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Catra: Plaything of Princesses

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“You sure you want to do this?”
Adora held Catra’s gaze. Catra nodded wordlessly.
“You can back out whenever you want for whatever reason, remember?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Do you remember the safe word?”
Catra laughed, “of course I do, dummy.”
Adora remained firm. “Say it.”
Catra laughed again but more nervously this time. “What?”
“Catra, I’m serious. I want to hear you say it.”
“Yes, mommy.” Catra smirked as Adora blushed a deep red. Then without warning, she grabbed her by the arm and spun her around to land a hard spank on her naked bottom. Catra squeaked in surprise.
“Say it,” Adora repeated, more firmly this time.
Catra’s face and backside burned as she stammered out “cactus”.
“Good girl.”
Adora kissed Catra on the lips and pulled away to remove the remainder of her clothes. Perfuma made her guests follow two rules at her orgies: The first and most important rule was that consent was absolutely essential to any and all sexual interactions. The second was that no one was allowed even a stitch of clothing. To the people of Plumeria, the orgy was a sacred ritual connecting them to nature and the wild naked state in which they were born.

Adora reached into her bag and took out a gold dildo, a form her sword took very frequently now that the war was over. Then she took Catra by the hand and led her outside. The grass was cool on their bare feet and a pleasant spring breeze caressed their naked skin, stiffening their nipples and raising goosebumps on their arms and legs.

They heard the orgy before they saw it. The festivities were well on their way as princesses, their plus ones and various commoners writhed in a pulsating sea of bodies. Glimmer moaned and gagged on Bow’s cock as a buxom farm girl plowed into her from behind, her full breasts bouncing with each thrust. Mermista bounced up and down on Sea Hawk’s lap. Spinnerella hung from a branch in a fine mesh net as Netosssa pounded into her fat body with a 10 inch strap. Scorpia laughed giddily as three lithe handmaidens licked her nipples and between her legs.
At the centre of it all was Perfuma. She lay in the grass, barely visible under a mound of groping hands and heaving breasts. When she saw Catra, she jumped up enthusiastically, leaving her paramours behind to pleasure each other. She bounded over, her erect penis bouncing up and down. She squealed in excitement as she hugged both of them close. Adora kissed Perfuma deeply and Catra knelt, kissing the tip of her cock. Perfuma pulled away from Adora and looked down at Catra. "You ready?"
Catra nodded and took Perfuma's full length into her mouth, burying her face in her curly blonde bush.

“Can I have everyone’s attention?”
Everyone quieted their moans and slowed their thrusts as they turned to Perfuma who stood regally, stroking Catra’s hair as she sucked.
“As reparation for her crimes against the Princess Alliance, Catra has generously volunteered herself as a free use toy. You may all take your turn doing with her as you please but as your hostess, I get first dibs.”
The crowd laughed and cheered as vines snaked around Catra, tying her limbs, wrapping around her breasts and hoisting her into the air. Catra was wet with arousal and ready to be used but she swallowed a lump in her throat when she saw what Perfuma was holding: a bundle of birch twigs tied together with vines formed a sturdy rod, far more wicked-looking than anything Shadow-Weaver had beat her with and she had been very creative with implements. Catra felt herself being turned around to face away from Perfuma as a vine wrapped around her tail and pulled up, raising her bottom in the air to be thrashed. She gritted her teeth and braced for impact.

Adora watched as Perfuma laid the first stroke, bringing a yelp from Catra and a cheer from the crowd. She stood to the side, idly rubbing her dildo against her wet slit. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen Catra in this position. She’d even seen fit to punish the brat herself several times since they’d become intimate. In any case, she felt far more at ease with Perfuma administering the punishment than she had with Shadow-Weaver who had no compunctions about beating them both bloody. Perfuma began to play with her cock with her free hand as she lashed Catra who squirmed and kicked her legs. Adora sat down on the grass and eased the dildo inside herself as she watched.

It wasn’t long before Catra started crying. In spite of herself, she always cried while getting spanked, whether it was with Shadow-Weaver’s cane or Adora’s paddle but the birch rod was something else entirely. Each time it raked her bottom, she felt as if her skin was being scraped off. She flailed and kicked helplessly but the lashes kept raining down.

Perfuma had long lost count of strokes by the time her arm started getting tired. She tossed the rod aside and inspected Catra, inserting a finger into her dripping cunt. Catra moaned and Perfuma spun her around to face her. Catra opened her mouth to take her throbbing cock but Perfuma kept it just out of reach. Then she turned round and spread her cheeks, presenting her tight hole to Catra’s hungry mouth. She moaned and stroked her cock as she felt Catra’s warm tongue encircle her asshole. With her free hand, she gripped Catra’s hair and backed into her face.

Catra saw nothing but darkness as she probed deeply with her tongue, savoring the taste of her, the smell of her skin, the sharp tug on her scalp as she pulled her hair. She shut out everything else. She was nothing but a toy to be used. A sudden cool breeze wafted against her pussy and she became aware of just how wet she was. The breeze was followed by another cold sensation and she squeaked into Perfuma as she felt something smooth and hard slide into her. It stretched inside her, pressing against her swollen clit.

Perfuma turned around and examined her handiwork. A thick ripe zucchini stretched out Catra’s vagina as another one on the same vine inched toward her tight little ass. She smiled and shoved her cock and balls deep into Catra’s mouth.
Catra barely had time to gag before she felt the second object teasing her butt hole. She clenched instinctively, being unaccustomed to anal but Perfuma was relentless. The vegetable forced its way into her hole until she finally had no choice but to surrender. Perfuma pulled out of her mouth and let her grit her teeth against the pain. She shut her eyes and let her body relax as she felt the phallus expand, stretching out both of her holes as far as they could go. Her eyes rolled back and her jaw slackened. She drooled and moaned incoherently. She was nothing but a mindless whore to be used and abused. The whore of the horde. She barely reacted as Perfuma’s cock hit the back of her throat.

Catra had lost all sense of where, when or who she was by the time Perfuma finished. She pulled out of her mouth and shot a warm load of watery cum all over her face and tongue. Catra swallowed greedily and looked up at Perfuma who smiled down at her, stroking her hair. “Good kitty,” she cooed. Then she turned, dismissing her with an imperious gesture. The two vegetables that plugged her holes pulled out with a wet plop, leaving her wet and unsatisfied. She whined and strained against the vines, trying brainlessly to rub her pussy against something, anything, but she knew she wouldn’t be allowed to cum for quite some time.