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“Sassenach,” Jamie said, gently shaking Claire’s shoulder. “Claire, I need to say something.”

Claire, who’d been pleasantly dozing and floating along the edge of peaceful sleep, came slowly to the surface. She turned in Jamie’s arms and placed a gentle hand on his jaw. “What is it?” she asked, suddenly worried. 

“Claire, I’m sae sorry,” Jamie said, taking her hand from his face and kissing her palm gently before squeezing her hand. “I was in such a rare temper in the library, an’ then I found yer letter. I couldna think of anything but having ye again, and we didna really talk enough about everything.” 

Claire smiled and felt her chest tighten with emotion. Swallowing hard, she leaned in and kissed Jamie gently. “I accept your apology,” she said, wiggling further to burrow her body further into his. “I'm afraid we were both being so stubborn, and I was so hurt. I missed you every day, but I was too stubborn to contact you because I didn’t want to be in a position to be rejected.” She kissed his nose and dragged her nails gently up and down his arm. “And I understand why you were angry. I just — seeing that look on your face that day — God, I didn’t think I could hurt someone I had just met — I don’t know, I panicked in so many different ways.” 

Jamie gave her a small nod and propped himself up on his left elbow. He began weaving his fingers through Claire’s curls, occasionally stroking her on the forehead with his thumb. Meanwhile, his right hand began tracing meaningless patterns across her breasts, making her entire body melt. He watched Claire for several moments before saying anything. 

Mo nighean donn, I understand. I ken that ye had every right to give me a fake name. I just couldna believe I had gotten ye into my bed in the first place, and by the end o’ the weekend, well, ye didn’t feel like a stranger anymore,” he said, grinning widely as Claire’s eyes popped open. 

"Excusez- moi?  I’m quite sure I got you into bed, Monsieur Fraser, ” she said, dropping into a perfect French accent.

Jamie’s eyebrows went up. “Elle parle français? ”[She speaks French?] Jamie asked. “ Moi aussi, madame. ” [Me too, ma’am]

Claire smiled and leaned up to kiss him. “Vraiment ?” [Really?]

Jamie traced her naked breasts in a spiral pattern until he was circling around her areolas. “Oui, je suis chaud para cette femme .” He made a motion towards her breasts. “ Et Elle etaite bonne… ” he said seriously. “ [I am horny for this woman…and she was very good in bed.]

He leaned down to her breasts and peppered them with delicate - but effective - soft kisses. “Et elle a des seines parfaits. ” [And she has perfect breasts.] 

Claire rolled onto her back, bringing Jamie with her. “Mmm, oui,” she said with a sigh. "Je suis très mouillée pour toi, Monsieur Fraser.” [I am wet for you, Mr. Fraser.]

Nous devons faire quelque chose à ce sujet” [We must do something about this], he said, taking a nipple in between his teeth and biting down gently. 

Claire raised a shaky hand to run her fingers through his curls. “ Je veux jouir, ” [I want an orgasm] she moaned, arching her back to encourage him. 

Jamie smiled up at her as he crawled down her body, kissing her stomach, belly button, and hips. “ Je veux te manger, ” he said between kisses, “. alors…je peux te baiser . [I want to eat you out, and then…I am going to fuck you.] 

Claire moaned again, willing Jamie to continue his ministrations. “ Est-ce que ça te va, Sassenach ?” [Is that okay with you, Sassenach?] Jamie asked, raising his head to look at her. 

Oui, caresser et lécher ma chatte maintenant, Jamie,” Claire begged. [Yes, stroke and lick my pussy now.] Claire smiled and added, “ s’il te plait, Jamie. ” [Please, Jamie] 

Jamie grinned as he placed Claire’s legs over his shoulders and settled himself in position between her thighs. Claire moaned when she felt Jamie’s hot breath on her. “Now, Sassenach,” Jamie said, bringing his mouth to her clit, “I have tae ken if I can make ye scream in French.” 

Claire nearly sobbed with relief when his tongue touched her, closing her eyes in bliss as he finally placed his mouth back on her clit.  “Je suis prête,” she sighed.   [I am ready, feminine form ]