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"It's just the one time," Mollymauk wheedled, draping himself across Yasha's dresser. "If you hate it, fine, you never have to do it again, and I will fully support your decision, but how do you know you don't like it if you don't try it?"


"I don't know, Molly, it's just not how I ever saw myself doing things," Yasha sighed. He shifted out of the way with a disgruntled noise when she opened a drawer to start putting laundry away. "You know it wasn't like that for me before."


"I'm not saying you have to look for a mate." His voice gentled unexpectedly, and she glanced up to earnest crimson eyes staring her in the face. "That's... a big fuckin' step. Think of this more as... a chance to dip your toes in without strings attached, let your instincts go wild. You run, you sniff around a few pretty omegas, maybe get a leg over, then go home and sleep it off. Hell, if you really enjoy yourself, you could probably get more than one dance partner. Look at you, you're a catch."


Yasha felt her face heat and folded her arms tight across her chest.


"Yeah, see? Flex the biceps. They'll be all over you."


"I don't know if I could handle one omega for the evening, let alone two or three," she mumbled.


"That's fine! If it doesn't work out, it's all fine. Some people go to these things without swapping an ounce of bodily fluids. It's just a night of possibility," he illustrated with a flourish of his hands, jewelry flashing. Yasha sighed through her nose, chewing on a hangnail as she considered. No strings, no obligation to do much of anything, Molly would at least be happy she tried...


"Okay. Okay, fine, I'll go."


"Yes! That is exactly what I wanted to hear, darling." He popped up to give her a kiss on the cheek, and Yasha butted her head against his horn affectionately.


"You have to do my registration, though," she tacked on as an afterthought. Might as well skirt the paperwork if she had the chance.


"My dear, I'm so glad you agreed, because it's already submitted." He grinned at her, all sharp teeth and devil's charm, and she rolled her eyes.


"I better not regret this," Yasha growled at him good-naturedly, and he slung an arm around her broad shoulders.


"Of course not. Just set aside something comfy and breathable to wear to the event. Preferably something you won't mind getting dirty. Or covered in someone else's — " 


She threw an elbow into his gut and he stumbled off with a dramatic wheeze, clutching his chest. Hopefully, with all that out of the way, he'd let her finish emptying her laundry basket in peace. 





Two hours into the semi-annual Zadash mating run, and Yasha was, indeed, regretting it. She stood in line to sign in, stood in line to get tagged, stood in line to enter the designated alpha holding area, and she was tired of it. The only mercy was the smell of the cool evening breeze that occasionally cut through the stench of posturing alphas around her, and the blazes of brilliant sunset still visible through the trees. She tried to relax by just staring skyward, cataloging all the colors she saw, and scraping a line in the dirt with the toe of her boot. Back and forth, feeling the snag of little twigs and stones in the soil. Hearing the night birds wake up. Watching the sky shift toward ultramarine as the sun sank further. 


Molly had offered to stick with her, but preferring not to bear too much witness to his activities, she'd turned him down. At the very least, she wouldn't have to watch him woo horny omegas, and he wouldn't see her padding awkwardly through the woods, unable to approach them. For her, this would be an exercise in patience, hearing and smelling and maybe seeing the many couples and groups coming together while she remained apart. Then she could say she'd done it, throw Molly in the back of the truck, and go home. She didn't know how to be this person, the kind who went to events for anonymous sex with strangers. She didn't even know how to appeal to a stranger romantically anymore. As a matter of fact, she wasn't sure she ever had. Zuala was the more socially adept of the two of them, and Yasha had let her act as a buffer between her and the rest of the world. Without her, she was lost. 


On a stand above their corral, an announcer called the alphas to attention, and Yasha shifted with the crowd, watching all the alpha-red reflective tags flash as one. The more sociable, friendly alphas stopped their horseplay, and the more serious ones flexed and growled, all focused on the gates caging them in. A restlessness was building, chemical signals intensifying the anticipation. Even with the distance between the holding areas, it was possible to pick out a certain musk, the telltale scent of heat, when the wind changed direction. No strings, Molly had said when he conned her into this, but instinct said pups would be sired tonight, regardless. 


Yasha jumped when a horn blew, unaware that the gates had been opened while she was sniffing the breeze. The massive pack of alphas began to flow into the trees, breaking off solo or in small units, and she loped at an easy pace behind. She had some idea where the general boundaries for the run were set, and she headed for the far end, treating it like just a regular night in the woods. No obligations, no need to worry about the dozens of strangers fucking nearby. 


It didn't take long for the sounds and the scent of sex to fill the air. More than once, Yasha had to skirt a clearing or an outcropping of rock because of another alpha warning her away from their partner. The atmosphere was more arousing than she had expected it would be, especially when the distinct cry of a mating omega reached her. She hadn't heard that in so long, and she found herself getting hard, her clit swelling until it pushed free of its sheath. Reluctantly, she thanked Molly for reminding her to wear loose pants.


When the air began to clear and the noises grew distant, Yasha inspected her surroundings. She had gone farther than most in the run, it seemed. After all, running as far and as fast as you could wasn't the best strategy if you were looking for a mate. It had probably been about an hour since the starting horn, so she sat on a log to rest, fussing with her tag where it clipped around the shoulder of her tank top, the edges rubbing uncomfortably against her skin. Out here, the wildlife wasn't so disturbed, and she could hear things scurrying on the ground and flitting among the branches above. An owl hooted, low and soft, and she couldn't help smiling at the sound.


The hooting ended abruptly, and Yasha glanced up as voices reached her. Angry voices. Someone was shouting. She rolled to her feet, dusting the ass of her joggers off, and followed the noise, tension ratcheting up the closer she got to the source. 


Three people were facing off, one slim woman standing defensively in front of her female companion, who tried to rein her in as she threatened a man with a broken tree branch. Omega-blue tags flashed on both women's clothing, while the man bore alpha-red on his bicep. The smell of heat and rage boiled around them, and it brought things to the forefront of Yasha's mind that she thought she had better control over.


"I'm not gonna warn you again," the woman with the stick growled. "Back the fuck off, dude."


"I wasn't even talking to you," he replied, hands curled into fists. He paced, shirtless, all excessive swagger and stupid overconfidence. "How is this any of your fucking business?"


"Because I made it my business, motherfucker." She only broke her focus from him for a moment, when the tiefling behind her put a hand on her shoulder and said something too softly for Yasha to hear.


"You think you're real tough shit, don't you?" He stalked around her as if looking for an opening, and Yasha felt all of her muscles flex instinctively, but she held back, watching from the shadows. She wouldn't put herself in trouble if she didn't have to.


"I know I am," the omega shot back. The alpha took one step over some invisible boundary, and she lashed out with the branch. 


"Fuck!" he yelped, staggering back with a hand to his face. There wasn't any blood, which Yasha felt he should be grateful for. She knew a warning shot when she saw one. Instead, he swung out with a fist, missing wildly, but it was still enough for Yasha. 


"Is there a problem?" she spoke up, and tried not to flinch when all three of them turned to stare at her. She folded her arms across her chest to cover for her discomfort, aware that, with her size, her hair, her tattoos, and wearing all black, it made her look like a fucking criminal. Molly liked to call it BAMF mode.


"Not really any of your fucking business, is it?" the alpha snapped at her, baring sharp teeth, at the same time the omega with the stick said, "Doesn't have to be."


"I don't really think you get to decide what is whose business," Yasha told the other alpha, raising her eyebrow at him, but not taking the bait. 


"She hit me with a fucking stick!"


"I don't know," she shrugged. "The way I saw it, she was just defending herself from a violent alpha who tried to hit her."


The alpha growled, snapping his canines at her, and she just stared. He was all bark, he had no idea what he was doing. It took one missed punch for her to see that. If he was smart, he would be able to tell the difference between his own blustery show of dominance and the real thing, and know when to back the fuck off. She didn't think he was smart. When he glared back in her face and rumbled a challenge at her, her suspicions were confirmed.


"I'm giving you a chance," she offered, keeping her voice low and flat. "You can leave now, or I can force you to submit in front of them."


He hesitated, lips sliding back over his teeth. Yasha unfolded her arms, rolling her shoulders loose, and took a step forward.


"Fine," he lowered his eyes and turned away, back toward the starting area. "Fuck all of you."


"You wi-ish," the tiefling called in a sing-song. The alpha took one look over his shoulder, showing just a hint of fang, and Yasha let out a warning growl. He ducked even lower and slunk off into the trees.


Yasha waited until she couldn't see him to relax, running her fingers back through her hair nervously. The two omegas were talking, or at least, the tiefling was talking. The human was just kind of staring at her, improvised weapon dangling at her side. Her expression was difficult to read, but Yasha had a feeling she was maybe being checked out by this small, fierce woman. 


"Thank you so much for helping us," the tiefling enthused. "It's nice to meet an alpha who doesn't put up with that kind of sexist bullshit, you know?"


"Uh... You're welcome," Yasha shrugged, wrapping her arms back around herself.


"I had it handled, Jes," the human omega muttered, tossing her stick aside, and the tiefling patted her shoulder condescendingly.


"Of course you did, but it was still nice of her," the tiefling carried on, bouncing on her toes. "I'm Jester Lavorre, this is my best friend, Beau. What's your name?"


"Yasha," said Yasha. She was bewildered by Jester's energy, but decided that she liked it. Her casual familiarity with a complete stranger reminded Yasha of Molly. 


"It's so good to meet you, Yasha. This is my first time at a run, I wasn't expecting anyone to be such an asshole," Jester chattered on, swishing her tail rhythmically. "I guess I'm not used to being around so many horny people at once, like, they'll do some crazy shit for sex."


Yasha wasn't quite sure what to do with that, so she replied with a simple, "It's my first run, too."


"Really? Wanna stick with us for a while, then? You don't have to if you don't want, and you don't have to fuck either of us, either. You just seem kind of lonely way out here by yourself. Beau's been kinda showing me around and keeping me company, but I'm sure she'd like a chance to find a partner. Unless you already have...?" she trailed off suggestively, waggling her eyebrows at her friend. Beau's entire face contorted and she turned abruptly, marching off into the trees.


"I don't know what you're talking about," she called over her shoulder, and Jester giggled. 


As they walked, the wind shifted, and Yasha got a good noseful of both of her newfound companions. Jester remained at her side, chattering amiably, and her scent was sugary sweet, even with the musk of heat seeping through. It reminded Yasha of something fluffy and covered in frosting. Beau, who moved upwind of them, was another story. Her heat was more advanced, and her scent blowing into them made Yasha's mouth water. A little tangy, a little dark... There was something smoky about it, something with bite. Like fireworks going off on a summer night. 


Yasha wanted to roll in it.


" - but he keeps being all weird every time I try to, like, spend time with him, or be close to him? And then, when I say 'oh yeah, Beau and I are going to the run this month, should be so fun,' he says he's going too, and he'll 'see me there.' What the fuck is that about?" Jester grumbled, tail lashing in frustration.


"It seems like he just doesn't know how to show his feelings," Yasha replied, having managed to retain at least half of what Jester told her of this "Fjord" guy she was into. "But he still wants to make himself available. Maybe he's just afraid of looking stupid in front of you. Lots of alphas are like that."


"Pfft. If that's what he's afraid of, it's too late, he's done so many stupid things in front of me," she chuckled. "But he's cute and sweet, and I don't care that he does dumb things sometimes."


"Maybe convince him the dumb thing he's doing is actually hot, and he won't think it's dumb anymore." Yasha shrugged. "Like, 'Oh, Fjord, the way you just tripped on the rug trying to pull my chair out for me was really sexy,' you know?"


"But he might think I'm making fun of him!" Jester tried not to laugh as she spoke. "He's very sensitive. I think it's because he's small for a half-orc, but he grew up around humans, and they were mean about his tusks. He used to file them down, but I convinced him not to anymore."


"See? That's proof that all you need to do is show that you like something about him, and he'll be more comfortable with it."


"Damn, you're good at this," Jester commented, twisting a lock of glossy blue hair around her finger. "Beau, isn't Yasha so good at this?"


"Good at what?" came the gruff reply, and Jester rolled her eyes dramatically. 


"Never mind, I'll tell you later. Hey, so what do you do to sweep a pretty omega off their feet, anyway?" she asked, nudging Yasha with her hip.


"Sweep them off their feet?" Yasha considered. "Well, I can do the Dirty Dancing thing, you know, where she runs and I just..." She mimed grasping Jester around the waist and lifting her over her head. The tiefling's jaw dropped.


"Holy shit, can I try? Beau, for real, check this out!"


The grumpy, nervous omega turned to watch reluctantly. Jester made some frantic hand signals at Yasha to tell her what to do, then backed up, readied herself, and dashed right back at the alpha. It wasn't as smooth as it had always been with Zuala, but it was almost reflex to catch Jester by the waist and lift her high, smiling at the excited squeal she let out. Yasha carefully spun them once in a circle before lowering the tiefling to the ground.


"Fuck me running," Beau deadpanned, leaning against a tree. 


"She is so fucking cool, Beau. We have to start inviting her out and stuff. Everyone will love her."


"Dunno, I think Veth might get a little nervous." Beau was staring at her again, and Yasha ran her fingers through her hair, pulling out the little tangles and bits of nature. 


"Veth can deal. Yasha, you wanna be our permanent friend? We do stuff, like play games, go to bars, go shopping, sometimes prank people, it's all really fun, I promise," Jester told her. "And we help each other and stuff, too. When Caleb moved into his new apartment, he was too wimpy to carry the furniture in, so Beau and Fjord and I did it for him! And Fjord used to be that wimpy, but he's been working out with Beau, so now he can actually help with that stuff instead of just sitting in the kitchen whining while we do most of the work."


"You know... Sure, if you want to be friends, we can be friends. Warning, though," Yasha raised an eyebrow at her. "I come with a built-in friend of my own, and I can't just leave him behind."


"Oh, of course not! He can come too, we'd love to meet him. Right, Beau?" she asked her friend.


"Yeah, 'course," Beau nodded. "The more, the merrier and shit."


"Perfect. Now, I finally got a text from Fjord, and told him I would meet him near the gates. I know you were counting on finding someone hot to fuck tonight, Beau, so you should hurry, before all the hot ones are taken, yeah?" Jester's voice rose sharply in pitch near the end and she gave Beau an exaggerated wink, then she was skipping off into the trees like nothing happened. Beau, meanwhile, scuffed along near Yasha, cheeks darkened.


"She's not going to...?"


"Oh no, yeah. She's fine. Fjord's a perfect gentleman, if there's anything to worry about, it's her scaring the shit out of him."


"Oh, that's... cute?" Yasha tilted her head uncertainly. 


"It's pretty hilarious, actually. To answer the question I'm sure you're too afraid to ask, yes, she is always like this," Beau informed her with a half-smile.


"I like it," Yasha shrugged. "I'm used to having a friend who is... a lot."


"That package-deal buddy of yours?"


"Ah, yes, that's the one."


"Well, if we meet up again and we need them to work some energy off, we can always turn 'em loose together," Beau joked. Light from one of the lanterns in the trees highlighted her perfectly, and Yasha was struck by just how beautiful she was, all sleek brown skin and compact muscle. This close, she could also smell her, and the arousal seemed to cling inside her nose and coat the back of her tongue. 


"Do you..." Yasha hesitated. "Was there someone here you were planning to meet?"


"Nah, no one. I was just kinda window-shopping. Watching out for Jester. Making sure she has a good time." 


"Ah, okay. Good."


"Good?" Beau raised her eyebrows.


"I-I just meant... I'm... glad I'm not holding you up, or anything. You know?" Yasha forced out.


"Yeah, I know." Beau watched her shrewdly for a few moments, and Yasha swore her pupils weren't that wide a few minutes ago. "Don't think I'd mind you holding me up, though."


A little shiver ran down Yasha's spine, and her throat clicked as she tried to swallow.


"Maybe we can work something out, then." Stormlord strike her down, she was awful at flirting. Thankfully, the slowly growing smirk on Beau's face suggested she didn't mind.


"Maybe." Her stance shifted, and something buried deep in Yasha's mind awoke to take notice. She took a couple of light steps around Yasha, and Yasha followed her movements as if magnetized to her. "C'mon, hot stuff. Show me what you got."


Beau pivoted gracefully, back arching just so, and took off into the trees at a sprint. Everything inside Yasha changed in an instant, nerves evaporating, her focus sharpening, senses high and tuned to the omega ahead of her. She had given chase without being fully aware of it, the transformation from stillness to motion too quick for her to recall. Now, there was nothing but her and the omega and the hunt.


Yasha was fast, and she knew it, but Beau was on another level. She didn't charge forward with force the way Yasha did. She was lithe and controlled, moving like air, or water. Like she didn't even touch the ground. And even without a head start, she was staying out of Yasha's reach, increasing the distance between them each time she decided to bound over an obstacle or weave sharply one way or another. All the while, her scent teased, stoking something hot and wild in Yasha's blood. It stripped away all of the constructs they needed to get around in a world of people, a world without the hunt, and the chase, and the call to give in to their baser urges. Out here, they were animals.


In a move that simultaneously confused and impressed Yasha, Beau sprang partway up the trunk of a tree, vaulting between two massive boughs and out of sight. The alpha skidded to a halt at the base of the tree, staring up through the branches, but they were empty. She loped to the other side, aching to pick up the chase in more ways than one, and her stomach dropped. There was no sign of Beau, no figure leaping ahead, not even a frantic rustle of leaves to indicate the direction she took. 


Yasha hesitated, emitting a low whine of dismay. Beau hadn't been too far ahead, and logic said she couldn't have escaped so easily, but Yasha wasn't operating on anything close to logic. She wove a path out from the tree where she'd watched Beau vanish, unable to spot a trail, but too intent on her quarry to break her focus. She circled the tree, peering up into it again, as if she'd spot a slim form lounging above her if only she tried harder. She wandered aimlessly for a few moments, puzzling over her misfortune, and something inside her hurt from the feeling of failure, of not being good enough for the handsome omega who'd chosen her. She tried to will away the hopeful pulsing between her legs, adjusting herself in her pants, murmuring in disappointment and pent-up arousal. Then something tickled her senses, a whiff of a scent just strong enough to make her shiver. 


She sniffed, then started huffing deep breaths of air, following an invisible trail, a soundless call. Her heart beat faster with each pull of that scent, and the familiar tension in her core spread. It brought her to another tree, not so far from the first, and she glanced up to see her quarry perched above, staring back at her. She chuffed with pleasure and surprise, and when Beau pounced from her branch, Yasha caught her, pinning her firmly to the trunk. She pushed her face into the sweaty curve of Beau's neck, inhaling that scent of blood, wine, and fire. It spoke to the savage things she tried to keep hidden away from the world. In return, she could feel Beau's nose sweeping along her skin, could feel the careful drag of sharp teeth as her lips parted and she scraped them along Yasha's throat. 


"Say no," Yasha panted, gripping those slim hips just a little too tight. "If you don't... want this... say no. It's only going to get harder."


"Fuck, why would I ever wanna do that?" Beau rasped, taking one of Yasha's big hands and guiding it to her ass. Yasha groaned and squeezed, kneading the toned muscle desperately. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been this aroused. Her cock was heavy and throbbing, and when she pushed it up between Beau's legs, she felt the omega push back excitedly. 


Yasha tugged at the waist of Beau's pants and shoved a hand inside to feel — yes, her eyes rolled back as her fingers hit slippery warmth and the scent of Beau's arousal bloomed. She drew them back out to suck the fluids from her fingertips, meeting Beau's hazy blue eyes, and Beau whined, jerking like she'd been shocked.


"Please," she shoved against Yasha's unyielding body, then Yasha's brain caught up and she shifted back, letting Beau drop all the way to the ground. 


Almost as soon as her feet touched earth, she was falling to her knees, tugging her pants down and presenting so beautifully, back arched in a lean, unbroken curve and her puffy, swollen sex exposed. Yasha could feel herself dripping, her cock twitching with approval, but she took a moment to appreciate, to swipe a thumb over the velvety folds of her before pushing her face up into Beau's cunt. The omega squealed and shifted into the contact, rubbing herself all over Yasha's lips and chin as the alpha lapped at her. Twitches ran through her each time Yasha's tongue glided over her clit.


"Fuck, Yasha, fuck," she yelped, clawing at the dirt. "Ugh, I'm glad you like it, you're like... so good at this, but — hah, I need to be mounted. Please. Please please please, alpha."


Yasha retreated with a few careful flicks of her tongue, then swiped a hand across her mouth and licked Beau's taste off it. She fished herself out of her joggers, soothing the ache in her cock with a gentle squeeze, then braced a hand on Beau's hip. 


"This is how you want it?" she checked, scraping her nails just enough to make Beau shiver.


"Yeah, just... Look, I came prepared, alright, just go for it," Beau urged her, the sleek muscles in her back tightening.


Never one to disappoint an omega, Yasha ran the head of her cock up through Beau's center, then pushed inside, slow and steady. Beau groaned low and dropped her chest to the ground, breathing heavily. Her body opened so readily for Yasha, hot and tight and so perfectly slick... When she was flush against Beau's ass, feeling every flutter and clench of her walls, she paused again, soothing her with a gentle hand and leaning a little more weight on her. The omega braced beneath her, and Yasha began fucking her with short, powerful thrusts.


Beau responded to each thrust in kind, rolling her hips into them, and Yasha snarled, settling against her back and nipping at her shoulder blades. The points of her canines raked welts into the omega's skin. Her hands gripped with bruising strength, kneading at hips and ass, digging into her thighs. One groped forward and squeezed a small breast, earning a whimper and snap of teeth from Beau. She squeezed again, toying with an erect nipple through the fabric of Beau's crop top, then worked her hand inside it to feel the real thing, soft and supple in her palm. The omega bucked, surprisingly powerful for her size, and Yasha realized two things very suddenly.


First, that it had been a very long time since she had fucked anyone, let alone someone in heat, and it had done a number on her stamina. And second, that if she was not careful, she was going to tie this lovely, prickly little omega without consent or forewarning. The swell at the base of her cock was catching when she entered or pulled out, prompting little chuffs of pleasure from Beau, but they hadn't agreed to a full tie. So she paused, forcing herself not to pop it back in, just in case.


"Wha... Why'd you stop?" Beau asked, almost undoing Yasha with a firm rock of her hips. 


"No, I just - I need to, before we go on," Yasha panted, hating her struggle with words. "My knot — "


"Yes," Beau growled, pushing up against her until their bodies were plastered together. "Fucking do it. Give it to me, Yasha."


Yasha rumbled an affirmative, nuzzling into the nape of Beau's neck, then hesitated. She leaned back, regretfully separating from the heat of the omega beneath her, and withdrew from her cunt. Beau glanced back at her in a near-panic, muscles clenching as she tried to keep Yasha inside.


"No, shh, it's okay," Yasha promised, urging Beau along with her. "Come here."


She fell back against the base of the tree, then lifted the omega to straddle her hips. Beau settled into place, brow still furrowed with suspicion, but she began to relax as Yasha petted her, running hands up her thighs, her ribs, cupping her face and massaging her neck. 


"I just... It's been a long time, and... I want to be able to see your face while we're tied," Yasha explained, studying the slow blink of Beau's darkened eyes as she leaned into her touch. "If that's okay."


"Okay," Beau repeated, and while it was very sweet, Yasha got the feeling that Beau would've agreed to almost anything in that moment. Her hands trembled on Yasha's shoulders, and her every breath carried a faint burble of sound, not quite a purr, but perhaps the start of one.


Beau slid her top off, then braced against Yasha's thighs and worked her pants all the way down, nearly whapping Yasha across the face with them in her eagerness to remove them. Underneath them, she was wearing only kneepads, and Yasha puzzled over them for a moment.


"Told you I come prepared," Beau preened, settling back into her place on Yasha's hips. "You spend a lot of time on hands and knees at these things."


For a minute, Yasha was just staring dumbstruck at the naked omega in her lap, eyes drawn to her breasts, the full expanse of her abs, the corded muscle in her thighs. She touched her again, admiring, entranced by the hard beneath the soft, by the living, breathing, exquisite animal that she was. And then Beau was sinking onto her cock, making throaty little noises of satisfaction, and Yasha was obliterated. 


Beau placed her hands on Yasha's chest, and Yasha curled protectively, supportively around her, rumbling in rhythm with their movements. She was already close before their switch-up, and watching Beau rocking on her cock, taking her pleasure, brought Yasha to the edge much faster than she was prepared for. She rutted into that tight cunt, testing her knot against Beau's entrance in warning before rolling up and in as smoothly and forcefully as possible. There was resistance for a few moments, then it was gone, and she was caught in a perfect clutch of muscle. Beau shuddered and clamped around her, and when she threw her head back, she let out the high, clear cry of a properly-mated omega. 


Yasha bit down on the offered curve of her neck and came to the sounds and scent of her mate, and the sensation of her body milking her cock in tight ripples. It felt like Beau had caught hold of a piece of her soul and was dragging it from her with each contraction inside her. Teeth dug into Yasha's own neck and she growled, worrying at the flesh in her jaws. Though they couldn't have separated if they tried, they still rocked together, tangled and lost in savagery. 


Yasha wasn't sure how long it took her to release her bite, but she lapped delicately at the abused, purpling skin in apology. Beau had already let go of her neck and had her lips pressed to the mark, her breath puffing softly over the sticky remains of her saliva. 


"You're really loud, you know that?" Beau asked, and abruptly, Yasha cut off the purr that was vibrating through the both of them. The omega scrambled to console her, petting her messy hair. "No no, I didn't mean like, in a bad way, I promise. I liked it. Just... not used to inspiring purrs from alphas. Or anyone else, really. Jes purrs for me sometimes I guess, but she's just like that, you know, and it — "






"It's okay." Yasha began to purr again, and Beau relaxed into her. Then an answering purr kicked off in her own chest, and Yasha made a pleased sound. "Thank you."


"Are you kidding? Thank you. I was just desperate to get dicked down today, I wasn't expecting like, a snuggle sesh and purring and the whole nine yards." Beau butted her head into Yasha's jaw affectionately.


"What do you usually do when you're tied with an alpha, then?"


"I... don't let 'em tie." Beau fidgeted a little, and Yasha stroked her back until she settled. "Not often, anyway. But I've been with my fair share of alphas who pop a knot and just flop on top of you to take a nap."


"You didn't have to let me..." Yasha started, but Beau cut her off.


"No, but I wanted to. You were... I dunno, sweet and stuff, and you were nice to Jessie, and I figured, hey, why not give it a shot." She tucked her head under Yasha's chin. "Turns out I was right."


They lay purring together against the tree, letting the minutes tick by in comfortable silence. Yasha knew they had some time before their tie would end, but she turned an idea over in her head, and was too nervous to wait until they separated.


"How much longer do you think your heat will last?" she asked faux-casually.


"Eh, 'nother two days, maybe. Three, max." Beau paused, and Yasha could hear her thinking. "...Why do you ask?"


"Mm. Well, I happen to have a few days free, if you... would like company." Yasha felt her own heart beating fast in her chest, and knew there was no way Beau couldn't feel it as well.


"I mean... I don't see why not," Beau shrugged, and Yasha couldn't help the big, stupid smile that broke out across her face. "Your place or mine?"