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“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Jongin gives his manager Junmyeon an incredulous look after finishing reading the script.

“This is perhaps the worst thing I’ve ever read.”

“It’s what upper management wanted.”

Jongin snorts.

“Fuck management.”




He winces at the loud unmistakable voice. Of course it’s Baekhyun who will be directing this travesty.

At least he knows the filming will go smoothly and that he’ll look amazing after editing, even if the script is less than desirable.

“How’s my favorite star?”

“Not bad. Ready to go.”

Jongin turns to talk to the familiar face, feeling the press of his favorite butt plug as he shifts in his seat.

“By the way, who’s my co-star today? Junmyeon mentioned it’s someone new?”

“You’ll meet him soon. Kyungsoo’s going over a few things with him. You know how picky he is.”

“It’s his first shoot.” Baekhyun grins salaciously. “Don’t scare him too badly.”

Jongin rolls his eyes.

“I would never.”



“...and this is Jongin.”

Kyungsoo’s voice startles him, looking up from reviewing his lines.

“Jongin, this is Chanyeol.”

“Hi, nice to finally meet you.”

Chanyeol is staring at him like an awestruck puppy, the tips of his ears going red, mouth gaping open.

“I’ve seen so many of your videos. Big fan.” Jongin grins as Chanyeol nervously babbles. Cute. “Huge fan. I love everything you’ve been in. I don’t think there’s a single bad one of you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

Jongin stands up and brushes a kiss over Chanyeol’s cheek teasingly, grinning as the newbie’s face flushes pink.

“Relax. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.”

He winks.

“Well, unless you like that.”



Contrary to popular belief, a porn shoot is not sexy.

Jongin feels himself starting to sweat already under the bright lights that Kyungsoo has aimed towards him, the jersey sticking to his back uncomfortably, soccer ball cradled under his arm.

At least Chanyeol makes good eye candy, showing off toned thighs in his shorts and nice arms, sleeves rolled up.

Jongin points accusingly at Chanyeol.

“You were hogging the ball the entire game.”

Chanyeol smirks.


Jongin thinks Chanyeol’s not quite pulling off smug jerk with the amount of shining sincerity in his eyes unfortunately.

“At least we know I have the balls to score.” Chanyeol raises an eyebrow cockily. “If I let you take charge, we would have lost.”

“You’re just jealous that I’m the real star of the team.” Jongin pretends to fume. “And I bet you’re such an asshole to compensate for your small dick.”

Chanyeol grins.

“Do you want to find out?”


“Let’s see who’s bigger.”

A truly tragic script.




Chanyeol looks nervous.

Sehun is flitting around, touching up their makeup before the next scene, and Jongin does his best to calm Chanyeol.

“Don’t worry. If anything, Baekhyun will just yell cut, and we’ll refilm. No big deal.”

Jongin smiles encouragingly, taking Chanyeol’s hand.

“What matters most is that it looks like you’re enjoying it.”

Chanyeol brightens hesitantly, squeezing Jongin’s hand in return.




“Like what you see?”

Chanyeol is not so tiny.

Jongin shouldn’t have worried about Chanyeol, the nerves from earlier disappearing, Chanyeol staring at him as if he wants to swallow him whole, one hand loosely gripping his cock, the other at Jongin’s waist, trapping him against the wall.

And then Chanyeol’s mouth is over his, tongue teasing before tasting him.

Jongin groans, feeling Chanyeol’s hips angle against his own, his cock already half hard, rubbing up against Chanyeol’s, the thrill of anticipation running through him, feeling his arousal pooling as Chanyeol’s fingers dip between his ass cheeks, pressing against his hole.

He keens, the urge to have Chanyeol fill him up growing.

“Bed. Now.”

Chanyeol wastes absolutely no time manhandling him onto the bed, and Jongin obediently gets on all fours, making sure to roll his eyes back in pleasure for the camera as Chanyeol fingers him open.

He whimpers as Chanyeol works in a third, filling him snugly, more so than his plug in the morning, warm and tight, his hole clenching around Chanyeol’s fingers greedily.

“You’re so fucking hot. I think about fucking you all the time when I jack off in the locker room showers. How it would feel to cum all over your pretty face.”

Jongin pictures Chanyeol masturbating to his videos, and he feels himself getting more turned on, gasping as Chanyeol’s cock catches on his rim as he pushes into Jongin.

“Fuck. You’re even better than I imagined.”

He can vaguely hear Chanyeol panting as he fucks into Jongin from behind, and Jongin doesn’t even have to pretend,

“Turn around. I want to see your face while I fuck you.”

Chanyeol flips him over before stroking into him again, positioned somewhat sloppily, and Jongin feels dizzy as he gets too close to the edge of the bed, the blood rushing to his head.

There are lines he’s supposed to say, but he can’t remember them.

“God, you’re so fucking hot.”

Jongin gasps as Chanyeol leans down to suck hickeys along his collarbone without missing a beat, planting kisses over his chest, whimpering at the scrape of Chanyeol’s teeth over his nipple, tongue leaving a wet trail.


Jongin half realizes that Chanyeol’s hand is around his cock, but by then it’s too late, squeezing his eyes shut with pleasure as he finishes far too early all over his stomach messily, whimpering from the stimulation as Chanyeol keeps thrusting into his hole until he cums.


When Jongin opens his eyes, Chanyeol is staring at him anxiously.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry. You weren’t really following the script, so I just kept going. Oh my god, did I fuck up?”

“N-no, you were great.”

Jongin croaks, the embarrassment just now starting to wash over him.

Worsened by the sight of Baekhyun coming into view, grinning.

“You never finish that fast. Cock that good, huh?”

Baekhyun laughs as Jongin flushes.

“We need more footage though, so I hope you’re ready for another round.”