a giggle slip out from his boyfriend and coming back to his senses properly, Tomoya can also see a smirk on his face and his phone now on his lap along with his lunch as he points out,

“Tomo-kun, you're staring.”

Tomoya can feel the heat rush to his face, his body deciding to not leave a speck of his face not coloured that share and he shakes his head, looking away from the boy next to him and looking down at his own lunch in his laps and his hands. Was he really that lost in thought? Oh, Hinata is going to have a field day with that.

He then hears Hinata erupt into laughter at the unconscious action of his boyfriend and Tomoya clears his throat, ready to say something back to him, like claiming that Hinata was just seeing things and what he was saying was nonsense, yet he still stares at the one losing it at the moment.

It's still strangely unreal. How the two of them have made it this far. Tomoya would be lying if he hadn't had at least one thought of Hinata just leaving him, possibly ending up finding him boring at some point through their relationship. But none of that had happened. From when they started during their first year at the academy, until now in their third year, they're the same Tomoya Mashiro and Hinata Aoi who kiss and hold hands and call the other his boyfriend. Tomoya doesn't get it still, on how it still feels unreal to him. Maybe it's because Hinata is amazing and Tomoya is still just Tomoya who just so happened to be dating an amazing and impressive person like Hinata somehow.


Tomoya manages to pry his eyes away from Hinata whilst he tries to calm down from his outburst, and Tomoya can't help but question his own words of choice.


Somehow the two of them had been dating for this long.


Somehow, Tomoya can't remember it; how they got together. Well, no, actually. There's a few details he knows here and there, but he can't recall the whole thing and how the two of them started dating. He knows this is something every loving couple should cherish and remember, but it's at the tip of his tongue and he just can't remember at that moment.

Shifting awkwardly, he looks back at Hinata for the third time. The ginger has gone back to his anonymous game (well, anonymous to Tomoya, anyway) and he's grabbing food as quickly as he could so as to not do anything bad to his gameplay, Tomoya assumes. Tomoya, however, has no idea when his game is going to end. He could ask, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to wait long if he ended up responding with an answer that was long. Tomoya wasn't an impatient person most of the time, but occasionally, he couldn't wait for something to be announced or for him to finally say something he had kept inside his head for so long.

So, he asks after gulping down what he's sure is an animal shaped sausage, “Hinata, can I ask you something?”

“You already did.”

Tomoya could feel his face fall flat, but Hinata pressed a few more buttons before looking back up at the other idol and laughed again lightly as he waved a hand dismissively, “I'm only joking! Go on.”

Tomoya huffs at that, but asks his question without any complaints or unneeded comments to go along with it.

“Don't get mad at this for me, alright?” Tomoya first says. Confused, Hinata slowly nods his head and then he hears his boyfriend ask the question, “How did we get together again?”

Hinata blinks. Once, then twice, and then he frowns dramatically as he sets his belongings placed on his lap to the side, following his sequence of actions with throwing his arms around his boyfriend and making him jump as Hinata yells, “Tomo-kuuun! How could you forget? I thought you'd remember something as important to your favourite person in the wooorld…!”

“I said not to get mad!” Tomoya tells him, frowning himself. But Hinata immediately changes his frown back to his usual smile before saying,

“I'm only joking, Tomo-kun! I'm not mad or sad about it,” Hinata informs him, pulling away. He puts a finger on his chin. “Why're you asking, though? Seems sudden if you ask me.”

Tomoya shrugs. “Just suddenly came to mind, I guess.”

Hinata hums and lowers his finger. “Ah, well, I remember it as clear as day! So I'll grace you with the story that you should remember–“

“–I thought you weren't mad.”

“I'm not! I'm just saying that you should remember,” Hinata says, crossing his arms. “Anyway! Where do I begin…”

Bringing his hand back up to his face as he trails off, Hinata began to tap his chin once again, multiple times this time, mumbling incoherent sentences before finally speaking out loud.



The day of the cultural festival finally came around, and 1A were planning to do a Cinderella play for their festival attraction, however…

Both of the leads are out sick!!!!

What?! Seriously?!

It must be because they apparently kept on practising at the riverbank until sunset like everyday…

Ugh, those idiots!

I think we all appreciate the enthusiasm. I certainly do, but…

Anyway, we need to choose replacements right now!!!! Any volunteers?!

Sorry, but we have to focus on lights.

And we need to do the sounds.

Yeah… No way.

The only people who seem available are everyone in props…

Hinata, Tomoya, Hajime, Midori and a few others…

The directors immediately turn to Hinata.

Hinata, please! Could you play the Prince?!

Hm? Little old me~?

We'll give you cue cards to read; you don't even have to act properly!

Please! Please save us!

A grin. Hinata hummed. “Hm… Okay~ I'll do it!

Thank you!!!! We knew we could count on you, Hinata!

Now that that's out of the way, we need a Cinderella…

Midori raised his hand, though to not volunteer like everyone with their sparkling faces with hope written all over it originally thought. “Sorry, but the dress would be too short for me…” he informed, also mumbling something about 'wanting to die' if he had been put into the current situation.

Then how about you, Shino?

Me?” Hajime blinked. “Uhm, I'm not really sure….

I'm sure the dress would fit you perfectly, though! It'll look great as well!!! Please, Shino!

Uhm, but…

Tomoya, just like the rest of the class, couldn't help but have their eyes on the hesitant Hajime. With the pleas to the blue haired one no longer reaching Tomoya's ears. If Hajime was going to do something they didn't like, then Tomoya wasn't sure if he could let it slide. The rest of the class didn't want to do it, or just couldn't do it, but Tomoya volunteering to be Cinderella with Hinata Aoi as the Prince… Sometimes some things just had to be done, whether you like it or not.

Tomoya sighed. “Wait…

Nobody heard. Tomoya cleared his throat.

Wait a second!

All eyes present in the classroom were on Tomoya now. He couldn't really back out of this now, could he…?

I'll… I'll wear that dress!” the dirty blonde announced, the heat rushing to his ears from the pure embarrassment of the whole situation. Was he really going to be doing this?

A beat of silence.

Then, chatter and laughter appeared.

Well, if you insist, it's decided then!

'I'm not doing this because I want to!!' Tomoya screamed internally before stealing a quick glance out of Hajime. 'I'm only doing it because I couldn't let someone, especially my best friend, be forced into something they didn't want to do…'


“There will now be a 15-minute intermission,' the speaker said, 'class 1A's rendition of Cinderella will be at 2:30.”

Tomoya peaked out of the curtain as the announcement boomed across the hall. So many people here… Maybe he wouldn't be dreading it as much if he wasn't put with (the totally cool and amazing and gorgeous) Hinata Aoi as his fellow lead. But, anything for Hajime, he supposed…


Tomoya knitted his eyebrows hearing that nickname, knowing just who it was that decided to strike up a conversation now of all times. Turning around with his eyes closed in minor annoyance, Tomoya opened his mouth to say something, but when he opened his eyes…

Let's do our best out there, okay~!



It's– it's nothing!” Tomoya grunted. He totally and definitely wasn't about to call and say his fellow lead as suave or anything…

Hinata then looked Tomoya and his costume up and down, giggling. “You look more rugged than expected!

Tomoya only furrowed his eyebrows even more. “Shut up!” he snapped, then saying, “also, just so you know, I didn't volunteer because I wanted to do this with you.

You didn't? You wound me, Tomo-kun!” Hinata fake frowned but laughed once again immediately after. “I'm only joking around… You just did this to step in for Hajime-kun, riiiight? That was super cool of you, you know! If that happened to me, I'd fall in love instantly!

Tomoya's face flushed red. “W– well, I… I have no idea how to reply to things like that! You're putting me on the spot, Hinata.

Tomo-kun can't take compliments? What a shame…

I– I can! You're just giving me such off-handed ones…

Eh? None of them are off-handed! I'm being accused of my compliments being a fraud! Why would I ever do something like that? They're all genuine, and from the heart!

Tomoya's face probably resembled a tomato right now. “Ah, jeez, okay! I got it already! Give me a break, will you…

Hey, we're about to start!

Oh, right! The play!” Hinata said, before looking back over at Tomoya and winking. “Break a leg!

Tomoya stood there for a moment, then shook his head. Hinata Aoi would be the death of him, but he couldn't focus on that right now. He had a princess to play as.


'It's going well,' Tomoya thought. 'We can do this.'

I need to go home before the clock finishes striking midnight!” Tomoya said.

Hinata reached his hand out with distress on his face. “Please wait, Cinderella!


'Okay. Now all I have to do is leave the glass slipper and run…'

One wrong move. Tomoya felt like his ankle went through the seven stages of hell in that moment as he tripped over. That wasn't in the script! Crap! There was no way he could save this failure n–

An arm slid underneath his waist and he didn't feel his back crush itself on the stage floor. What in the…

Looking up, he saw none other than Hinata, who stopped his fall. Tomoya couldn't say anything else as the both of them just stared at each other. But, Hinata had something to say.

Oh my! Are you okay?

Oh no.

'It kind of feels like… Hinata really is the Prince…'

Any other thoughts about it were interrupted by the roaring cheering from their classmates, yelling 'good job!', 'that was cool/amazing!' and other phrases in their cheers that Tomoya couldn't quite catch, though he didn't really need to catch them.

Let go!” Tomoya then yelled, hitting Hinata on the head with the glass slipper prop. As he complained whilst trying to stay in character about it, Tomoya ran off backstage, his heart pounding louder than any noise around him at that moment, yet he could still hear his thoughts somewhat clearly.

'What do I do… if the impossible happened… and I ended up falling for Hinata?'

Mashiro, hurry, hurry! Change into this next!” a classmate called out with Tomoya's next costume underneath their arm. After not getting a response, they leaned in closer to examine him and his condition with concern, blinking rapidly and then after pointing out…

Your face looks super red! Mashiro? Are you okay?

And then–



“Okay, none of that happened,” Tomoya bluntly cuts in with a flat and unamused expression on his face. “Also, I thought this was the story of us getting together, not a fairytale where I've only just fallen in love with you.”

Hinata gapes his mouth open, offended. “Eh? Are you doubting my memory and storytelling abilities? You're just in denial, aren't you? Stage one is denial, you know, Tomo-kun~!”

Tomoya nods. “I am doubting them, actually. And I'm not in denial. I've never starred in a play with the both of us as the leads. Also, that's obviously the plot of one of a manga I bought not too long ago… Wait, did you borrow some of my manga without me knowing again?”

Hinata only chuckles nervously as he rubs the back of his neck, and he could've sworn he heard Tomoya mutter something, but he couldn't catch it. Instead of inquiring about it, he simply continues on with the topic in their conversation.

“Well, I mean– who here was asking for the story, huh?” Hinata quizzes, “exactly! You. You probably would've said something like this anyway,” he adds, waving his hand dismissively.

Tomoya ignores the last bit of his sentence. “At this point, what I think happened might be more accurate than your story.”

“Oh really now?” the green eyed one blinks. He crosses his arms, and Tomoya can't tell if he's just messing around with him, or if he's genuinely mad. “What's your version then?”

“Well, I can't guarantee that it'll be completely accurate, but…”



Sometimes Wataru was just too much for Tomoya. Ah… Why did his drama club have to drag on longer than it usually felt like it did?

He stretched as his tired body made it to the school doors, only to be greeted with the sound of rain pouring down like there was no tomorrow. Thankfully, he had his umbrella right th–

Tomoya blinked. A few times, actually, before realising his umbrella wasn't there and was replaced with a simple note. Picking it up, the note read:


I borrowed your umbrella!
The superstar! ✩ (M).


‘That idiot, Mitsuru…!’

Umbrella-less. Mitsuru Tenma had left him completely umbrella-less. What was he supposed to do now? Wait? Tomoya couldn't help but hunch over.

However, almost as if right on cue, someone started to talk to him.

Ooh? What's Tomo-kun doing here?

Tomoya stood back up straight after hearing that familiar voice. Turning around halfway with a sigh, Hinata Aoi was standing right before him.

Oh. Hey there, Hinata,” Tomoya greeted with a small wave as he turned his body around the whole way. “I just finished up with drama club. I was going to go home now, but someone took my umbrella for themselves.

Hinata only giggled. “Well, that sucks, doesn't it?

Tomoya groaned lightly. “Don't make fun of me.

Hey, I'm not!” Hinata gasped. What was up with this guy, Tomoya would never know. Yet, something about it was a bit endearing…

Clearing his throat and shaking his head, Tomoya then said, “Anyway, what're you doing here?

Music club stuff… And then I got suuuper distracted in the library!” Hinata hummed in response as he slid his umbrella out of the rack. Bouncing slightly in his steps on his way to the school entrance, he said, “You said your umbrella got taken, right? Let's share!

Share?” Tomoya echoed and Hinata nodded as confirmation. Them two… sharing an umbrella? That was so… “Well, there is a store nearby with umbrellas… Ah, okay. Let's go.

Beaming, Hinata popped his umbrella open, taking a step forward and waited for Tomoya to follow him, him doing just that and the two made their way outside of the school, underneath Hinata's umbrella.


Hinata carried a little over half of the conversation as the two walked. The ginger would mention something Yuta had said to him, then something that happened in the light music club, Koga doing something… Tomoya couldn't keep up with most of it, even if he did speak a lot himself during the conversation.

And then Yuta-kun said…

Suddenly, Hinata's voice fully drowned out and Tomoya could only focus on one thing that he definitely shouldn't have been focusing on - their shoulders.

Their bodies were close. A bit too close. And their shoulders were practically touching! How was he supposed to feel about that? Did Hinata not notice, or did he know and was just waiting for Tomoya to notice? Was this some cruel tease? Oh, Tomoya couldn't tell.

Tomoya took a quick step to his left, very quickly gaining a shiver up his spine as cold water from the top of the umbrella and the rain hit his now weather exposed shoulder. It didn't take Hinata long to notice, however.

Hm? Why're you standing over there, Tomo-kun? Did something happen? You're getting all soaked!

Tomoya tried thinking of a response that wouldn't garner any teasing from Hinata, but before he could say anything, Hinata had pushed the umbrella to Tomoya a bit more, now getting part of himself wet.

I'm guessing Tomo-kun wants the umbrella all to himself? How selfish… Oh well. You can take it and thank me by giving me something in return later!

Wh– it's not that,” Tomoya rejected, pushing the umbrella back to Hinata. He then allowed himself back underneath the umbrella. “It's… it's nothing, Hinata.

Mm… Your face is heating up,” Hinata told him, pointing at his face. Tomoya clenched his fist, trying to figure out a response or excuse to his accusation that he didn't even know whether or not it was true before he looked up to his left to see the convenience store he had mentioned earlier. He unclenched his fist, then pointed at it and made a gesture to the store. Instead of saying anything else, Hinata simply nodded and followed Tomoya to the store.


Alright. I got an umbrella,” Tomoya confirmed with his classmate after emerging from inside the store. Hinata opted to stay out, and Tomoya saw he was typing something on his phone. Hearing him, Hinata looked up and smiled, quickly pressing his fingers on his phone screen a few more times before storing it back in his pocket. Tomoya then took out a white towel. “They gave me three towels. Take one, you're soaking wet as well.

Wooow! Tomo-kun is being nice to me!” Hinata joked excitedly as he took the towel.

Wait, what's that supposed to mean?

Hinata didn't respond, mostly focused on drying himself up. Tomoya did the same, but he couldn't help but stare at Hinata, only one thought on his mind.

You're staring,” Hinata spoke up. Tomoya looked down, not ready to let the embarrassment take over.

Hinata, can I ask you something?

You already did.

Tomoya glared at him.

Kidding! I'm kidding. Go on, ask.

Did you… read the note Mitsuru left me and waited for me until I read it?

Hinata squeaked, now his face burning bright re–




“Hey, I was just about to finish!”

“Yeah, but only now did I realise that this is all wrong. But I didn't know your mind could be that romantic!” Hinata pouts happily. “And poor Mitsuru-kun! Don’t blame him for something in the story you made up.”

Tomoya's body stiffs up a little, and then he puffs his cheeks just slightly, mumbling, “Well, I love you. So why wouldn't it be at least a little romantic?” he asks. He then adds loudly, “and he's done it before. That's just how my memory recalls the whole thing, alright?”

The mumble was loud enough for Hinata to hear, however, and a cheeky grin spread across his face. Tomoya tries to continue with the topic of their current conversation to try and avoid too much teasing that he was sure he'd explode from.

“An– anyway, do you really remember how we got together?”

“Am I being accused of being so heartless that I can't recall how I got with my lovely boyfriend? You wound me, Tomo-kun!”

“Wait, wait, wait, I'm not… I just don't remember what you originally said ever happening. I've done Cinderella before with the drama club, but that was a while ago…”

Hinata shakes his head. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Okay, fiiine. I'll tell you the actual story, alright?”

Tomoya slowly nods. “Alriiight…”

“It all starts with a bowling alley–”

“–Please don't tell me you're referencing that one music video about babies from that beaver singer you like.”

“Wh– don't accuse me of that! I mean, it totally was even though your description of it was super weird, but that's not the point!”

Tomoya blinks at what Hinata says, and then he laughs. Okay, that was cute. And endearing. And cute. Very cute. And adorable.

“Be super honest… Do you really know the answer to my question, Hinata?” Tomoya repeats.

“Of course! Just give me a moment. Hhh…”

Lunch and phones left alone, the rest of lunch is spent with the very incorrect tales of when Tomoya and Hinata decided to start dating. The bell rings, but neither of them hear it… Is that a bad thing?