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Cooling him down

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Aaron walks out with pure anger on his face. After almost fighting with ‘Rico in Hawkins Hall, his boys pull him outside to calm him down before things went crazy.

“Yo Doug,” Vivek asks, “I’ll take it from here and you just go inside, alright?”
“Okay, fine — but don't do anything stupid,” Doug replies. He walks his way back into the hall to diffuse some of the mess that was created.

“Aaron, sit down,” Vivek orders. Aaron doesn't say anything and sits down on the platform of bricks. Vivek promptly sits down beside him. “Look, I get that you're mad,” he says, “But I know a way to calm you down. Just spread your legs for me.”

Aaron is confused by that statement and looks at Shah like he's crazy. “I’m not spreading my legs for you; are you drunk?”
“No man, I’m not,” Vivek replies with a chuckle. “Just hear me out man it’ll be so worth it.”

Aaron sighs and spreads his legs just enough to Shah’s liking. Vivek slowly gets down on his knees in front of Aaron’s crotch and begins to unzip the hole in between his pants.

He could feel Aaron twitch above him. Vivek looks up and sees his friend’s eyes furrowed, but he keeps a calm glance at him as a way to reassure him that everything is fine. He messes with the button at the top of the pants and slides them down, following with his underwear, revealing Aaron’s 7-inch penis. Not as big as Vivek expected, but it’ll do. Vivek wasted no time putting the whole thing into his mouth.

Aaron was taken aback by what he was seeing. It was like his friend was a natural - as if he’s already done this multiple times before. He could see his dick coming in and out of Vivek’s throat which looked like it could go on forever. He rested his weight on his head and pulled his head back, moaning as he felt the waves of pleasure through his body.

Vivek took his time with the blowjob he was giving Aaron. Vivek licked the tip and swirled his tongue around Aaron’s cock, enjoying the taste and hearing his friend moans from above. Then without hesitation he deep throated it, feeling the way it felt in his throat.

Aaron could feel himself getting close to spilling. He moaned loudly and began to thrust his hips as he could feel him getting ready to release. Just a few moments later, Aaron climaxed, exploding his spunk into Vivek’s mouth and watching as he swallowed it whole. Vivek brought himself up to Aaron’s face and kissed him, allowing his friend to taste the creation they created.

As Vivek licked his lips removing the final traces of cum from his face, he looked up to the window to see Doug standing there, watching them. With Vivek realizing that he saw everything, Doug smirked as he walked away, leaving Aaron and Vivek alone knowing that their night was just getting started.