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The Mysterious Game

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The instant Nick Wilde saw the grey bunny saunter into his nightclub, he knew he was looking at his next conquest. He had her pegged for a cop from the moment she stepped through the door. Or some kind of law enforcement. But seeing as she was a bunny, he reasoned, the more likely she was in league with the scum that ran this town.

He sauntered over toward her, catching a quick glance at himself in the mirror across the bar. It was time to put on the ole' song and dance, and he needed to look his sharpest. His fur looked alright, but there were a few creases in the black dinner jacket he was wearing. The white long-sleeve shirt he wore underneath was free of orange fur but was equally rumpled. Maybe she’d go for the rumpled look?

He smoothed out his shirt a bit and straightened his black tie as he continued toward her. There was almost no one in the club, or else primping himself this publicly would've been embarrassing. Excluding a few regulars crammed into booths and slumped over their tables and-or their drinks, there was no one in his club.

She was looking away, and it seemed to Nick that the light piano music playing in the background suited her just fine. Too bad he was about to ruin her completely.

“Good evening, Miss!” he said. He loved the fact that he towered over her. His warm smile was carefully practiced. He was conscious of not showing any teeth—prey didn’t like that.

“Oh! Hello!” she said, suddenly, turning to look at him. Her gaze was immediately drawn upward to stare into his face. Even the way he closed his eyes made them crease like little smiles.

He opened his eyes to appraise her more carefully now that she was facing toward him. Her blue dress looked new, but that was about the only new thing she was wearing—and it was not an evening dress. It looked as though she'd come to the club wearing the most conservative church clothes he'd ever seen. The only reason she'd do such a thing is if she were a religious nut or if she simply didn't have anything nicer . . . and of the two, he was suspecting the latter. The rings she wore looked nice, but they were clearly hand-me-downs, he could tell, from how the unpolished bronze-colored metal seemed to dull everything else about her.

“New in town?” he asked.

“Oh, uh . . . yes . . .” she said.

“From the country, right?” he asked. “Bunnyburrow? You were a farmer?” he asked, catching sight of her dull nails.

“Yeah, really!” she said. “That’s exactly right!” she said, smiling.

“Care to join me for dinner . . . ?”




She didn’t know how it happened.

It was her first day in Zootpia, and she had already taken a man home with her. A fox, no less! He'd charmed his way through a light supper and talked with her for hours. He'd offered to walk her home . . . she'd invited him in—just for a drink!—and now she was on her bed, watching Nick lick his chops after having just held off bringing her fully to orgasm.

He was already off the bed and fiddling with his pants.

“Now it’s my turn!” he said gruffly. His tone had changed slightly from the charmer she’d met earlier that evening. He seemed rougher . . . more eager . . . selfish, even.

“W-wait . . .” she moaned as he undid the top button on his pants and heard his fly come down.

His pants and boxers were down in a single motion, freeing his erection. Judy stared at it as his pants slid the rest of the way down his legs, shaking his legs to move them down. The metal of the belt buckle clinked and then clattered when it hit the floor before he stepped out of them. "Never seen a fox naked before?" Nick asked as he joined her on the bed. He sat up on his knees and began to stroke his length, making eye contact and licking his chops as he did so.

Her heart was thundering in her throat as she glanced up at him, catching the predatory glare in his eyes.

“I-I . . . I’ve never seen anyone naked before . . . except myself.”

“Oh my . . ." he said as he leaned over her, “have I got a virgin on my paws?” he asked sultrily. Without waiting for an answer, he bent down and kissed her jaw and throat, nibbling at the soft spot of her ear. The small moans she made were music to his ears. “Sounds like you enjoy the attention . . .” he gloated.

She let out a small sigh. “I-I’ve never been with a man before . . .”

“Then I’ll be your first . . .” he growled. Holding himself in his paw, he moved back and began to position himself. “You’ll get to be my first bunny.”

“A-are you . . . i-is this your first time, too?” she asked hopefully.

He stopped and smiled darkly. “Heh heh . . . no . . . .” With a practiced paw, he moved his shaft into position.

"D-don't you think we're moving too fast?" she asked nervously.

He stopped. “Hey . . .” he trailed, putting on that charming grin for her again, “don’t you trust me?” he asked, taking her chin in his paw.

She hesitated.

“I promise it won’t hurt. Much.”

She still seemed unsure.

“Let me take care of you . . .” he whispered as he rubbed the tip of his erection along the outside of her delicate folds. “I’ll be gentle,” he added reassuringly.

He felt victory swell in his chest the instant she nodded slightly in the affirmative.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded again—no hesitation this time.

His face darkened once again. She’s mine!

“Okay, now . . .” he said, lining himself up, “h-hold still . . . .” He let out a tiny grunt, biting his tongue slightly as he probed with his tip till he felt her hole. “There it is . . .” he said softly to himself, noting the small moan she gave when he found the spot.

“Ready?” he asked.

She had her eyes closed and nodded.

“Hey, Carrots . . . I’m gonna need you to look at me.”

She shyly opened her eyes and met his gaze. He wanted to see the innocence in her eyes, to memorize the look on her face when she lost it. He wanted to soil her.

He pushed inside and watched her face carefully as he felt himself slowly enter her. He took note of the twitches in her expression, the gasp of breath as he slowly parted her folds, the sparkle of pleasure as he teased her opening. He worked in the tip a few times, in and out, before slowly pushing in further, feeling how hot and wet she was for him. He watched as her pussy spread around his cock, inch by inch, each sensation a brand new one for her. He growled in delight as she kept her eyes on him.

Her mouth was opened into a perfect O, and she was moaning for him.

"I-I've never-! I've never-! Oh God! It feels so good!"

"Yeah, you like me inside you?" he asked.

She nodded vehemently in the affirmative.

“Tell me what you feel, Carrots; Tell me how it feels," he whispered.

“I-it . . . you feel thick . . . .”

“Go on!” he grunted.

“It feels good . . . like you’re opening me . . . filling me . . . . I-I feel like it’d feel good if you moved in and out of me . . . .”

“Say that you want my cock,” he groaned.

She blushed and looked away.

“I’m sharing my body with you, Judy . . . no need to hide your shame like a virgin.”

“I-I am a virgin!” she squeaked.

“Are you?” he whispered.

“I-I still . . . Ah-!” she moaned as he began a slow rhythm that massaged her clit with each stroke.

“You’re first time, huh?” he groaned as he slowly fucked her. “God you feel amazing! Your cunt feels so good . . .” he trailed.

“D-don’t say things like that!” she blushed.

“Why not?” he groaned. “You like hearing me say them. You like the way my cock feels inside you. It’s stunning to me that with a pussy that feels as good as yours that you’ve never been fucked before.”


“Don’t what?” he grunted, leaning up to look into her eyes as he kept up his pace.

“Don’t say that word!”

“Don’t say what? That you’re being fucked?”

“I-I’m not-!”

"Yes, you are," he said. "Ugh fuck!" he groaned, closing his eyes and relishing the pleasure. "Say it, Carrots!" he gasped, lifting his head toward the ceiling. “Say you like being fucked!”

She’d never felt so much pleasure in all her life. Why did he have to make it so dirty?

“I-I don-!”

“Yes you do!” he groaned. "You're telling me you don't like this?" he asked as he ground himself against her core.

She let out a soft, high-pitched cry of pleasure that rang through her apartment.

“If you say you don’t like it, I promise I’ll stop, Carrots. Tell me what you want?” he growled.

“I-I . . . .”

“What do you like?” he insisted darkly. “Do you like my cock inside you? Is that it?”

She nodded yes.

“Say it, Judy. I want to hear you admit it!”

"I-I . . . I like it!" she cried. "I-I like when you fuck me! I like to fuck. I like that you're. . . that you're . . . ."

"Finish it, Judy," he growled tightly. "Say what you like about me!"

“I-I like your cock! F-fu . . . fuck me deeper! I-I think it would feel better and . . . .”

“What is it, Judy? Say anything!” he insisted, slowly picking up the pace.

“A-and . . . I think it might feel better if you started . . .  f-fucking me harder . . . .”

"Heh . . . you dirty bunny . . ." he growled with a smile. He paused slightly to readjust before he started thrusting again, deeper and harder, his pace gradually becoming demanding.

“I-I’m not dirty! Y-your making me this way . . . !” she cried.

“Damn right I am,” he growled. “Do you like being fucked this way,” he said as he began to thrust harder.

“Oh! Ah! Y-yes!”

“You dirty bunny! First day in the big city and she gets fucked by a fox on the first night.”

“Nick! P-p- . . . please!”

“Tell me what you want . . .” he growled. “Tell me more. What do you want me to do to you?”

“I . . . I don’t know! It . . . it feels . . . Ah! Like s-something . . . !”

"Holy shit," he growled as his pace quickened, "Are you gonna cum for me, Babe?" he growled.

He reached for his phone on the dresser, flipped to his camera, and made to take a picture.

"No, w-wait!" she cried, covering her chest.

With his other paw, he pushed her arms out of the way of her chest twice and took a picture before zooming out and taking another with his cock visibly buried inside her before setting it back down and locking it.

“Wh-why did you do that?” she asked fearfully as he paused his thrusts.

“Because I want you to remember who you were when you gave in to me. I want you to remember what a slut you were. There's nothing wrong with being a slut, you know?" he growled. “There’s nothing wrong with being a little dirty now and again . . . .”

He bent down and kissed her.

“There’s nothing wrong with saying you wanna get fucked,” he whispered.

He slid in and out a few times, relishing the sensation of her sensitive depths.

Judy winced as she felt something forming at the base of his cock.

Nick growled slightly as he felt his knot begin to form, and he slid it in and out of her cunt a few times.

“Welcome to Zootopia,” he murmured darkly.

He huffed as he continued to slide the knot in and out of her, knowing that soon it would reach its full size.

“Wh-what is that! Oh God! It feels good!”

"Ugh! That's my knot, babe! Oh fuck! Ungh! Yeah, time to make a decision!" he said as he made direct eye contact with her. “You want it in or out!” he grunted.

“Oh! Oh God!”

“Ah God! I wanna cum inside ya!”

The bed was creaking rapidly as he fucked with abandon, the sound of the shrill springs filling the room with their rapid-fire grinding.

“Nick! Nick! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Yeah, that’s it, Carrots!”

“W-wait!” she cried, her eyes closed in. “D-don’t cum in me!”

"Take the knot, babe! T-take it! Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!” he shouted as he buried his face in the crook of her neck. “Take it! Take it! God fuck! Take it!”

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, clutching him as he fucked her. “Yes!” she cried.

With a huff, he fucked her hard, growling as he felt the tip of his cock meet with her cervix with each thrust.

“You’re getting tight!” he grunted as he held himself aloft on his paws. "Cum for me, babe! Fuck yeah! Give in! Give in and cum for me, you fucking hot piece of ass! Take my cock and cum!"

His ramming, his thickness, his pleasurable assault on her depths, the pounding of her clit all finally lead to a moment of white-hot intensity whose brink she rode before she finally snapped, the tension of her body completely letting go as she fell over the edge into ecstasy.

“Niiiiiiiick!” she cried, his name ringing off the walls as pleasure burst through her body, tingling down her spine as she shattered around him. The intensity was like nothing she’d ever felt before, as though a hose of pleasure were suffusing throughout her body.


With a roar of triumph, he sank his knot into her wet folds, the sensation shattering him, breaking him to the core and kicking off an electric orgasm pulsing through his cock as he ejaculated, flooding her body with his seed.

“YESYESYESSSSSS!” he cried, his eyes crushed shut, his upper body bent upwards as he completely unleashed within her. “Take it! Take all of me! Take it!”

The sensation of being filled with tingling warmth triggered another orgasm for her. Tears spilled from her eyes as she felt his liquid heat seep itself into her womb.

"Nick!" she cried, her head spinning, reeling as the pleasure continued to radiate from the point of their joining.

"Ah . . . ! God!" he groaned. "Feels like my cock is fucking melting into you . . ." he trailed.

She heard movement next to her. Nick had grabbed something from the nightstand.

Gasping as she drifted amid a fog of ecstasy, she looked up to see Nick, phone camera in hand again.

“Nick, do-!”

"Ugh! Fuck . . . damn . . ." he started roughly, "So here we have . . . Judy Hopps taking her first load," he began. "Just got her v-card punched. She's also Zootopia PD's newest officer. Smile for the camera, Carrots."

"Nick . . ." she trailed as he captured the glory of her naked body.

He aimed the camera down at the point of their joining. "Just knotted her- Ugh! Oh fuck . . . still cumming in her. Probably be tied to me for about thirty minutes."

He aimed the camera to get a close-up of the tie. "I felt you cum twice, didn't I, Carrots?"

He aimed the camera back at her face.

“Tell the people what you liked.”

“D-don’t post this online!” she exclaimed, covering her face slightly.

“Answer the questions and I won’t.” Not even he knew whether he was lying about that or not.

“Go on and tell the camera,” he insisted. “Say what you liked.”

“I . . . I liked . . . when you first put it in . . .” she trailed.

“What did you like about it?”

“Nick . . . !”

“Say what you liked about it.”

“I liked . . . I liked that . . . it felt thick.”

“You liked that my cock was thick?”

She nodded.

“Say it, Judy.”

“I-I liked that your cock was thick.”

“What else did you like about my cock?”

“I liked . . . th-the knot . . . .”

“Oh fuck yeah, you liked my knot? What did you like about it?” he grinned

“I-it felt good when . . . you pushed it in and out of me. I liked the way it felt when tied us together.”

“What else did you like?”

She was blushing profusely, pleasure still shuddering through her.

“I-I don’t like this, Nick!” she said. “I-I don’t like what you’re doing!”

“Give in,” he said darkly. “You have no reason to be ashamed, do you?”

“I . . . .”

“You liked it when I fucked you, didn’t you? You screamed it when my cock was pounding you. You just don’t want everybody to know how dirty you really are on the inside.”

“I-I’m not dirty!” she screamed.

“Then why are you so ashamed?”

“I . . . .”

“You weren’t living your life before,” he smirked dangerously, showing off his canine fangs. “You were just waiting for some male bunny to marry you and pop out a dozen litters. You came to Zootopia because you wanted to make it here. You wanted to achieve your dream . . . and instead you got dicked down by a fox your first evening here. The rebellious child got what she wanted when she got rawed by a fox cock . . . .”

“I haven’t lost my dream!” she said, her voice quivering. She looked away for a moment. She could feel the camera on her face as she pondered for a moment.

"You're still the same naïve bunny, aren't you? Still think you were the same bunny you were before you got knotted?”

“I . . . .” There was a pregnant pause as nothing was said.

“Of course not,” he said as he ground his crotch against her.

She began to let out tiny moans.

“That’s the sound of a bunny who likes getting fucked,” he growled, pleasure suffusing through him. “Now you know what’s on the other side of Zootopia, Judy. Now you know you like being fucked.”

At last, after a moment, she said, “I . . . I like being fucked . . . . I like fucking . . . .” She continued, looking straight into the camera, “I liked it when you came inside me.”

She looked away when he grinned.

“Heh . . . is that so . . . . A bunny with a predilection for foxes. What a dirty girl you are. You know you’d make a good porn actress?”

Her eyes flashed to his.

“I’m not-!”

"I know I'm not gonna convince you to go into porn, but you really have the body for it. The second I saw your body walk into the club, I knew I was gonna fuck the shit out of you. You didn’t even know your own body well enough to know that it was begging me to fuck you.”

“Wha-! Y-you-! You planned this?!”

"Of course I did," he said easily, his charming grin returning. "From the moment I saw you, I knew you were gonna be an easy lay. Dumb fucking hicks with stars in their eyes are the most naïve and trusting girls. Gotta say, it was a real fucking thrill to catch my first police officer on film.”

She got up slightly as hurt and anger washed through her. “I wanted my first time to be special!” she cried.

“And it was,” he said reassuringly, the sickly-sweet lie of his charming persona washing over her and making her sick. “Don’t you remember how much fun you were having a few minutes ago? I have pictures if you wanna be reminded,” he smirked. He thrust in, drawing a cry of pleasure from her. "I can manipulate you so easily . . ." he said as he ran his thumb over her clit and began to gently massage her.

She arched her back and cried out. “Nick!”

“Yeah, you dirty slut, tell the camera what you want. You want me to make you cum again?” he asked.

“No!” she shouted fiercely. He immediately removed his paw. “Take your cock out of me!”

He grinned dangerously. "You're stuck with me for about a half-hour, babe. I'm not done cumming, and you're gonna take it all."

“I don’t want to! G-get it out of me!” She moved to try and pull free. She winced in pain but watched as he threw his head back in pleasure and let out a groan of joy.

“Oh God! Oh fuck yeah! Keep doin’ that!” he growled.

She stopped, horrified.

“No!” she exclaimed again.

He growled and looked down at her, panting in pleasure. "Then you just gotta let me finish," he said roughly. "Don't move, and it'll come loose by itself."

 As she laid back, she couldn't help going over how much she hated herself at that moment. She'd let herself completely fall into his power—even momentarily. She’d let herself be guiled and taken in by his confident manner. What did he want to prove by humiliating her like this?

He laid himself down on top of her, and for a moment, she thought she might be able to reach his phone but saw that it was still firmly within his paw and caught a glimpse that told her that he'd locked it.

She hated that she could feel his weight on her, the sound of his breath, the fact that she could smell him—rich and intoxicating.

“Wanna go a second time after this?” he asked with a slight chuckle.

“No, I don’t!”

“Liar . . . . I can smell that you’re turned on right now.”

She said nothing. She tried to focus on anything but the delicious pulsing of his length as he continued to cum inside her.

She was almost to sleep some minutes later when she felt Nick move over her.

“Okay . . . it’s time,” he said as she slowly opened her eyes.

He picked up his phone again and began filming.

“Okay . . . so what we have here is about thirty minutes later . . . still got Judy Hops here, gonna get a nice shot of me pulling out here,” he said.

He began to gently pull, and Judy let out a squeak of pleasure as she felt his knot sliding out.

“Ughhh! Oh fuck! Y’hear that sound? Sounds like Judy likes getting fucked and knotted.”

The knot popped out of her, the sickly disgusting sound of wet suction making it to her ears as she covered her face in embarrassment. He looked on, watching the look on Judy’s face as his red, cum-covered length slid from her, followed by a trail of his fluids that stained her fur and sheets.

“There’s the creampie,” he said. “Take a look at that load . . . . Some fucking baby batter right there,” he chuckled.

“Why do you have to be so disgusting!” she said, tears falling down her face as she sat up. “And stop filming me!” she shouted as she got out of bed. The phone captured the moment when his seed poured out of her, onto her floor, and down her leg. She covered her mouth in humiliation and looked at Nick as he simply started laughing. She was mortified that the camera had captured the moment.

He followed her with the camera as she stalked to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

“Even if you wash it all out, you’ll never be able to undo tonight!” he said.

“And if I wind up pregnant?” she cried.

“Keep it as a memory of your first time,” he said as he got off the bed. He turned the camera off and locked his phone again as he started dressing. “I’m not gonna take the blame for this, Judy,” he said. “You let this happen to yourself. You said yes to the sex, yes to being knotted . . . I didn’t do anything you didn’t ask me to do.”

She said nothing in reply. Inside the bathroom, she covered her eyes. "You filmed me! If I find any of that on the internet," she said, tears pouring down her face, "I'm gonna have your ass in jail!"

"Which you won't," he said seriously. "The pics are just a reminder for me and for you. Pick the guys you take home more carefully next time. Maybe it'll be someone who can give a shit about you," he said as he laid out his clothes on her bed to make sure he'd gotten everything.

Judy covered her face as she leaned back against the bathroom door, trying hard not to be heard though she was sobbing deeply.

Nick tightened his jaw at the sound of the soft whimpers from the other side of the door. Time to drive the stake home, he thought.

“Look, it was great tonight, it really was, but I’m gonna go ahead and take off,” he said as he pulled on his pants and boxers, quickly fastening his belt.

“Y-you don’t wanna stay?” she asked as the shower turned on.

“No thanks. I got what I came for. A great fuck and a sweet memory. I’ll send you copies,” Nick said as he quickly finished dressing.

He tied the laces of his shoes and stood up.

“By the way . . . just wanna let you know that I managed to hide a cam in here. Don’t worry, I’m taking it with me, but I did wanna let you know that I got the whole thing on camera,” he grinned. “That coveted side angle, you know . . . .”

Judy covered her mouth while in the shower. How could she have been so stupid?! Inviting a stranger home?! REALLY?!

“This is probably the last time we’ll ever see each other,” he continued. “If you ever start to feel lonely, though, you can come on down to the club. I’m sure you’d be able to find me or some other guy to dump inside you,” he said, taking up his camera and his phone as he stalked to the door.

“Have a good evening!” he called out.

The door closed, and Judy sank to her knees, sobbing. She spent more than a few minutes on the ground crying, her eyes slightly opened as she watched what he’d filled her with pour out of her and run down the drain.

In an undignified manner, she reached two fingers into herself and washed herself out as best she could, the water stinging the sensitive area in the aftermath.

"Damn it, Judy!" she said to herself fiercely. "Get yourself together! Guys are assholes! You know that!"

Tears were still streaming down her face as she tried to pretend that wasn't the case. She'd been used and thrown away like a dirty rag. And what was worse was that she felt that she'd let it happen. Had she been raped?


But she’d definitely been used and abused, emotionally and psychologically.

What else could she do?

She finished washing him off of her—as much as she could—and got ready for bed.

She started work tomorrow.




As Nick walked home from that bunny’s apartment, something didn’t quite jell with him. What the hell had he just done? He’d broken that poor bunny, and he'd enjoyed doing it! Of course, he loved taking revenge on the prey of this town, but something about picking up the phone and filming her . . . making her say all that stuff . . . there was something about her innocence and purity that made him want to go the extra mile with her. Humiliate her. Break her. He wanted to spoil her.

He was hopeful that that’s what he had done.

H was also worried that that’s what he had done.

Looking around before he crossed the dark street, he turned his collar up and quickly made his way to the other side. He checked his phone to see if any texts had come in. Duke had messaged him, and he idly messaged back:

Saw you go home with that chick. How things go. -Duke

fked and no on my way home. -Nick

Noe* -Nick

Now* -Nick

She okay? -Duke 

You wanna taste? -Nick

She cute. Rlly seems like the type who deserves nice things. -Duke

Nick laughed out loud. And you think you’re the type to give it to her? He thought. He didn't bother replying to Duke, only stuck his phone back into his pocket and headed on, quickly catching a taxi and heading home. On the way, he thought he saw something coming up behind the cab. He couldn't quite make it out—it was only out of the corner of his eye—but if he hadn't known any better, it looked as though it were coming at the car, loping along on all fours.

He checked his phone. It was three AM—he had to be dog fucking tired.

Minutes later, he was at his door, fumbling with his keys in the nearly pitch-dark hallway. He let out a shaky breath as he unlocked the door and stepped inside. He tossed his keys onto the table by the door and locked the door behind him. He looked around his shabby one-bedroom for a moment, his mind blanking as he walked to his bedroom. He took out his phone and tossed it on the bed before removing his overcoat and throwing it on the floor.

He took off all his clothes and dumped them in the hamper before hitting the bathroom and filling the sink with water to give himself a quick wash—at least enough to get her scent off of him. He took special care to wash his privates before drying himself off with a towel.

He let out a sigh and examined himself in the mirror, noting that he really needed a bath.

"Ehh . . . fuck it . . . I can shower tomorrow morning," he yawned.

He finished drying off and tossed his dowel in the hamper with the rest of his clothes as he turned off the living room light and headed to bed.

He flopped face-down on the mattress, naked, and let his eyes move idly to the digital clock on his nightstand. He didn't have to be up till one o'clock tomorrow afternoon, so that was good.

His thoughts went over the day in his mind . . . inevitably going back to her. Why had he had such a reaction to her? Such a desire to claim that innocent look about her and shatter it?

He was a bastard. A fucking bastard. Why did he have to go and do that to her?

“Nick,” he said to himself, “there's an old saying: Behind every successful man, there's a woman. A loving, caring, giving, woman. But you wouldn't know anything about that, Nick, because there's no old saying about what's behind a miserable failure.”

He turned off his bedside lamp and drifted off to sleep.

Someone was screaming in the streets below.